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Pairings: 1x2 and slight 3x4
Warnings: Be warned, I WAS listening to, "Moon's Revenge," the song from the Sailor Moon R movie. Listening to that song (if you have it) while reading this part is hazardous *smiles*


Gundam Moon R
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Final Episode: Last Resort

Solo stared at his hands in shock as the wind picked up all over the meteor. He still wore the outfit he had on when he fought Heero, only now the vines were gone.

And so was Une.

Which meant he was free.

He smiled at that thought as he let his hands run up and down his arms. Being free made him feel so damn good now. However, he had no time to relish in the feeling as he watched the scene before him.

The wind had picked up even more and Duo was glowing a strange, white light. The black ribbons that emitted from the cross continued to flow around him, but they now glowed with the same white color. And they seemed to be getting longer.

The cross began to glow as well, which frightened both Duo and his friends. The cross was a very powerful jewel that only Duo could use. Father Maxwell had given it to him when he had turned 15, but warned him that the power in it was great and deadly. He said to only use it if he was strong enough and only if there was no other choice.

Duo was nowhere near being strong enough to use it. But then again...

...he didn't have a choice.

Solo stepped back to stand with the other four spectators.

"What...is he doing?" Solo asked. Heero glared at the new comer to the group. Just minutes ago he was trying to kill them all, and he had hurt his Duo in the worse way. And now he was trying to be their friend?

"Why do you want to know? Do you want to steal his power or something?" Heero spat.

"Oh come off it kid. What happened before...that was all Une. I would NEVER hurt Duo like that. In fact, I'm glad that the kid found such a strong one to stand by his side." Heero let a small smile cross his lips at the compliment.

"But I'd be much better for him." Solo added, causing Heero's smile to turn into a frown. But before the two could continue their arguement, a white light shown brightly, almost blinding the boys.

They watched in awe as Duo lifted the cross above his head and stood. He spun around once, the black ribbons wrapping around his body like silk, then they disappeared to form his new outfit.

The Prince of the Lost Colonies was revived.

Duo now wore a black bathing suit type top that had a collar around his neck. The suit had a dark violet line that stretched from his collar to the end of the outfit. He wore a long, light violet scarf around his waist, but it only covered his left leg, leaving the right one bare. Long, black socks that went up to his knees covered his calfs and gray ankle boots appeared on his feet. To top it all off, he wore long, black gloves that started at his elbows (1). His hair was flowing around him, out of its customary braid.

An orange blaze surrounded the meteor as it sped towards Earth. As he stood, Duo could hear the pleas from his friends and his love, and it touched his heart. But, he had to do this. He had to safe the Earth and protect everyone he loved.

"I...I will protect EVERYONE!" He slammed the cross to the front of him, a black light bursting through the orange flames and surrounding them. Duo dropped to his knees, grunting in pain as he felt the cross' power overtake him.

It was too much for him.

"Please...give me the power I need. The power I need to protect everyone." Duo pleaded, his arms and his hands shaking from the immense power.

Heero watched his love in awe and saw that he couldn't do it alone. He took a deep breath and stood up, the wind trying to push him back but he stood nonetheless. He closed his eyes and his outfit changed as well. The band around his head disappeared, and so did the scarf that covered his shoulders. There were now black lightning bolt tattoos coming from his shoulders were the scarf once was. He had on blue pants that had a thin, green scarf around the waist. Silver ankle boots along with silver wrist bands appeared on his body. And to finish his outfit off, there where white bandages wrapped around his arms that started at his elbows and stopped at the palms of his hands (2).

He was now the Prince of the planet Earth, and the Prince of the Colony's protector and love (3).

After watching the new transformation Heero went through, Solo stood up as well.

"Come on, I say we take the kid's example and help Duo." Solo said, beginning to take slow steps towards Duo as the wind intensed.

"He's right, we have to help our friend." Trowa said, helping Quatre stand.

"Yeah, we're all gonna live through this." Wufei said, standing up. Quatre smiled at them all, determination written all over his face.

"Right. Let's do what Duo said. Let's all go back to Earth together."

The scouts walked towards their prince, walking through all the terrible wind and energy. Now, the meteor began to break apart, small rocks hitting Duo's already battered body. He moaned in pain as one caused his arm to bleed, but he would not nor could not drop the cross. He held on tightly, but he was so tired. The power was too much for his beaten form. The meteor would either shatter, killing them all, or run into Earth.

~I can't...do this alone...~

As if hearing his silent prayer, strong arms wrapped around him, holding him and protecting him. Duo gasped when he saw another pair of hands intertwine with his, helping him hold onto the cross. He looked up and began to drown into the cobalt blue pools.

"Hee-chan?" Heero smiled down at him. Duo smiled back and looked ahead at the task at hand. He could feel the other's presence behind him and smiled. His friends were always there when he needed them to be.

Solo, Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa all sat on their knees and joined hands, sending their love and warmth to Duo so he could get the power he needed. They knew that if they lost Duo, then there would be no point for them to go on in life.

Duo was their life.

"Duo." Quatre looked at his friend, his prince, and smiled. He began to remember the joy Duo spread into his heart...

// "Hey Q-Man loosen up. It's not time for work it's time for play!"
"O.K. Let's have some fun then." //

A tear left his eye at the good memories he had of Duo.

"Maxwell." Wufei said with a smile, also remembering the fond memories he had of the crazy American.

// "Damn Wu-Man why do you always have to be such a stick in the mud?"
"For the last time Maxwell, my name is WuFei! W-U-F-E-I!"
"And for the last time my name is Duo Wu-Man. D-U-O." //

Wufei shook his head, surprised to feel tears in his eyes after thinking about the baka.

Trowa let a small smile play across his features while he thought about the braided boy.

// "You know Tro, you play the flute just as well as my friend Q plays his violin."
"Thanks, but aren't you scared of me? There are some pretty wild rumors flying around about me.
"Rumors are rumors for a reason. But, should I be scared of you? If not, then I'll introduce you to my friends." //

He felt his eyes water up as he thought about Duo.

Solo smiled, feeling the power from the boys. They loved Duo as much as he did. He was his best friend, and always would be.

// "You know kid, you are one of my closest friends."
"Oh really? I feel honored. Make way, Solo's closest friend is coming through!"
"Baka..." //

"You still are a baka kid. A beautiful baka that no one can't help but to love." Solo said with a smile.

Heero held onto Duo, standing by his side until the very end. He wouldn't let Duo face the danger alone. He would always be there for him...

...because he was the only one who ever loved him.

// "Have I told you how much I love you today Hee-chan?"
"Hn, you told me about ten times already baka."
"But I'll never get tired of hearing it." //

"Duo, let's finish this together." Heero whispered in Duo's ear. Duo nodded, smiling at his koi.

The meteor broke apart more and more, the rocks flying past the boys at great speed. They drew closer and closer to Earth, but they wouldn't let anything happen to the planet they called home. Duo looked at Heero and smiled, he now had the power he needed to finish it for good.

~Everyone always lends me their power when I need it. That's what friends are for. Now my friends, let's go home together.~

"Sandrock Gundamnium POWER!"

"Nataku Gundamnium POWER!"

"Heavyarms Gundamnium POWER!"

"Wing Gundamnium POWER!"

"Shinigami.... Gundamnium.... POWER!"

The five powers combined (4) into one, the cross glowing a bright white color. Suddenly, there was a bright flash that surrounded the entire meteor.

It was changing course.

But it was still going too fast. Duo groaned as he felt his hands tremble even more around the cross, his hold slipping faster and faster. Suddenly....

...the cross shattered....

Duo let out a silent gasp, his eyes becoming dialated. He could feel his life force leaving him as the tiny pieces of the cross crumbled before everyone's eyes.

And at the same time, the meteor shot past Earth.

The mission was complete....but at a high price....

Duo wasn't breathing.

Back on Earth, the two cats sat on a roof and looked at the sky.

"I hope everything is alright." Deathscythe said with worry.

"Don't worry. That kid of yours is very bright. He will protect everyone." Zero said with a smile. Deathscythe smiled, but something in the back of her mind nagged at her.

Something about Duo.

The rock drifted into the silence of space. However, there was one thing that could be heard. The sound of tears.

The scouts looked on with sad eyes at the prone form of Duo Maxwell. Their friend, their prince, their leader.

The cheerful smile was gone now, and the beautiful cross was broken.

Heero had sat Duo in his lap as the others crowded around him, not fully believing that Duo was gone.

"Maxwell. Maxwell get up." Wufei said as he shook the still body.

"Maxwell, stop playing games. Get UP!" He suddenly slapped Duo as hard as he could, the others gasping at his actions. He looked at them and let out a mournful sigh, tears leaving his dark eyes.

"I'm sorry. It's just that...he wasn't suppose to die. DAMNIT!!! He said he would live!" Wufei said with a sob.

"Wufei's right. So get up Duo. Come on, you did it. It's over and we can go home. We...we can go get some ice-cream...my treat. So wake up Duo..." Quatre said, tears leaving his eyes as well.

Duo still didn't move.

The Arabian let out a sob as Trowa held him, trying his best to comfort him. But that was hard to do when he was busy crying as well.

Heero's tears fell on Duo's cheek as he held him in his arms. It was too much for him to handle.

His Duo.

His love.

His beautiful braided baka. Dead. It couldn't be.

"Heero..." Heero looked up to see Solo standing on the other side of Duo.

"I forgot to say thank you, for helping set me free from that bitch Une. Listen, there may be a way to save Duo."


"Remember. I came here to give Duo a flower in return for his kind gift to me. Here..." In his hand, Solo held a sterling rose (5), the same color as Duo's eyes. It sparkled in front of Heero's eyes.

"This is the flower I wanted to give him. It may be able to bring Duo back to us." Heero nodded in understanding, kissing one of the petals and then Duo's blue lips. He held his koi's hand in his own, deeping the kiss and praying that Solo's idea worked.

Suddenly, just like magic, the cross appeared back around Duo's neck, as if nothing happened. The others gasped as Duo's body began to twitch and his eyes slowly opened. Duo moaned into the sweet kiss, his body slowly coming back to life.

Heero pulled away and smiled as he looked into hazy violet eyes. Duo blinked once, looking all around him and noticing his friends.

"Hee-chan....guys?" They all stayed silent to hear what Duo had to say.

"I told you...that I would protect everyone."

Tears pooled out of Heero's eyes along with everyone else's. Before Duo could react, Wufei reached over and gave him a huge hug. Duo could feel the tears of his friends, and felt tears form in his own eyes as they all held each other.

It was finally over.

And everyone could live in peace again.

(1) This is Sophitia's second outfit from Soul Caliber. I saw it and thought, "DUO!" So I used it.

(2) Hwang's second outfit from Soul Caliber.

(3) Just like Tuxedo Mask. It will be better explained if I ever do the series (which I will one day *smiles*)

(4) *singing* Captain Planet....he's a hero...gonna TAKE polution down to zero! (I couldn't help it)

(5) My favorite flower. It's so pretty. I got some from my sister *huggles Snow* (although it was just a picture with some in it, it was the thought that counted)

That's it. Finished. The end! There will be another one that Snow and I will be working on. I just have so many ideas for an outfit for Duo as Super Sailor Moon *grins*


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