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Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Sixteen

The school was closed after Duo's kidnapping. The police arrived on the scene, asking questions and looking around for any clue as to where Kei and the others could've gone.

"They have to have some type of hideout." Lady Une said, sighing and rubbing her aching forehead with her fingers.

They were getting nowhere.

"He told me to go and get help and I did." Hilde said for the tenth time that day. Noin wrote down what she said, also feeling a bit aggrivated. There was nothing there, just like the bank the Wildcats had broken into.

"And she came and got us. We heard a noise coming from the classroom we are in now, and when we entered Duo was gone." Said Wufei. Noin nodded.

"Alright. We'll do what we can."

"Which is nothing." Hissed a voice. Noin turned and glared at the Japanese youth. Lady Une stood next to Noin, daring Heero to talk down about her police squad again.

Of course...Heero always accepted a dare.

"The police tried years ago to take them down. It didn't work. They even turned to us for help. But they insisted on arresting the bastard. Now he's free again, has killed five people, injured several others, kidnapped one of the school's top students which happens to be my boyfriend, and who knows what he will do next."

"Listen Mr. Yuy. We are doing everything we can here. I assure you that we will find Duo and end this..."

"...by sending Kei to jail again I assume?" Trowa asked.

"Yes. We will put him in a prison so he can rot his life away." Noin said.

"I admit that this is a tough case, but we will figure it out. So we ask for you boys not to get in our way and let the police handle it." Lady Une said. Heero chuckled at this, a dark laugh that made even Lady Une feel fear in her heart.

"Us stay out the way? That's not our style. When someone fucks with us then we do all we can to get in the way." Heero's eyes turned cold at those words, his face inches away from Lady Une's own.

"When I find Kei...I will send him to you in little pieces. I'm going to chop every part of his body up...and I'm going to burn his fucking dick off for even THINKING of touching my koibito. When I'm done...you can take the rest of his body parts and let them rot in prison." With those words, Heero left the room, leaving Lady Une standing there with a shocked look on her face. The other four Angels walked past her, but Quatre stopped before leaving, turning back to look at the woman.

"It's best that you stay out of OUR way ma'am. Or at least...stay out of Heero's way. While we will try and keep calm if you do get in the way...I don't think Heero will."

"He's...he's so cold...why?" Noin asked, feeling a tad bit shaken up from Heero's words, and they weren't even directed at her.

"He's in love for the first time...and Kei is trying to take that away. No one takes anything away from our leader...especially the love of his life." With these words, Quatre left the two women alone.

Violet eyes slowly opened, wincing in slight discomfort. The eyes looked around at his surroundings, taking in the room he was in. He was lying down, but the room had no window or any other furniture. There was only one lamp glowing, the light making his eyes burn a little from being unconscious for so long.

Duo groaned as he sat up, feeling his long hair cascade all over his body. Wait a minute...when was his hair taken down?

"You're finally awake precious." Duo turned at the new voice, recognizing it as the guy who Quatre use to go out with.


"That's right. Glad you remembered." Juno smiled, approaching Duo with what looked like some clothes.

"What are those for?"

"Put them on and you'll see." Duo got out of the bed and approached Juno to take the clothes, only to shove him out of the way, taking the boy by surprise and knocking him over.

"You little..." Before Juno could finish his sentence Duo took off out of the door.

Duo ran as fast as he could, not knowing where he was going but as long as it was away from any of them. He stopped when he heard more voices, ducking behind one of the corners.

"Yeah...I can't wait until we have this city begging on it's knees." Said one of the voices Duo recognized as Tonga.

"You and me both." Said the second voice, belonging to Rick. Duo then heard a third voice join the other two...a voice that made him begin to worry.

"Guys...the little bitch got away."

"WHAT! Kei is gonna be pissed off."

"Not if he doesn't find out." Duo cursed under his breath, slowly moving away from the three boys. If he was quiet enough, no one would hear him get away.

"Hello gorgeous." Whispered a voice in Duo's ear. Duo jumped out of his hiding spot, bumping right into Juno. Juno gasped, quickly grabbing hold of Duo.

"There you are...that wasn't nice to try and get away." Juno said.

"It wasn't nice that you tried to keep it from me." Said the voice in the shadows. Juno gulped, looking right into the eyes of his leader.

He didn't look happy.

"Boss...I'm sorry...he caught me off guard and..." Kei growled and slapped Juno across his face, taking hold of Duo at the same time.

"I told you not to underestimate him and you did. He could've got away and then we would have to start over from square one." Kei said.

"What do you mean?" Duo asked. Kei smiled down at him, drawing him closer to his body. He let a hand run down Duo's hair, loving the feeling of it between his fingers.

"You'll see real soon. We have plans for you." Duo heard the other four chuckle at that statement, a laugh that made his heart stop. Kei sighed.

"Get you minds out of the gutter assholes! We don't do that until everything is finished. What happened in the classroom was just a sample. We don't use the full product until our plan is finished."

"Yes sir." Kei smiled and lifted Duo in the air, drapping him over his shoulder and walking towards the room the long-haired boy just escaped from.

"Now let's get you ready gorgeous. We have lots to do today. And soon, everything will be finished, and you will be mine for all time."

"Never...Heero will stop you." Duo spat out. Kei chuckled.

"I don't think so my little lover. Soon...Heero and his little Angels will really be angels...after I send them to their graves." With that statement, Kei let out an evil chuckle and put his ultimate plan in motion.

"So we have to sit here and wait! How much longer will it take you to finish this!" Heero screamed at J. J sighed.

"I don't know Heero. I'm getting close I know it, but it doesn't help if you keep screaming at me!" J shot back. Heero sighed, a defeated look crossing his face.

"Listen to me Heero...I will not fail. I will find a cure, but until then you have to sit tight. There is no way you can challenge them without having this thing done. I know you want to get Duo back, but you won't be able to do anything if you challenge him now and get yourself killed." Heero nodded, heading back upstairs to let the other's know about J's progress. J watched with worry in his eyes.

"Don't do anything stupid."

"So what's the word?" Treize asked. After finding out what happened to Duo, both Treize and Zechs headed over to Quatre's place, hoping that the antidote was done so Duo could be rescued.

"He's almost done he says. He'll keep us updated." Treize and Zechs nodded.

"Until then...we have to sit and wait." Kyosuke reminded the Angel leader. He knew how his young apprentice was, and knew that now wasn't the time to attack head on.

"Don't worry Heero, I'm sure J will find it soon. Then we can get Duo and finish this for good." Sally said, hoping her words would calm Heero down. Heero nodded and sat in one of the many chairs, trying to relax.

But what happenned next made him forget what the word relax meant.

"Guys...you may want to turn on the T.V." Irea said as she entered the room. Kyosuke nodded at his wife, but what he saw on the T.V. made his throat run dry.

"We interrupt your normal television programming for a special announcement." Said a very familiar voice. The gang gasped.

"He wouldn't..."

"Don't try to change the channel folks...cause we ain't goin nowhere until this message is sent." On the T.V. was the city's top news station, but it was totally trashed. On the ground laid the bodies of the normal newscasters and some more of the staff, blood leaving some of the non-moving bodies.

And in the middle of it all stood the cause of the mass destruction.

"Hello, you are watching the Wildcat's news reports." Said Kei. Juno stood next to him along with Rick and Vince, laughing at their boss' joke.

"I'm sure you've heard of us by now. We are responsible for all the chaos your city has been experiencing. And there will be plenty more if our demands aren't met." Said Juno.

"That's right. So you better listen up and listen well!" Said Rick with a twisted smile on his face.

"We would like total control of the city. Absolute power, or else we will destroy each and every building...and person that gets in our way." Said Vince.

People who were watching at home watched with fear in their eyes, holding onto their loved ones for dear life.

They had heard, some even seen, the power the boys on the T.V. held. They didn't want them to run their lives, but they also didn't want the city to be destroyed.

"Before you make your decision, which we hope is the right one, we have one more request. We would like the Angels to bring us the news." Kei said with a laugh.

Heero glared at the T.V. along with the other Angels.

"I'm sure you know who they are. Heero Yuy, Quatre Winner, Chang Wufei, and Trowa Barton. We would like these boys to gives us your answer. We will be waiting by the old harbor on the south side of the city." Juno added.

"Oh and one more thing..." Kei nodded his head, seeming to signal for something.

Heero gasped at what he saw.

Tonga walked on the T.V. screen, holding what appeared to be a leash.

"Come on beautiful, let everyone see how pretty you are for our leader." Tonga said, pulling the leash hard. There was a startled yelp, and a familiar looking boy was now presented on the televison.

Long chestnut colored hair flew all around the fey creature. There was a black collar around his neck which was attached to the leash Tonga was holding. The boy wore an open black leather vest with a pair of extremely short leather shorts and black knee-high leather boots.


Duo kept his eyes closed, not wanting to look at any of the bastards who was responsible for his pain. Tonga chuckled and handed Kei the leash, smiling into the camera.

"What a good boy you are." Kei said, pulling the leash hard enough to yank Duo over to him. Kei chuckled at the boy's pain, wrapping his free arm around Duo's waist.

"This is MY koibito, the lovely Duo Maxwell." Duo's eyes shot open at that, quivering at the statement. He glared daggers at Kei for the assumption.

"Tell the folks at home how much you love me." Kei said, pulling the leash harder. Duo shook his head. Kei growled, delivering a hard blow to Duo's stomach. Duo gasped, holding his stomach in pain as he dropped to his knees.

"Now say it!" Kei barked. Duo stared into the camera, his face looking determined.

"Listen to me...don't let these fowl creatures run our city. The Angels are our only hope...believe in them. They will save us all!" Kei snarled, pulling Duo up by the collar again and delivering a powerful smack to his cheek. Duo shut his eyes at the blow, a tear leaving his eye.

But he wiped it away, glaring at Kei again.

"I hate you! You will never win this fight! I will be the first one to spit on your grave when Heero kills your ass!"

"ENOUGH!" Kei slapped the other cheek this time, "You little slut...my little slut." Kei smiled at Duo, bringing his lips down to kiss those sweet lips. Duo gagged at the kiss, opening his mouth to try and bite Kei when the other boy pulled away.

"If you bite me then I will have to show the folks at home how you became my little slut." Kei said. Duo whimpered, but nodded his head and accepted the sour kiss. Kei smiled into the kiss, his tongue shoving inside Duo's mouth as the hand not holding the leash groaped Duo's ass, pulling him closer. While this was going on, another tear slipped out of Duo's eye, his hand balling into a tight fist, promising revenge when he had the chance.

Kei pulled away, licking his lips so he could taste more of Duo. He looked into the camera one last time, a sick smile on his face.

"The decision is yours folks." He said as he bent over to kiss Duo once again. As he kissed him once more, Duo could feel one of the other goons get behind him, cold lips pressed against his neck as a hand went around the front of his shorts, groaping there.

Duo just shut his eyes tights, blanking his mind out as the gang took turns molesting him.

Heero didn't bother to turn the T.V. off as it played his one and only in the middle of the gang's twisted game.

Instead, he stood up and punched the screen in.

"Heero...Heero calm down." Zechs said. He was upset too, but he knew that they could do nothing at the moment. Heero glared at the man, his eyes showing nothing but absolute coldness...and death.

The phone rang at that moment.

"Yeah...I see..." The gang listened as Kyosuke talked to whoever was on the phone, but deep down they already knew who it was.

"I understand. Thank you." Kyosuke hung up the phone.

"Boys....I think you know who that was."

"What did the mayor say?"

"He wants you to go to and meet the Wildcats to tell them...that the city is theirs." Kyosuke said sadly.

But one look from Heero told the gang that it wouldn't end so easily. Kyosuke shook his head.

"Not this time boys. This time we gotta play by the rules. We have no other options...we have to follow orders." Kyosuke said. Wufei smirked along with the other three boys.

"Now boss...since when have the Angels ever listen to orders or play by the rules?" Wufei asked.

"You should know better than anybody...the Angels play by their own rules." Trowa said. Quatre nodded, a determined look on his face.

"If we don't have anymore options...we make some up so we can see things our way. This isn't over...not by a long shot." Heero said. He loooked at the busted T.V. set, still seeing the image of his Duo being claimed by that bastard in his head.

"I will save you, I promise." And Heero Yuy always kept his word.


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