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Notes: I would like to thank Stormy for the way cool inspiration for this fic. I wasn't even thinking about a sequel Schoolboy, but she told me it should have one and gave some suggestions. This is what I came up it. Enjoy. This is for you Stormy. Since this is a sequel to Schoolboy, I suggest you read that first to understand. If you don't want to, oh well, do what you want *smiles*


Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Fifteen

Heero and Duo walked down the stairs leading to J's lab, in Heero's hand was the scroll Reiko had given to them with the ingredients to the drug. Both boys hoped that the old scientist could find a cure.

"Well if it isn't my favorite little Angel and his little dish. Have you brought me a gift pretty one?" J asked Duo, his hand coming close to grabbing the boy. Heero pulled Duo out of harms way and gave J the scroll, ready to leave the laboratory as soon as possible.

"Hmph, you're no fun at all." J opened the scroll and eyed the circle ingredients.

"He's pretty clever. These items mean nothing to the normal eye, but the myths behind them are what make the drug." J stated.

"That's the same thing he said, so, can you do it?"

"I'm pretty sure I can. It may take some time but it shouldn't be that difficult."

"Good...the sooner the better. Who knows what those Wildcats are up to now." Heero said, wondering what his enemies were thinking.

"It can't be good whatever it is. Kei said that he wants to take over the city." Duo reminded him.

"Don't worry about that my sweet. I will have this thing ready in no time." Heero glared at J, he didn't like J calling his Duo any type of pet names.

Before he could say anything about it however, Wufei came rushing down the stairs looking frantic.

"Guys, come quick...they're talking about the Wildcats on the news." Heero and Duo both looked surprised as they rushed upstairs.

Were they starting their attack already?

"Authorities say that these boys are very dangerous." The newscaster said. The man had a grim expression on his face, and behind him was one of the banks of the town. However, there were police cars and ambulances right outside the bank. The door to it was destroyed, and people were shown walking out in tears, some being carried out in strechers.

Some even being zipped up in body bags.

"How awful." Quatre whispered. Although the Angels would steal from time to time...they would never do it the way the Wildcats did...

...Destructively and without a care of those hurt in the process.

"It appears that 5 people have died during the robbery, several injured. Here's one of the survivors now." The boys gasped at the horrified looking man on T.V. He was holding his arm, which was twisted in a weird sort of angle, and his face looked terrified.

"They just...came in and asked for all the money. When one teller refused...one of them snapped her neck. When they finally got the money, one of them lifted the other teller off the ground and threw him against the wall, killing him. Is was...so much blood...everywhere...they...they killed for no reason. They...they killed this little kid cause he was in the way...I tried to stop them, but one of them broke my arm." The man cried. The police took him away, leading him to one of the many ambulances.

"Folks, please be alert. Stay away from them at all cost." Trowa turned the T.V. off, a frown on his face.

"This is bullshit! How long must we sit around and do nothing!" Wufei asked.

"We can't do anything until we have that antidote." Sally said, trying to calm her lover down. The gang sighed. It was true, they could do nothing but sit and wait.

"But when we do find that antidote, those bastards will feel it."

~The next day~ "Yo Kei, look at all this money?" Juno said, fanning himself with a bundle of hundreds. Kei smiled and began to throw the money up in the air, Vince, Rick, and Tonga catching it as it fell to the ground.

"This is great, we have the fucking city scared shitless!" Tonga said.

"Yeah, I wonder if Heero and his little Angels heard the news?" Vince asked.

"I'm sure they did, it was probably on all the stations." Rick said, counting some of the money. A sick smile twisted on Kei's face at the mention of Heero.

"Hm...I say we go and ask the man himself."

Duo walked down the empty halls of his school, holding a stack of papers his teacher had asked him to get from the main office. As he walked however, he got this cold feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He turned and looked behind him, seeing no one there.

"Oi...this whole thing has got me going nuts."

"Hey Duo." Duo turned at the familiar voice of his friend. He smiled as Hilde came walking towards him.

"Hi Hilde, what brings you out here?"

"Bathroom. You?"

"The teacher asked me to get these papers." Hilde smirked.

"For a second I thought you were ditching class to go and see Heero." They both shared the same first period class, but Heero and the others had another class at the time. Duo chuckled at her idea as the two headed back to their class.

However, before they could turn the corner to get to the room, Duo felt that cold feeling again. It almost felt like the feeling when...

"No." He whispered, dropping the papers.

"What's wrong Duo?" Hilde asked.

"I think...I think Kei is here."

"What...here? Why would he come here? There's no money or anything here that he could want."

"Oh yes there is. He...he either wants to confront Heero...or get me..." Hilde held her breath, if any of those things happened there would be major chaos in the school.

"What...what do we do?"

"I...I think we should go back to class." Duo said. Papers forgotten, the two darted around the corner to head for class, only to be stopped by a dark figure.

A dark figure named Kei.

"Now where are you two going?" Kei asked. The two stood there, trying to back away when they bumped into the rest of the gang.

They were surrounded.

"Duo...nice to see you again." Kei said. Duo glared at him, but on the inside he was screaming for help.

"Oh...who's your little friend Duo. She's kind of cute." Rick said, looking at Hilde.

"Leave her out of this." Duo said slowly.

"Do as he says. It's not her we want." Kei said.

"But boss..."

"DO IT! We only need Duo...I only want Duo." Kei said, smiling at Duo hungrily. Duo glared at him again, but he knew that he would have to play along for Hilde to get to safety...

...and to get help.

"Go back to class."

"But..." Duo grabbed he arm and whispered out the next part.

"Go get Heero." Hilde nodded, knowing what class Heero had at the time. She walked away so she wouldn't give anything away, hoping that Duo would be O.K. alone.

As soon as she got out of sight she took off to get help.

"Duo, please be O.K."

"Well now Duo, shall we make things easier?" Kei asked, stepping towards him. Duo frowned and began to back away, only to be pushed forward by Juno.

"The boss asked you a question kid." Juno said. Duo stumbled a bit, but landed right into Kei's arms. He gasped and tried to squirm out of the grip, but it was no use.

"So...will we make this easier and you come with me willingly, or do I have to do things the hard way? Either way, I get what I want."

"How about neither way?" Duo asked.

"Very cute, you got spunk." Kei said, running a hand down Duo's cheek. He suddenly drew the hand back and slapped Duo across that same cheek, making Duo fall to the ground from the force of the hit.

"I hate spunk. Look's like I'm gonna have to break you again. I thought last time would've been enough for you to learn who is in charge." Kei said coldly. Duo held his cheek in pain, but he turned and gave Kei a cold look.

"No matter how many times you try and break me it won't work. I'll never be yours you sick bastard!"

"Stupid answer boy." Vince said, bending over to lift Duo off the ground. Duo gasped as he noticed that his feet were no longer touching the floor.

"Hey guys," Juno said, looking inside one of the classrooms, "This room is totally empty. I say we have some fun." Kei smiled, instructing Vince to drag Duo into the classroom. Duo struggled the entire time, trying to break loose, but it was no use.

He felt like a worm on a hook.

His body froze when he heard the classroom door close, leaving him alone with the twisted group. Kei stared into his eyes and smiled, looking like a cat who ate the canary and washed it down with a bowl of milk.

"It's fun to break this one. Maybe I will let you guys have a turn one time." Kei said.

"That sounds good. I would love to have a turn with you Duo." Tonga said. Vince tossed him back to the ground, the entire gang laughing at him. Duo backed up against the wall, drawing his knees to his chest trying to hide himself as much as he possibly could.

"Well boys, I say Tonga and I get first turn then." Kei said. Tonga gave Duo a sick smile as Kei bent over to be eye level with the boy.

"I can't wait to be buried inside that tight heat lover." Kei said, his lips coming closer to Duo's own. Duo growled at him, spitting in his face to keep him at bay. While Kei was wiping away the saliva, Tonga grabbed Duo by his neck and pushed him to the floor, lying on top of him as he choked him.

Duo gasped for breath, his hands coming around to try and pull Tonga's stronger one off of him. While one hand kept Duo at bay, the other one went to the front of Duo's pants and unzipped them, going in to fondle with his soft member. Duo shut his eyes, not wanting to see what was happening.

"Little bitch, how dare you do that to our leader." Tonga said angrily.

"Let him go Tonga. We don't want him passing out while we have our fun." Kei said. Tonga smirked and let go of Duo's neck, the long haired boy gasping for breath. It was short lived as he felt Kei press his lips agaisnt his own, the nasty taste of the slimball making him sick to his stomach. He jumped when he felt his pants and boxers being pulled down, and a warm mouth surrounding his member.

"That's right, make him hard Tonga. Then, I shall take him all over again." Kei said, kissing him again. Tonga sucked on him harder, his hands massaging all over Duo's lower area. The other three watched, becoming hard at watching their victim's pain.

"May we join in?" Vince asked.

"Sure thing. The more the merrier." Kei said. Duo was about to scream for help when Kei covered his mouth with his hand. The classroom was empty, and Duo's voice would carry...

...this time the beauty wouldn't get away from him.

"And to think my little Duo, this will be happening to you for a very....VERY long time." And on that note, Duo shut his eyes as he felt cold lips on his again. The lips bit his own hard while he felt hands lift up his shirt, lips on his chest, around his member, fingers by his entrance.

Kissing, thrusting, sucking, biting, licking...he couldn't keep up with who did what. He could feel hands and lips all over him, all at the same time. No inch of his body was left uncovered by the gang, and that thought made him feel like shit.

"Hm...I think he's ready boys." As soon as Duo heard Kei unzip his pants, he let the darkness overtake him.

"Where is he?" Heero asked frantically, Hilde in front of him to show him the way to Duo. Behind him was the other Angels. From what Hilde said, the entire gang was there to cause trouble, and they would need the full team.

"Around this corner." Hilde said, but when they darted around the corner they saw nothing. No trace of anyone...it was like they disappeared.

"Damnit! They were right here I swear it!" Hilde screamed.

"I believe you. Let's look around."

"I heard a scream boss." Rick said, watching his boss get ready to penetrate the unwilling body.

"Damnit, that bitch must've got Heero and the others."

"We better go then." Tonga said, heading towards the window. Kei looked at Duo, who was still passed out, looking like some sort of erotic angel.

"Yes, let's go."

Heero and the others looked around frantically, searching all over for any sign of Duo. They were just about to give up when they heard a scuffling noise coming from one of the classrooms. Heero headed towards the classroom door, just in time to see someone climb out of the window. He growled and opened the door a little too late, seeing that the bastards already had got away.

But...if that was them...where was Duo?

"Oh no..." Hilde said in shock. Heero turned and stared at the chalkboard in horror.

For on it, written in red chalk, was a message:

He's with me now.

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