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Notes: I would like to thank Stormy for the way cool inspiration for this fic. I wasn't even thinking about a sequel Schoolboy, but she told me it should have one and gave some suggestions. This is what I came up it. Enjoy. This is for you Stormy. Since this is a sequel to Schoolboy, I suggest you read that first to understand. If you don't want to, oh well, do what you want *smiles*

Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Eight

Wufei and Sally danced together, getting swept up in the crowd. Their bodies grinded against each other, Wufei's sinful hands gliding all over her body. She threw her head back, gasping in passion.

She could have sworn they were supposed to be dancing, not fucking.

And somehow, their sex fogged minds also kept an eye on Kei, whom was sipping on a drink at the bar. Wufei had an earpiece in his ear, being able to communicate with Heero and the others. Heero also had a cell phone just in case the piece was lost for some reason.

Outside in a never-ending line, Quatre and Trowa stood consumed with each other and watching who came in. They didn't really want to go in, so they stayed towards the back. But the music bummed so loud on the inside that it floated to the outside, letting the boys still dance to the beat.

"It's just Kei and Tonga in here so far, over." Quatre said, holding back a moan when he felt a familiar hardness rub across his ass.

"When they all are there tell me." Heero responded.

"All clear at Duo's?" Asked Quatre.

"All clear." Heero was perched outside in a tree, watching the young boy under the covers asleep to the world...

Quatre and Trowa stopped when a boy with gray hair bumped them into.

"Sorry, didn't mean it."

"That's O.K." Duo tensed up at that voice.

It was Quatre.


Trowa gasped as he saw a very familiar braid. Reiko smiled.

"Impressed by my date huh, we do foursomes for a price." Reiko turned to see that his said date was gone.

"How rude."

Duo was pushing through the crowd trying to get through. He mumbled apologizes to all until he got to the front.

"Wise guy huh, no cuts get back." Said the bouncer. Duo gave him a seductive smile, well, he hoped it was seductive.

"Please Mr. Strong Bouncer, may I come in?" He asked. No one, I mean NO ONE, could refuse that face. The bouncer nodded as the crowd moaned in anger. Duo waltzed into the club.

The bouncer was so busy trying to calm down the angry clubbers that he didn't notice three more figures walk in, but Quatre and Trowa did.

"The three assholes have landed, repeat, the three assholes have landed." Said Quatre.

"O.K. I'm on the way." Trowa was watching the gray haired boy talking to a girl, he could've sworn that the boy he was with was someone...familiar. He gasped as he picked up their conversation.

"Yeah, he just plowed through here."

"Oh Duo, he's cool. Man, he should've dragged me in there so I could be in now." Trowa froze.

"Mayday, mayday...your koi's at the club...repeat...your koi's at the club!" Trowa said. Quatre froze too.


"He was with this gray haired boy; he was trying to get in, but why?"

"That can't be, he's in his room sleep." Said Heero.

"Go check Yuy, make sure." Said Wufei. Heero rushed out the tree and to the window.

Wufei scanned the crowd and froze. There was one Duo Maxwell talking to Kei.

"Son of a bitch, he said he wouldn't come."

"Oh shit, this is bad. Who knows what Kei's gonna do." Said Sally.

"Or Maxwell, see his back." Sally gasped. It was bulging out more than usual.

"Let's go. Guy's we're moving in to stall time. Get your asses in here."

"Right." Said Quatre. The two rushed to the scene, until two figures jumped in their way.


"Long time no see, Trowa. And my sweet Quatre."

Wufei and Sally were on the move when both Rick and Tonga stood in front of them. Wufei looked past them to see a smirk on Kei's face. He growled at the two in his way.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Chang and his china doll. Care to dance?"

Kei smirked at the events. He had figured something like this would happen, and he confirmed it when he saw a glimpse of dark hair in a tight ponytail. He sent Juno and Vince outside and Tonga and Rick after Wufei. He smiled at Duo, who was sitting at the bar with him. He licked his lips at the sight.

"Nice of you to come Duo." Duo smiled, the fool wouldn't know what happened. Duo didn't even see Wufei, Sally, or Heero inside. He knew Quatre and Trowa were outside though.

"Thanks for the invitation. So, let's talk." Kei smiled. He wanted to dance, but the recent turn of events changed that.

"Follow me." Duo did so as the two disappeared.

Heero glared at the pillows under the bed, used in place of Duo.

"Baka...baka, baka, BAKA!" He had to try and control his anger. He sighed as he heard his cell phone ring. Thinking it was one of the guys, he growled.

"I'm on the way now, Duo isn't here."

"I know." Said a female voice. Heero had to think before he realized whom it was.

"Hilde? How'd you..."

"I called Cathy and she gave it to me. That means I'm too late if he's already gone. Damn it."

"What is he planning to do?"

"He's gonna try and stop Kei...with a bullet."

"WHAT! Oh shit."

"Oh shit is right, I'm sure Kei can disarm an inexperienced Duo."

"Stupid Duo, why'd he do it?"

"He said something about ending it all his way, so you two can be together again." Heero sighed as he heard footsteps. He turned to see Treize and Zechs.

"What the HELL are you doing here?" Asked Zechs. Heero hung up the phone.

"I was watching your son when I saw this." He said, pointing at the pillows.

"Pillows, for what?" Asked Zechs.

"He snuck out."

"WHAT! He was going to Hilde's."

"Well he detoured to the Fireside." Said Heero.

"Why should we believe you?" Asked Treize.

"Because your son's life is in danger because he wants to kill Kei. Because...something bad is gonna happen to him if we don't stop arguing and go and get him." The two nodded and left. Treize went to get his gun but stopped when he saw the empty case.

"That explains where he got the gun. Let's hurry."

"Right, I'll meet you there, I got my motorcycle."

"Hold on, do you have room for us, your bike would get us there faster." Heero nodded. So, Heero drove with Zechs behind him and Treize sitting in that little...thing you sit in that's on the side of a motorcycle ^_^*

"This is Heero; I'm on the way." No response from anyone. He growled as he sped up, this was really bad.

Duo closed the door behind him and turned to see Kei standing by a huge bed. It was obviously someone's bedroom.

"There are rooms above the club here ya know and I got this room for us."

"How nice." Said Duo.

"So, let's talk." Said Kei suggestively.

"Yeah let's talk...about the END of all of this." Duo pulled out the gun and held it dead at Kei's face.

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