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Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Three

"That's good, we got here just in time." Said one cop, stepping into the light. He had light brown colored hair and elegant eyebrows, a form Duo recognized immediately.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Duo.

"Saving you obviously." Said the other man. He had long, platinum blond hair and a soothing voice.

"Aren't those you're guardians?" Asked Quatre. It was true. Standing before them were the two men Duo called father. But when did they start working for the police?

"Treize, Zechs, how...why..."

"You're questions will be answered Duo. We are now undercover agents for the police. After reading up on this Kei kid, we got concerned about you." Said Treize.

"About me? Why?"

"Because Kei hates Heero. We don't want you getting mixed in with that." Said Zechs, glaring at Quatre.

"Duo can take care of himself. Heero wouldn't let anything happen to him." Said Quatre, immediately defending his leader.

"What makes you so sure? If that's true then where is he now?" Asked Treize.

"Unlike YOU, Heero doesn't follow Duo around like that. He's at my house, waiting for us to return. And believe me, when he hears about this he'll do something."

"Whatever your gang does for revenge, leave Duo out of it." Said Zechs. He didn't want Duo to get involved in any way.

He should've know not to trust Heero.

"Whatever, I'm leaving. You coming Duo?" Duo stood, looking at the blond and then at the two men he called parents.

"I think it's best for Duo to stay at home for a while."


"No buts Duo." Treize said, daring Duo to argue with him.

Duo glared at the man. He understood his concern, but he trusted Heero. Why couldn't they? He truly felt they understood their relationship.

"Fine. See you later Duo." Quatre walked away, Duo watching the retreating form. Treize and Zechs could see the sadness in his eyes.

"Duo we..."

"...are looking out for you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going home to study. I am just a poor little schoolboy after all."

"You almost got raped because of Heero." Zechs said, trying to get Duo to understand where he was coming from.

That just set his son off even more.

"DON'T PUT THIS ON HIM! It wasn't his fault that Kei is a sadistic bastard. It's NOT Heero's fault at all. He would never let anyone hurt me, just like you two." Duo walked past them and headed home.

"Do you think what we did is right?" Asked Treize.

"I know Heero loves him and all but Duo is an easy target to Heero. We...gotta keep them apart to keep him safe." Said Zechs.

"And what if something happens to Heero?"

The question was answered with empty air.

Duo laid in bed late that night recalling the day's events. He really did understand where the two were coming from. But...

"I don't want to be separated from him. I love him." He sighed in his pillow, flipping onto his back and looking at the ceiling.

"If only I could see him. I know it's only been a day but...I want to be the one to tell him about this. About our...unfortunate separation that I don't want."

"I know you don't want it." Said a voice.

"Then why are they doing this. You'd never let me down Heero...HEE...mmph." The figure covered Duo's mouth.

"Baka, the point of me sneaking up here was NOT to get caught." Whispered Heero. He removed the hand.

"Sorry." Heero sat next to him on the bed.

"Why are you here?" Asked Duo.

"It's apparent that I cannot see you until this thing blows over. I wanted to see you one last time then." Said Heero. He wrapped his arms around his love.

"I'm sorry Heero. I wish it didn't have to be this way."

"Shh. It's not forever, it's just until I can get rid of Kei. Now, let me taste you, feel you, once more." Duo shivered at the lust in his lover's voice.

"But Treize, Zechs..."

"Then you'll just have to be quiet then. Or at least...try to."

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