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Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Ten

Treize and Zechs sat in the forever busy police station. After the conversation with Heero and the rest of his gang, the two silently agreed that Kei needed to be killed not arrested. They then decided that they would have to leave the squad since they wouldn't be following orders anyway, plus, how would it look if a police officer worked with a gang?

"They did it before didn't they?" Asked Zechs, remembering the story on how the Angels and the police once worked together to stop the Wildcats.

"Actually, it wasn't by choice. They helped each other, and it took much convincing to get Heero to hand over Kei." Replied Treize. Zechs nodded. He looked around, waiting for their chief to show up. This was it, they would no longer be working with her. She would be upset, but like earlier discussed, Kei deserved to die.

//The Angels along with Treize and Zechs sat in the waiting room of the hospital. It had been a long night after they brought in the three patients. While Sally didn't suffer as much as Quatre and Duo, she still had to get stitched up. Quatre was in the same boat, Juno's forced entry almost tearing the boy apart.

"I'm used to it, it's happened before," he told the doctor sadly, Trowa by his side, "and I'm more worried about Duo." The doctor hated to get patients this young in so much pain. It was a shame because the nightmare was suppose to be over with the Wildcats.

Treize had told him what happened and he could only nod. He was there himself when that awful confrontation between the gangs happened. The hospital was packed so tightly with patients that an ant couldn't crawl out. The doctor went to the waiting room with the news.

"The one, Sally, is just fine. She had to get a few stitches but she is O.K. She can have visitors and can probably leave real soon." They all nodded, noting the shine in the Chinese boy's eyes.

"The other one, Quatre, is fine as well. I don't know how to say this, but the rape didn't hurt him as much. As he said, he's use to it cause it happened before." He said grimly.

"But...it hadn't happened in so long." Heero whispered.

"I know. But I don't think the fear and the pain ever left him. So when it happened again, he numbed himself and went into a shell so he could get it over with." They all nodded, Trowa's face set in a frown.

"That guy was...his lover once upon a time. He would..." Started Trowa.

"I understand." The doctor didn't want to make it harder than it already was.

"He can have visitors too, but we want him to stay one more night. The last one...Duo...took a serious beating. The marks on his skin look like an animal did it."

"That's what Kei is, an animal." Said Heero angrily.

"I can see that. The rape hurt him more, he lost a lot of blood, but he is sleeping now. He is O.K., but needs to heal up. He'll be in here for a few more days." With that, he walked away.

"Don't you want to go and see Sally and Quatre?" Asked Heero.

"In a minute, we must talk." Said Wufei. Heero nodded as the three looked at Treize and Zechs.

"We know you are with the police, but right now, they can't do shit." Said Heero.

"What are you saying?" Asked Zechs.

"He's saying, either you work with us to kill the bastard or you will be our enemies, get in the way and die." Said Trowa dangerously.

"That's a bit drastic. We should arrest him and make him suffer." Said Zechs.

"Fuck that! We tried that before and he only got out. He must die." Said Wufei.

"He just raped your son who is a dear friend to us. No one touches our friends." Said Trowa. Heero looked at Treize with desperate eyes.

"Look, I know you don't like me very much but your plans aren't working. You distance me and he still gets hurt. Your son is in a hospital bed along with two other innocent people and you mean to tell me you want the bastard to live? He will keep coming and coming until his sick desires are met." Said Heero. Treize sighed.

"What did you have in mind?" He asked. Zechs gasped.

"But Treize..."

"They're right. The only way to stop him is to kill him. He will pay for what he has done. So, what do you have in mind?" Asked Treize.

"We'll discuss it later, when Duo is all better for he needs to hear this too. This involves some powerful people." Trowa gasped at what his leader said.

"You don't mean..."

"We have no choice, he's the only one who has connections to a drug that powerful. I hate him too, but he's the only one. Tell Quatre to contact his sister so we can talk to the boss, he's the one who can get us connected to him." Trowa nodded.

"Who is this mystery man?" Asked Zechs. Heero sighed.

"The one who trained me in everything I know...our boss' advisor...Dr. J."//

Treize looked up as the chief of police walked in with her second in command. The chief was a pretty woman with shining brown hair and brown eyes with a green and brown jacket with matching skirt. Her second in command had a similar jacket with green pants. She had dark, violet looking hair.

"Treize, Zechs, what is so important that you must see me?" She asked. Treize stood with Zechs.

"Officer Une and Officer Noin, I'm afraid that we can no longer work for you." Said Treize.

"What? What reason do you have?" Asked Noin.

"During the case something happened that can't allow us to follow the laws here." Said Zechs.


"Our son got raped by the leader of the Wildcats and..."

"We're going to skin the bastard alive." Finished Zechs. The women looked horrified. They had seen Duo several times before. He brought life to all, and it angered them that someone would hurt the boy.

"So you will not arrest him but kill him? That could get you in trouble too?" Said Une.

"I don't give a damn." Said Treize.

"Revenge won't solve anything." Said Noin.

"Maybe so, but I'll feel a hell of a lot better in the morning knowing Kei is gone." Said Zechs.

"Look, arresting him will do no good. It was tried before and he escaped." Said Treize.

"That was then, this is now." Said Noin.

"Gentlemen please, reconsider. You too are the best officers in the squad. I understand how you feel." Said Une.

"Our emotions will lead to his death." Said Zechs.

"If you know how we feel then what would you do? Have you ever lost your son like that, have you ever had to make a decision like that?" Asked Treize, a little angry. Une sighed.

"Yes I have." The two men gasped. Noin stood still, she already knew this story.

"I haven't talked to my son in years. He...leads an unacceptable life style so he...he left. Me being in the position I'm in...I couldn't really help him. It wouldn't be good if the Chief of Police's son was found out to be a prostitute. Everything went to hell when his father died in a gang war, which is why I do what I do."

"So you do understand why we have to do this." Said Treize.

"You took the job for revenge." Said Zechs.

"You plan on killing and I don't. I let justice be served. The man who killed my husband was found and sentenced to life. I didn't kill him, I did what the law says." Said Une.

"Fuck the law, the law didn't work before! I'll be damned if I let this happen to someone else." Said Treize.

"We're following our own law. I'm sorry, we must leave now." Said Zechs. The two turned in their badges and guns and left. Une sighed.

"Be safe you two." Said Une.

"Now what ma'am?" Asked Noin.

"We must try an capture the suspect. We have to go against...those two." Said Une.

"It will be tough." Said Noin.

"I know. Gods I know. Damn it!" Une looked at a picture of her family and gave a faint smile.

"It's happening again dear. I have to make the decision of following the law or my heart. I chose the law so many times, with the man that took you away, with...our son. But...but I don't know if I can do it again." She sighed as she focused her sights on her son. Those happy gray eyes and shoulder length gray hair lit up his young profile. He was 12 at the time. He would be older now, with longer hair and deeper gray eyes. She sighed again, feeling a tear leave her eye.

"Noin, why did I let him go?" She asked.

"It wasn't your fault. You did what you had to at the time. You wouldn't get your position if everyone knew that he was a prostitute. You couldn't continue to avenge you husband that way." Said Noin. Une nodded.

"I guess. But damn it, this law crap is getting harder day by day."

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