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Gundam Moon R
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Episode Eight: Heero vs Solo

Pain. That was the first thing he felt. It was horrible, hot burning pain. He didn't know what hit him as his eyes widened. He had to fight the tears that threatened to spill out.

Solo stood, holding his now bleeding shoulder in pain. He glared at the three scouts, silently asking if it was one of them that had shot him. But the three of them looked just as puzzled.

"Then who...."

The three scouts watched in amazement as things suddenly took a wild turn.

"What...happened?" Quatre asked.

"I...I don't know. Something hit Solo and stopped him from raping Duo." Trowa said.

"Guys look over there." Wufei said, pointing to one of the many flower beds. The three turned and gasped at the vision that stood there.

One Heero Yuy.

One very pissed off Heero Yuy.

Who was glowing with a lot of power.

Which was aimed directly at Solo.

Heero began to walk towards Solo with every intention of beating the crap out of him. Solo began to slowly back away, knowing he'd need time to recover from his recent injury. Heero stopped right in front of him, his blue eyes blazing as he glared at his enemy. He stopped short when he heard a weak whimper coming from below him. He glanced down and saw Duo.

His hair was everywhere and he had little bruises and cuts over his body. His legs were still spread open and his eyes were shut tight, tears streaming from them. There was a little blood coming from his opening and he gasped when he saw a vine laying near it, it's thorns covered in blood.

Duo's blood.

He swooped down and hugged his love tight to his chest, running loving fingers through his hair.

"Duo...Duo wake up." Duo let out another weak moan as his eyes slowly opened. He gasped at the figure who was holding him, more tears coming out.

"Heero....I'm so sorry....he...."

"Shh...." He held him tighter, his own eyes getting watery.

"I... I didn't want him to...." Heero silenced him again, this time with a gentle kiss.

"I know."

"I.... I only love you Heero. Always.... oh gods I'm sorry." Heero stood, picking Duo up and craddling him in his arms. He glared at Solo again as he headed towards his friends. Before they could even ask what he was planning, he handed Duo over to Wufei.

"Watch him for me will you?"

"Sure Yuy but...." Heero gave Duo a gentle kiss on his forehead.

"What are...you gonna do Heero?" Duo asked weakly, his eyes drooping from his tiredness.

"I'm gonna finish this." Before Duo could protest anymore, Heero walked towards Solo.

"Wu...Heero's gonna get himself killed...." Duo said. Wufei only smiled and held Duo tighter.

"Have faith in your koi will ya. He's determined to finish this. He's gonna put an end to Solo's game." Duo nodded, finally falling asleep in Wufei's arms.

~I'm sorry Solo but you need to be stopped. Be careful Heero.~ Were Duo's last thoughts.

Solo smirked as the Japanese boy walked towards him. He had allowed him to take his Duo for the time being so he could recover. Heero stopped, a few feet away from Solo.

"You really wish to face me? You are a fool." Solo said. Heero only snarled at him.

"You have hurt something that isn't yours. Duo is mine."

"Oh really. We shall see." Solo laughed, a dark energy forming around him. Suddenly, Une let out a loud shriek as vines covered Solo's body. Heero watched as the vines seemed to merge with Solo, the boy laughing histerically the entire time.

"Duo is MINE! You hear me...MINE!" The light grew brighter and brighter until it vanished, revealing the new Solo.

His blond hair had blood red streaks in it, almost dripping as if it were real blood. He wore a tight, leather body suit that had vines up his legs and arms. Une still sat proudly on his chest, her eyes glowing an evil red along with Solo's.

"What do you think?" Solo asked.

"Hm....not impressed." Heero held up his hand and a blue energy surrounded it.

"Blue Thunder, come to me (1)." A sword suddenly appeared in his hand and he twirled it around, pointing it at Solo. The other boy smirked.

"So you wanna play like that. Alright. Archeron, Nirvana, come to me (2)." Solo held both hands up and two swords appeared in them, each about the same length as Heero's.

"In this form I can choose a variety of weapons, but I think I will use this one to see to your death." Solo said, the two circling each other.

"Too bad that you won't be able to kill me." Heero countered.

"We'll see. And after you die, then I can have that lucious body all to myself."

"Touch and you DIE!" Heero charged at him, the fight beginning.

The three scouts watched the battle, the swords clinking off of each other.

"Their power is incredible." Trowa said, still holding Quatre.

"Yes, I don't think I have ever seen Heero exert this much power." Wufei said, looking down at Duo.

"He will defeat him Maxwell, I just know he will."

Heero dodged another slash and attacked with one of his own. Solo snarled as the slash caught his arm, causing it to bleed. He attacked with both swords cutting Heero in his stomach. The other warrior stumbled back, his free hand clutching onto his stomach. He watched as Solo charged at him and spun around in time to miss the attack, but he didn't anticipate for Solo to grab him.

"Gotcha." He lifted him up in the air and was about to jab him in his stomach with his sword, but Heero wiggled his way out, dropping to the ground and kicking Solo in his face, sending him down.

Solo landed with a painful thump and turned in time to see Heero try and stab him with his sword. He smirked as the vines on his suit suddenly came to life, knocking his advisary away. Heero skidded into a bed of flowers, losing his weapon at the same time. He stumbled up and rush to grab his sword when Solo threw a blast at him, knocking him away and back into the bed of flowers.

"It's usless Heero. Give up."

"Come on Heero. You can do it." Quatre said.

"He can, and he will. For Duo." Wufei said.

Heero moaned in pain as he sat up, clutching his bleeding arm. He looked forward to see Solo walking towards him, glowing with power as he banged his swords together over and over again. Heero stood on shaky feet.

"Wing laser beam.... STRIKE!" A beam shot out of Heero's finger, heading straight for Solo. The evil boy only chuckled and knocked the beam away with his sword. Heero sighed as he realized his attack wouldn't work.

"Is that the best you got?" Solo asked, walking closer and closer towards Heero. He stopped when the boy smirked at him, fire in his eyes again.

"No....not really."

"Oh no. You don't think he's gonna?" Quatre asked. Trowa and Wufei nodded nervously. Heero turned to look at them, telling them silently to get ready.

"Fuck....EVERYONE BRACE YOURSELVES!" Wufei screamed. The other two dropped to the ground and Wufei used his body to shield Duo.

Solo, not understanding what was going on, just continued his taunts.

"What are you gonna do, shoot another beam at me?" Heero only growled at him as he began to power up. Wind began to blow all around the meteor. His eyes began to glow a freaky yellow color as he muttered the words his friend's feared.

"Zero System.... activate."

Suddenly, Heero's body began to glow even more, a green, grid like background behind him. Solo cringed as the winds began to get heavier and heavier. Solo could hear a beeping in the background as the grid covered his flowers now, literally covering the entire meteor. Heero glared at Solo as he balled up his fist.

"You can't just force Duo to be with you. He CHOOSES who he wants to be with and he chose me, so back...." The energy started to grow more, a low yellow fire surrounding him.

"....the fuck...." The fire grew brighter as his eyes became their original color, but still had that same fire burning.

"OFF!" The fire took over his body. Solo gasped and tried to back away, but he was frozen. Une just stared in horror.

"Wing...." Heero held his hand out.

"Beam Cannon...." What appeared to be a cannon latched onto his arm, his other hand hovering over a red button. It also appeared that green eyes glowed in the background (3).

"FIRE!!!" Heero pressed the button, causing a huge yellow beam to go towards Solo. Solo shielded himself the best way he could until the beam finally beat him, causing him to scream in pain.

The wind blew over the meteor, becoming too much for the other scouts and they flew back, screaming and becoming separated. The flowers blew off of the rock too, showing the ugly gray color it was before Solo planted the flowers there.

And after all of it was over, Heero dropped to the ground, completely exhausted.

And there was no sign of Solo.

(1) I stole all their characters from Soul Caliber remember? Well, Heero's character (Hwang) sword is called this.

(2) This belongs to this pirate guy named Cerventes (gods I hate him and both of his damn swords)

(3) Yes, the green eyes are Wing Zero's.

Next Episode: Is it all over, or is Solo still alive? And what about the meteor drifting to Earth? It's a race against time to save the day, but are the boys strong enough to do it?

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