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Warnings: Yaoi, fighting, bloody at times, language, naked Duo in some parts ^_^ possible lemon later (*glares at Tanny*)

Notes: For anyone, who has seen the movie, you sort of know what to expect. But just like the Sailor Moon crossover I did, things won't follow the exact storyline.

Gundam Fury
A Fatal Fury Crossover
by Chibi Shi-Chan
A Prologue That Changes Six People's Destiny

Centuries ago, there was a great war which cost thousands of people's lives. Desperate for victory, the leader of the Chang family decided to unleash a great creature that wore a legendary armor known as Gundamnium. The creature rose to fight and did its task by destroying the Chang family's enemies, but the task was done mercilessly and bloodily. When the leader went to lock the creature away, it refused.

It's thirst for more blood was not met, so it went on to kill again and again. It killed many innocent people, striking down even women and children so it's bloodlust could be satisfied.

But it seemed to never end.

Finally, six individuals came and fought off the beast and were able to separate its armor into six pieces. And since the armor made up the creature's power, when it was taken away the creature eventually died.

The six pieces scattered all around the world and lay to rest for anyone to take it. The promise of great power lied with the armor and it was said that anyone wearing it would become...

...a god.

Centuries later, not exactly the present time but pretty close, one man did find a piece of the armor. However, this man was more of a businessman and he decided to keep the piece as a token more then for seeking power.

The man was the head of the Winner foundation, one of the most powerful business organizations known to man. He was a single man, his wife dying long ago, but she did leave him with two children.

Two beautiful boys. One with hair as fine as gold with eyes as calm as the ocean and boyish looks that made him look younger then he really was. His name was Quatre.

His brother had jet-black hair and eyes as dark as charcoal. His features made him look stunningly beautiful and exotic. His name was Wufei.

Their father was a Winner, but their mother was a Chang, and Quatre took on his father's Arabian heritage while Wufei took his mother's Chinese one.

Everything seemed happy with the little family, until darkness fell upon them.

There was one man who believed in the legend of the Gundamnium armor and he wanted to collect the pieces to follow the legend and become a god.

There is no greater betrayal then the one of a best friend, and this man was Mr. Winner's best friend and colleague. Desperate to get the piece of the armor, the man did the only thing he thought was logical.

He killed Mr. Winner.

The two boys ran down the corridor of the office, a feeling of dread in their hearts. Wufei went to his father's office and tore the door open, gasping at what he saw.

His father lay on the desk, blood escaping from his forehead and his eyes wide open in shock. Wufei immediately caught his little brother who had gone limp in tears. Quatre cried on Wufei's shoulder, Wufei growling when he saw that his father's piece of the armor was gone.

He already knew who did it.

He sat Quatre on the floor and took off in the direction of a man he once considered an uncle. Quatre wiped his tears and followed after his brother, afraid of what the enraged boy might do.

"I know that you killed my father you sick fuck!" Wufei screamed when he entered the office of the evil man. The man smiled at Wufei, a gun in his hand.

"And what are you going to do about it?"

Quatre gasped when he heard a gunshot coming from the area. When he arrived in the office he saw his brother holding his bleeding side in pain, tears stinging his eyes.

"How...how could you do this to us?" Quatre asked. Their father's former friend smiled at Quatre.

"I wanted the armor. And it will be mine. Now be a good little boy and pretend you didn't see anything or else I'll have you join your father." Quatre shut his eyes tight when the gun was aimed right at his heart...

...but the shot never came.

Wufei had stood up on shaky legs and noticed the armor in its case against the wall. He grabbed it and attached it to his arm.

Unknown to everyone, he too believed in the stories about the Gundamnium armor. His wound suddenly didn't hurt anymore...

...and he felt very powerful.

Quatre heard a loud scream and what sounded like an explosion. He opened his eyes to see his brother standing tall with the armor on his arm, and the armor seemed to glow around his hand. He glanced at where his father's colleague was sitting and gasped, his hand coming out to cover his mouth because he suddenly felt sick.

All that was left was a giant hole in the wall that appeared to look like a crater.

And so much blood.

The man's body was nowhere to be seen.

And Quatre knew that at that moment...

...he had lost his brother.

~Present day in Alexandria, Egypt~

"At last! I knew it would be here! The Gundamnium armor!" A man looking in his early thirties said happily. He was in a cave in the middle of what appeared to be nowhere.

But this nowhere had what he was looking for.

He grabbed the case that contained the piece of the armor and grabbed his walkie-talkie.

"Seymour here. I've got the piece."

Topside, a team of workers smiled at the message. A man with blond hair looking mid-twenties sighed from inside of his truck, but a grin was on his face.

"Good. Now let's get out of here." He was about to start the truck when a dark shadow fell upon the vehicle. The man stared into the cool brown eyes of a very large man who looked to be Arabian. He wore loose white pants with a white shirt and purple vest, looking much like one of the characters in Aladdin. The man had short brown hair and a brown beard and side burns that were the same color of his hair.

"Hey...this area is restricted." The man in the truck said. The large man didn't seem to care as he stepped up to the truck. The blond hair trucker didn't even get so much as a scream in before a fist came sailing through the glass and into his face. Blood splattered on the window of the car, the trucker's face being literally dented in.

One of the other workers saw this and immediately pulled out a gun. He glared at the huge man and fired, but the man merely caught the bullet like it was a paperclip and flung it back...

...the bullet struck the unfortunate hero in his forehead. A stream of blood flowed out and the man's eyes widened, his body dropping to the ground. The other workers gasped at the scene before them and decided that it was best to run off.

They didn't make it very far.

"Oh I can't wait to show this baby to the boss." Seymour said, climbing the ladder from the cave. As he reached the last step however he saw and felt something very familiar.


Seymour scrambled up the ladder and gasped when he saw flames lick at the work site, no sign of any of the workers anywhere. The smell of burnt flesh assaulted his senses, making him want to lose everything he had eaten that day. He didn't get a chance to as he stared into a pair of eyes.

Cool brown eyes.

That was in the middle of the fire. And the flames didn't appear to be hurting him. Seymour shook his head in shock and turned to leave when suddenly a wave of water jumped out from the ground.

Seymour gasped when he looked into light blue eyes of a beautiful woman with forked eyebrows and long blonde hair that shot past her ass. The woman had on a dark red body suit, which was close to the color of blood that ended as a thong, but only one side of her naked ass showed. The other side was covered with a tight pant leg that was the same dark red color, her other leg on display for the world to see.

The woman smiled at him as he backed up into a turned over truck, the box with the armor clutched tightly to his side. The woman jumped in the air and fired tiny rays of energy that struck like ninja stars. Seymour let out a little scream and was able to dodge the attack and head to one of the trucks that looked able to run. He jumped in and was about to start the engine when he saw yet another figure standing on top of one of the pillars.

This one had on a silver mask; all that was showing was delectable lips. He had long platinum blond hair that swirled around the body that looked like a dancer's own. He wore loose white pants much like the large Arabian man only a purple ribbon was wrapped around his waist, the ribbon flowing along with his hair. His chest was bare, only a white jacket with a collar on his built frame.

Not wanting to know what this man could do, Seymour started the engine just in time to see the man leap in the air and slash his arms around.

Seymour ducked just as the top of the truck was slashed away, now making it topless. Not wasting any time, Seymour zoomed off. There seemed to be no other obstacles in his path.

Nothing is what it seems.

Seymour cursed the three people who he just zoomed away from and didn't notice the fourth figure until it was too late. He gasped as he looked into cool black eyes. Shoulder length black hair flowed around the beauty, but it was a deadly beauty. He wore an open black vest that also showed his form with a pair of tight leather pants.

There was also something else about this one. He wore a strange armor piece on his two arms.

The Gundamnium armor!

"So that's what you want? Well you can't have it!" Seymour decided that the boy wasn't stupid enough to stand in the way of a moving car.

The boy wasn't. He was just smart enough to blow it away.

He held his hand out and a red glow formed, giving Seymour only about one second of a warning before the red ball shot out and the car was blown away.

Seymour stumbled out of the car, beaten and broken, but he still held onto the box tightly. He stopped when a shadow fell upon him and looked up to see those same black eyes.

"You have something of mine. Please, return it to me." Seymour stood and glared at the boy.

"No!" He had some powers of his own and shot a ball out at the boy. The boy only shook his head and knocked the energy ball away. Seymour stumbled back as he felt a hard fist pound into his stomach. The hit was way too powerful for any mortal to deliver, and he could feel the blow crush his stomach in.

Seymour's body fell to the ground, still holding the box.

After that the three other attackers arrived and the longhaired man pulled the box away from Seymour. He chuckled as he opened the box to reveal the piece they were after. The woman smiled and took the armor out and approached the Chinese boy.

She bent over and snapped the armor on his leg. The armor glowed in response and the Chinese boy smiled, feeling even more powerful than before. He jumped in the air and let a powerful ball leave his hands and completely destroy the area they had all just came from.

"I just can't believe it. Lord Wufei gets stronger with each piece." The woman said in awe.

"Rashid, Zechs, and Dorothy. This makes three pieces. Only three more...until I become a god!" Wufei said with a sick smile. The other three nodded and bowed before their lord.

And on the other side of the world, there was one individual who could feel darkness approaching, much like a storm.

And unknown to him, his life as well as the lives of his closest friends was going to be turned upside down...

...when he got his first look at a pair of desperate ocean blue eyes.

O.K. For those who know the movie, I know the story behind everything isn't told until later but I wanted to get it out of the way. And I know the legend isn't exactly how it is in the movie but...uh...well I didn't really want it to be ^_^

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