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Additional Note: Heero vs. Kei. Time for the final battle. The last fight scene *puts on combat gear* hope you all are ready.

Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Nineteen

Kei stopped in one of the alleys and panted, feeling very tired from running. He looked around to look for a safe place. He had to regain his bearings before he even thought about taking Heero on. He continued to run until he got to the end of the alley.

"Hm...now where can I go?" He looked to be in the busier part of town, but no one was outside. Kei let a smirk cross his face, the people were that afraid of the Wildcats.

The smirk soon faded into a frown.

If they only saw them now.

Kei sighed and began to walk across the street but stopped when he heard something that made his heart stop.

A motorcycle.

"Oh shit."

Heero sped down the roads, knowing that Kei was trying to leave because he was losing. But he wouldn't go far, Heero wouldn't let him.

It was time to end this, once and for all.

The Japanese leader smirked when he turned down one of the streets and saw a very familiar looking figure crossing the street.


Kei froze and saw the bike fast approaching. He turned and was about to break into a run when he heard a loud yell of his name. He turned and was surprised to see Heero leap off of the bike, the bike spinning out of control and skidding down the street. Kei looked up in time to see and feel Heero pounce him, the two boys rolling down the street and trying to get the upper hand. The motorcycle laid on it's side on the sidewalk, barely touching a mailbox.

The two boys growled at each other, wrestling. Kei smirked when he looked down at Heero from his current position, but the smirk faded when Heero threw him off of him. Kei landed on the street with a loud thud and Heero stood, watching his enemy stand up as well.

"I always knew that you were a coward Kei." Heero said. Kei glared at him.

"Cowards live to see another day."

"Well that rule is about to change, because this will be your last day." Kei chuckled at that statement.

"Are you sure about that? The police seem pretty intent on just locking me up. And then I'll just break out again and take what's mine."

"See that's another thing. Did you know that Reiko is the chief of police's son?" Heero smirked at the scared look that crossed Kei's face. He liked causing fear in the bastard.

"That's right asshole. So you shooting him didn't look too good."

"It doesn't matter. I'll still find a way to come out on top. I always do you know. You think you're so great with your little bullshit gang but you ain't. I'll just start a new gang and take over, just like I was meant to do." Kei chuckled and decided to add the icing to the cake, "Then, I'm going to fuck Duo over and over again until he's screaming my name, and you'll watch the entire time. You'll watch him beg for me and then I'll make him cum all over you, begging for me. I'll eventually dispose of you when I'm done torturing you." Kei saw the angry look cross Heero's face and grinned. It was so easy to piss the Japanese boy off, and although it may not have been the smartest thing to do, it was still fun to toy with him.

Heero may have seemed to have the upper hand, but Kei knew that he could think of a way to get the best of him.

"See here's the thing you little prick. None of that is going to happen. Because basically, I'm going to kill you, and take Duo home with me. I would keep you alive long enough for you to see how much Duo enjoys me, but you don't deserve to see that. So, let's end all this crap right now." Heero stood in a fighting stance. Kei smiled.

"Sure why not. Drug or no drug I'll still kick your ass. Don't think that because you beat me in the past means that you can do it now." Kei got in a fighting stance as well.

This was it, the final confrontation between the two. No one to come in their way. No other gang members, no police, just the two of them.

"I have gotten stronger over the years Heero. You had best walk away."

"Hmph. Is that the reason why you made that drug?" Heero asked.

"I made the drug to enhance my strength, and everyone elses. But, like I said, I don't need it to beat you!" Kei charged head on, his fist cocked back to deliver a hard blow.

The blow connected with Heero's cheek.

Kei let a small smile cross his face when he saw Heero's head be thrown back from his punch. He chuckled. He knew he wouldn't need the drug for Heero. The boy wasn't strong enough to take him, he was too high on Duo to prepare himself like Kei did.

The drug was nice to have around, but unlike his other gang members Kei had been training just in case something happened to go wrong.

Like it did.

Kei was so busy wallowing in his little victory that he didn't hear the low and dangerous laugh coming from his opponent.

At least not until it was too late.

Kei gasped when Heero's head snapped back as if nothing happened and he grabbed his wrist hard, squeezing it. Kei couldn't hold in his cringe from the strength Heero was displaying.

"Please don't tell me that is your best." Heero said. Kei looked in horror, Heero licking the trail of blood escaping his lips as if nothing happened.

"What? Did you think that I wouldn't be stronger? Did you think that during this time I haven't been training? What do you think I do all day?"

"Heh, I actually thought you would be busy fucking that little angel of yours." Heero let a smirk cross his feature, crushing Kei's wrist more.

"I have been doing that too."

"So have I." Kei said.

Big mistake.

Heero growled and ended the friendly conversation by squeezing Kei's wrist hard enough to break it. Kei let out a loud scream as he backed away, clutching onto his now broken wrist.

Kei looked up to see Heero walking towards him. He glared, figuring that he still had one good hand left so he could continue.

Mistake number two.

As soon as Kei charged at him Heero danced out of the way and swept his legs, causing Kei to fall on his back. Kei looked up to see Heero lift his leg up and bring it down with great speed to land a painful blow to his stomach. Kei felt the air leave his lungs, blood escaping his paling lips.

"Bastard!" He coughed out. Heero chuckled and kicked him in the ribs.

"That I am when it comes to you." Kei rolled onto his side, his body drawing into a fetal position as he continued his painful coughs of blood. Heero watched, fascinated by the red substance leaving the boy's lips.

"You won't win." Kei coughed out, holding his gut in pain. Heero chuckled again and delivered another kick, this time, in between the legs.

Tears leaked out of Kei's eyes from that hit.

"DAMNIT!" He screamed, forgetting about his aching stomach to tend to his abused member. It felt like it was now in some sort of new twisted angle. Heero bent over to grab Kei's hair, lifting his face to meet his own. He let his lips come close to Kei's ear, close enough so he could feel his warm breath.

"That was for Duo." Heero whispered. He then slammed Kei's face into the pavement, the body shuddering for a minute then not moving at all.

"And that was for me." Heero stood and kicked Kei so he could lie on his back and saw a deep red gash on his forehead. He smirked, the blood rolling down Kei's face, some of it down his closed eyelids.

Deciding that it was over, Heero turned and walked towards his motorcycle to see if it could still run.

He wanted to get back to the others as soon as possible, but most importantly...

...he wanted to tell Duo that it was all over.

"Do you think everything will be O.K. now?" Quatre asked, watching as Une and Noin rounded up the four remaining Wildcats.

"I hope so." Wufei said.

"Heero won't come back until everything is finished." Trowa added. The three boys watched as the two women dragged the boys to the car. Noin stopped when she stood in front of Juno.

"Ma'am. We both are gonna have to load this one up. He can't...even stand up." Noin had said, loud enough that both Une and the other boys could hear.

"Is that a fact? How did that happen?" Une asked, going to help Noin.

"Well I don't know. One of them did some major damage. He may be paralyzed from...the neck down." Noin said.

The other boys couldn't hold in their snickers at that news. Apparently the damage toll was high for the Wildcats, so many things broken.

"Wow Quatre. Remind me to never make you mad." Wufei said. Quatre smiled at the Chinese boy, relieved that the nightmare seemed to be over.

Heero was inches away from the bike when a loud shot was heard.

Almost like a... gunshot.

Oh shit.

He turned just into time for the bullet to catch his shoulder and not his back. He winced and held his now bleeding shoulder, dropping to his knees at the burning sensation that ran through his body.

"Well well, looks like... I get the last laugh after all." Heero gasped.

It couldn't be.

He let his eyes move up to see a bleeding and bloody Kei, holding a gun in his hand. He was smirking at Heero, a very tired smirk that showed how much pain he was in, but it was still there.

Shit. He had forgotten that the bastard did have Noin's gun on him from when he shot Reiko.

Heero stood up, but immediately regretted it when Kei shot again, this time his knee. He let out a startled scream, dropping to the ground on his injured knee. He winced again and had to concentrate so he wouldn't hit the ground.

"Did...I tell you that you...could move?" Kei asked tiredly. He had the craziest look on his face, blood dripping down his face from the bruise Heero gave him.

Heero thought that it was enough to kill the bastard.

He hated persistant little twits.

"So this...is how this is gonna end Yuy. I'm gonna...save all the elegant forms of your death and just...kill you know. I know...that I wanted you to suffer...but you can suffer in Hell!" Kei aimed the gun at Heero's chest, aiming right for his heart. He snickered, his vision wavering slightly but it was O.K.

If he missed he'd just try again and again.

Heero shut his eyes, knowing that it was the end as he heard the gun fire.

The scene looked deadly calm for what had just occured. Everyone was inside of their homes, not knowing what was happening outside.

Frankly they didn't want to know.

A long time ago, these two gangs had fought to the death. And those who were outside to watch didn't really live to see the outcome.

Or some did, and told their friends from hospital beds.

So when the Wildcats returned with a challenge for the Angels, everyone wisely stayed indoors as the two fought.

And now the fight was drawing to a close

A gun laid on the ground, scattered away from the owner. The owner of the gun stood in silence as he looked at the gun and his rival.

"Son of a BITCH!"

Heero looked up to see that someone had shot the gun away from Kei's hand, and now the gun lay on the road as if nothing happened. He looked around frantically to see who had done it and gasped.

"YOU!" Kei yelled when he caught site of the mystery figure.

A scantly dressed leather clad boy stepped into the light.

Long chestnut waves of hair with a pair of violet eyes.

The eyes were not cheerful, but rather, they looked as cold and as deadly as the coldest of ice.


"How the..." Heero had so many questions but couldn't voice them out. Duo didn't look at him, but rather, he had his gun trained on Kei.

"I figured he'd try to leave. And I remembered that he still had Noin's gun. So I kindly took Une's gun and took off. This is the only way out of the city so I figured he'd go this way. I was right."

"Well Heero, your little lover is pretty clever. Now be a good little boy and hand me the gun and come back with me."

"Fuck off." Duo growled, aiming his gun right at Kei's head.

"So you're gonna shoot me?" Kei asked, taunting Duo. Duo growled, his body trembling but not dropping his gaze or his hold on the weapon.

While all this was going on Heero slowly made his way over to the other gun.

"Come on Duo, you don't have the guts. Are you really gonna pull the trigger kid? Well then do it. Do it! DO IT DAMNIT! Shoot me!" Duo backed away when Kei began to approach him.

"You can't do it. You can't do it because you are mine and I OWN you! Now be a good little slave and give your master the gun. I'll forgive you for your little episode this time darlin." Kei said.

"Stay away from me!" Duo said, his arms shaking violently, the gun wavering.

"Oh but Duo I can't stay away. You are so beautiful, and so fucking hot. I can't wait to take you home and feel that tight heat of yours." Kei said, licking his lips.


In the distance Heero had finally reached the gun.

"So just drop the gun and let's go. You can't do it, you know you can't. So let's go. You don't have the guts Duo."

A loud cry was heard and a shot was fired.

A little o of surprise formed on Kei's face. His eyes were wide open, but he couldn't see anything.

Everything was getting fuzzy.

Blood oozed from a new hole formed in his head, louged right in the bruise Heero had gave him.

Kei Sakyo. The leader of the deadly Wildcats. Responsible for the death of many innocent lives, and the wounds of many, not only physical, but also emotional...

...slowly dropped to the ground dead on his back.

He never moved again.

Heero's hands twitched right near the gun he was going for. He never got a chance to even pick it up when the loud cry was heard and the sound of a gun going off reached his ears. His blue eyes looked dead ahead of him and saw his lover holding a now smoking gun, tears streaming from his beautiful eyes.


Heero slowly stood up, mindful of his injuries. He groaned in pain as he forced himself to walk towards the chestnut haired boy.

Duo didn't even seem to notice him.

Finally, after what felt like eternity, Heero reached Duo and pulled the gun away from him. Duo still didn't seem to notice.

He couldn't believe it.

He shot him.

He shot him right in his head.

He... he killed him. The bastard deserved it but...

...he just killed someone.

His mind was aware of Heero's presence, of Heero taking away the gun. But he couldn't get his body to acknowledge it.

He was completely frozen.

"Duo...Duo it's O.K." He could feel Heero wrap his arms around him, his warmth seeming to melt the ice. His body finally decided to move and he hugged Heero back.

"Oh gods...I really...I really killed him..."

"Shh. It's O.K. Yes you did, but you also did everyone a big favor by doing it koi." Heero whispered in his ear. Duo nodded, wiping away his own tears. He gasped when he finally seemed to notice Heero's injuries.

"Oh gods, Heero are you O.K.?" Duo asked.

"It's nothing." And of course, after he said that his body decided to show him how much pain it was in by giving out on him. Duo held Heero close, wrapping his arm around his shoulder so he could help Heero walk. Heero smiled back at him, Duo using one hand to keep his arm around his shoulders and the other around his waist.

"Let's go home Duo." Duo smiled for the first time in a long time and began to walk back with Heero in tow.

He stopped when he looked to see Kei's lifeless body staring up at the sky. Duo snarled and worked his way over to him.

"Duo...what are you doing?"

"Keeping a promise." Heero looked up at Duo in confusion. Without warning, Duo spit right in Kei's face, the saliva mixing in with the blood.

"There see, I kept my promise. Burn in hell (1)." And with that, the two boys walked away together.

"We had no choice but to strike back when Mr. Sakyo began to shoot at us. We asked him to drop his weapon but he refused, shooting at us instead. So we only shot back in self defense. It is unfortunate that it had to end this way."

"Well there you have it from the new police captain Noin herself. The nightmare...is over."

Reiko smiled and shut off the newscast from his hospital bed. After all that happened, Une assured Duo and Heero that they would not be blamed for the death of Kei.

Although no one would miss him, but the justice systems seemed so bent on trying not to kill the bad guy.

And after that, Une quit the police force, Noin becoming the new captain.

"And that as they say is that." Reiko said. Duo chuckled next to him along with the other Angels, plus Hilde, Sally, and Kenji. Une was there too, but she was off getting coffee with Treize and Zechs.

"Yes. It is all finally over." Duo said happily, snuggling with Heero.

"What happened to the other four?" Hilde asked.

"Well they are in jail, but Kei was the main one that held them together. Now that he is gone the Wildcats are really finished." Wufei said.

"Yes. They will be there for a very long time. And with their injuries, they really can't do much." Quatre added.

"I am really suprised that a little guy like you could do so much damage. Juno will never be able to walk again." Reiko said, eyeing Quatre. Quatre blushed.

"They all are very deadly. Makes me wonder why the hell they call themselves Angels." Kenji pointed out. The mentioned gang chuckled.

"We like the name. I think it was Heero's idea. I'm not sure." Trowa said.

"Hey! We are the Angels because we look innocent, like Quatre, but can be very deadly when we need to be." Heero said, answering the question.

"I don't look innocent at all! Why do you guys keep saying that!" Quatre pouted. Everyone's face went soft, Trowa hugging Quatre close.

"Face it Quatre, you are the cute one of the group." Duo said.

"I beg to differ." Heero said, planting a soft kiss on Duo's lips. He continued on, "Duo is the one who is deceptive on looks. Look at him, his face looks cute, his body looks gorgeous, he's totally sexy..."

"This is one man's opinion." Duo said, trying hard not to blush.

"No it isn't. I agree with him." Reiko said.

"Yeah I would have to as well Duo. You are gorgeous." Hilde said. Everyone else nodded, causing Duo to groan at his shyness as his face turned bright red.

"Duo is very deceptive in looks. I didn't know he had it in him to finish Kei off. It's surprising that after all of this drama, Duo was the one to really end it." Sally said. Heero hugged his koi close, Duo leaning back into him.

"Well now what do we do guys? All the excitement is over, and school is cancelled for a while due to all the events that happened." Duo said.

"Forever the schoolboy Maxwell. I bet you can't wait to hit the books again." Wufei said. They all laughed, Duo glaring at all of them. Before he could respond Une entered the room with her coffee, smiling down at Reiko.

"How is my baby doing?" She asked.

"Ma! You are embarrassing me in front of my friends." Reiko said sarcastically, causing everyone to laugh.

"You have no one here to impress Reiko."

"Yes I do. I have to impress Duo so we can go out sometime." Heero growled at him.

"I wouldn't do that Reiko. Heero might bite your hand off from that growl of his." Trowa said. Reiko smiled.

"Well I'll let you guys have some more time together. Reiko, I think we should clean out your apartment when you feel better so you can move in with me."


"Oh come on. I want you to start school again. And I live closer so..."

"...I understand. Sure ma I'll live with you. Besides, the neighborhood I live in sucks." Une smiled and kissed Reiko on the cheek.

"Good. Now when you get better we can get all of your stuff back and get rid of all those awful little things you have in there, like those sex toys." Une said. Reiko nodded, Une smiling and leaving out of the room.

"Guys. You gotta go to my place and get the toys and hold them for me."

"I thought you were quitting that line of work." Kenji said with a glare.

"Oh I am Ken. But I can still have fun, right Quatre?" Reiko leered at him. Quatre blushed more, Trowa wrapping a protective arm around him.

"Well I wouldn't mind experimenting with some of the toys, would you Trowa?" Quatre asked. Trowa smirked.

"Of course not. They'll be in a good hands with us."

"Sure they will. Reiko may never get them back." Duo said. Quatre glared at Duo.

"You are one to talk Mr., 'Oh yes Heero harder...oh gods...that feels sooo good...more more MORE!'" Quatre challenged. Duo blushed more as Heero nibbled on his ear.

"It's O.K. Duo is just vocal." Heero said with a smirk which caused Duo to turn redder. They all laughed, not having laughed like that in so long it seemed.

But things were looking better day by day.

(1) In chapter 16, the chapter where the Wildcats were on the news with Duo challenging Heero and the others, Duo told Kei that he would be the first one to spit on his grave when Heero killed him. Spitting on his body was close enough ^_^

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