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Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Eleven

//"You're delicious, you're mine got it?//

//"I guess I gotta show ya then.//

//"I think I'll take the gag off now, I do want to hear you scream.//

Duo tossed and turned as he broke out in a nervous sweat. His breath was ragged as he began to moan in his own nightmares.


Duo began to scream as he could actually feel Kei enter him again. The pain stung his body, and the sense of vulnerability and fear enveloped him again.

"STOP IT!!!"

//No way, this feels too good. This feels wonderful.//

Heero bolted into the hospital room to see his love thrashing and screaming, his body looking too tiny in the bed. Behind him was a team of doctors who pushed past him to check on Duo.

"He's dreaming, we need to wake him up." One doctor began to shake him, only to be struck in the face. The man held his now busted nose, tears stinging his eyes and he watched his patient scream even more.

So much pain for one so young.



"Oh GODS it hurts! STOP IT! PLEAAASSSEEEEE!" Heero broke through the team of doctors and tried to calm Duo down. But the boy fought him, his nails scratching Heero's arms as he became lost in the dream


"NO!" Heero growled when he felt nails scratch his cheek. Deciding that enough was enough...he gripped Duo's arms and pulled him towards him, holding him in his arms. Duo gasped and tried to break free...feeling Kei's hands and not Heero's.

"Duo wake up...wake up love..." He began to whisper in his ear, trying to soothe him.

"Duo, it's me. Wake up love, it's only me." Duo stopped fighting, his body trembling slightly as his eyes opened up to stare into blue orbs.

Concerned blue orbs. Orbs that only belonged to one boy.


"That's right, it's Heero." Duo's eyes took in Heero's ruffled form. His cheek was bleeding along with his arm. He looked around the room to see the doctors staring at him, one sporting a bloody nose.

"Heero...what happened?"

"You had a nightmare love. But it's all over." Duo's eyes turned teary, looking lost and sorrowful all at once.

Heero didn't like that look one bit.

"Duo?" He frowned when tears leaked out of the beautiful violets.

"I'm sorry Heero, I shouldn't have interfered. I messed everything up, it's my fault. I'm sorry, I'm not good enough for you anymore." Said Duo.

Heero frowned even more at that declaration. How could Duo ever think that he wasn't good enough?

"You don't need me anymore."


"I said you don't need me anymore. How could you want me after..." Heero silenced him with a kiss. Duo gasped into the gentleness of the kiss, wondering why Heero would defile his lips by kissing his own, the ones that Kei had assaulted.

He tried to break away from the kiss, he didn't want Heero to become dirty as well, but he felt himself melting into the tender kiss.

Unfortunately the kiss had to end. Duo sighed as Heero wiped away his tears.

"Why are you being so nice to me? I am not good for you anymore. I am ugly and..."

"You're still beautiful to me. O.K.? I love you, and this is not your fault." Just then, the others, including Treize and Zechs along with Hilde and Kenji, walked in.

"Duo, you're awake." Said Zechs happily. Duo smiled up at his parents, feeling the two of them wrap their arms around him.

"I'm so glad you're O.K. son." Treize said. Zechs nodded, squeezing Duo and telling him how much he loved him and missed him.

"Do you feel O.K.?" Quatre asked. Duo looked all around the room, seeing the loving faces of family and friends. He smiled when his eyes met Heero's loving gaze.

"Yeah, I feel better now."

"That's good to hear." Said Hilde. Kenji nodded, happy the boy was going to be O.K.

"Can he go home now?" Asked Heero. The doctor sighed.

"I believe so. It's up to Duo."

"I would like to go home." The doctor nodded, happy that his patient would fight this thing all the way.

"We'll do a few more test and then he should be home free." He said. They all smiled as they left so the doctor could go to work. Heero placed an even gentler kiss on Duo's lips, whispering words of love against his lips as he left the room.

--One week later--

Heero was holding Duo in his arms while Trowa was holding Quatre and Wufei was holding Sally. Treize and Zechs stood, the groups all together at Duo's house and discussing the next move. Duo was feeling much better, but the doctor still wanted him to rest up. Yet after a few days of being pampered and stuck in bed, Duo calmly told everyone that he was O.K.

Calmly being he practically threaten to kill everyone.

"I called my sister. The boss will meet with us tomorrow so we can talk to J." Said Quatre. The gang cringed at the mention of that particular letter of the alphabet.

"What's wrong with this guy?" Asked Duo, feeling his love's body tense up.

"He's a sick bastard but a brilliant scientist. If anyone knows an antidote to the drug, it's him." Said Heero.

"He also trained Heero. Other scientist trained us all, but they were killed in the gang war between the Wildcats." Added Wufei.

"J survived, but his arm was lost which is why he has a mechanical one. Just to warn you before you see him." Said Trowa.

"I see." This guy sounded bad, but if this is what they had to do to stop the gang then they would do it.

"Once we get a cure, hopefully there is one, we can use it to weaken them and finally kill them." Said Heero. They all nodded.

"If that ends the discussion, we'll be going." Said Wufei.

"Yes, we'll meet with your boss tomorrow." They nodded. Duo walked everyone to the door, saying his goodbyes to his friends. He gasped when Heero pulled him into his body, his warm breath tickling his ear when he spoke.

"Meet me in the park tonight." He said. Duo nodded as Heero placed a kiss on his forehead. Duo watched him walk away, a silly grin plastered on his face.

He was looking forward to seeing what his koi was up to.

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