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// flashback //

Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Seven

Duo sighed as he walked down the street. He really didn't lie too much. He did go to Hilde's house after all...only to ask if she knew any guys that he could get some nice clothes from. Of course, the conversation was more than that...

//"Nice clothes, for what?"//

"I'm going somewhere."

"Ohhh, you and Heero getting romantic?" Duo's face fell.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just...a whole bunch of stuff went down. Listen...if I tell you this you CAN'T tell Treize and Zechs, O.K.?"

"O.K. What's up."

"O.K. You uh...ever heard of a gang called the Wildcats?"

Hilde sat shocked at the story she just heard.

"So...you and Heero..."

"Yep, but that's gonna end tonight." Hilde had already mentioned where to go for the clothes, so Duo stood to leave. Hilde shot up.

"Duo, no Duo that's stupid. What if you get hurt?"

"He's gonna try and get me anyway! I...I gotta try something."

"You're...really set on this. Well I know I can't stop you. Just, be careful."

"I will, and please don't tell Treize and Zechs." Hilde sighed and nodded, she could never break a promise to her friend. He smiled and left. Hilde stared at the door for a few minutes, then went to her kitchen to get a phone book. This was bad, really bad. He had said not to tell Treize and Zechs, he didn't say anything about one of the others...//

Duo stared at the apartment complex in front of him. Apparently the boy lived alone and Hilde knew him through Kenji. [1]

He looked at the buzzers and found his name, Reiko. Hm, no last name. He shrugged and pushed the buzzer.

"Who's there?" Asked a harsh voice.

"Uh, Duo Maxwell, Hilde's friend." He heard a loud buzz and opened the door to get in. He stepped in and had to hold in a gasp.

To say it was sleazy was an understatement. There were beer bottles and roaches crawling around everywhere, not to mention your average pothead on the stairs. He even saw a few couples who looked his age, and younger, making out.

"He sweetie, wanna have a good time." He rolled his eyes at the young prostitute, no older than he was.

He finally found the apartment he was looking for, after turning down two more men and three girls.

"How does Kenji know this guy?" He wondered as he knocked on the door.

The door opened and Duo was staring right in grayish eyes. The boy had long, gray hair and wore no shirt but a tight pair of leather pants. He held a riding crop in his hands and a predatory grin which grew when he laid eyes on Duo.

"I must, have the wrong house."

"No, you're Duo Maxwell right?"

"Uh...yeah." He was then lead into the house. He couldn't help but stare at the apartment, his steps becoming more and more hesitant.

What had he gotten himself into?

Various sex toys where stored on the shelves and tables, and the chains attached to the wall he didn't even want to know about. Tubes of lubricant were on what appeared to be a coffee table, along with scented oils and other items that Duo didn't even think the Angels touched.

"Make yourself comfortable gorgeous." Duo sat in a chair that instantly reclined. He gasped when the boy began to crawl on top of him.

"So, you need an outfit to go clubbin in huh?" He asked. Duo nodded.

"Let's see what Reiko can find for ya." He whispered in his ear.

"How...how do you know Kenji?"

"Oh Kenji, we've been friends since grade school. Yep, still can't convince him or Hilde to join with me...but you'd bring in a lot of customers. With your hair and those eyes...and what a nice little body you have. I bet you got a tight..."

"Can we get on with this?" Asked Duo, a little uncomfortable in the situation.

"Sure sweetie, whatever you want. Let's take a look at ya." Reiko pulled Duo up and began to walk around him. Duo blushed as he felt fingers ghost across body parts that he only allowed one person to touch...and sometimes certain Angel friends...

"Hey, you need a clubbin buddy?"

"Huh, uh not really."

"Come on, it would look better with two." Duo thought about it for a minute. Maybe he was right; he wouldn't feel comfortable going in alone.

"Sure, but I gotta meet someone at 8."

"Hey 8 it is suga! Now, let's get you ready."

Duo stared at the boy in the mirror. He turned, then turned again...and again.

"Is...is this me?"

"Sure is doll face, you look good enough to eat. Hell, think I will." He said, licking Duo's ear. Duo sighed and stepped away from him.

Reiko watched the boy's every move. He was great eye candy, especially now. He wore a pair of black flared out pants that hugged his hips gracefully. There was a split on each pant leg that rode up all the way to the edge of Duo's ass. His shirt was black silk and only buttoned with three buttons, the rest of his flat yet muscular stomach was exposed. He had violet glitter around his bellybutton to match his eyes and black, leather boots. His eyes were outlined with the same glitter and he had a touch of lip-gloss to make his cherry lips glow.

Reiko had on the same leather pants from earlier only this time with a matching crop top. His long, gray hair was down, covering his youthful body. He thought about taking the boy's hair down, but went against it. Maybe at the club he'd take it down to see it cascade down that sensual body.

"Ready to go, it's almost 8." Duo nodded and grabbed his bag.

"Oh no, no, no. The bag stays, you can't bring you're homework to the club." Duo sighed and threw the bag to the side, but took out the item he took from Treize and stuffed it in the back of his pants, hiding it.

"Let's go." Reiko nodded as the two headed to the Fireside.

[1] remember, her boyfriend from the last story

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