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Note: All warnings are in episode three only because that is when the actual fic starts.


Gundam Moon R
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Episode Two: Now What kind of Fic Crossover Would this be Without an Introduction?

There is a stage set up with no one out on it...yet. Suddenly, the curtain rose and a fox-girl with green pig-tails is shown. She smiled at the audience and took out her script. She cleared her throat and began to speak.

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." CSC gave a weak smile when George Lucas glared at her from his seat in the audience.

"Sorry....O.K. Once upon a time there was a colony in space called L2. On this colony was a church called Maxwell Church which was the royal kingdom at the time. This one place kept the peace between the colonies and Earth. The church was also an orphanage, where the loving Father Maxwell and Sister Helen ruled. They had adopted a boy named Duo Maxwell which made him the prince. The prince brought joy to everyone, especially his three best friends. Quatre Raberba Winner, the prince from L4, Trowa Barton, the prince from L3, and Chang Wufei, the prince from L5.

It was on one special day when the prince from L1, also the defender of Earth, came to L2 for reasons unknown. His name was Heero Yuy. Him and Duo immediately fell in love with each other, thus, deepening the bond with Earth. That was until....

War broke out with Queen Relena and her evil forces. It turned out that Heero had come to defend L2. Along with the other three princes, they made the Gundam Scouts. Wing, Sandrock, Nataku, and Heavyarms fought bravely, but it wasn't enough. Duo, not able to watch his friends die, went against the father's wishes and went to fight, revealing himself to be Shinigami, the leader of the Gundam Scouts. It still wasn't enough, until Father Maxwell and Sister Helen used the Golden Cross of power to send the evil away and send the scouts, along with two special cats, to Earth to live in peace.

The kingdom was destroyed; nothing left for the young teens, so they lived on Earth. Their memories of the kingdom were erased, and Father Maxwell and Sister Helen died.

However, those two cats were there just in case evil returned to restore the scout's memories so they could fight once again. Of course, that happened and the Gundam Scouts were born. Now, read as they star in a brand new fanfic...GUNDAM MOON R!" CSC walked off the stage as the lights shown down on a happy looking boy with violet eyes and a long braid.

"HIYA! My name is Duo Maxwell. I'm a 15 year old highschool student who is nice, fun to be with, cool, cute, happy...."

"DUO!" Duo flinched at the glare the other pilots and the author gave him.

"O.K.! Sorry. Anyhow, I'm not only a highschool student, I'm also Shinigami, the champion of justice, and part of the Gundam Scouts, a team of five way cool guys who save the world and stuff. Let me introduce you to them." The light shown down on a angelic face with blue eyes and short, blond hair. He smiled at everyone, a slight blush rising to his cheeks.

CSC: Awwwww
All but Quatre: Awwwww
Quatre: *blush*

"This is my best bud Q, also know and Quatre Raberba Winner. He's really nice, and plays the violin very well, and is totally shy. He's the Gundam Scout, Sandrock, and has the powers of the desert sand. He also has the biggest crush on another green-eyed scout..."

"Duo..." Quatre blushed again.

CSC: Awwwww
All but Quatre and Trowa: Awwwww
CSC: 3x4 is so cute.
Quatre and Trowa: *blush*

"Would you get on with this stupid introduction." Said a voice. Duo sighed as the light shown on a glaring Chinese boy with his black hair in a tight ponytail. He had a pair of dark eyes, fitting his handsome features.

"That is Chang Wufei, another one of my friends. He may seem mean, short-tempored with no sense of humor..."


"Uh...but he's still the best." Wufei's features softened at that comment.

"SEE! I told ya Wu-bear was cool."

"Wufei. My name is Wufei." Duo ignored him and continued.

"He is into that chanting stuff and can usually predict stuff. He's the Gundam Scout Nataku with the power of fire. That's it for Wu-man."

"WUFEI! My NAME is WuFEI!" Before he could continue to scream at Duo, another spotlight shown down on another boy. He was taller than the rest with green eyes...well...one visable green eye cause the other was covered by his...bangs?

"This is Trowa Barton. He is really quiet and plays the flute with Quatre." Duo smiled at this statement.

"He gets along very well with Q actually..." Even Wufei smirked at the two.

"Come on guys, stop teasing him." Said Quatre.

"Awww, you're defending him."

"Come on Maxwell, leave the love birds alone and finish." Said Wufei with a soft smile.

"Yes, hurry up." Said Trowa. Being the miracle it was for Trowa to speak, Duo continued.

"He is the Gundam Scout Heavyarms with the power of thunder. He is also a gymnast. And last, but not least, is....oh gosh, my Hee-chan." The spotlight landed on a Japanese boy with wild, brown hair and cobalt blue eyes. Duo swooned at him, feeling weak in the knees.

CSC: Come on Duo, you can do it. Introduce him.
Duo: O.K.

"That's...oh wow he's hot."

"Not as hot as you koi." Heero gave Duo a, "Bring your sexy ass over here," look. Duo melted and slowly approached the enticing boy know as Heero.

"NO MAXWELL!!! INTRO!!!" Screamed Wufei. Heero glared at the Chinese boy for interrupting his attempt at snagging Duo while Duo pouted.

"O.K. Uh...he's Heero Yuy, the Gundam Scout Wing. He...he..." Duo stuttered as Heero began to slowly approach him.

"He's a computer expert with the power of...uh...what KIND of powers does he have?" CSC came on stage and thought for a second, wincing because thinking hurts like hell.

"Well...Venus had the power of love and..."

"HELL no! I am NOT having any love whips and crap." Said Heero.

"But you do have love whips Heero." Duo said with a smirk. Heero smirked right back.

"Yes I do. Just for that, I think I need to use some of them on you." Heero said, smacking Duo's pert bottom. Duo beemed.

"Hai Heero-sama. Fire when ready!"

"That's it! Fire...as in firearms. He has those powers, the power of...uh...heavy explosives." CSC smiled at this and left

"Yeah, he sure does cause some explosions." Duo mumbled, but everyone heard him.

"MAXWELL!" Duo blushed after realizing he was caught. Heero smirked and wrapped his arms around his slender waist.

"We should cause some now...I mean...to see if our powers work." Said Heero, nibbling on Duo's ear while his hands began to rub across Duo's back, causing him to purr. Duo giggled at the teasing treatment.

"INTRO!!!" All three boys screamed.

"FINE! Heero has the powers of heavy explosions and crap. O.K. That's all of us."

Suddenly, all five boys were standing together in a cool pose type...uh...situation.

"We're the Gundam Scouts and we will defeat ALL evil!" CSC came out on stage again and clapped.

"Perfect! Now, we can start the fic."

Finally all the introductions have been made, and everything can start.

Next episode: Duo remembers a friend from the past that has been gone for ten years. Thinking his friend is long gone, it is a surprise to see him again, and to find out that he wants him badly...Heero be damned!

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