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Additional Warnings: Another 1x2 lemon with EXTREME sap! That's...all it is. Sweet sappy lemon...but the boys deserve it right?

Notes: I would like to thank Stormy for the way cool inspiration for this fic. I wasn't even thinking about a sequel Schoolboy, but she told me it should have one and gave some suggestions. This is what I came up it. Enjoy. This is for you Stormy. Since this is a sequel to Schoolboy, I suggest you read that first to understand. If you don't want to, oh well, do what you want *smiles*


Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Twelve

Duo walked down the darkened street to arrive at the park Heero wanted to meet him at. Despite all that had happened, this one moment made the bad memories die down. He could relax and it could be him and his love. He smiled; for nights alone with Heero, he'd take on all the demons of hell.

Heero sat on a blanket under an oak tree and waited. He wanted to do everything he could to make Duo forget that awful nightmare. And, he knew that after tonight, all the bad shit would go down. The fact that contacting Dr. J was an option showed him how bad the situation really was. He soon threw those thoughts aside as he saw a slender form approach him.

He held his breath as he watched Duo approach him. He wore only a pair of gray sweatpants with a black T-shirt....

...but damn it he was STILL beautiful.

Duo held his breath at what he saw. The loveliest man in the universe sat under an old oak tree. Heero wore a simple T-shirt with a pair of jeans, but he still pulled off the sexy look.

Not only that, but there was a picnic basket next to him with food dishes already laid out, and a checkered blanket on the grass with candles lit in the center of the blanket complete with two wine glasses filled with a sparkly liquid.

Duo fell in love all over again.

"All this is for me?" Duo whispered. Heero smiled, he had heard what he said.

"But of course." Duo blushed, he didn't think Heero had heard him.

"Wow, I don't know what to say..."

"How about you sit down and eat. I'll get my thanks later." Duo blushed even more as he sat down. The smells of the yummy foods were getting to his stomach. Foods like roasted chicken and mashed potatoes and even desserts like freshly baked cake and warm chocolate chip cookies. Duo didn't know where to begin, so he just grabbed the wineglass and raised it in the air for a toast.

"A toast Mr. Yuy?" Heero chuckled and grabbed his glass.

"To what?"

"To...our love." Heero nodded as he clanked his glass with Duo's glass. The longhaired boy took a sip of his drink and gasped, looking at Heero.

"I thought this was champagne."

"What...so you drink alcohol all of the sudden?" Heero took a sip of his "wine."

"No...but...sparkling grape juice?"

"Well hey, I like the stuff O.K.?" Duo just smiled and put his drink down, ready to start on the food.

"Everything looks so good Heero. Thank you." Said Duo, eating some potatoes. Heero smiled.

"No problem, it helps to be friends with Quatre. I think it's his twentieth sister who's the cook." Said Heero. Duo nodded as he ate some more. Heero just watched as the boy practically inhaled the food. It was amazing that Duo was still skinny and weighed next to nothing.

Well at least to Heero he was light...Quatre didn't agree at all after the boy jumped on his shoulders.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Asked Duo, licking his lips from the juice the chicken squirted out. Heero smirked and grabbed his own fork and took a piece of Duo's chicken, and put it up to Duo's lips.

"I want to make sure you eat first." He said. Duo opened his mouth and allowed Heero to feed him. Duo smiled and did the same with Heero's food. They fed each other for quite some time, also making sure to take a nip or a lick at a finger.

"Remember when we did this with the funnel cake?" Asked Duo. Heero nodded.

"Yeah, that was our first date." Heero began clearing up the dinner plates to bring out dessert. He cut Duo a piece of cake and once again watched the boy eat.

"Don't you want dessert?" Asked Duo. Heero had to watch the way his mind went when that was said. But he just smiled.

"It's in the basket."

"So why don't you eat?" Asked Duo; finishing his cake. Heero smirked and pulled the boy into his lap.

"I intend too." Duo soon forgot about his cake when he had a piece of Heero a la mode.

Duo moaned into the passionate kiss he received from his love. He felt himself being lowered onto the blanket but the kiss never ended. Heero made quick work of the boy's clothes as they were tossed on the grass. Duo shivered not only from the night's chill, but also from the hungry look Heero was giving him.

"Now, I will have my dessert now."

"I...I thought you said it was in the basket." Heero smirked.

"Thanks for reminding me, I was gonna eat it without my toppings, although it tastes fine without them." Duo looked absolutely confused.

"What are you talking about?" Heero gave into the temptation to taste those ever so sweet lips as they pouted at him. He let his hand trail down the lithe form of his lover, loving the way the skin heated up to his touch.

"Mmm." Duo moaned again as the hand approached his most heated area. Heero smiled.

"Not yet." He said as the hand went inside his thighs and caressed.

"Don't tease, I thought you were gonna eat."

"I am." Heero dug in the basket and pulled out the said "toppings." Duo held his breath at what he saw.

"The perfect dessert, don't you think?" Duo gave him a slight nod because he couldn't trust his voice. He now had a whole new take on chocolate sauce and strawberries.

Duo jumped at the cool feeling of the chocolate sauce. He felt it hit his chest, surrounding his hardening nipples and going down. His stomach...

His legs...

His thighs...

"Yum." Was the only thing Heero could say as he looked at his lover covered in chocolate. He took a strawberry and made it travel through the chocolate path. Duo couldn't hold still, especially after the strawberry went around his hard arousal.

"Gods Heero." Heero took a bite of the strawberry and licked his lips.

"Delicious." He took another strawberry and did the same, only this time he fed it to Duo. Duo moaned around the fruit, tasting chocolate, strawberry, and a drop of his own essence. After eating two more chocolate strawberries, Heero began to lick up the chocolate.

Duo began to moan even louder as he felt those lips begin to suck up the chocolate, paying more attention to his nipples. His breath came faster and faster as Heero traveled lower and lower, kissing and licking at his thighs. Tasting the wonderful combination of Duo and chocolate.

"Hee...Heero...oh gods Heero that feels good."

"I see you're enjoying dessert as well my love." Once he was done licking the boy clean, he took the sauce and squeezed some on Duo's erection. Duo's eyes rolled to the back of his head, his breath catching as his body thrust up as the sauce touched his arousal.

Heero smirked and immediately went in for the kill. Duo nearly jumped off the blanket when Heero engulfed him in one swoop. While he pleasured his love with his ever so talented mouth, Heero put just a little sauce on his fingers and let them travel to Duo's most sacred area. The boy tensed for a second and Heero stopped.

"You O.K.?" He asked. Duo gave him a shaky nod.

"Yeah, it's just that, after all that happened..."

"We don't have to go that far Duo. I thought you knew that." He said, his eyes dead serious as he began to pull away.

"No...no I want this. He caused me so much pain I forgot that it could be good too." Heero frowned as he began to remember the night it all went to hell. He had cried for the first time that night after seeing what Kei did. That bastard would pay.

"Please Heero, make love to me. I want to feel you in me again...I want feel the love and not the pain." Said Duo. Heero smiled.

"Anything for you love." He began to lick at the chocolate covered erection like it was a Dream-sickle. He sucked on him faster to try and get to the creamy center, the part that made the treat extremely tasty and addictive.

And to Heero, it was the best treat he could ever have.

While he did this, he prepared his love the best he could. He took longer to do so this time; he didn't want to show the boy any pain at all. Duo began to tremble as he felt his release coming, but Heero stopped.


"I want us to come together Duo. As much as I would love to taste you, I want us to be joined together when you come." Duo was touched at the emotion in his lover's voice. He nodded as Heero put some of the sauce on his own erection and slowly entered Duo, joining hands with him as he moved as slowly as he could. But Duo's body immediately froze at the entry.


"Shh...I'm sorry that it hurts a little."

But as much as he was prepared, it hurt. It hurt in his mind because part of him couldn't let go of what happened.

"Oh god!"

//You're mine//




"Duo?" Heero saw his love's eyes water up. He was about to pull out when...

"No, please Heero."

"But I'm hurting you."

"Heero I need this."


"PLEASE HEERO! Show me love, please...please koi." Heero watched the tears fall from those violet eyes and felt his own eyes water up.

"Help me escape from him." Heero nodded as he gave Duo's hands a reassuring squeeze.

"I love you." Heero said as he kissed his tears away.

"And I love you too." Heero began to move inside of Duo as the boy began to moan. Each thrust sent Duo closer to release, and closer to freedom.

"Yes Heero."

"Oh Duo, I love you so much."

"Oh gods Heero." They moved as one under the stars, making love with each other. Out of all the times they did this, there was never as much emotion as it was tonight. They needed this, they needed each other. Together, they would fight the demons and come out on top.

"You are MINE! Forever, no matter what happens."

"Yours, for...forever...ah...no matter...no matter what." Heero let go of one of Duo's hands to rub down his body, drawing closer to his aching need.

"All mine. No one else's but mine." He gripped his erection, stroking him in time with his thrust, and Duo threw his head back in pleasure. The evil voices in his head began to disappear, Kei's horrid face being replaced by Heero's beautiful one.

"Yes...take him away from me."

"He is gone love."

"Oh YES! Set me free...please set me free."

"You are free my love. You are free!" With one last stroke of Duo's erection and one more thrust inside the warm, tight passageway, they both cried out as they came together. They both cried out their declarations of love, feeling as if they lifted a heavy burden off of their shoulders.

Duo sank on the blanket as Heero licked at the chocolate/seed mix Duo created on his chest. Duo moaned when he felt Heero's tongue on his chest, licking up the chocolate he missed along with the seed that jetted out all over him. Heero slowly pulled out of his one and only love and crashed on top of him, totally exhausted. They were both sweating and panting, their bodies shaking as a cool breeze touched their hot skin. Heero looked down to see tears in his love's eyes. But he could tell that they weren't tears of sadness. A single tear escaped Heero's eyes as well, happy to see his koi a little better.

"Thank you Heero." Duo felt himself drift away into sleep. Heero kissed his sweaty forehead and smiled down at him.

"You're welcome love, you're welcome."

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