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Gundam Moon R
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Episode Nine: Truth Revealed

The wind blew on the now dusty rock. The beautiful flowers were now gone and only the ugly gray showed.

Heero took a shaky step forward, his eyes looking around for any sign of his enemy....

...or his friends....

...or his love....

Before he could continue his search he felt the meteor rumble. It felt as if it were....changing course?

"Could it be that the beam caused it to change direction....away from Earth?" Heero wondered.

"HEERO!" The Japanese boy turned when he heard his name being called. Up ahead he saw Quatre limping towards him. Heero rushed over to help him. The blond had dust all over his face and in his hair, but he was smiling nonetheless.

"I think...you did it Heero." Quatre said with a smile. Heero let a small smile appear on his face, then they heard a low cough come from the right of them. The two boys turned to see a familiar bang up ahead.

"Trowa!" Trowa looked up and smiled as he approached. He wrapped his arms around Quatre, reasurring him that he was O.K.

"I'm here Quatre."

"That's good. I'm so glad you're O.K." Heero smiled at the two, then remembered that he still had to find his own little baka.

"What happened to the others?" Heero asked.

"I don't know. We got separated after your attack." Trowa said.

"I got to say Yuy that was a nice move." The three turned to see Wufei standing up ahead, holding his arm in pain but he still wore a smirk on his face. The conversation would've continued but...

"Where's Duo?" Wufei looked down.

"I...don't know. He's here somewhere, but I lost hold of him during the blast."

"It's O.K. we will find him." Trowa said. They all gather together, about to search the meteor when it suddenly began to break apart. The boys gasped and gathered together on one of the pieces that seemed to be drifting away from the huge rock.

"What's going on?"

"FOOLS! Do you THINK I would let you get away?" Screamed a voice.

"Oh no it can't be!" At the edge of the drifting piece stood Solo. His arms and legs were bleeding, a huge cut across one of his eyes and a busted lip, but the evil boy still wore a demonic grin.

"You thought that fucking beam was gonna stop me well you're wrong. You all will die. This piece is on a one way trip to Earth baby, and once it hits it's good-bye planet!" Solo cried as he began to laugh histerically.

"You are fucking CRAZY!" Heero screeched. Solo only laughed more, Une's eyes glowing an eerie red as she laughed with him.

"You'll kill us all, where will THAT lead you?" Wufei asked.

"Please, think about what you are doing. All those innocent people..." Quatre pleaded. Solo only smiled at them.

"I don't give a shit about those damn people. All of them will FEEL my pain. Duo and I will be together in DEATH!" Solo screamed as the rock sped up.

"Guys we have to stop him, no matter what." Trowa said. They were all weak, but they had to try something before Solo got his way.

"Yes, the humans will pay. Who cares if you die as long as they pay." Une said.

"As long as they pay." Solo repeated, eyes glowing a darker red.

"I won't let you." All turned at the new voice that joined the battle.

At the back of all the action, sitting up on his knees was Duo, completely nude and glowing a light black aura. His eyes were shut and the glow suddenly emitted from his sparkling cross as well. Violet eyes suddenly snapped open and trembling hands hovered on the sides of the glowing cross. The four other scouts gasped.

"Duo, what are you doing?" Quatre asked in fear.

"Don't even think about using the cross Maxwell. You aren't strong enough." Wufei said.

"If you use the cross..." Trowa started, afraid to finish the sentence. But Heero finished it for him.

"...you'll die. Please koi." Heero pleaded. The violet eyes softened when they looked into the eyes of their beloved. But, Duo knew what he had to do. As the prince of the lost colonies and as Shinigami, he had to do whatever it took to save the world...even if it took his life.

Heero's eyes began to actually tremble with unshed tears. This couldn't be happening. The power in the cross was too much for Duo to handle right now, and if he used it his life energy would vanish, and they would lose him. But, it was the only choice they had. He sighed and closed his eyes, for the first time he could ever remember he asked for a miracle.

"Please don't die." Duo's eyes suddenly brightened and a smile was placed on his heart-shaped face.

"Don't worry guys. I won't die, you can't kill Shinigami. Now, let's all go back to Earth together O.K." He finished with a short nod, showing his friends that he had no intention of dying that easily. The others nodded, their faith in their prince now restored. Duo prepared to use the cross when a hand grabbed it. He gasped in surprise when he looked into deadly eyes.

Solo smiled down at his Duo, his determination made him even more beautiful. Duo winced when he felt blood on his chest from Solo's blood-stained hands. He then felt sharp nails dig into his chest, his own blood mixing in with Solos'.

"No you don't Duo. This ends here kid." Solo said with a smirk. Duo let out a painful moan when those nails dug deeper. Suddenly, a bright light flashed from his cross, beautiful energy that looked like black ribbons emitted out of Solo's hand that was holding the cross. Solo smiled and pulled Duo closer to him, their lips inches away.

"They will all pay Duo, then we can be together." He placed a small kiss on Duo's lips. Une only smiled at the scene, nothing could stop her evil plans now.

That is until, Duo smiled at them.

Why was he smiling? He should be whimpering, crying, yelling, screaming....but not smiling! Une didn't like this one bit. Suddenly, Duo's hands covered Solo's own hand. Solo's body became tense and Duo only smiled even more, his eyes full of....love?

"What are you afraid of my friend, my love? Why are you so angry with humans, with my friends. You keep saying that Heero and the others have hurt me, but they haven't. They have been there for me from the day we met." Duo said, his eyes watering.

"That's a lie. That...that Japanese BASTARD made you stop loving me. He has changed you, they all have changed you. You...you don't love me anymore...no one does." Solo said sadly, a tear slipping down his cheek. Duo brought a finger up to catch the tear, then kissed it off his finger.

"That is not true Solo. I haven't changed, not at all." Suddenly, a bright white light flashed between the two of them, and the scene changed and Solo gasped when he saw a very familiar colony, and a very familiar looking child with a long braid and a priest's outfit...

//A beautiful orphanage on the L2 kingdom.

Maxwell Church.

The center of all of the peace in the galaxy.

Young Duo sat on the stairs of the church sobbing. Suddenly, someone gently touched his shoulder, making him jump.

Duo looked up to see intense cobalt blue eyes gazing into his violet ones. The boy was his age with messy brown hair and a green tank top with spandex shorts.

"Who are you?" The tiny voice of Duo asked.

"My name is Heero. I was sent here by my guardian to check out this place because in a few years I will be protecting it." Said Heero, sitting next to Duo.

"I see. My name is Duo and I am the prince here."

"Really, you seem pretty young." Heero said with a smirk.

"I'll have you know that Father Maxwell and Sister Helen chose me to be prince out of all the orphans cause they don't got no children of their own." Duo retorted.

"They don't have any children of their own." Heero corrected. Duo blew a raspberry at him.

"So your highness, why were you crying?" Heero asked. Duo sighed, remembering his initial problem.

"A...very good friend of mine is leaving me and...I don't want him to." Duo answered sadly.

"We all have to go sometimes." Heero said with little emotion.

"I KNOW that! I just...wish he knew how much he means to me." Duo said sadly. Heero nodded.

"Why don't you give him something." Heero said.

"That's it! I'll give him a present. How about a toy, or a game, or some marbles, or..." Duo's rant was cut off by a flower. Duo blinked in confusion at the red rose Heero held up.

"A flower?"

"Yeah. It's a good way to show someone that you care." Heero said, handing the flower over to Duo. The young prince smiled and hugged Heero. Heero froze, but soon returned the gentle embrace.

"Thank you Heero. I hope we meet again someday...friend." With that, Duo ran off. Heero watched as the bouncing bundle ran off, a small smile on his face.

"Count on it...my prince.//

And Solo stood in the background in shock as he watched the past unfold.

"So, Heero was the one who gave you the flower to give to me." Solo said in shock, watching the two boys walk away, until the scene where Duo gave him the rose played again. Solo stood, frozen...

...and now he understood.

Solo released his hold on Duo and the cross and gasped at the image before him.

For in the middle of the cross, a small crystal flower sat in the middle.

"You...you do still care for me. You haven't changed at all. They have done you no harm." Solo whispered. Duo smiled, Solo finally understood.

"Don't be fooled Solo." Une cried, but her evil voice did not reach his ears. But Duo's words did...

"I'll always love you Solo-chan." Duo whispered, a small smile on his face. Solo smiled along with him, feeling all of the evil leave him.

"No Solo...NO!!!" Une then vanished, the pendant crumbling into tiny pieces, and then into dust that flew away.

Solo's body began to glow, happiness filling his soul now. The blood red streaks leaving his blond locks. Duo smiled as his friend transformed before his eyes.

Solo was now human. His body was pure once again.

Final episode: The prince is revived and the scouts, including Solo, lend out a helping hand to save the Earth. But, what happens to the beautiful prince...when the power of the cross is too much for him?

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