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Gundam Moon R
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Episode Six: Duo's Sacrifice

It was cold, and it was dark. He tried to adjust his eyes to the new area, but he couldn't. There was a presence there that made him uncomfortable. He tried to move his arms, but he couldn't. In fact, he couldn't move at all...


"Not even close." Cobalt blues eyes suddenly shot open at the voice. He stared down into cold eyes. Heero struggled, now realizing that he was being binded down by vines, vines with very sharp thorns that caused his aching body to bleed.

"YOU! Where am I, and WHERE is Duo?"

"Whoa...one question at a time. You are on a meteor with me, a meteor that is heading towards your precious planet. And Duo? My Duo is on that very planet, probably trying to figure out a way to get here to save his, 'Hee-chan.' Said Solo, mocking the other boy.

"I swear that if you hurt him I will fucking kill..."

"I'd NEVER hurt Duo. You assholes are the ones that hurt him." Screamed Solo.

"What the HELL are you talking about?" Asked Heero, he was getting very annoyed with the boy. Well, he already couldn't tolerate him but this made it worse.

"You and your worthless friends brainwashed him. He should be happy to see me."

"He WAS happy, but if you keep hurting him like this then your gonna break your friendship apart." Said Heero.

"SHUT-UP!!! He just has to learn to love me like he use to again."

"Listen to yourself. You are forcing him into this. He won't love you if you force him to." Solo approached Heero and slapped him across his cheek, leaving a red mark on the once white flesh.

"I thought I told you to shut-up." Heero growled at him, spitting out the blood that began to form inside his mouth. That slap was more like a punch. Solo smiled as he watched a trail of blood escape the pale lips.

"If you weren't such a bastard I would think about doing other things to you then beat the shit outta ya." Said Solo. Heero glared at the boy; he didn't like the way his voice sounded. Before Heero could react, Solo licked the blood from his chin up to his lips.

"Hm, pretty tasty...but I bet Duo is tastier."

"Fuck you."

"Oh Heero, that's what I'm gonna do to Duo. I've come too far to lose him again. Ever since he gave me that flower I have been searching for him. I have found the perfect flower to give him in return of his kindness, and I will give it to him and take him with me. We WILL be together." With this, Solo walked away. Heero sighed as he watched the boy stare at the Earth that was in front of him.

"And they will pay for hurting you my precious Duo."

"Yes, they will ALL pay." Said Une happily. It was obvious to Heero who was running the show now.

That damn woman.

But there was nothing he could do now. He could only hope the others were careful because he KNEW Duo would come after him.

~Be safe my beautiful baka. This isn't the same Solo from your past. Please be careful.~

On the planet Une hated so much, two cats and four boys sat in a park, comtemplating their next move. Zero looked really upset, glaring at Duo.

~It's your fault my Hee-Chan is in danger.~

And Deathscythe looked equally upset. She hated to see her master so sad. Those violet eyes lost all of their light and were on the verge of tears again. She looked up at the sky as they continued to listen to the news from the radio.

"The meteor thought to be drifting away from Earth is actually drifting closer..." Said the radio reporter. Wufei smirked

"Funny, ever since that guy came down to the Earth the meteor has gotten closer."

"Are you saying that you think Solo is controlling the meteor?" Asked Quatre.

"Either him or Une." Added Trowa.

"Right. I say we do some teleporting and pay them a visit." Said Wufei. The other two boys nodded.

"O.K. Then you can rescue Heero cause I'm sure he's there too. Ready guys?" Asked Zero. Three boys stood, but one did not. All turned to see Duo, who had his knees drawn to his chest as he toyed with the end of his braid.

"GET UP!!! YOU MUST GO AND SAVE HEERO!!! It's YOUR fault he's gone anyway." Sneered Relena, forgetting her role as the cat. Duo jumped at the venom in that voice. He stood and ran off.

"DUO! DAMN IT RELENA WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SAY THAT?" Asked Hilde, totally forgetting her role as well.

"Well it is..."

"We can't teleport without him...when will you get it through your damn head that Heero does NOT love you?" Relena jumped at the way Wufei said that to her. He ran off after his friend. (1)

Wufei knew exactly where the braided boy was. He saw him sitting on a bench by a big pond in the park. This was where him and Heero had shared their first kiss. He walked closer and heard sobs coming from the braided boy.

"Maxwell..." He hated to see the happy boy sad. It was so unlike him. Wufei sighed and took a seat next to his friend. Duo knew Wufei was there and instantly leaned into him, crying on his strong shoulder. Wufei rans soothing hands down Duo's back, whispering in his ear.

"It's O.K."

"No it's not Wufei."

"You got my name right for once..."

"Sorry, I just don't have the energy for it right now." Said Duo. Wufei nodded.

"Look, forget what that bitch said. It's not true..."

"Yes it is. Solo took him cause of me. I should've just went with him."

"Yeah right, Yuy would've just come after you. I bet if he could do it all over again he wouldn't change a thing." Said Wufei. Duo looked up at him, sniffling a little.

"That's not all I'm concerned about. I...I still...I still love him Wufei."

"I know, he's your friend. But, he is not himself right now. That is Une doing all of those evil things. We have to stop them at all cost." Duo nodded.

"Yes, you are right. But...can we win?" Wufei smirked.

"Can we win? This coming from a guy who got Heero Yuy to crack a smile? If you could do that then I'm sure that you could save the world." Duo smiled.

"Thanks...Wu." He stood up, Wufei standing as well. Duo smiled and wrapped his arms around Wufei's neck, Wufei wrapping his own arms around Duo's waist. They stood like that for minutes, Wufei silently comforting Duo. Duo pulled away, planting a soft kiss on Wufei's cheek.

"I really mean that Wufei...thank you."

"You are very welcome Duo."

Quatre smiled as he saw his two friends heading towards them. Trowa stood as well when the two boys made it up to them.

"I'm ready." Said Duo.

"That's good young one." Said the NEW Zero.

"Who the hell is that?"

"Korin, Relena's replacement." Said Trowa.

"WOW! The cat on DBZ!!! You're cute." Said Duo, tickling the cat under his chin (2). Korin blushed.

"STOP THAT! Go and save your friend." Said Korin. Duo giggled, but nodded. The four boys joined hands and bowed their heads, a yellow light enveloping them.

"Careful." Said Deathscythe. The boys nodded.

"Gundam Scouts...teleport." And with that, the boys zanished.

"They're on the way." Said Une.

"Good, come to me my little Duo." Solo smiled and turned to look at Heero.

"Well, when I'm done finishing off the three pest and taking my precious Duo's flower (3) I'll come and get rid of you." Heero growled at the boy as he disappeared.

~Duo...go back...~

The boys were shocked at what they saw. There were several flowers on the meteor, different colors and different kinds, making the meteor look like some kind of garden that one would want to get married at. The kind of flower that stuck out were the roses, the flower Duo gave Solo so many years ago.

"Oh Solo..."

"It's beautiful here isn't it?" Asked Quatre, feeling Trowa squeeze his hand to answer his question silently. Quatre blushed a little, the boys looking at the flowers from the air, still flying in from teleporting.

"Yes, but we better land somewhere." Said Wufei.

Suddenly, a loud roar erupted from the land. The boys gasped at what they saw ahead of them. A hoard of monsters emerged from the flowers and they all looked thristy for blood.

"Fuck, look at them all." Said Duo.

"Scouts, get ready to land." Said Trowa. They nodded as the released each other's hands. They landed on the ground and stood as the monsters rushed at them.

"Gundam scouts...come to ARMS!" Screamed Duo.

The four warrior's nodded.

"Scarlet Thunder (4) ...come to me!" Duo held his hand out as a long scythe formed. He twirled it around and held it in his hands.

"Krita-Yuga (5)...come to me!" Quatre held his hand out as a sword formed in it. He pointed it at the monsters.

"Rekki-Maru...Mekki Maru (6)...come to me!" Wufei crossed his arms, his hands open. Two daggers formed in them. He smirked at his enemies.

"Kali-Yuga (7)...come to me!" Trowa held out his hand much like Duo did, but in his hand a rod formed. He twirled it and held it out at the monsters.

"Gundam Scouts..." Started Duo. The four boys stood ready for battle.


The boys ran straight at the monsters. Duo noticed that it seemed to be four groups.

~Hm...Solo planned this.~

"Yo guys, there's four groups. Split up." Said Duo.

"But that's probably what he wants." Said Wufei. Duo gave an evil grin.

"Well we can't disappoint out host now can we?" The other three nodded.

"Let's do it."

Duo ran straight at the monsters, noticing that there was one big one in each group. He started to slice through the smaller ones, working his way towards the big one.

"MOVE IT!" He cut through another monster. One tried to hit him, but he jumped in the air, grabbed its shoulders, and flipped him into a whole gang of monsters. Just then, an energy blast came towards him.

The big monster smiled as the beam rushed at the boy he was fighting. However, Duo stuck his scythe in the ground and used it like a huge pole to lift himself in the air.

"WHAT!" The monster cried. Duo smiled from his upside-down position.

"It's time to say good-bye." Duo tilted himself forward so he could land on the ground, but before he landed he pulled his scythe out the ground and cut the monster in half as he landed (8). He stood and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"That was easy (9)."

Quatre charged into the monsters head on, twirling his sword around his body to cut through them. He was small, but fast as he dodged the monsters and kicked them while they stood in shock. He soon faced the head monster.

"Time to die." It said. Quatre smiled.

"My thoughts exactly." Said Quatre. Before the monster could move, Quatre twirled three times, but brought the sword down with him. Duo's monster was cut in two pieces, but Quatre's was cut in three. Quatre smiled at Duo.

"Nice job Q." Quatre shrugged and looked at the fallen monsters.

"That's all there is to it (10)."

"Say good-bye." Whispered Wufei as he circled around his attacker to stab it in the neck. Two more charged at him but he only jumped out of the way and charged at them with the daggers in his hands. They both fell to the ground. Suddenly, slimy arms wrapped around his waist.

"Gotcha." Wufei struggled for a second, then smirked.

"I think it's the other way around." Wufei jabbed the monster with his elbow hard. The monster gasped and Wufei jumped up to slice him with his daggers. Quatre and Duo joined him.

"Looks like we're almost done. Just gotta wait on Trowa." Said Duo.

"Oh, I hope he's O.K." Said Quatre, worry in his voice.

"Aw, how cute." Quatre blushed as the boys rushed over towards Trowa.

Trowa bounced himself off one of the monster's head and threw his rod at it, making it crash into another group of monsters. He dived down to grab his rod, only to jump up in the air and crash it on top of another unfortunate monster's head. He turned to face the last, and biggest, monster.

"I'll make this quick." Said Trowa, charging at it. The monster shot beams at the boy, but he only dodged them. The monster screamed as Trowa hit him so hard...he fell across the field and off the meteor (11).

"That's it then." Said Duo. Trowa turned as Quatre charged at him, giving him a huge hug.

"Oh Trowa, I thought that monster was gonna hit you." Trowa smiled and hugged him back. Duo smirked.

"Isn't that sweet. Gosh Quatre...you never hugged ME after a battle." Said Duo. Quatre gasped and blushed, as if just now realizing what he did. Nevermind the fact that Trowa returned the hug. Even Wufei had to smirk.

"Yes, it's enough to give you a toothache." Said a voice. The boys turned to see their enemy standing on a hill.


"Wow, I didn't know you guys had weapons. How cool." Said Solo.

"Enough Solo...where's Heero?" Asked Duo.

"My my little Duo. You didn't even ask me how my day was. Oh well..." Solo snapped his fingers and more monsters came up from the flowers. The boys jumped out of harm's way when the monsters tried to grab them. They soon realized that they were completely surrounded.

"Ha, I hope this keeps you busy." Said Solo.

"Guys, we don't have time for this." Said Trowa.

"Yeah, we do have to stop the meteor before it hits Earth." Said Wufei.

"And find Heero." Quatre added. The monsters closed in on them.

"Have fun with them my lovely pets, but keep the pretty one alive. He's mine." Duo snarled at Solo.

"You want me...well here I come!" Screamed Duo. He leaped out of the circle of monsters and landed right at Solo's feet.

"DUO!" But they couldn't get to him as the monsters attacked.

Duo was on his own.

"Wow, you want me that bad." Teased Solo.

"Fuck off. You know why I'm here."

"Oh that's right, Heero. Well if you want him, you have to fight me." Said Solo, getting in a fighting stance. Duo's heart jumped at that news. Fight? He had to fight his best friend?

~He's not himself right now.~ Wufei's words came back to him.

~That's right. That's Une talking...that's not Solo...~

"Fine. You wanna fight then let's go." Said Duo, twirling his scythe. Solo gasped.

"You'd fight me? How could you?"

"You are NOT the Solo I know and love...so I gotta stop you." Duo's held his scythe out at Solo, ready to attack when he needed to.

"Know and...love..." Solo's eyes turned glassy at those words. He still loved him? Was this...wrong? Une glared at Duo.

"He's lying. Listen to me, you're gonna have to fight him. That's the only way to show him what is right." Said Une to Solo, trying to bring her puppet under control. Duo glared at the woman on the pendant.

"BITCH!!! Leave him ALONE!!!" Duo screamed. He charged at Solo, aiming right for the pendant. Solo smiled and blocked his attack. Duo gasped, how did he block his weapon with his hands?

"Care to try again?" Asked Solo. Duo growled and attacked again, but nothing worked against Solo. His attacks wouldn't connect at all. Solo smiled and grabbed the scythe, pulling Duo closer. Duo could feel his old friend's breath on his lips.

"Hm, you look so delicious when you are mad." Said Solo lustfully. Duo glared and tried to pull his scythe free, but Solo had an iron grip on it. Solo smiled again and threw Duo across the field of flowers. Duo landed hard on his back in a bed of roses. Solo eyed the scythe in his hands and threw it on the other side of the field. He then eyed the boy lying on his back, his legs slightly spread and the spilt opening up even more. Solo's eyes held nothing but lust as he approached the beauty. He would be his.

Duo groaned as he sat up. He watched as Solo sauntered up to him.

"No..." Duo stood and charged at Solo, throwing a series of punches and kicks at the boy. Solo only laughed as he caught the boy's fist and pinned his arm behind his back. Duo struggled, feeling the bones in his arm protest. Solo then wrapped his free arm around the slender waist, immobilizing Duo's other arm at the same time.

"Why do you fight me Duo? Just let it go." Duo struggled even more when he felt warm lips on his sensitive ear.

"You know you want to. I can tell that your body wants me. And my body definitely wants you."

"Let...go of me..." Duo got chills up his spine when he felt a definite erection on his ass, grinding into it.

"I really don't want to hurt you or your friends." Said Solo, nibbling on the swan like neck.

"No...stop it!"

"Hm...I can't." Duo felt Solo's hand raise up the front of his skirt, massaging his member through his underwear. He felt his body react against his will, his hips thrusting into the hand. Duo let out a trembling moan as Solo's hand gave a rough squeeze.

"No...stop it...NO!!!"

Duo's scream didn't go unheard. His three friends looked at each other and came to a conclusion.

"We have to get to Duo. NOW!!!"

Duo felt tears in his eyes. He couldn't break free, no matter how hard he tried. Solo just smiled at the trembling body he was holding.

"Sweet Duo..." Duo whimpered as Solo stopped massaging his manhood, bringing his hand up to turn the boy's head. His lips were about to descend on the delicate rosebuds when a light blinded his eyes. Duo looked and smiled.

Guess they heard his cry for help.

The three immediately broke loose from the monsters and rushed up to Duo.

"Let's combine our powers." Said Quatre. The other two nodded.

"Sandrock Desert... STORM!!!" Quatre appeared to be standing in a desert as high winds blew past him. He held his hands out as a powerful sandblast left his palms.

"Nataku Fire... DRAGON!!!" Wufei closed his eyes as fire surrounded him. Suddenly, the fire was in his eyes and he screamed, a dragon made of beautiful orange flames shooting past him.

"Heavyarms Heat-Seaking Missiles...SEARCH AND DESTROY!!!" The background suddenly became high-tech, looking like the inside of a computer. Trowa spread his arms out and a scanner appeared over his eye. The red box lite on Solo and Trowa smiled, clapping his hands together.

Solo was distracted long enough for Duo to break free of his grasp, moving out of the way of the triple attack. He grabbed his scythe and watched as the attack hit Solo dead on. There was a huge explosion as smoke emitted from the blast. Just as Duo was about to celebrate, he noticed that the forgotten monsters were charging at his friends.

"NO!!!" Thinking fast, he twirled his scythe in the air, wind blowing past him.

"GUYS MOVE!!!" The three looked as they saw energy building up through their friend. They wisely moved out of the way. Duo smirked at the monster army that challenged him. Duo then slammed his scythe into the ground...hard.

"Shinigami's...HELL FIRE!!!" The ground began to split into pieces from the move. The monsters stopped when they noticed the ground was cracking up under them. Some fell into the cracks, screaming as they met their deaths. The ones that didn't fall to their doom soon felt their deaths approaching when a green fire erupted from the cracks, engulfing them in flames. Soon, the ground came back together, leaving no more monsters...and there was no sign of Solo.

The four boys joined together again as they slowly caught their breath and regained some of their strength.

"Well, that's it. We find Yuy and find a way to destroy this rock and go home." Said Wufei.

"Yeah, I'm ready to go." Said Quatre. Trowa nodded. Duo looked at the smashed up rose garden and gave a sad smile.

"I'm sorry Solo...but I had to stop you. May you rest in peace." Said Duo.

"It's nice to know you still care kid." Said a voice. The boys turned, but saw no one.

"It can't be..." Said Wufei. Before they could confirm anything, the ground rumbled underneath them. The boys gasped as it began to swallow them up.

"Shit!" They couldn't get out. Suddenly, Duo was out the trap. He looked down to see that Wufei had picked him up, ready to toss him to safety.

"No Wufei...DON'T" But it was too late, Wufei had already tossed him across the field. Duo rolled through the flowers and groaned when he hit his stomach. He sat up slowly and gasped when he couldn't see his friends. It was nothing but flowers.

"NO!!!" Duo got up and sprinted to the spot his friends were at. Tears stung his eyes as he dug for them. He knew they would do this, try and proctect him, it was their mission afterall (12).

"Guys...Quatre, Wufei, Trowa...please be O.K." He continued to dig, his hands hitting thorns but he didn't care. He needed to free his friends. Suddenly, the ground shook again and the flowers began to open up. A huge vine, like struture rose, but it had three things that interested Duo.

"NO! GUYS WAKE UP!!!" Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa were all wrapped up in the vines. Bleeding and broken, the vine raised the warriors higher. Their clothes were shreaded, Wufei even lost the rubber band to his hair, the black mass flowing around his battered body, and it stangely looked as if Trowa was holding Quatre's hand.

"My God, what happened to you?"

"They are O.K. my love, just a bit battered. I told you I didn't want to hurt your friends...unless I had to." Duo turned to stare at Solo.

"Please...don't hurt them anymore."

"Oh I won't...if you cooperate."

"What do you mean." Solo smiled evily.

"Why it's simple...surrender yourself to me and I will let them go." The three boys groaned in pain, waking up from what seemed like an awful member. They all gasped after they finally registered what Solo had said to Duo.

"No Duo, don't do it." Said Quatre.

"Come on Duo, all I want is you." Solo said with an innocent look. Duo glared at him.

"Forget us Duo, don't give up." Said Trowa.

"How much do you care about your friends?" To answer that question, Solo heard and saw Duo's scythe drop to the ground.

"Fine, I give up." Duo bowed his head down in defeat.

"NO! FIGHT HIM COWARD!" Screamed Wufei.

"I can't...I can't do it. I won't risk your lives like that, not over this."

"You're serious?" Questioned Solo.

"Of course I am! I'll do whatever it takes to protect those I love. Just release them and Heero and...I'm yours. I'm tired of fighting you." Duo held his hands up in surrender, his eyes holding no emotion whatsoever. Solo frowned. Was this right?

~Of course it isn't...he doesn't want this...it's wrong so stop it!~ Solo groaned as he grabbed his head. Une snarled at the boy because he was fighting her again. It was time to turn it up a notch.

"Come on Solo, take him, just like you wanted." She said.

"But he'll hate me." Solo's eyes flashed red just in time with Une's.

"He's only saying that now, but once you're inside him it will be a different story." Said Une. Solo licked his lips at the boy in front of him. His clothes were torn here and there from the battle, and his braid was coming undone. His legs and arms had scratches on them, but that made him look even better to the lustfilled Solo.

~He's a fighter alright.~

Before Duo could blink, the vines released his friends, only to trap him. Suspended in the air, Duo looked down to see Solo looking up at him. An electric shock was sent through the vines, Duo's worn body absorbing the waves of pain. He screamed as the jolts continued to lick at his body.

"What are you doing Une?" Asked Solo, watching as the woman continued to torture Duo.

"We need to take his energy to weaken him." Said Une. Solo noticed that once the jolts hit Duo then they came back to Une. She moaned at the delicious energy. It was so pure, and so powerful.

"But he's in pain."

"Then go and ease his pain." Solo smiled and floated up to the boy. Duo gasped at how close Solo was to him now.

"I'm sorry we were interrupted, but now we can get back to business." Said Solo. Solo raised his chin up, his lips descending on him. Duo tried to pull back but he couldn't as cold lips touched his.

~They're so cold...oh Solo...please don't do this.~ He couldn't pull away as Solo's tongue plunged into his mouth. He couldn't help but moan as Solo's tongue played with his. Une smiled as she secretly drained more energy from the delectable body. Duo broke the kiss with a gasp and threw his head back, feeling his energy leave him. Solo smiled and attacked his neck as his hands began to slowly strip Duo of his clothes.

"No...please stop Solo..." But his plea went unheard. Duo felt tears leave his eyes because he knew that Solo wouldn't stop, that he was going to lose his virginity to the man he DIDN't love that way, and that he would have to come with him afterwards because of his deal. He would have to leave his friends...and Heero.

~I love you all. And Heero, I'm yours forever, no matter what. I'm so sorry...Good-bye.~

CSC: O.K. Now I know the scouts didn't have weapons (well, not the inner scouts, which the boys are) but I thought it would be more fun this way *smiles*

(1) CSC: O.K. You've DEFINITELY crossed the line...
CSC: You aren't needed in the fic anymore *turns Relena to normal size* now go.
Relena: But...but what about Hilde?
CSC: She stays...
Relena: Where are you gonna get another talking cat?
CSC: Hm...*grabs Korin from DBZ* you'll do kitty *smiles*
Korin: What happened, I was watching Goku fight Cell.
CSC: Those are all re-runs...I need you for this fic.
Hilde: Wow, you're cute.
Korin: *blush* Fine, I'll do it.
CSC: GREAT!!! *kicks Relena out of the fic*

(2) DBZ note: This is what Marron (the blue haired bimbo I'm glad Krillin DIDN'T marry) would do to Korin when she saw him. He always blushed. He's a cute little pudgy cat *rubs Korin under his chin*

Korin: *blush* STOP IT!!! Finish your notes!!!

(3) What can I say, it fit. Solo likes flowers and I think I heard this on Devil Hunter Yohko. I think her grandmother referred to Yohko's virginity as being a precious flower.

(4) O.K. All the weapons (except Duo, Seungmina does NOT have a scythe) are from Soul Caliber. This one is Seungmina's. Well, the name is hers.

(5) This is Xianghua's weapon.

(6) This is Taki's weapon.

(7) This is Kilik's weapon.

(8) I love this move. It's Seungmina's unblockable move. It takes so damn long to do cause they gotta charge up and do it. Sometimes they just stand and let me hit them (it takes out almost half their energy) but others they knock me down *sigh*

(9) One of her lines. Can you tell who my favorite character is from the game yet? (Actually, I like Taki, but Seungmina is cool too)

(10) One of Xianghua's lines. She sounds like a little girl when she says it. It's so cute *smiles* (Of course, it's all Japanese in the game)

(11) When in doubt, knock them out of the ring (I love doing that)

(12) We all know the sailor senshi have to protect the princess. It's no different from our Gundam Scouts. It will be explained when my lazy ass does the series.

CSC: A beautiful sacrifice Duo.
Solo: Yes, I agree.
Duo: *glare*
CSC: I don't mean it the same way Solo does, I meant in a heroic kind of way.
Heero: Well I think thats enough angst...
CSC: Unfortnately the next chapter is nothing but angst. It's all Solox2...
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Heero: *glares and points gun at CSC* FIX IT!
CSC: *gulp* I'll...I'll try...but no guarantees. HEY! If you shoot me I can never fix it.
Duo: She got that from Dia-Chan.
CSC: What? Of course I didn't *glomps Dia for giving her an excuse for Heero not to kill her*

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