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Gundam Moon R
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Episode Three: Reunion of Friends

//A little boy with long, chesnut colored hair around the age of six wiped away his tears as he stared into green eyes.

"Please don't go." He said. The green eyes, belonging to a slightly older boy with sandy blond hair, softened.

"I don't want to kid, but I gotta."

"Why, why are you leaving me?" Asked the young boy.

"It's just...I have to. We will meet again."

"I...I love you." Said the little boy. The other boy smiled.

"Me too kid." Suddenly, the younger boy handed his friend a rose.

"What's this for?"

"Well, someone once told me that flowers were the best thing to use to show how much you care." He said with a sad smile.

"And...and you're my best friend and I love you so I'm giving you a flower." The older boy smiled, a tear leaving his eye.

"Thanks kid. Now, I have something to give you. I was gonna wait until you got older but..." The older boy ran his fingers through the younger one's hair, smiling softly. He then pulled the younger boy foward. Violet eyes widened in shock as soft lips met his. It was his very first kiss, given to him by his best friend. They soon broke apart, the younger boy touching his trembling lips.

"Why...why'd you..."

"I wanted to give you that for a long time. You really are a beauty kid, you're gonna be a real heartbreaker when you grow up. People would drown in those eyes." The boy blushed at this comment from his friend. The older boy smiled.

"See ya later kid." The wind picked up and the younger one gasped.

"No...no WAIT!" But it was too late, his friend had disappeared from his life forever...or so he thought...//

::10 years later::

A boy with violet eyes and a long, chestnut colored braid smiled happily as he looked at the flowers in the flower store. Behind him stood a Japanese boy with intense cobalt eyes and wild, brown hair.

"These are beautiful." Said the happy boy, Duo Maxwell.

"Hn." Responded his ever social koi, Heero Yuy. Duo walked around some more until he saw the roses. He gasped as he stared at them.

//Someone once told me that flowers were the best thing to show how much you care.// Duo could remember that moment like it was yesterday as he touched the rose. Heero noticed the boy's eyes getting misty and wrapped his arm around his koi. He knew why this was, after they gained their powers and memories of the past, him and Duo talked all night about it.

//And...and you're my best friend and I love you so I'm giving you a flower.// Duo smiled sadly.

"Today's the anniversary Hee-chan." Said Duo, leaning his head back.

"Ah. I understand." Duo smiled, he loved moments like this. Heero saw the smile and turned his love to face him.

"You O.K.?" He asked. He got no answer, instead, he got lips puckered up, ready to be kissed. Heero cringed, not at the thought of kissing Duo, but doing it in public. He quickly looked to his left, his right, behind him, under him.

HEY! Don't laugh, you'll never know.

He sighed and grabbed Duo's shoulders and pulled him closer. Too bad he didn't look in between the plants.

A pair of dark eyes looked at the young couple. The eyes glared and the figure growled.

"Dishonor, how could they do that in public?" Asked the Chinese boy, Chang Wufei. A pair...er...one green eye looked at the scene and said nothing. That was Trowa Barton for you. A pair of sea-green eyes looked at...nothing. The young blond refused to intrude on his friends.

"They're in love, we shouldn't interrupt them." Said the innocent one, Quatre Raberba Winner.

"They're about to kiss." Said Trowa, as if telling the weather. Of course, since they were curious, and the boy's best friends, they watched. However, they also bumped into each other.

"Ow! Get your elbow out of my stomach." Whispered Wufei, trying to get a better look.

"But Trowa has his foot on mine." Said Quatre.

"But you're hand is on my..."

"Oh my!" Quatre said with a blush. He tried to move his hand.

~No, move it a little to the right and....awwww~ Quatre blushed even more as he felt something that was as hard as a rock hit his hand. He tried to pull away but only managed to massage it even more.

~Oh GOD~ Quatre's mind screamed. The thought that he was doing that to his secret crush, and his crush was enjoying it, made him hard too. Trowa bit his lip to fight a moan.

"GET OFF ME!" Screamed Wufei. That scream caused Heero to jump. He sweatdropped as he saw the plants begin to move. He slowly crept away from Duo, leaving the boy there waiting to be kissed.

Duo's eyes began to twitch as he waited.

~What's taking him so long?~ He then felt something hit his lips.

~Damn, he needs some chapstick.~ It was a fuzzy feeling. He opened his eyes to meet a catail touching his lips.

"AHHHHHH!!!" Duo screamed and scooted back into the wall. His three friends laughed at him. Duo glared at them.

"I hate you all." Mumbled Duo as he stood to leave. His friends continued to laugh as they followed.

It was a very beautiful day. Heero felt the cool air hit his skin and gave a happy sigh; this was perfect. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the flowers were blooming, a tornado of rose pedals was right in front of him....wait, backtrack. A tornado of what?!?!

"What the hell?" Asked Heero.

"It's raining flowers!" Cried Duo happily, spinning around like a happy child. Suddenly, a figure appeared through the tornado. He was older than the boys and wore a green sweater that matched his eyes. He had on a pair of tight blue jeans and sandy blond hair. Green eyes locked on to the dancing boy and he smiled; lust filling in those eyes.

"I knew you'd be a heartbreaker kid." Duo immediately stopped dancing. His violet eyes widened as he looked at the figure.

"It...it can't be." All looked confused at that statement.

"You grew up well kid, very well indeed." He said, voice dripping with lust. He approached Duo, but Heero jumped in the way.

"Back off." He didn't like the way this guy was looking at his Duo. The boy smiled at Heero...then knocked him away and onto the ground.

"HEE-CHAN!" Duo rushed to his koi, well tried to. He was grabbed by the mysterious boy.

"Chan? How cute." He said, running his hand down the boy's cheek.

"Stop it."

"Aw, but I can't. You see, I told you we'd meet again. And I want you."

"No...no I can't. I love Heero." The boy glared down at the Japanese boy on the ground; his three friends helping him up. The boy then smiled at Duo.

"We'll see. You're mine kid, don't ever forget that." He gave him a lite kiss on his lips and backed away, disappearing in the rose pedals. Duo gently touched his lips as his eyes began to quiver. The others surrounded him.

"Who the hell was that?" Asked Heero. Duo closed his eyes, a single tear leaving his eye as he said one word.


A friend back from the past with evil intentions? What shall happen to Duo and the others now?

Next episode: The boys go into the city and find disaster. Who has drained all of the innocent people, and since when did flowers have fangs?

Also, the two cats, Deathscythe and Zero, are introduced. I hope you're ready girls.
Relena: *Wearing white cat costume* READY!
Hilde: *Wearing black cat costume* ME TOO!
CSC: Great...now, I must chibi-size you so you could be the size of a cat.
Both: WHAT!
CSC: *waves wand, don't ask where she got it from, and the two girls shrink down.* There, all finished. Now I've got my kitties, stay tuned for the next part.

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