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Notes: I would like to thank Stormy for the way cool inspiration for this fic. I wasn't even thinking about a sequel Schoolboy, but she told me it should have one and gave some suggestions. This is what I came up it. Enjoy. This is for you Stormy. Since this is a sequel to Schoolboy, I suggest you read that first to understand. If you don't want to, oh well, do what you want *smiles*

Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Nine

"Trowa, I told you not to touch things that belonged to me." Sneered Juno.

"Quatre's not yours so get over it." Said Trowa. He held Quatre possessively, glaring at Juno for even assuming the angel was his. A crowd had formed around the rival gangs. Even the bouncer watched, for he knew not to get mixed in with business between the Angels and the Wildcats.

When they fought you could only be a spectator...not a hero.

"Vince, get Quatre for me, I'll handle Barton." Said Juno. Vince nodded.

"I'll be gentle with him, he looks like an interesting plaything." Said Vince. Quatre growled at him.

"I think you can handle him little one, I'll take care of Juno."

"Thank you Trowa." Trowa knew Quatre wasn't really up to fighting Juno, besides, he wanted the asshole himself. He let go of Quatre and stood face to face with Juno. Quatre glared at Vince, the boy had easily mistaken his strength by his fragile looks. The rivals glared at each other, then the fight began.

Sally ducked an attack from Tonga as the boy tried to knock her out with a punch.

"I usually don't hit women but I gotta tame the beast somehow." Said Tonga.

"Remember, don't hurt her too much, I can use her later." Said Rick.

"Weakling, she's with me anyway." Wufei threw a punch at Rick, the other blocking it and going for a punch to the stomach, but Wufei easily dodged it to attack again.

The club came to a stop as the gangs fought each other. The people inside knew just like the people outside did, do NOT interfere with Angel or Wildcat business.

The bartender shuddered at that thought, he remembered that great gang war the two had years ago. He was younger, but saw all the chaos and remembered how bad it turned out. Ironically enough, it was the gang that put fear in the city's heart that saved them. But, the Angels weren't like the Wildcats. The Angels weren't as violent and just took what they wanted without force. They used it, but only when needed. They didn't go out and smash up a grocery store for nothing. He silently hoped that since the Wildcats were back that the Angels could do a repeat performance of what happened years ago.

He noticed one more thing...wasn't the leader of the Wildcats there?

"Duo, what are you doing?" Asked Kei calmly.

"What does it look like? You...you took away my life. You'll pay, and the only way for that to happen is to get rid of you for good." Said Duo. Kei approached him slowly and Duo gripped the gun with two hands, body shaking.

"Duo, let's talk about this, I don't want to hurt you."

"SHUT-UP! It ends HERE! Because of you I lost the one person I've ever loved, who's ever loved me that way. I want that back." Kei sighed.

"How sad, I didn't know I caused all that. Well, who gives a SHIT!" He charged at him with lightning speed. Duo gasped as he began to fire. Kei dodged the bullets except one that connected with his arm. He held his bleeding arm and sank to his knees. Duo approached him and put the gun to his head. Kei looked up and smirked.

"Nice shot ya got there."

"Any last words?" Asked Duo.

Was he really going to do this? He was going to kill a boy, but for what?

Because if he didn't the whole city was in trouble, and he'd never have Heero again. He took a shuddering breath...

...and pulled the trigger.

Juno began to swing at Trowa, the boy he hated with all of his heart. Trowa dodged the attacks, but it was hard. Juno did get stronger over the years....

...but so did Trowa.

The last punch connected in Trowa's face and he stumbled back. Juno smiled when he saw blood leave his mouth.

"Hm, we'll see if Quatre will wanna kiss you now." Trowa smirked as he licked the blood from his lips.

"He's a pretty damn good kisser too, but you'd never know that again." Juno growled and charged again, but Trowa ducked and socked him in the stomach. Juno stumbled back and grabbed his stomach in pain. Trowa gave a sick smile.

"I'm going to enjoy this. You'll never...EVER have Quatre. He's mine and he loves ME so fuck off!" Trowa took charge this time at the boy he hated so much.

Vince smiled as the fey boy swung at him.

"Too slow little boy, let me show you how it's done." He grabbed the boy's arm and flipped him over his back to toss him into the ground, only to have the boy land on his feet...and twist his arm.


"No one calls me little." Said Quatre as he turned and kicked Vince's legs to make him fall. Quatre smiled and bent down to Vince's level.

"Care to try again?"

Tonga had Sally in a strangle hold as the woman began to gasp for air.

"Ah, did I give the little girl a boo-boo?" He asked sweetly. Sally smirked.

"Yeah, and you can kiss it..." She elbowed the boy in his stomach and flipped him to the ground.

"...to make it feel better."

Wufei had Rick backed into a corner as he punched the boy in his face.

"Now, what did you say about breaking MY china doll?" Asked Wufei. Rick held his face in pain.

"No, please...I give up." Wufei smirked.

"Weakling." He walked away. He never saw the boy stand up until he heard laughter. He turned and saw the boy holding a needle.

"What the hell is that?" The boy gave him a sick smile and nodded over to Tonga. Wufei turned and gasped.

Sally stared in horror Tonga injected a needle into his arm. He started to drool and his eyes widened from the drug. His muscles got bigger and his shirt started to rip a little.

"Oh my lord, what the hell is happening?" Asked Sally. Tonga laughed.

"I'm sure Quatre told you that we seemed stronger, well...Ta da baby." He hit her so hard that she flew into the bar. She shook her head in pain and gasped as he attacked again. [1]

Wufei tried to get to her but was flung into the wall. The impact was so great that it left a dent.

"Now, let the games begin." Wufei prepared himself for the worse.

Trowa stopped his attack when he saw Juno stick himself with a needle. Juno smiled and whistled over towards Quatre. The blond boy gasped as his eyes grew wide.

"That's why...he was so much stronger, so much bigger."

"Yeah baby that's right, ain't it Vince?" Vince nodded, he had already inserted the needle. The crowd gasped and backed away.

"What the hell have you done to yourselves?" Asked Trowa in shock.

"What we had to do. Our boss is a genius."

"Kei?" Asked Quatre.

"Of course, you can learn a lot in prison." The two attacked the other two in a blur. Trowa threw himself in front of Quatre as he prepared for the impact.

Duo tried to pull the gun out of Kei's grasp. He had shot, but Kei had grabbed the gun, making the shot hit the wall instead. He smirked as the boy struggled.

Kei had taken his dose earlier, just like he did yesterday when the two were walking from the store. Kei gave a dark smile and flung Duo across the room and into the bed. Duo quickly sat up and stared in shock as he saw the gun being bent and tossed on the floor. Kei smiled, good thing he had upped his dosage.

"Now, let's talk." Duo scooted further and further back on the bed trying to avoid Kei. Kei began to crawl onto the bed, giving his obsession a sick smile. He watched the split in the pants open up as Duo trembled, licking his lips at what he could do to that trembling body.

"Stay away from me!" Duo shouted. Kei smirked as he undressed Duo with his eyes, the open shirt giving him a perfect glimpse of what he claimed to be his possession's body.

"Ah, but you were the one who wanted this little meeting." Duo reached for anything to throw at the lust-filled boy. Kei dodged a pillow, a phone, and a lamp...but the remote control did hit him in the head. As he rubbed his head in slight pain, Duo made a break for it.

"Don't think so." Kei grabbed the boy and slammed him into the bedpost, making him see stars for a minute. Kei was holding him by his shirt, and slammed him again for good measure.

"You stay here, and don't fight back." He said in a menacing voice. Kei let him go and scooted back, going to the closet to get something. Duo watched for a quick second until he heard something clanking together...that sounded like...

"Just what we need." Oh shit, they were handcuffs. Duo bolted and ran towards the door, almost opening it this time, but Kei grabbed him and slammed him on the floor.

"Didn't I say DON'T move?" Asked Kei as he approached the fey boy. Duo did the only thing he could...


Wufei gasped as he heard the familiar voice of Duo. He struggled even more to break free, but Rick had a strong hold on him. Tonga dragged Sally over to Wufei as him and Rick switched people.

"As lovely as she looks, she's Rick's type, not mine." Said Tonga. Rick dragged Sally over to the bar and slammed her onto it, pinning her to it. Tonga held Wufei as he forced him to watch everything Rick did to her.

"Now watch elegant dragon; watch as Rick breaks your china doll." Rick smirked as he forced a kiss from Sally.

"BASTARD! Let go of HER! She has nothing to do with this."

"She has a lot to do with this. She left me and now the slut must pay." Wufei watched in horror as Rick began to slowly torture the girl, but what made it worse was that the one she loved was watching.

Trowa was pinned on the ground by Juno as he watched Vince punch his angel in the stomach. Quatre sank to the ground in pain.

"Don't hurt him too much, we can have fun with him. I'd love to have you watch but you don't deserve watching MY Quatre get pleasure." With those words, Juno punched Trowa in the head, knocking the boy out.

"TROWA!" Quatre tried to get to him, but Vince had him in a powerful grip. He gasped as Juno walked over to him.

"You've been a very bad boy Quatre, so we must teach you the error of your ways." He kissed the boy hard as Quatre felt himself being carried to the back of an alley.

Duo stretched his arms but it was no use, the cuffs weren't coming off.

He was handcuffed to the bedpost and his mouth had a gag in it so he couldn't be heard.

He was also naked...which frightened him even more.

"I'd love to hear your cries but not now, maybe later when I take you with me." Duo shook his head but Kei only smirked.

"Oh yes, you're too delectable to give up." Duo felt tears leave his eyes as Kei began to kiss his way down the body he felt was his. Duo squirmed, trying to get away. Kei gave him a dark smile.

"So delicious, you are mine, got it?" Asked Kei. Duo shook his head again and Kei glared. He then scratched the boy's chest so hard, that it left a trail of blood. Duo screamed in pain under the gag.

"Let me ask you that again, you are mine, understand?" He asked. Duo looked at him with tears in his eyes, but shook his head yet again. Kei snarled again as he scratched another part of Duo's skin, this time, his inner thighs. Duo screamed again as Kei lapped up the blood, biting into his leg hard, making more blood come out.

"I guess I gotta show ya then, alright." Duo watched in horror as Kei zipped down his pants, not bothering to take them off, as he pulled out his hard member. Duo shuddered when Kei straddled his hips, lifting his legs. Kei bent down by his ear to whisper to him.

"I think I'll take the gag out now, I do want to hear you scream. Besides, no one can save you." He took the gag out as Duo started to scream.

"SOMEONE HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP.....AHHHHHH!" Kei entered his tight entrance with one powerful thrust and Duo's body tensed as tears poured out. No preparation, no reassuring words, no nothing. Just rough sex...and Duo's body couldn't handle it.


"No way, this it too good, this feels wonderful. Your body is so fuckin tight baby!" Another hard thrust as Kei brutally took his lips, biting into them and causing them to bleed. Duo's tears continued as he felt his body being torn inside and out. The pain was unbearable, and Kei just continued to thrust even harder inside of him, loving his cries of pain.

Kei had taken everything from him now, there was no point left for him to go on, he was Kei's and no one could save him from this hell.

::I belong to him now. Oh Heero, I love you...but he has me now...I'm sorry.::

Heero stopped the bike in front of the club, which was now empty on the outside except for a few people who were trying to comfort a very familiar looking boy. Heero jumped out and ran towards the crowd.

"Trowa, Trowa wake up." Green eyes fluttered open and stared into cobalt blue.


"Yeah, Trowa what happened?" Trowa then shot up and looked around the club.

"Oh god...QUATRE!"

"What about Quatre?" Asked Heero.

"Juno took him, I don't know where cause I was knocked out and..." Suddenly they heard moaning coming from an alley. Trowa growled and was about to rush over to the scene.

"Wait, one of us better go with you just in cause. How about you Zechs and Treize and I will get Duo." The two groups went their separate ways. Zechs and Trowa rushed to the back of the alley and held their breaths at what they saw. Trowa immediately saw red.

Quatre was naked and on his knees as Vince forced his cock inside of his mouth. Vince had a tight hold on the blond locks, threatening to tear them out. Quatre's arms were pinned behind his back as Juno rammed into him repeatedly. The blond haired boy was crying, but Vince muffled all sound out. Trowa saw the gun bulging out of Zech's back and quickly grabbed it.

"What the hell do you think you're..." The message didn't get through as Trowa fired.

Juno heard the shot just barely as he rammed into Quatre harder. He moved his head out of the way, the bullet whizzing past his ear. Juno turned and glared at Trowa, then smiled.

"Kinda like the old days ne Trowa?" Zechs paled at the words.

"What?" He saw Trowa was trembling.

"The bastard has made Quatre do this before. Leave him alone before I kill you."

"Empty threats get you nowhere Barton." A moan broke up the argument as Vince came inside Quatre's mouth. Juno pouted as he watched Vince throw his head back, his disgusting seed emptying inside Quatre's mouth, some dribbling down his chin.

"No fair, Trowa broke us up." Zechs snatched the gun.

"Freeze, up against the wall." Juno smirked.

"Nice idea for a position." Zechs fired a warning shot.

"NOW!" The two did so, both with smug looks on their faces. Quatre dropped to the ground and began to sob hysterically and start to shiver. There was blood escaping from his violated entrance and he began to spit out what Vince shot inside of his mouth.

Yet the fowl taste wouldn't go away.

Trowa rushed to him and held him, but Quatre panicked.

"NO! Let me go, no more...please!"

"It's me, it's Trowa." Quatre looked at him with blank eyes.


"Yes. It's me Quatre I'm here." Quatre's eyes quivered more as he broke down in Trowa's shirt. Trowa rubbed his back as tears left his own eyes.

"Trowa, I'm sorry. I failed...I..."

"Shh, no you didn't. Relax, it's over." Quatre shock his head.

"I have a feeling that it's only just begun." Trowa let a few more tears fall. How long, how long would they have to suffer? He looked up as he watched Zechs take out a pair of handcuffs. When would they learn that locking up the bastards wouldn't do it. He sighed as he held Quatre, he would make sure the bastards got what they deserved in the end, because like Quatre said, it was far from over.

Wufei watched in horror as Rick kissed his woman all over. She was down to her bra and panties, the other clothes were cut off and a trail of blood on her stomach from where the knife cut her shirt.

What made it worse was that her cries were mixing in with Duo's, whom he knew was probably in worse shape. Wufei took a glance at the small crowd. Most had fled, some even were brave enough to try to help. He honored them...

....may their souls rest in peace. He turned when he heard Sally scream when the knife trailed down her body, cutting her remaining undergarments. Wufei struggled even more.

"Poor dragon, too weak to help her."

"Bastard, you have no honor attacking a women like this." Sally began to scream more when she saw Rick zipping down his pants.

"No...no please don't."

"Why? I know you want to, and especially when your lover is watching. He can see you for the whore you are." She felt tears leave her eyes, she knew Wufei hated to see people cry because he said it was weak, but she couldn't help it. He lifted her legs and was about to enter her when...

"FREEZE!" He immediately dropped her legs when he saw Treize and Heero. He smiled as he glanced at Tonga. The two quickly left. Heero growled at them and was about to chase them when Treize stopped him.

"Never mind them, let's help the others." Heero made it over to Wufei and helped him up. Sally sat up on the bar and tried to cover herself with her trembling hands. Wufei sat next to her as he felt his own eyes water, she was trying to stop the tears so much. He slowly shook his head at her.


"It's O.K. to cry if you want to." His voice was low and sad. The tears fell from both of their eyes as they held each other.

Heero looked around the club to look for a familiar braid. When he found none, he asked the remaining people.

"Have you seen a boy with a braid and violet eyes?" Asked Heero. All shock their head, not remembering seeing Duo, cause no one saw him go in the back with Kei except...

"Oh shit...YUY! Kei's got Duo!" Wufei said. Heero gasped and looked around frantically.

"Where'd they go?"

"They...they went in the back somewhere and..."

"AHHHHHHH! STOOOOOPPPP IT PLEEEASSSSEEE!" Heero bolted to follow the familiar voice of his lover. Finally arriving at a door, what he heard made him cringe.

A bed squeaking and handcuffs dangling...but...

...he no longer heard Duo.

Had he...passed out? He cringed even more at what he heard next.

"AH YES! YES DUO AH!" He growled as he tried to open the door...locked. He growled as he began to ram into it.

Kei had climaxed violently into the wonderful body under him, noticing that the said body had passed out. He noticed the blood on his thighs and the cum from his opening, the scratch marks on his chest, bite marks, and tear stains. He un-cuffed him and was about to grab him and go, for he would NEVER give him up now, when he heard the door being pounded in. He sighed.

"Well Duo-chan, gotta go. I'll get you later...Ja ne." He kissed the boy's lips, noting he didn't respond cause he was knocked out. He shrugged as he put on his pants and looked out of the window. He was about to leap and run when he saw Zechs arresting his gang members. He smirked as he jumped out.

Zechs only had a fraction of a second to realize that someone was falling, another fraction to realize it was Kei, and another fraction to feel the impact of his foot kicking his face. Trowa stood as Kei smiled at him, a smug look on his face as he broke the cuffs.


"Sorry we can't stay Trowa, but we gotta go." The gang took off, getting away. Trowa sighed, the plan had failed. He went to help Zechs as he shook his head to clear his thoughts.

"You O.K.?" Asked Trowa.

"Yeah, the bastards. Let's go and check on Duo." Quatre cringed at that, he had seen that smug look on a boy's face before.

"I hope you're prepared for the worst." Said Quatre. Zechs nodded as the guys entered the club, but nothing could prepare him for what he saw.

Heero finally got the door open and gasped so loudly that it got the attention of Wufei and Sally. The two went in and did the same, backing out to give Heero his privacy. Heero began to tremble as an unfamiliar substance left his eyes. He touched his face to feel the tears as they poured out, and he welcomed them as he rushed to the bed.

"DUO!" He held the boy tightly, noting the blood all over him. He checked for a pulse and got a very weak one. It was as if Duo was just giving up after what happened to him. Heero rocked the boy gently in his arms to try and show him that he was there for him.

He couldn't stop crying as nonsense words tumbled out of his mouth.

"I'm...I'm...so...so...sorry Duo...Duo...chan I am...oh gods...why?" Heero cried, still rocking the boy like a lost child. Quatre and Trowa entered and gasped, shaking their heads as Trowa held Quatre.

"They...they got Quatre." Whispered Trowa. Heero turned to him and saw the blond nod, tears falling.

"I'm sorry...about that. We tried...to get here but...but..." The two nodded. They had NEVER seen their leader cry and it rocked their souls to the core. He seemed so vulnerable now, and you wouldn't even know that he was the leader of a gang. The two left to sit with Wufei and Sally when Treize and Zechs entered.

"Oh god no." Heero turned and saw the two men look at their son. Treize held Zechs as the two looked at the bleeding body. Zechs felt tears leave his eyes at the site of his son.

His little boy.

His smiling, happy child...

...his entire life.

Treize growled as he saw Heero rocking the boy, making a silent decision.

\\Fuck arresting, the police will be lucky if they can find the bastard's fucking body parts when I'm done.\\

The look on Treize's face said it all to Heero as he nodded at the older man. Zechs caught on and nodded too. Heero sighed as he cradled his love.

It was time to bring in the big guns.

It was time to work together.

It was time to get in touch with the big boss.

It was time to go to war with the Wildcats.

[1] remember that episode of Batman with Bain, the guy who built up when he took that drug? Inspiration, but they aren't that big and ugly, but definitely stronger

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