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Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter One

It had been a year since that night Heero and Duo made love. The two were still together and quite happy with each other.

It was now their senior year in high school, and the boys were inseparable. It seemed like nothing could bring them down…

…but someone was about to try and fix that little problem.

It was a Friday afternoon at school and the group was in the lunchroom. Trowa and Quatre sat together as did Heero and Duo.

"Where's Wu-Man?" Asked Duo.

"With Sally of course." Answered Quatre.

"Those two have gotten pretty close haven't they?" It now appeared that everyone in the dreaded Angel gang had someone to call his own. Even Wufei had found someone he felt was worthy enough to stand by his side.

Suddenly, Wufei and Sally appeared at the table.

"Hi guys." Sally sat down with Wufei next to her.

"What's goin on with you two?" Asked Duo.

"Nothin much. Same ol same ol." Duo smiled at her answer and the gang continued to eat their meal. Well, Sally and Duo weren't official members of the gang, but they were respected as if they were part of it.

They dated two of the members, which was enough for people not to mess with them.

The meal was interrupted by a loud noise…which was Duo slurping on his spaghetti.

"Damn Maxwell, don't you have any manners? Aren't you suppose to be the good one?" Asked Wufei.

"I love you too Wu."

"You better not."

"Wow Heero, you actually spoke today. And anyway, you know I love you more than Wu." Heero glared at the boy as the others laughed.

"That's not what you said last night." Said Wufei. Duo blushed. Although he'd been around them for a year, the gang could still get to him with their teasing ways. They had often had long discussions on what they should do together…which sometimes ended up in teasing touches and kisses.

But for the first time everyone was happy with whom they had, and felt that they didn't need to play those games anymore…unless if they wanted to.

"Don't worry Heero, Wufei was with me last night." Said Sally. Duo blushed some more and Heero smirked, wrapping an arm around Duo's shoulder.

"I know, because my koi was with me last night, weren't you." Heero's hand began toying with the braid. Duo nodded shyly.

"Stop teasing him you guys, he's as red as an apple." Said Quatre. They all laughed again and Duo smiled.

"But I liked to be teased, don't I Heero?" Said Duo. Heero smirked and kissed the boy, tasting the Prego sauce on his lips. He deepened the kiss,enjoying the Italian mix of Duo and spaghetti.

"Oh Jesus, get a room." They all laughed at that, it was so easy to tease Wufei.

After school, Quatre and Duo decided to go to the store and get some goodies for the movie they were going to watch with the group that night. Quatre's house was both beautiful and huge, so anything the gang did took place there because of the large living space.

Legend was that the man who started the Angels was the husband of one of Quatre's many sisters. Therefore, the boy was loaded.

"So what movie are we going to see?" Asked Duo.

"Oh I don't know. I don't think I'm going to be paying attention to it that much." Said Quatre with a wink. Duo chuckled.

"You and Trowa have been together for a long time right?"


"Have you…ever been with anyone else?" Asked Duo. Quatre nodded.

"With the little games we play, yeah. But seriously…there was this one guy." Quatre's voice trembled slightly when he said that sentence.

"Really?" Duo couldn't believe it. Quatre was with someone else besides Trowa Barton? The concept sounded impossible.

"Yeah. But he's history. Our relationship started good, but he got involved with these jerks and it…changed him. He use to…" Quatre seemed to stumble on his words as he remembered his old lover.

"Hey, you don't have to talk about it." Said Duo.

"But I want to know what he did." Said a voice.

Quatre gasped and dropped his bag. He turned to be face to face with a boy with dark, blues eyes and brown hair that was wild like Heero's was. He wore a blue jacket that had a Wildcat on it.

Quatre's eyes looked panicked and Duo couldn't figure out why. Whoever the guy was, Quatre was terrified of him.

"You!" Quatre shrieked.

"That's right. Nice to see you again Quatre. Don't tell me you didn't miss me…you're dear Juno. Oh, and remember the old gang, their here too."

"WHAT!" Quatre turned as he saw three more boys come out. They all had Wildcats on their coats.

Duo took one look at his friend's face and knew they were in trouble.

"Hello Quatre, nice to see you again. It's been so long, with Kei being in jail and all."

"This can't be, why are you here!"

"Kei wants to take back what's his, like this city for one." Said Juno as the boys circled Quatre and Duo.

"Kei wants...he's OUT!" Said Quatre in shock.

"Yep, now...let's have some fun." Said Juno as the gang laughed at their new victims.

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