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Notes: I would like to thank Stormy for the way cool inspiration for this fic. I wasn't even thinking about a sequel Schoolboy, but she told me it should have one and gave some suggestions. This is what I came up it. Enjoy. This is for you Stormy. Since this is a sequel to Schoolboy, I suggest you read that first to understand. If you don't want to, oh well, do what you want *smiles*

::Duo's thoughts::
<Wufei's thoughts>

Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Six

"So that's where we'll be at tonight?" Asked Tonga while he rang up a customer.

"Yeah, just to relax and have some fun, until I break Heero's fucking skull." Said Kei. The old woman being rung up gasped at the language.

"I never." She said as she grabbed her bag.

"Buzz off ol' timer, this doesn't concern you." She glared at the boy and marched out the store, running into a braided figure.

"Oh, I'm sorry ma'am." She smiled when the boy picked up the bag that she dropped.

"That's O.K. young man. It's nice to see that not all of today's youth is as rude as that boy in there."

"Thank you ma'am." Duo blushed.

"My aren't you cute. They don't make em like you anymore. Have a good day sonny."

"You too." Duo walked in the store, intending to talk to Tonga only to find a new face, one that made him freeze up.

"It's him."

Tonga snickered at what his leader had said to the old woman, then turned to see who was helping her.

"Well, it's a small world after all." Kei turned and saw the boy of his dreams walk into the store.

"Well, it certainly is isn't it." He saw the boy freeze up when he saw him. He slowly approached him as Duo began to back up out of the store.

::I didn't want to talk to him, this isn't good.::

Then, another part of Duo's brain went to work.

::What better person to get the information from then the source.::

Duo gathered his courage as Kei approached him.

"Hey gorgeous, glad to see you again." He wrapped an arm around the boy's waist. Duo squirmed out of his grasp.

"I'm sure you are."

"Hey, don't be like that beautiful, I just wanna be friends."

"Oh really, so what was with what happened yesterday?"

"Hey, I can't just turn down a nice piece of ass like that can I?" He asked, his hand lightly brushing the said area.

"You're rather bold to be doing this in public aren't you?" Asked Duo.

"Hell with society, I'll be running this place pretty soon anyway."

"Why? Why do you want this place so badly?" Asked Duo.

"Because, what else am I gonna do. Besides, I have to piss Yuy off somehow."

So was all of this revenge, nothing more?

"Plus, it would be good to expand my empire. Me in the big chair and your cute ass in my lap..." He trailed off as he held the boy, pulling him into his body.

"There are plenty of other ways to get under Heero's skin."

"Oh really, like what?" Asked Kei.

"This." Kei almost had a heart attack when he felt the boy press his lips on his.

Wufei and Sally decided to see what was taking so long when they heard a low moan exit from the store. Thinking Duo was hurt, the two rushed to the scene, only to get the biggest shock of their lives.

"He...and him...they're..."

"What the HELL does Maxwell think he's doing?" Asked Wufei. He was about to charge at the two when Sally stopped him.

"Wait a minute Wu-chan, let Duo do his thing. I think he's up to something." Wufei growled, not only at the pet name, but also on what was happening. He sighed and stayed hidden.

Warm lips met his as Kei ground into the sleek body and his arms wrapped around the slim hips. His hands went to work, stroking the ass on the shorter boy as he quickly took over the kiss. Duo soon broke away, panting from the passion in the kiss.

::Nothing like Heero, but...::


"I think I like this way of getting to Yuy more." He went for another kiss when Duo stopped him with a finger.

"Not here, you got a place we could go..." Kei nearly dragged him out of the store. Duo sighed and stopped him again. Kei was a VERY horny guy.


"Why tonight?"

"Because, nothing could stop us then, and I just love the night." Kei smirked, giving the boy a quick kiss again.

"Tonight, meet me at the Fireside club. Around...um...8-ish. Come looking hot, well, you always do. And we will discuss things."

"What about this whole thing with Heero, could we resolve it?" Kei licked his lips as he gave the boy one last kiss.

"Maybe." Then he left.

Duo walked out of the store, wiping his mouth with the end of his sleeve. If he could end their feud, then he could see Heero again. As far as the city take over thing, he could leave that to Treize and Zechs.

"Maxwell!" Duo turned when he saw Wufei and Sally head over towards him.

"Did you find out?"


"And how did you do this?" Asked Wufei.


"We know, we saw..."

"How COULD you!" Duo sighed.

"For Heero, I knew he'd tell me that way. I'm sorry."

"No worries Duo, we know you had good intentions." Said Sally.

"So you heard where it was then."

"Yep, we'll be there."

"And Heero?"

"We don't know the entire plan yet. You just stay at home." Said Wufei.

"But...I wanna help."

"No Duo, you should stay." Said Sally.

"But...why do YOU get to go?" Asked Duo.

"She can handle it, she's use to gang life and you know that." Duo sighed and nodded. It was true. Sally had grown up in gang life.

"You know I was with Rick before I came here, but I left him because he turned out to be a real ass. I even remember seeing Quatre around. I know how they work, or at least, how they use to work. I don't ever remember Kei being so ruthless."

"I'm sorry for yelling Sally, I just feel so helpless." Sally nodded.

"It's understandable. No worries, everything will be fine."

"Right, we better get going."

"Oh no Mr. Chang, we haven't even begun to shop." Wufei cringed as the two left Duo with a wave. Duo smiled and went his own separate way.

"The Fireside, nice club." Said Heero over the phone. Wufei and Sally were still at the mall, but Wufei insisted on telling Heero now.

"Yeah, around 8."

"How'd you find out?"

<Your boyfriend was making out with him genius > "I overheard him talking to someone in the store." <Not a lie, just not the total truth.>

"Hn. I want you two to go to the club and watch him. Quatre and Trowa will be on watch close by, near the area. We don't want to look too suspicious. I'll be watching Duo at home just in case Kei wants to pull something with him. If something goes down, call me."

"Right, talk to ya later."

"Oh, and could you bring me one of those pretzels from Auntie Annie's?" Heero asked.

"WHAT!" Sally snickered, she could hear the conversation because the phone was so loud.

"Sure Heero, and some lemonade." She said kindly.

"Arigato." The line was disconnected. Wufei growled as the two walked away.

Duo sat in his bed restless, touching the sheets, remembering what had happened the previous night.

"Heero, I can't live like this." He knew if Kei didn't see him there, but Wufei, he'd know it was a set up. He sighed as he looked at the sun set. He then made a decision. He rushed out of his room to go talk to Treize and Zechs.

"Sure you can go, tell Hilde I said hi." Said Zechs. Duo nodded as he left.

To lie was something he rarely did, but he had to this time. He sighed as he left the house.

He sped up as he held on tight to his book bag.

They wouldn't know. They wouldn't know they were short one gun and that their beloved schoolboy wasn't as innocent as they thought.

They wouldn't know that he lied, and they wouldn't know that he was about to take down a major crime boss...or at least...

...try to.

Authors Note: Auntie Annie's is the BEST pretzel place ever made. It's in all the malls I've been in, and that's a lot. Well…there isn't one in the mall by my school…

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