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Gundam Fury
A Fatal Fury Crossover
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Ten

~Jerusalem, Israel~

Two boys sat at the pool of a hotel, the moon shining down on their bodies. One had his knees drawn to his chest, wearing a pair of cut off blue jean shorts and a loose T-shirt that showed his stomach. His chestnut colored braid fell over his shoulder as his violet eyes looked at the water.

The other boy had his feet in the water, wearing the same outfit he wore when this whole mess started.

When he had met Trowa.

The little blond eyed the usually smiling boy with confusion.

Where was the smile tonight?

"Duo?" Duo turned his attention on the boy next to him. He couldn't help but let a small smile appear on his face when he looked at him.

The boy was so cute and innocent, just looking at him could make anyone smile.

"Yeah Quatre?"

"Is something wrong?" Duo frowned, turning to look at the water again.

"What makes you say that?"

"You haven't been smiling as much. You haven't been flirting with Heero as much either." Duo chuckled.

"I must've forgot to put it on my schedule this week. Sorry...I'll get right on it tomorrow." Quatre chuckled and Duo grinned.

"Well, something sort of happened... and..."

"...what happened?" Duo sighed and let his feet enter the water, leaning back on his elbows as he watched the moon.

"Do you know that guy with the mask and platinum blond hair?"

"Zechs? Yeah what about him?"


Deep in the forest near the hotel, a Japanese boy stood wearing tight black pants and a matching black T-shirt. He wore gloves on his hands and he began to hit a tree, taking out all of his aggression on it.

He had failed him


He had let that man touch him.


He had let the armor go.


That man had kissed his Duo.


And that man had put his hands all over his Duo.


And...he had stood by and let it happen.


The tree began to lose more of it's bark, becoming very close to splitting in half, being in the middle of the wrath of an angry Heero Yuy.

"He KISSED you?" Quatre asked in shock. Duo grinned.

"Well...it wasn't really a kiss. It was more like lips touching...like this." Duo leaned over Quatre, the blond blushing as Duo gently pressed his lips against his. He could barely feel it, but he knew it was there.

"Like that." Duo said, pulling back and smiling at Quatre's red face.

"I see. But... he was touching you and..." Duo sighed.

"Yeah... that did happen. The bastard." Duo said with a frown.

"So what's wrong with you and Heero? Why don't you tell him that it wasn't a kiss?" Duo grinned at Quatre.

"No no and no. Not this time. I'm making him suffer for a while."

"Suffer?" Duo sighed and looked back down at the water.

"Yeah. He has never took any of my offers seriously, but the minute I get in trouble he does. We...haven't even kissed yet, and I want to so bad."

"So just jump him. I mean... you flirt with everyone right? Just add a little extra to Heero." Quatre said. Duo shook his head.

"I won't do that to him. I care for him too much."

"So why all the flirting around?" Quatre asked.

"Call it a talent I have. Solo taught me. See...Solo found me on the streets when I was just a kid. We lived on the streets for so long, until Solo learned how to fight and people decided to pay to watch him fight. He taught me a little here and there as well, but what he really taught me was to use my looks to get what I want, and how to do it without having to sell my body like most of the other kids had to do. You'll be surprised what the right words and a sway in your hips can do." Duo said with a chuckle.

"I see... I'm so sorry Duo."

"Don't be. I'm sort of proud that my looks can do that to people. But Heero...he's different. He thinks that I flirt with him for the hell of it but...it's not like that. I WANT him to notice me. I want his attention. I...I want his love Quatre. I want him to love me as much as I do him."

"Why don't you tell him how you feel?" Quatre asked. Duo sighed.

"I'm...too scared that I'll lose what I have of him. So I don't say anything. I just continue to flirt and tease him and be his friend. That's...enough for me, I'll take what I can have." Quatre nodded in understanding because that sounded like him a few days ago when he found out that Trowa had a girlfriend.

Then he found out that she had died.

"So that's my relationship with Heero Yuy in a nutshell. So...what about you?" Duo asked. Quatre gasped.

"What about me?"

"You and Trowa. He was gentle with you wasn't he?" Duo asked looking at Quatre.

"WHAT! You mean...oh no we haven't done that..."

"Why not? You are in love with him right? And I can tell that he cares for you a lot." Duo said, turned to lie on his back, his head close to Quatre's lap as he glanced up at the moon again.

"I...how do you know?"

"I have a sixth sense about these things Q. I can tell when he looks at you, it's in his eyes. You're so damn cute that you probably haven't even noticed."

"Me cute? Oh no not me." Duo grinned up at him.

"Quatre, you are adorable. Anyone would want you, you're just too damn cute for words. You're gorgeous." Duo said with a smile. Quatre blushed.

"Not like you Duo."

"I'm not that great."

"Duo, your looks are so good that you can get security guards to let us up to a supermodel's penthouse."

"But you have something more than that Quatre. You're nice...and sweet too. I see what Trowa sees in you."

"And I don't see what Heero doesn't see in you." Quatre muttered, but Duo had heard him.

"Thanks Q." He said with a smile. Quatre gasped at being caught and only smiled back. Duo sighed as he stared up at the sky.

"His last lover was killed right in front of him Quatre." Quatre's body froze. He knew that she died, but he didn't know that she was murdered...and in front of him?

"I don't know all the details but I know that Goro did it." Duo said with a frown.

"The man Trowa killed, now it makes sense."

"Yeah, we helped out of course, but I don't know exactly what happened between Trowa, that girl and Goro. Neither Trowa or Heero talk about it. But I'm happy that he's living on. I'm glad that he's found you Quatre. I'm glad you came to us."

"Why is that?" Duo sighed and sat back up, his hand playing in the water now.

He couldn't seem to hold still tonight.

"For a long time...Trowa thought that anyone he loved would die, and that him falling in love was impossible. But then you can along and changed that. Thank you Quatre, you've given me the ability to look into his eyes without feeling the pain there." Quatre smiled at Duo.

"I do love him Duo."

"I know."

"I didn't know that it would happen but it did, and I'm glad it did. I really do love him."

"Trowa is a nice guy. He isn't one of those guys who denies his feelings...like Heero does. They are total opposites those two. I think it's cool that he fell in love with you and didn't freak out. Most guys who had female lovers would shout out that they weren't gay or something, but Trowa just accepted it and held onto you. But Heero..."

"...doesn't like guys?"

"Oh no it's not that. He just...hides his feelings. That day...when Zechs came and took the armor...he told me that he worries about me. And at the club he held me and wouldn't let go. For a minute I thought I had him...but I was wrong. He fell right back into his old ways. But that minute when I did have him was the best minute of my life." Quatre smiled and held Duo's hand.

"Everything will work out I'm sure. We'll both snag our guys and when this is all over we'll go to the mall."

"Can I persuade you to start wearing leather?" Quatre blushed and giggled.

"Perhaps. Trowa might like that."

"I like your attitude Quatre. I say we give those boys a fight!" Quatre smiled.

"Cause they're worth fighting for."

Above in the hotel room, Trowa and Solo sat and watched the two boys talking by the pool. Solo sipped on what had to be his fifth...maybe sixth...or fourth...glass of Jack Daniels. He looked at Quatre giggling at Duo and smiled at Trowa, who was nursing his second drink.

"He's a good kid Tro..." Solo said, his voice slurred.

"Yeah. He is."

"So sweet and innocent...but all this bad shit seems to follow him around man, can you handle it?" Solo asked, sipping more of his drink.

"I can and I will Solo. I made him a promise to protect him and that's what I'm going to do." Trowa said, smiling softly at Quatre who was splashing water at Duo, Duo in turn splashing him back.

"They'll be good friends." Trowa said, sipping his drink.

"That's Duo's way, we should send him against Wufei. He can probably befriend him too."

"Not a bad idea Solo." They both laughed and poured themselves more drinks.

"Solo... don't you think you've had enough?"

"Nah man...this is only my...uh...let's see...take four...carry the one...add two..." Trowa couldn't help but laugh at Solo's antics.

Watching people get drunk was fun.

"Aw hell...I could use a drink anyway." Solo said, shrugging his shoulders. He tilted the glass up to sip the drink but then his eyes shut, and he dropped the glass as his body hit the floor. Trowa looked down at him and grinned.

"Drunk already Solo? Get up, you're heavy and I don't want to haul your ass to bed." Trowa couldn't finish his thought when he felt an evil presence in the room. He turned and saw a glowing light in the shadows and was about to attack when he felt something clog his throat. His eyes widened and watered at the pain, trying to breathe.

His body sagged to the ground and he didn't move a muscle, completely passed out.

And in the shadows two men grinned.

Duo stood up and stretched, his muscles popping and his back arching. He turned and smiled down at Quatre.

"We better get to bed. We have an early morning tomorrow and we have to get that armor." Duo said with a smile. Quatre nodded, stood up, and the two boys walked away from the pool to get to the hotel.

They didn't get that far before the sound of water crashing to the ground was heard. The two boys turned and gasped when a woman jumped out of the water and charged right at them from the air.

"Quatre get back." Duo pushed Quatre out of the way and saw the woman form claws. He immediately grabbed her wrist and tossed her over his shoulders. The woman landing on the ground on all fours, looking like some kind of evil panther.

Duo glared at her, the woman grinning at him and licking her lips at Duo, then at Quatre.

It was like she was trying to decided who to pounce first.

"Heero! Trowa! Solo! Bring you asses down here!" Duo screamed.

"No need to yell my pet." Duo froze when he heard that silky smooth voice.

Not him again.

Duo looked up ahead of him and saw the familiar man standing before him, and some giant man standing behind him.

But his eyes widened when he saw what the bastard was holding.

Two passed out fighters, namely Trowa and Solo.

Zechs grinned at Duo and dropped the two bodies to the ground as if they were nothing but dead weight.

"Now be a good little boy and hand over the pendant, and the boy, to us." Zechs said. Duo glared at him.

"Fuck off!"

"No need for that my pretty, I can fuck you later. But right now, business before pleasure."

"How about neither one you sick asshole!" Duo was really praying that Heero would show up. He knew that he couldn't take all three of them alone.

"Hm. You better watch how you speak to me and do as I say...otherwise..." Zechs let his finger light up and a ray shot out, nearly cutting through Trowa's head. Duo gasped and he felt his insides twist.

He couldn't let them die...but he couldn't give the bad guys Quatre either.

"So what will it be gorgeous?" Zechs asked. Duo glared at him.

So be it, if he had to fight then he would. He would not let Quatre...

"That's enough! I'll do whatever you want just don't hurt them."

...oh shit.

"No Quatre, you can't go with them." Duo said, his eyes pleading at Quatre. Quatre only stood up and wiped away the tears in his eyes. His face took on a determined edge as he walked past Duo.

"Duo...it's O.K. I'll be fine. Everything will be O.K." Quatre said with a smile. Duo felt awful, how could the boy smile at a time like this?

"And Duo...tell Trowa that I said thank you for everything. And if you don't see me again...tell him that I love him." With those words, Quatre went to surrender himself to Zechs and the others.

Zechs smirked as he watched his master's brother approach. Quatre stood next to Zechs and stopped, not looking at him but speaking to him.

"If you hurt any one of them I'll kill myself, and that will really upset my brother." Quatre said. Zechs chuckled.

"No need for melodrama." He was about to take Quatre and disappear along with Rashid and Dorothy but he stopped dead in his tracks when he got a good look at Duo.

He looked yummy.

"Rashid, take Quatre to Wufei." Zechs said. Quatre stood in front of the man but didn't look at him.

He had nothing to say to him.

Rashid sighed and looked straight ahead so he wouldn't have to look at Quatre's angry face and the two of them disappeared.

Duo glared at Zechs when Quatre and the big man disappeared.

Why the hell was he still here? And where was that woman?

"You got what you want so go the hell back to where you came from." Duo said, his eyes blazing. Zechs chuckled.

"Oh I don't have everything I want yet." Suddenly someone wrapped their arms tightly around Duo's neck, choking him. Duo gasped and pulled at the arms, but his air was getting thin fast and he couldn't seem to think straight.

"What a pretty ninja you are. It's a pity that you must leave us. But we will have some fun first." Dorothy said, letting her tongue lick at Duo's ear. Duo cringed and gasped when he saw Zechs standing right in front of him. He felt his hand touch his stomach and work it's way inside his shirt.

"Stop it!"

"No. There is something I want to collect from you that I didn't get a chance to do last time. I think I will now." Duo shut his eyes tight when he felt lips on his neck coming from Dorothy and saw Zechs bend down, placing kisses on his stomach that got lower and lower. He heard Zechs chuckle, his fingers playing with the zipper to his shorts.

"Heero...I'm so sorry..."

"Let him go." Everyone froze and Dorothy and Zechs looked above them to see a black clad figure standing on top of the building, the moonlight playing against his body as he glared at the two people.

It was time for revenge.

Duo took this time to flip Dorothy off of him, slamming her against Zechs. Zechs caught the blonde woman and the two of them immediately stood back up, their attention now on the newcomer. Duo dropped to the ground and took a few deep breaths, the air hitting his very grateful lungs.

"Heero..." He croaked out.

"Look Dorothy, it's the boyfriend." Zechs said with a chuckle.

"He looks upset. Perhaps he didn't want us to touch his prize. Too bad." Dorothy said. Heero only glared down at the both of them, the adrenaline rush from his training in the forest and seeing the foul creatures touch his Duo making him angrier...

...and stronger.

"Alright you bastards. This time..." Heero jumped high in the air and cocked his fist back to deliver a punch, his entire body glowing, "You DIE!" The two figures below him jumped out of the way, Heero hitting the ground and breaking it.

Zechs held in the instinct to gasp at the display of power and instead shot an energy blast at Heero. Heero got up just in time for the blast to hit its mark.

"Pathetic." Zechs said with a smirk, watching smoke surround the area where Heero was. Poor boy, he really tried to protect Duo.

He was too weak though.

Maybe now he could go back to what he was trying to do.

But he didn't get a chance to even look for Duo because Heero had charged out of the smoke.

Zechs gasped when he felt Heero's elbow crush the side of his face, his mask breaking into tiny pieces. Some of the pieces were pushed into his face by Heero's elbow, cutting the tender flesh.

Zechs spit out a mouth full of blood and two teeth as he hit the ground, pieces of his mask stuck in his cheek.

Heero looked down at the man and frowned at him.

"Now who is pathetic?"

"Now you DIE!" A voice screamed. Heero turned to see Dorothy charging at him, her claws extended to cause major damage. He didn't have time to do anything but try and block the attack.

"I don't think so BITCH!" Heero turned to see Duo high in the air as he chucked one of his ninja stars at Dorothy. The silver star hit Dorothy right in her hip, the woman groaning in pain as her body swayed away from Heero from the painful hit.

Duo landed on his feet and glared at Dorothy, the woman pulling the ninja star from her side and trying to get herself back together from the pain she felt. He suddenly began to do a series of back flips towards Dorothy, until he pushed himself high up in the air.

"Feel my wrath...the wrath of Shinigami!" He twisted his body in the air and suddenly grabbed his clothes and tore them off, the garments landing on the floor. The moonlight made his nude form glow, making him look like some kind of erotic angel.

Everyone just watched, fascinated by the scene.

Suddenly Duo twisted again and a black wave of energy wrapped around him and his ninja outfit appeared over him, the black clothes barely covering his nakedness.

Before Dorothy could figure out what Duo just did, the longhaired boy charged at her, a black fire engulfing his body.

"Say goodbye!" Dorothy gasped and felt Duo's elbow lodge in between her breast, the black flame around him hitting her, her body absorbing the dark fire. Along with the fire was a great pain that her body absorbed until it couldn't take anymore.

Duo's violet eyes had a cold edge to them as he felt Dorothy's life fading away.

"My lord...I'm...sorry..." She whispered, her eyes losing their light. The flame soon vanished, her body dropping to the ground. Duo looked down at her, her lips bleeding and her eyes now the same color as his black flame.

It was a move he was pretty proud of, his enemy's absorbing the flame until they brought themselves to their deaths.

He turned his attention to Heero and let a smile cross his lips.

He was about to thank him for saving him but his body froze when he saw a very bloody Zechs stand up behind Heero, his eyes looking extremely crazy as he tried to attack him.

"Heero! Look out behind..." Duo didn't get to finish his sentence because Heero had already turned around and punched Zechs in his face hard, his skin squishing in from the powerful hit. Zechs hit the ground hard and his body shuddered as he coughed up more and more blood.

"...you." Duo finished, blinking at Heero.

Zechs' body then stopped twitching and remained still.

"Is he dead?" Duo asked softly, standing behind Heero. Heero turned to face him and Duo felt his heart melt at the tiny smile on his friend's face.

"I'm sorry I was late...koi..." Heero said. Duo felt his eyes widen.

Koi? As in koibito? Didn't that mean...

...Duo didn't get to think about it as he felt arms wrap around his waist. He was pulled into Heero's body, Heero holding him tightly.

Duo frowned.

"Please don't do this to me Heero." He felt Heero pull away.


"This. This minute of affection. You'll just...go back to ignoring me again...and I don't think...I can take that any...MMPH!" A pair of warm lips cut off Duo’s rant. Duo's eyes just remained wide in shock.

Was this really happening?

He felt Heero's tongue plunge into his lips to deepen the kiss.

O.K. it was really happening.

So Duo stopped asking questions and wrapped his arms around Heero's neck, his eyes sliding shut as he threw himself into a kiss full of passion and love.

And that love would soon be shared under the moonlight.

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