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Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Thirteen

Quatre smiled at everyone as they entered his huge mansion.

"Welcome." He said. Duo smiled back as they entered. The boy was so cheerful, which was probably why he was perfect to be in a gang. I mean, who would ever believe that the cute boy next door who was always polite could use a machine gun and blow up your house if he wanted? They all sat in the living room.

"What are we waiting for?" Asked Treize. Him and Zechs agreed to come and help in any way they could.

"We're waiting for our leader." Said Wufei as he put an arm around Sally. Quatre sat in Trowa's lap and Duo naughtily thought to do the same...but his parents were kinda in the room. He settled for holding Heero's hand. Just then, a girl with short, blond hair that curled at the end wearing a blue sweater and blue jeans entered. Quatre smiled.

"Irea, hi!"

"Hello dear brother, how are you?" The two hugged each other. Zechs and Treize were really confused now. The whole family was in the most dangerous gang in the city and...

"Would you all like some tea?" They were the perfect host!

"No thanks, we just wanna see the boss if you don't mind." Said Heero.

"Aw Heero, never one to sit down and enjoy things. Give me a second to go and get him." She left the room.

"Irea...Irea Winner-Masters?" Asked Zechs, now remembering hearing her name from somewhere.

"That's right, she married our boss, Kyosuke." Said Quatre.

"That's right, and she's a fine wife." Said a voice. All turned to see a man wearing a gray sweater and a pair of black jeans. His dark hair was slicked back as his dark eyes shined with amusement. Heero, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei stood and bowed.

"Mr. Masters it's nice to see you." All four said.

"Boys relax." He said, looking around the room. His eyes landed on Sally first, smiling at his Dragon's lady. Then, he met Treize and Zechs, who he had heard about since they are...were cops.

"Hm, is it true you left the force?" He asked.

"To help our son, we'd do anything, even wear those Angel jackets these boys wear." Said Treize.

"I see." His eyes finally landed on Duo and he held in a gasp. Now he saw why his little Perfect Soldier went after him, he was gorgeous.

"And you must be Duo." Duo stood and bowed.

"Nice to meet you, and I thank you for meeting with us." Said Duo.

Kyosuke smiled and took his hand, gently kissing the back of it and causing the boy to blush.

"It's not a problem, when someone messes with any part of my Angels they mess with me. And they apparently have. Are you three O.K.?" He asked, indicating Quatre, Sally, and Duo.

"Yeah, we're fine." Said Sally, speaking for all of them.

"I am glad to hear that, and I am truly sorry for what happened. They have really gone too far this time. But, if what you say is true about this...solution they use to get stronger, we need extra help."

"Hence contacting Dr. J." Said Heero with a sound of defeat in his voice.

"Now Heero, I know he's a little..."

"Crazy." Said Quatre.

"Dishonorable." Said Wufei.

"A complete lunatic." Said Trowa.

"Not to mention perverted." Said Sally. Wufei held her tighter, remembering how the doctor would give his girl the most lust filled looks.

"Yeah, all of that, but we need him." Kyosuke said. He knew how the old man was, but he had to admit that the bastard was very smart, which was why they needed his help.

"O.K. Where is he?" Asked Heero.

"Where else, in the basement. And after you finish getting some kind of cure for that shit, come back to me and I'll give you some weapons. Dr. J just made some new ones that I think will come in handy." They all nodded, getting up to go downstairs.

"Sayonara boys." He said as they went down. Sally decided to come along too, no matter how much the man tried to be Santa Claus towards her. Treize and Zechs stayed upstairs with Irea and Kyosuke, discussing plans to finally finish off the Wildcats.

Duo held on to Heero as they went further and further down into the basement Finally arriving, Duo held his breath as the strong smell of chemicals assaulted him.

"This is it." Heero said, looking at the strange laboratory Dr. J. had. The bottles and potions gave them all the creeps as they went further into the place.

"Where is he?" Asked Trowa.

"I don't know...DR. J.!" Heero screamed, his voice seeming to echo.

"DOCTOR!" Screamed Quatre.

"WHERE ARE YOU?" Screamed Wufei. No answer came. Duo kept looking around, his eyes wide as he looked at the various bottles and gadgets. He was curious to see what half the stuff did, but he didn't want to touch anything at all. He decided to leave it alone and continue to help them search for the crazy old man.

"My, aren't you a pretty dish." Duo jumped as the haunting voice entered his ears. He turned and stared at the short, old man with a metal hand and small glasses.

"Who...who are you?" Asked Duo. The others turned as the old man smiled at them.

"The name is Dr. J. I take it you're Heero's little schoolboy I heard so much about. I...can help you study." He leered, his good hand touching Duo's face. The boy whimpered, completely frozen in disgust. Sally sighed, she knew what Duo was going through when it came to the perverted one.

"J." Heero warned, very close to straggling the man and ending his horrid life.

"Oh relax, let me have some fun." Said Dr. J, his hand going down Duo's spine, his metal hand snapping off Duo's band for his braid. Duo closed his eyes tight and the hand on his back went lower. He wanted to push the man off of him, but for some reason, he couldn't.

He was too sickened to move.

"That's enough J." Said Heero, grabbing Duo. Dr. J. pouted, then looked at Sally.

"Don't even think about it." Said Wufei. Dr. J. sighed, no fun at all. He wouldn't touch the other boys out of respect for his lost comrades, and Heero....well....the boy was gorgeous but he was his own. He trained him like a father and son thing, so it just didn't feel right. Of course, he could get a couple of hits off of his longhaired lover.

"Fine, so, tell me what's up." Said J, walking deeper into the lab.

"Didn't Mr. Masters tell you?" Asked Quatre.

"Honestly....yes....I just wanted to hear it from you boys. So, those Wildcats are giving you grief?" Asked J.

"Yeah, they have some new chemical that makes them stronger." Said Wufei.

"So, we need an antidote so we can get rid of them once and for all." Said Heero.

"Ah, always out for revenge. Well, I can't say I blame that bastard Kei in taking a shine to your new toy." Said J with a smirk.

"I'm not a toy." Said Duo.

"Ah, feisty...I like that."

"Enough with the crap J, give us an antidote so we can go." Said Trowa. J smiled.

"Watch it former Wildcat," J always referred to him that way, "Now, this cure isn't as easy to find as you think."

"So, you don't know what it is?" Asked Quatre.

"Oh I know exactly what the DRUG is that they used, I just don't have it. I need the drug to figure out the cure."

"So what's the drug?" Asked Sally.

"I know the chemical in it, but there are still some parts to it I don't know. Without those parts, we got no drug." Said J.

"So now what do we do?" Asked Duo.

"Aw, that's easy my little pet...we find the other parts." Said J.

"Any clue what they are?" Asked Sally.

"Well, they can't be too complex if they came up with it." Said Duo.

"Right, and I just happen to know someone who might know." J took out a picture to show the boys.

"I taught him before, cause I was just bored after Heero's training was done. He doesn't exactly work for the Wildcats, but is known to help anyone when money...or a pretty face...is involved. He lives alone, I just don't know where since he's always on the move. I believe he has settled here." Said J.

"What's his name?" Asked Trowa. J was just about to answer when...

"I know him." Said Duo in shock. All turned to look at the boy.


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