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Additional Note: //flashback// This is an important part too…so if you don't like lemons…at least read this part (it's not lemony I promise).

Notes: I would like to thank Stormy for the way cool inspiration for this fic. I wasn't even thinking about a sequel Schoolboy, but she told me it should have one and gave some suggestions. This is what I came up it. Enjoy. This is for you Stormy. Since this is a sequel to Schoolboy, I suggest you read that first to understand. If you don't want to, oh well, do what you want *smiles*

~Heero's thoughts~
::Duo's thoughts::

Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Four

Duo melted into those lips he loved so much. The lips he wouldn't be able to taste because of overprotective parents and a psycho boy who had a grudge against his lover. Heero gently laid the boy he loved onto the bed.

This would be their last time in a long time, he knew it. He knew it was coming too, once he heard that Kei was back. A part of him sympathized with Duo's parents. They only wish to protect him. Maybe this is best until it's over.

~I don't want him to get hurt. But, this separation thing is getting to me. I...I don't want to lose him.~

Duo could see the conflict in his love's eyes. He gave him a small smile.

"It's O.K. It's not forever like you said."

"I know, but...he is much stronger now."

"Heero, why don't you let the police handle it?"

"HA! They couldn't do it before."

"But...Treize and Zechs wouldn't let anything bad happen." Heero shook his head.

"To you they wouldn't. I don't think they give a damn about me."

"But...what if something happens during the fight, cause I know there's gonna be one, and you get hurt or..."

"Shh! Don't think about that right now. Now, it's just us O.K. As long as you are safe."

"But what about you?" Heero silenced him with a kiss. He poured all his emotion, all his heart and soul into the kiss trying to tell his love not to worry, and to just sit and wait while he took care of everything. Duo moaned into the kiss, lifting his arms to wrap around his love's neck. So, this was it? This was their last night together. He felt a tear leave his eye at the thought. Heero kissed it away.

"Not forever O.K.?" He whispered. Duo nodded, kissing Heero's lips again.

"Hai, not forever." Heero nodded with this, trailing kisses along his lovers throat causing various happy sounds to leave that oh so tempting mouth. For this, Heero would fight a thousand Wildcats, one hundred Kei's. For this, he would do anything.

His hand wandered into Duo's nightshirt, his fingers waking his nipples up into hard pebbles. Duo moaned at the contact, making Heero smirk.

"I thought you were worried about making noise." He unbuttoned the flannel shirt, each button he kissed a new portion of skin. Duo was a live wire of pleasure, ready to go off at any moment. The shirt now opened, Heero's lips went to work on the tan body. Gentle kisses went from one area to the next, claiming the lithe form under him.

"Mine." He growled as his lips found a nipple and began to gently bite it. Just the thought of that bastard's hands on HIS Duo made him angry. He unconsciously used his other hand to pinch the neglected nipple, a little too hard as Duo let out a little whine.

"Jesus Heero." He moaned, his hands gripping the sheets like a lifeline.

"We must keep quiet remember." Heero said, his free hand going inside the pajama bottoms, feeling the silky black boxers. He could tell which pair they were by the way they felt against his palm.

Him and Duo went at it a lot!

"I always loved black on you." Duo froze at Heero's words. Kei had said the same thing that day. Heero felt the change in his lover.

"What's wrong?"

"No…Nothing Hee-chan." His body began to tremble unconsciously.

Had the boy scared him that much?

He couldn't get the scenes out of his head, he felt so helpless.

"I'm sorry Heero, I didn't want him to touch me." Heero gasped at what was said as Duo threw himself into Heero's arms.

"You think I blame you for what happened? It was all him, it had nothing to do with you." Duo nodded at his love, then he remembered something.

"How's Quatre doing?" He remembered the feared look in those beautiful orbs. It was such a shock to Duo. Quatre was so happy and alive, but that day he was a wreck when that boy came around. That was the first time he saw the ocean shed tears.

"He's fine, Trowa's there for him ya know. I feel bad for him, Juno did some bad shit to him in the past."

"So I see. He was so...afraid. He looked so helpless Hee-chan. What happened between those two, and why does Juno hate Trowa so much?" Heero sighed.

"Well, Trowa used to be part of the Wildcats and Juno's best friend. He met Quatre and they became close. Juno would hit Quatre, I never knew why either, and neither does Quatre to this day. Trowa found out and was sort of the support Quatre needed. Well, support turned into friendship and then into love. Trowa told me that Juno actually caught them making love the first time they did it together."


"Yeah, and after that Juno told Kei and a whole bunch of shit went down. So Trowa left..."

//Quatre watched as Trowa walked down the street as the sun set. He could hear Kei's cold voice yelling at him.

"You have betrayed us by sleeping with a fellow member's mate. You are to walk away from us and never return. Be forewarned, if we ever see you again it will be your last day." Quatre flinched at those words, he didn't want Trowa to get hurt. It was all his fault, he shouldn't have come to Trowa. He shouldn't have let it go so far. But his touch was so soothing, his voice so calming to his soul. Juno stepped up, holding Quatre by his waist.

"You bastard, how dare you touch something that is mine! Take one last look, because he will ALWAYS be mine!" Trowa turned around at that, looking into those eyes he loved so much. The words, "Ai shiteru," were carried in the wind as Trowa left. Quatre couldn't bare it, he needed Trowa in his life…for all time.

"Trowa…Trowa WAIT!" He somehow found the strength he needed that day to break away from Juno. He wasn't a member of the gang so had no ties to them whatsoever. The only thing holding him was Juno, and he found the way to break away with Trowa. Juno gasped as he saw a blur of blond energy break away from him and run towards his enemy.

"Quatre, what the HELL are you doing? Get back here NOW!" Juno gave chase and Quatre kept running, tears streaming his eyes at the thought of being separated from Trowa. Trowa saw this and ran towards him, also noticing that Juno was chasing Quatre and gaining speed. Trowa stopped, flipped over Quatre, and punched Juno square in the nose. The boy fell into a bloody heap. Trowa turned and grabbed Quatre.

"He stays with me, if anyone of you touch him your dead. He has no ties to the Wildcats so it's his choice." Juno glared at Quatre as the boy snuggled into Trowa more. The two walked away, not needing any words.

"You'll regret this Trowa Barton, Quatre is mine."//

"So Trowa came to me and I let him join. Besides, that was the year when one of Quatre's sisters married our head organizer."

"Wow, I had no idea."

"Well now you do, anymore gang trivia you wanna know, I was in the middle of something." Said Heero.

"Uh...why does Wufei act like he has a stick up his..."

"...SOME things are just unexplainable." Duo laughed at that.

"Yeah, like us."


"Yeah, I'm good and innocent and you're all tough and stuff. But, you're gentle too, at least towards me." Heero responded by pulling down Duo's pants and tossing them on the floor, then proceeded to kiss his way back up to the boxers, making Duo squirm under the heated kisses.

He was panting now, Heero always made him feel like that.

So loved…

…and so cherished.

He sat up to pull his shirt off, but Heero stopped him.

"Leave it on, open like that. It's kind of sexy like that." Duo blushed, but complied as Heero let his hair down, running it through his fingers. He laid his love back down on the bed, kissing his way towards the boxers again. He then slid them down with his teeth, making Duo shiver with excitement. Heero licked his lips at the sight before him, making Duo shiver even more.

~This is the last time I'll see him like this for a long time.~ Heero frowned at that thought. He should've finished Kei when he had the chance, but he let the police take him instead. Now he was back, and now he'd have to let Duo go.

Duo saw his lover in thought and sighed, giving him a smile.

"Not forever Hee-chan." Heero broke out of his trance and smiled at his lover.

"Hai, not forever, but I still can't bear the thought of not being with you."

"We have tonight." Duo's hand caressed Heero's cheek, working its way to the shirt and pulling it over his head. That same hand traced patterns on the boy's chest, teasing a nipple. Heero gasped at that.

"I thought you were good and innocent."

"I am, what's one little touch?" Heero smirked and demonstrated by tracing a finger down the boy's body, tracing it up his aching arousal and back down again. Duo's moans were getting louder with each touch.

"That's a touch." Heero said, doing in again, only with two fingers, then three, then four, then his hand just grasped it, holding it for a minute. Duo's head was thrashing from side to side now. Heero bent his head down and opened his mouth as if to take it, but just breathed on it making it harder.

"God Heero, please..."

"Please what?" He continued to breathe on it.

"You...you bastard. Stop torturing me!"

"You're shouting my love, what would Treize and Zechs..."

"Fuck them! I need you!"

"No, I'll do that to you not them." With that, he took a swipe at Duo's arousal, just barely touching the tip. Duo was going to explode, he was going to die, he was going to...

"AH!" Thank Heero for finally taking pity on him. His hips bucked into that warm mouth as Heero's oh so talented mouth tasted him. Heero's hands were everywhere all at once, it was mind blowing.

"Jesus...ah Heero...I love you." Heero only went faster, his teeth lightly scrapping the hard flesh. Duo gripped the headboard of his bed, threatening to break it from the pleasure he was receiving from his love. He felt tears leave his eyes, knowing that this was the last time this was going to happen to him in a long time.

"I...I love only you...my Heero. Oh GODS!" He released himself in Heero's mouth and Heero gulped down the sweet essence. He gathered the boy in his arms and stroked his damp face.

"Please don't cry, I love you too."

"I...I know. I'll miss you."

"Then let's make this a night we'll never forget." He laid Duo down again, turning him over to lie on his stomach.

"What...what are you doing?"

"Preparing you of course, unless you like pain now."

"You could never hurt me, it's just, you never do it like this." Heero sat on his back, his hands massaging his love's shoulders.

"I know, just trust me O.K."

"But...but I want to look at you when we..."

"...didn't I say to trust me? Now relax." Duo nodded as he felt the light massage on his shoulders, his back, oh his lower back.

"Mmm Hee-chan, this is nice." Heero smiled at the sounds his lover was making. Grabbing some massage oil he had in his pocket (how'd that get there ^_^*), he worked some on his hands and began to massage his lover's back.

"Oh that's nice, it smells like strawberries."

"Hn, it tastes like strawberries too."

"What? What do you...AH!" He jumped when he felt Heero kiss and lick away the oil. He began to squirm under the hot kisses as Heero went lower and lower. He purred when he felt that tongue lick up the oil down by his ass, then inside it.


"Mmm, it tastes wonderful on you." Duo felt his lover's tongue find the pink ring inside, invading it. He felt tears sting his eyes from the intense pleasure.

This surprisingly was a first for them, to do it this way, and since Treize and Zechs were still there it made it more...exciting. Duo was gripping the pillow, trying to muffle out his cries with it. He felt himself harden once again, begging Heero to take him.

"It's hard to hear with that pillow in your face." Laughed Heero, giving the round flesh a spank, telling him to turn over. Duo did so and Heero had to stop himself from coming right then. Legs spread, hair wild and sweaty, breath ragged and eyes full of passion, Duo Maxwell was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. Knowing that this was their last moment of happiness before all the bad shit went down, Heero took quick advantage of it.

Lifting the long, gracious legs, he tore off his pants and boxers and slowly entered his paradise.

"I love you." Heero whispered. Duo moaned as he felt that beautiful heat enter him. He reached up to grasp Heero's shoulders, bracing himself as Heero entered him completely.

"And I you, my love...ah...gods I love you so much...ah!" Duo gasped as Heero began to move inside him, getting closer and closer to that ultimate paradise with each thrust.

"AH HEERO! OH YES!" He eventually found it, hitting that spot over and over, faster and faster. With each thrust, he told his koi how much he loved him. Duo only moaned louder in response, not being able to find words as he felt more and more passion. Soon, he threw his head back as Heero reached down to grasp his neglected arousal. That brought him over the edge.

"HEERO!" He came violently all over the two of them. Heero soon followed.

"DUO!" And came inside that wonderful heat only he would know about. Heero collapsed on top of Duo, pulling out and laying on top of him. Duo kissed his forehead and rubbed his back.

"Love you." He said before going to sleep.

"Ai shiteru." And soon Heero was gone.

The morning sun woke up Heero, it's rays hitting his face. He looked down to see that Duo was now lying next to him, cuddling against him. He let a smile slip on his usually stoic face. He kissed his forehead and got up to get dressed. He knew he had to leave before Treize or Zechs found him there, if they didn't already hear them last night. He took one last look at Duo, his love now and forever.

"Ai shiteru my precious Duo-chan." He gently kissed his lips, hoping not to wake the fey boy. If he had to look at those eyes before he left he would jump him again and again and just say screw what Treize and Zechs said. He quickly climbed out the window and left.

Duo felt Heero leaving, but he couldn't find the strength to wake up.

::Oh Heero, I love you. Be safe.:: He knew the boy would go and confront Kei, but he knew that Kei was strong, real strong. There was going to be trouble, and he could feel it.

::I wish, I wish I could help. Oh Heero, please come back to me.::

Treize held Zechs as the man looked at the door to Duo's room.

"I can't get mad at him, he only wanted one more night with him." The two couldn't help but hear the two of them the previous night, the strong declarations of love echoing throughout the house.

"Are you sure this is the only way?" Asked Zechs.

"Yes. We can't let Duo get hurt, and sadly, he is the best link to Duo." Zechs nodded.

"And it won't be over until one side falls, whether Kei...or Heero."

Author's Notes: I was thinking about doing a prequel, showing how Quatre and Trowa got together, how the Angels were formed, and the whole fight thing they went through when Kei went to jail. But if I did...there would be no 1x2 in it because Heero didn't know Duo until Schoolboy, and the preqeul would be before that. It'd be a 3x4 fic...so I don't know....

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