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Warnings: 1x2 lemon! Slight angst on the way. This chapter is just a nice little lemon between Heero and Duo so if you don't want to read it....

Gundam Fury
A Fatal Fury Crossover
by Chibi Shi-Chan
A Lemon Interlude

The moon shown down from it's perch high in the air. The stars shown by its side, taking the sun's place who had decided to rest after a long day of shining down on the Earth.

But the sun had to be upset that it was missing such a beautiful sight.

Duo moaned into the sweet kiss, feeling his knees get weak from the intensity of it all. He tightened his grip on Heero's T-shirt to keep his balance. In turn, Heero let one hand hold onto Duo's long braid, the other one around the slender waist.

The kiss continued, and the moon and stars shown brighter than they ever had before.

Soon the two warriors broke away, eyes glazed over and lips bruised from the long kiss. Heero gave Duo a soft smile and used his thumb to swipe at the trembling lips before him, wiping away the slickness there.

"Is this... really happening?" Duo asked, still breathless from the kiss.

"I think it's about time it happened." Heero responded. Duo smiled softly at him, letting his head rest on Heero's chest.

It was a scene that a romance novelist would try to write about, but it couldn't be expressed in words.

But the scene was broken with one single word.


Heero looked down at Duo, his violet eyes shining with tears that tried their best not to spill over.

"What do you mean why? Isn't this what you wanted?" Duo felt his heart stop. Was this all for his convenience only?

Wasn't Heero enjoying this at all?

He bowed his head down and heard himself chuckle. It was just like he told Quatre. One minute Heero was kind and caring, the next it was all back to normal.

He had his minute of happiness, and apparently it was up.

Duo smiled at Heero and placed a hand on his cheek.

"Yes this is what I wanted. Thank you." With that he turned and walked away.

Heero blinked. Then he blinked again. Then he went for all out staring.

Did that just happen?

He finally had Duo right where he wanted him, and he was walking away?

"Where are you going?" Heero asked, not moving to try and catch him, just standing and watching him walk away.

"Why do you care?" Heero glared at Duo's back. What did he mean by that? Of course he cared! Why else would he kiss him like that? Why else would he try so hard to protect him? Deciding that standing around was getting pretty boring, Heero advanced towards Duo.

Duo gasped when he saw Heero in front of him. The boy was fast, real fast. But he didn't feel like playing the game anymore. He tried to step away but Heero blocked his path.

"What is it that you want?"

"I should be asking you the same question." The two glared each other down until Duo sighed and hung his head down.

"You wouldn't want what I want."

"Try me."

"I HAVE been trying you for God knows how long Heero! Why do you think I fling myself at you all the time?"

"Well have you ever thought of talking to me instead of flinging yourself at me like some rag doll?" Heero hissed out. Duo glared at him.

"Rag doll?"

"That's right. Just like you do with all those other people to get your way. Did you ever think that sometimes you may have to work a little harder to get what you want." Duo growled and swung at him.

"Fuck you Heero!" Heero smirked and caught his fist and pulled him closer.

"No... how about making love instead?" Duo found himself blushing despite the situation. Heero used this to his advantage and pulled him closer to his body, his one arm taking its place around Duo's waist again while his other hand was still clutching Duo's fist.


"... it is what you want right? Because I've been wanting it for some time now." Duo gasped and looked up into blue eyes that were clouded over with what could only be called love.

"You asked why I care right? I told you I care when that bastard attacked us at the temple. I care because... because... I love you. And I always have, just haven't been able to say it. I'm not exactly as... expressive as you are." Heero said with a small smile. Duo smiled back.

"Oh Heero... I... well you know I love you too. And... well... I'm sorry I've been so clingy... I'll stop if you want me to." Duo blinked when Heero started to laugh at him. A real laugh, as if he had just told the funniest joke in the world. Heero bent over and nipped at Duo's ear, causing a shiver to run through his body.

"Now who in their right mind wouldn't want such a gorgeous being such as yourself plastered at their side at all times?" Heero whispered, letting his lips trail to Duo's neck and exploring there. He took mental note of all the sounds Duo made, which increased when he got to a sensitive spot.

He took extra note on those spots, his mind pulling out a notepad and writing everything down.

"Do you really think I'm gorgeous?" Duo found himself asking, his eyes glazed over as they looked at the stars above them. He gasped when Heero moved his knee in between his legs, pressing upward into his erection. His hands clung even tighter into the T-shirt, threatening to tear it apart.

"Duo. You are just fishing for compliments. You know you are, and so does everyone else. I think I may have to practice being clingy." Heero chuckled when Duo's fingers dug into his T-shirt, the fabric tearing a little.

"Possessive are we?" Duo asked, letting his hands release the T- shirt to pull at it, wanting to touch flesh instead. Heero in turn let his hands finger the belt of Duo's outfit, which seemed to hold the entire thing together.

"I have to be." Heero said in a husky voice, feeling Duo finally get the T-shirt un-tucked from his pants to explore the muscular field that was Heero's chest. Fingers reached the tiny rosebuds on Heero's chest and began to toy with them, the nipples getting hard from the finger's dancing. Duo smirked as Heero threw his head back, exposing a delicious looking neck. He let himself lick and nip at Heero's neck, not leaving a spot untouched.

"And why is that?" Duo asked, his hands going lower to the pants and fingering the rim of them, not touching anything too serious but letting his intentions known. Heero suddenly gave him a wicked grin and with a flick of his wrist tore the belt to Duo's outfit. Duo gasped and felt the outfit fall to the ground like it was nothing more that a piece of cloth.

Well it could've been anyway.

Heero backed away and eyed Duo's nude form. He had seen it before, in dreams and in real life through quick glances, but he never had time to really admire it. Duo felt himself blush, suddenly feeling very shy under Heero's gaze. The moon decided at that moment to shine full blast on naked Duo, illuminating the angel. Heero just stood there, watching in awe.

"Are you just gonna stare at me all night?" Duo asked, his voice actually shaky with embarrassment. Heero smirked at him.

"Perhaps." Looking at a naked Duo all night did not sound bad at all, but there were so many other things he could do with a naked Duo. Duo smiled at him and reached for his braid, fingering it as his eyes stayed locked on Heero's own. His fingers undid the band at the end of it and flung it at Heero, the other boy catching it. He let the little band drop to the ground, forgotten like the rest of Duo's clothes and watched as rivers of chestnut colored hair unraveled around Duo's body. The silky mass massaged the naked skin, almost taunting Heero because they were caressing the soft flesh and not him. Heero began to make his move, but then found his feet frozen again when Duo let his hands run through the mass of hair while giving him the most passionate look ever known to man.

"Well I guess this is going to be a staring contest. Well if that's the case then I think you are a bit overdressed." Duo said with a smirk. Heero smirked right back and let his hands travel down his chest, teasing the hard planes as they approached his pants.

It was Duo's turn to stare.

Fingers unbuttoned and unzipped the pants, slowly pulling it and boxers down to the floor. Duo gasped when Heero was displayed with all his naked glory.

"Well now we are even aren't we?" Heero asked. Duo only nodded as Heero approached him again, his eyes sweeping over Duo's form, silently marking areas that would have to have closer inspection. Duo smiled at him, his eyes sparking in playfulness.

He wouldn't let Heero get him that easily. He had to wait all this time, so Heero could wait a little longer. Without warning, Duo jumped high in the air, over Heero's head. Heero blinked, his eyes scanning the area for the sensual ninja. He heard a soft giggle and turned around just in time for Duo to push him forward hard.

Heero gasped, just now remembering that they were by a pool this entire time as his body hit the water.

Duo stood on the edge of the pool and watched Heero's head come up, his shaggy brown hair soaked and his wild bangs sticking to his forehead.

Duo couldn't help but laugh at the glare he was receiving.

"Shut up." Heero said. Duo kept laughing, his eyes filled with tears.

"Oh gods... that was rich! You should see yourself Hee-chan." Duo said, now holding his stomach from laughing so much. Heero glared harder and swam over to where Duo was standing. Duo jumped back when an arm came out and tried to pull him in the water.

"Nu-uh Heero. You can cool off in the water." Duo said. Heero smirked.

"You mean you don't want to come in here with me and help me cool off? It appears that you need to be cooled off as well." Duo stared at him and glared, feeling his erection get even harder then before.

"Bastard." Heero chuckled.

"Of course I am."

"But that's O.K. I can cool myself off." Duo said with a cheeky grin.

"Oh really? I'd rather do it for you. Something to snack on before I take a swim." Heero said, licking his lips. Duo froze.

"But I thought you had to wait thirty minutes after you ate before getting in the pool." Duo said. Heero couldn't help but laugh at that little comment.

"But... I'm already in the pool." Duo gasped when he felt hands pull his legs, making him sit at the edge of the pool. He was so busy listening to Heero that he didn't notice him get close enough to pull him down. He felt hands spread his legs open, the wetness from the water covering the silky flesh. Duo purred and leaned back on his elbows, Heero's hands touching all of his lower regions.


"I think I'll have that little snack now." Heero let one of his hands grip Duo's cock, his mouth hovering over it as that hand touched and played with Duo. Duo shut his eyes, his mouth open and silent moans leaving it, feeling the unoccupied hand run soothing hands up and down his back. Heero let his lips kiss the very tip, causing both Duo's body and erection to jump. Heero snickered some and opened his mouth, capturing the tip in the warm cavern while his tongue rolled all around it. Duo's body squirmed, his legs spreading a little wider when he felt Heero's hand let go of the hard flesh so his mouth could taste more of him.

"Mmm..." Duo made a noise of appreciation, his eyes looking up at the sky, gasping when Heero scraped his teeth against him.

"You taste good. I want to taste all of you." Suddenly Heero knocked Duo's elbows away, startling him and making him wince in slight pain.

"Heero! What the hell..." The rant was cut short when Heero grabbed his legs and wrapped them around his neck. Duo gasped, feeling Heero's breath against his ass.

"Hee... Hee..."

"You better find something to hold onto." Heero said in a husky voice, his tongue licking from the tip of his penis all the way to the crack of his ass, poking at his hidden entrance.

"Holy shit!" Duo looked around and noticed that the steps to the pool were to the right of him. There was a bar connected to the steps to help people get into the pool.

"Hee... Heero... move over to the right a little." Duo said, his body trembling when he felt those hands travel up and down his legs. Heero did as instructed and Duo gripped onto the bar, his breaths heavy even though they hadn't done anything yet.

"This will be interesting. We can see how strong you are pretty little ninja."

"What are you..." Duo didn't get to finish his sentence again, a moan escaping his lips again when he felt Heero lap at his opening again, his dark eyes looking dead at his hardness. He let his tongue travel upwards, licking at his cock again and taking him in his mouth while his fingers squeezed his ass, one lone one poking at his entrance.

Duo soon knew what he meant with the whole strength thing, because his hands were beginning to lose their hold on the bar, his body getting weak from the pleasure overload.

"Damn.... oh fucking DAMN!" Heero had stopped the cock worshipping to go back down to rimming, his hand jerking Duo off while this happened. Duo chanced a glance over and saw that Heero's other hand was deep in the water, his arm moving almost frantically.

His hands began to get even weaker at that notion. He felt rather than heard Heero moan, the hand in the water causing little splashes from the speed.

"Christ.... HEERO!" Once again he felt Heero's mouth envelope him, now two fingers poking into his entrance. It was some sort of weird cycle. Rimming, sucking, rimming, sucking... it was indescribable. And not to mention the beautiful site of Heero soaked and wet and playing with himself and pleasuring Duo.

Duo let out a scream when he felt those fingers touch his sweet spot, poking it almost harshly to make him really feel it.

"Gods... Heero... stop... stop... I'm going to..." Heero looked up at him and saw Duo's body trembling, especially his arms from the strain. Heero smirked at him and bent his head back down to take Duo in again, sucking harder, his teeth scraping the velvet flesh and his fingers pushing into Duo, causing the longhaired ninja to see spots before his eyes.

"Heero... gods... Hee... HEERO!" Heero felt Duo's body arch in an almost impossible angle. He knew the other boy was flexible but still...this angle almost made it look like his body should be torn in half. He felt his body stiffen signaling his release. And at the same time he could feel his own.

"I... I... I... IiiiiEEEEE!" Duo exploded into Heero's mouth, Heero slurping at the white cream like some sort of happy little child. His cry of release was muffled by Duo's own, Heero licking his lips at the sweetness known as Duo. He let Duo's legs slide down from his shoulders, and at the same time Duo's hands gave way.

There was a soft splash as Duo's body sunk into the water.

Duo shot up, his body shivering from the water and his hair matted to his body. He looked up to see a smug and snickering Heero and glared at him.

"Not funny." Duo muttered, crossing his arms at his chest. Heero snickered at the pouting look on Duo's face.

"Well I have to admit you did last longer that I thought you would."

"Why thank you very much." Duo said, letting his body drift in the water. Heero floated after, their bodies coming close but not actually touching. Duo looked into dark blue eyes and suddenly smiled playfully.

"This is interesting. I always imagined our first time in a bed." He said. Heero blinked at his words as Duo adjusted himself so he could wrap his arms around Heero's neck, his legs around his waist as they continued to drift into the middle of the pool. Their eyes met and it seemed that all of their playfulness had worn off now replaced with seriousness.

And this topic was serious.

"Duo... I have to have you."

"So what are you waiting for? I've been here all this time." Duo said softly. Heero frowned, his hand cupping Duo's cheek.

"I know. I know Duo. I was just..."

"... being a baka? I know. But I was too, just like you said. If I would've just said something..." The rant was cut off by a fierce kiss, one that Duo immediately melted into. Duo's legs tightened around Heero's body, their bodies still floating in the water as the kiss continued. The two soon broke apart for the need for air, but Heero then began to nip at Duo's neck. Duo arched his back, his eyes fluttering close in bliss.

"Heero... please... no more waiting..." Duo said. Heero smiled softly at him and the two began to lazily drift to the edge of the pool, still kissing and nipping at each other. Finally, Duo's back hit the edge of the pool and Heero leaned into him.

"No more waiting." Heero said. Duo nodded and felt Heero nudge his entrance with a more than welcome hardness. He gasped, his eyes shutting at the somewhat painful intrusion.

"No more waiting... please Heero..." Heero locked lips with Duo again, the pain soon becoming a distant memory. Duo tightened his hold again, feeling Heero gently push into him, opening him up to the delicious pleasure.

"Gods... Heero... why did we wait so long to do this?" Duo whispered, feeling tears in his eyes, but not from pain but from happiness. Heero kissed the tear away that did fall and smiled at him.

"It's happening now. That's all that matters. Ai shiteru Duo." Duo moaned in response, feeling Heero move his hips a little, his cock rubbing his insides, causing a wonderful electric shock to run through his entire body.

"I... I love you too... but... if you don't move soon I'll have to kill you." Duo said with a laugh. Heero laughed back, pulling out agonizingly slow, causing Duo to groan and say all of the curse words he knew in several different languages. Heero only chuckled at him and pushed back inside, a little harder than before. Again, Duo groaned, his hands digging into his shoulders and threatening to make them bleed.

"You are one evil bastard..."

"I know.." Another slow motion, in and out ever so slowly.

"DAMNIT! Heero! FASTER!" This caused an opposite effect and he could've sworn that Heero went slower. Duo growled and squeezed Heero's shoulders tightly, causing the other boy to gasp.

Duo had drawn blood.

"If you don't fuck me into next week Heero I swear I will use all my powers to give you a slow and painfu... aHHH!" Duo gasped when Heero thrust up into him very harshly, threatening to tear him apart. Before Duo could catch his breath Heero had slammed into him again and again, almost like a madman. Duo whimpered and moaned, tugged at Heero's hair, nipped his neck and his lips, scratched up his back, he did everything he could to show how much he was enjoying this.

Heero moaned right along with him, feeling Duo's heat envelope him, not to mention the scars he would have from their intense love making session. It was like a battle, a battle that both would gladly admit defeat to in the end. But in truth they both were winners of the duel.

The rough edge of the pool scraped across Duo's back but he didn't care. It would leave a nasty bruise in the morning but he didn't care. He knew that Heero would have an equally matching set of bruises in the morning but neither cared. All that mattered was that Heero was inside of Duo, making love to him, causing him to make the sweetest noises ever heard. It didn't matter that their first time was in a pool at a hotel where they just fought and killed two of their enemies. At that moment finding armor was forgotten, saving the world was forgotten, everything was forgotten.

Everything but the two of them together in the most intimate way possible.

It was at that moment when Duo felt Heero hit something deep within him that caused him to tense up and shudder, a loud scream tearing from his lungs. In turn his inner muscles clamped around Heero, causing him to freeze up as well. The heat was intense, too intense and it threatened to burn the both of them.

But the hot flames didn't matter, the two of them holding onto one another as the passion continued, Heero hitting that spot over and over, showing no mercy at all. Duo's hold tightened and he swore that he was going to break Heero's neck at this rate. And Heero's grip on his hips was so tight that handprints would be branded on the pale flesh.

The two of them couldn't have asked for a better night. It was the best moment of their young lives.

And a last declaration of love had them both reaching orgasm nearly at the same time, and their screams were swallowed by the night and heard only amongst the moon and the stars above.

Duo blinked, his eyes adjusting to the sunlight from outside. His mind as a bit fuzzy, wondering why the sun was out, why he was outside, and why he was naked, sore, and his skin damp. He sat up and looked around, his hair swallowing his body as the wind caressed his skin. He recognized the building to be the hotel they were staying at, then he recognized the pool.

Then he recognized the two smirking faces in his and one other face that held a smug look.

"Trowa? Solo? Heero?" Duo tried to stand up but winced, his hand immediately going to rub his ass.

Why the hell was he so sore down there?

"Nice of you to wake up." Solo said with a smile, helping Duo stand up. Duo just blinked at them and looked at Heero who still wore a smug expression, but under that expression was a look of love as well.

Then everything clicked.

And Duo blushed.

"When we came out here you two were asleep in each other arms... naked." Trowa said.

"Uh... well... about that..."

"No worries, we already bugged Heero about it." Solo said with a grin. Duo blushed even more, looking around for something to wrap around his naked form.

"It's about time you guys. Of course it would take a total crisis to get you two together." Solo joked. Duo held his head down. He never felt so embarrassed in his life. Standing before his friends naked...and sore.

But happy nonetheless.

"Crisis? Oh no... Quatre... he..."

"Yeah... Heero told us about that too. We haven't got much time. We better go... if Duo can walk." Solo said with a grin, smacking Duo's ass and causing him to wince. Heero chuckled and went over to Duo, his arm wrapped around his waist.

"Can you make it or should I carry you?" Heero said with a smirk.

"You don't have to be so smug about it Heero."

"I know." Heero lifted Duo up in his arms and walked behind Trowa and Solo who were heading for their Jeep. If they hurried they could hopefully stop Wufei from getting the last piece and save Quatre. Before they got to the Jeep Duo looked up at Heero and giggled nervously at him, his cheeks turning red from the question he was about to ask...

"Uh...can I have some clothes?"



to be continued

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