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Gundam Moon R
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Episode Seven: Solo Takes His Flower

Heero struggled against his bindings to try and free himself. He had to hurry and get to Duo and the others. He knew something bad was going on because he could feel it. He could feel his Duo's pain. He pulled even harder, causing his arms to bleed even more.

"Come on..." He pulled more and more until he finally heard a ripping sound. His arms were free now, so he used his hands to free his legs. He dropped to the ground with a loud thump, breathing heavily. But he stood up and ran in the direction of all the energy he felt.

"That has to be them." He said, running as fast as he could to get to his friends and his love. He could only pray that he wasn't too late.

Duo squirmed more went he felt his clothes vanish along with more of his energy. Solo smiled at his nude form, running a hand down his entire body.

"You are simply gorgeous my Duo."

"I'm...not yours." Said Duo. Solo chuckled at that and ran his hand down the soft cheek, his fingers touching the swollen lips. Duo snarled and tried to bite the fingers, but Solo pulled back in time.

"You have a lot of fight in ya kid. That makes you even hotter then before."

"Fuck you." Duo spat, spitting in Solo's face. Solo only laughed harder as he wiped off the saliva.

"Don't worry I intend to." Solo began to gently kiss his neck, going lower to his nipples and biting them, making them hard. Duo gasped when Solo took his cock in his hand, roughly squeezing it to make it hard.

"Stop it!"

"Hm...I don't think so." Said Solo, kissing lower and lower. Duo's body began to tremble when Solo began to blow air on his arousal.

"I see your body wants me more and more all the time.(1)" Duo gasped when Solo ran his tongue down his member like a popsicle.

"My heart will never be yours no matter what you do to me. It's already taken." Duo let out a low moan when Solo licked it again and again.

"I wouldn't say that kid cause I'm the one in control right now. After all of this you will only want me. You will NOT remember ANY of those bastards you call friends." With that note, Solo engulfed him in one quick move. Duo gasped and let out a startled yelp at that move. His moan turned into a scream when he felt Une begin to take his energy again. Tears of shame fell from his beautiful eyes when he felt his body move into the warm cavern that was Solo's mouth. His body was enjoying the feelings Solo envoked as his tormentor sucked harder, his teeth scraping against the hard flesh. And his hands were running all over his body, pinching his nipples and tickling his balls. To make it worse, Duo felt something poking into his virgin entrance. He screamed when one of the vines that binded him entered him, thrusting over and over again.

"NO! Stop doing this...STOP IT!!!" He cried. Une chuckled at the boy's pain.

"My flowers are blooming because of your precious energy." She said. Solo moaned as he continued his sweet torture. Duo just threw his head back and continued to scream, tears streaming down his face.

"Gods Heero I'm so sorry."

Quatre and the others slowly stood up, still feeling weak from the entire ordeal. The three boys gasped when they saw the scene in front of them.

"Oh Allah." Cried Quatre, holding his chest in pain. Trowa held him in his arms, trying to ease his pain.

"We can't...let this happen." Said Wufei. The other two boys nodded. Wufei held his side in pain as Trowa flug Quatre's arm over his shoulder and wrapped his own arm around his waist to help him walk. The three boys slowly approached the scene together, determined to save their friend. They would NOT let him die, because without him...they would truly be alone.

"He was the only one who talked to me at first." Said Quatre, tears in his eyes as he remember all of the good times. When he first came to that school the kids would talk about him because his father was rich. They thought he was a little spoiled rich kid right off the bat. But Duo didn't think that at all, and the two became fast friends.

"He was the only one who didn't judge me." Said Wufei, remembering how everyone thought he was crazy because of his charms and chantings. Duo thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

"He was the only one who gave me a chance." Said Trowa, remembering his first day at the school. Rumors were going around that he was very dangerous because he could train animals, and they even went as far to say that he sent them against his old school. His silence made people even more curious, but Duo just found that interesting.

Duo made their team complete with his laughter and happiness. Duo was the light in their group, and they would not let that light fade away. They came closer to their objective, watching the horrible scene enfold before them.

Duo threw his head back and let out one last scream as he felt his climax hit him. He tried to stop it, but with Solo's mouth and hands and his evil vine thrusting into his hidden passage, Duo lost his mind. Solo smiled and swallowed every drop greedily and happily. He licked up the drops of the creamy substance he missed and then gave Duo a long kiss. Duo could taste himself in Solo's mouth and that sickened him even more.

"My Shinigami." Purred Solo. The binds disappeared and Duo fell into a bed of roses dead on his back. He was panting from the entire experience as tears fell from his lifeless eyes. They didn't even look violet anymore. Solo watched with a hungry look, ready to claim what was his. Chest heaving, lips parted, legs spread, and his hair undone due to the fact that one of the thorns cut his hair tie....Duo Maxwell was the most sensual creature alive. And he belonged to Solo, not some spikey haired Japanese kid. Solo smiled as he stripped his shirt off and slowly approached the boy.

"I'm....sorry.....Heero." Duo panted. Solo stopped and stared.

"I.... I love you.... I'm sorry....."

"Sorry? For what?!? You are mine now kid so forget about that punk."

"Duo is NOT yours." Called a voice. Solo turned to see the Chinese boy from earlier. He glared at the kid; wasn't he dead?

"He belongs to Heero and to us and it will always be like that. You can't take him away from the people who truly love him." Said Wufei.

"You lie." Snarled Solo.

"He doesn't. You can't break the bond those two share. They made a vow long ago that they would be together no matter what. No matter what you do to him he's gonna belong to Heero." Said Trowa. Solo growled and ripped his pants and boxers off, his hard erection begging to be buried inside of Duo.

"Screw you guys, Duo is mine."

"Duo would never forgive you Solo. He will hate you if you do this. He loves you, just not in the same way as he does Heero. Please don't break that bond. Don't take him away from us." Pleaded Quatre.

"I.... I... NO!!! SHUT-UP with your lies. You guys have warped his mind. I'm taking him and you guys will NEVER see him again." Solo positioned himself in front of Duo, throwing his long legs over his shoulders and lifting his hips off of the ground. He put his hard member right in front of Duo's entrance, just barely touching it.

"Say good-bye to your precious Duo." Said Solo, inserting just the tip in. The three boys gasped in horror. They had no power left to do anything. They watched in horror as Duo gasped in pain, Solo pushing in little by little, more tears falling.

"Forgive me Heero.... please forgive me...."

(1) Wicked City is one of my favorite animes. I plan on doing a 1x2 based on it and I can't wait to start it *smiles* This is one of the lines from the anime.

Next episode: A fight ensues between two people wanting Duo's heart. Wing versus Solo! But, did Wing get there in time to save Duo?

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