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Additional Warning: Attempted rape in this chapter.

Notes: I would like to thank Stormy for the way cool inspiration for this fic. I wasn't even thinking about a sequel Schoolboy, but she told me it should have one and gave some suggestions. This is what I came up it. Enjoy. This is for you Stormy. Since this is a sequel to Schoolboy, I suggest you read that first to understand. If you don't want to, oh well, do what you want *smiles*

Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Two

One of the guys smiled at Duo, his ugly teeth making the fey boy want to gag. The fowl boy grabbed his arm.

"Aren't you a pretty little thing. When did you get in the gang?" He asked. Duo struggled to get out of is grasp.

"Let him go!" Cried Quatre, but Juno grabbed him, his huge arms wrapping around the smaller boy's waist.

"Ah, let Rick have some fun. I bet Vince and Tonga want to have some fun too." Said Juno, his arms keeping Quatre at bay.

"Tonga? I know that name."

"He went to school with you guys, but he left to join us. He made a wise decision." Said Juno. Tonga smiled and approached Duo.

"Get away from me!" Screamed Duo.

"You should've let me have you when I asked. Now, I gotta take you by force." Said Tonga with an evil grin. Duo had no intention of letting anyone touch him but Heero. He struggled more until...

"Ah...SHIT!" The guy, Rick, who was holding Duo's one arm got punched by Duo's free hand. Juno stood, shocked, and Quatre used this to his advantage to flip the boy over his back. He ran to Duo and took his arm.

"Let's get the hell outta here." Quatre said, his face looking very worried.

He didn't have to tell Duo twice.

"I agree, let's go." And the two ran.

"Get them!" Screamed Juno after getting up. The gang gave chase.

"So...who were...those guys?" Asked Duo while the two ran.

"The...Wildcats. An old...advisory of ours." Said Quatre. Duo looked back to see the said gang chasing them.

"This is...just great." Said Duo.

"Come on...I know a shortcut to my house. They wouldn't...get us there because the others...are there." Said Quatre. The two cut through an alley where a fence was at the end. On the other side of the gate was the path to Quatre's house. Just as the two were about to hop the fence...

Quatre was met with a fierce kick to his stomach, sending him flying to the floor.

"QUATRE!" Duo ran to help his friend who was holding his gut in pain, trying to get up but struggling.

"Now you wouldn't be running away from us would you? The fun has just begun." Said a voice in the shadows. Duo was pulling Quatre up to his feet, but turned when he heard the voice.

"Who's there?"

"Ah, you must be new to the gang. Never seen such a fine lookin piece of ass." The voice was closer this time. Quatre looked behind him to see the rest of the gang behind them, blocking that exit. They were trapped, because if the voice was who he thought it was, there'd be no way in hell they'd get past him.


"Who's that?"

"The leader of the Wildcats. We don't stand a chance."

"That's right. So just give up. Besides, I don't want to break my new toy before I've had a chance to play with it." Said Kei, now stepping into the little light the alley had.

"I'm not your toy. I belong to Heero only so don't get any ideas."

"The guy has spirit." Said Juno.

"Heero..." Kei growled at that name. The only reason why he wasn't running the city now.

"That's right."

"Fuck a Heero. You're going to be my plaything whether you like it or not. BOYS! Bring him to me." Said Kei.

"Yes boss." All four boys were walking towards the two other boys. One reached out to grab Duo, but Quatre socked him in his face.

"Calm down Quatre, it's not you I want." Said Kei. Juno grabbed Quatre.

"Right, but I wouldn't mind having you."

"I'm not yours anymore and never will be."

"No, you've always been mine." Duo could see the fear in the boy's eyes when he looked at him. It was a new look for the sea-green orbs.

This had to be the guy Quatre was telling him about. The two must've had a pretty bad relationship if Quatre was too afraid to fight against him.

But, he had no time to think of that.

He had to get out of these guy's grip before...

"Hello, my name's Kei what's yours?" Asked Kei. Duo was standing face to face with the guy while three other goons held him.

"Not gonna talk beautiful. Fine, we don't have to. You three let him go, I'll handle this." Said Kei.

"You sure? He did punch Rick pretty hard." Said Vince. There was a mumbled "shut-up" from Rick.

"Go and make sure no one comes through here." Said Kei. The three dropped him and began to walk away. Tonga turned back around to face Duo and Kei.

"Care to share the wealth?" He asked his leader, his hand coming out to touch Duo's cheek. Duo glared at him, turning his face away from the repulsive touch.

Kei seemed to be thinking the same way about Tonga's hand touching Duo, because he drew his hand back to smack the boy hard. Tonga winced in pain as a trickle of blood left his lip.

"How DARE you ask to touch my things. You must earn the right."

"But you usually share."

"This is different. Now...GO!" Tonga left, his hand holding his mouth in pain. Duo tried to back away when Kei reached out to grab him. Duo punched him in the face, but nothing happened.

"No…he's as strong as Heero." Duo knew how strong Heero was. Not by personal experiences, but he had seen it before when people decided that having long hair was an open invitation to fuck.

"No my sweet, stronger now." He tightened his grip and Duo cringed at the strength he had. He felt like his arms were going to break.

"That's what prison can do to a guy." He whispered. Then, Duo felt cold, hard lips press against his.

Quatre watched as he tried to get out of Juno's grip to help his friend. It was no use, he always felt so weak around his ex-lover. Juno's one arm was around his neck while the other was around his waist.

"No need to worry, he's in good hands. As for you..." Juno pushed him on the ground. Quatre turned on his back, trying to scoot away.

"You thought I'd let you leave me. HUH! You're mine, always remember. Those scars should be the ultimate proof."

Juno would beat him. He never had a reason but he would do it. It was like seeing Quatre in pain turned him on. It didn't start out that way, but when he joined the Wildcats and became close to Kei everything changed.

The scars on his body eventually healed, but there were still traces of them. And the other scars...the emotional ones never really healed.

"Get away from me. I'm NOT yours. Trowa and I..." Juno pounced on him, pinning his arms behind his head and sitting on his legs to make the boy immobile. Juno slapped him, the sound echoed through the alley.

"Trowa shit! Trowa means NOTHING to us. He's a trader!" Trowa and Juno were good friends once upon a time. But when Quatre came to him about the beatings, their bond grew from friendly to romantic. Trowa showed him that love didn't have to hurt. This was the main reason Juno hated him, but the other was that Trowa was part of the Wildcats but left...and took what Juno claimed as his with him. When Kei broke out of prison and wanted revenge, Juno was too happy to help.

"Now, I shall continue where I left off." He said as he ripped open the boy's shirt.

Duo screamed as he felt nails dig in his ass and teeth on his neck. It drew blood, and he felt a wet tongue lick it up.

"You taste delicious. I want more." He pushed the boy against the wall, pinning his arms against the brick surface.

Duo suddenly kicked him in between his legs. Kei gasped and grabbed himself in pain.

"Stupid BITCH!" Duo ran, but Kei grabbed his braid and used it to slam him into the gate. He turned him around so his back was facing him and pinned his arms behind his back.

"Stupid move." Kei whispered, biting his neck again as one hand went to his front and squeezed his manhood. Duo shut his eyes and whimpered.

"Lovely, your cries are just lovely." He un-did the pants buckle and zipped down the zipper, causing the loose pant to fall to the floor.

"Black is a lovely color on you." He said, his hand slithering inside the black boxers.

"Stop it!" Screamed Duo.

"Never, you're mine Duo Maxwell."


"I have my connections. I know Heero was your first too. Tonga showed me a picture of you. After that, I had to have you. You were sort of my motivation to break out, that, and to beat the shit out of your lover and claim you."

"You're sick."

"And you're mine. You're the perfect thing to get my revenge on Heero." Just as he was about to pull down the boxers...

"Boss! Trouble...cops!"

"Shit." Kei let go of Duo and Juno got off of Quatre just as he was about to penetrate the boy's unwilling body.

"See you again." Said Kei, blowing a kiss to Duo as the gang took off.

Duo's trembling form pulled up his pants and went to Quatre's side, who had already pulled on his clothes. He had his knees drawn to his chest and was crying. Duo knelt beside him.

"You O.K." It was a stupid question, but Duo had to break the silence.

"Yeah. Let's go O.K. We gotta tell the others." Quatre stood up, Duo looking into the sad eyes with a look of understanding. He wiped away his friend's tears, causing a small smile to light up on the tear streaked face.

Before they left the alley, two police offers approached them.

"You guys O.K.?" They asked. Duo gasped at the voices. They sounded too familiar.

"It can't be..."

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