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Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Twenty

Soon after everything happened things slowly began to go back to normal in the town. Eventually people started to reopen their businesses, and the schools began to open their doors again.

It was like a dream. It was hard to believe that everything was over, but it was. There was no more fear running through the citizen's veins. Sure the Angels were still sort of running the city, but they were not violent and destructive like the Wildcats.

Plus the Angels had more important things to worry about.

Like graduation. It was their senior year after all.

Months had passed since the entire ordeal. It took a while for things to settle down but finally they did. And now, it was the end of August.

Since the schools had closed down, it was decided that the graduation ceremony would take place at the end of the summer break instead of the beginning.

However, it happened to fall on a very important day.

The day before Duo went away for college.

Duo had been accepted by one of the top colleges in the country, full tuition. It was an offer that he couldn't refuse.

Even if it was an offer that made him leave his home.

His friends.

And his Heero.

Treize and Zechs sat in the middle of the huge audience, cameras in hand. They were so proud of their son.

After all he had been through he was still at the top of his class and was going to go away to school.

He was already packed and ready to go besides a couple of small things that he could probably carry with him in the car. They would drive there, knowing it would take a long time but it was a good chance to see the scenery and a good chance to spend time together with Duo...

...before he left them.

At first Zechs was hesitant about letting Duo go that far. The drive itself took over 24 hours. But of course, after some convincing from Treize and the school's advisors Zechs finally caved in. After all, full tuition was a very good deal. And the school was very good and was the best thing for Duo's major (1).

The two of them were dressed in nice looking dark blue suits and they were sitting as close as they could since the first couple of rows were for the graduates. Next to them sat Une, Noin, Reiko, and even Kyosuke and Irea attended the boy's graduation.

It was a very good day.

And a sad day since one of their loved ones was leaving tomorrow.

In the front row were all of the Angels and Sally, Kenji, and Hilde. Of course everything was in alphabetical order, and of course Heero and the others didn't give a damn. There was a seat saved for Duo, but since he was the top of the class he had to give a speech.

Everyone was in a black gown that flowed down to their knees with a matching cap and a gold tassel (2).

"Do you think he's nervous?" Sally asked.

"Maxwell? Of course he is."

"He'll do fine." Heero said. They all knew that Duo would make a great speech. The boy had been practicing for god knows how long.

"Is he...finished packing?" Quatre asked.

"Yeah. With the main stuff. There is still some little stuff he wants me to help him pack. We're gonna do that after the ceremony and after we all go out and celebrate." They all could hear the sadness in Heero's voice. The advisors of Duo's new school were really lucky that Heero didn't go with Treize and Zechs for orientation. If they thought convincing Zechs was bad...

"That's good. At least he can relax before..." Hilde wanted to finish but she couldn't. She didn't want to think about Duo leaving right now.

"Good afternoon everyone." Everyone's attention was snapped to the front of the stage were the principal of the school stood.

It was a good afternoon. It was warm, not to hot or cold but warm. The ceremony was outside at the city's park, which made the entire thing look very beautiful. The path for the graduates to walk was lined with different colored flowers. And it was just adorable when a little bunny or squirrel would lose its way and run down the aisle to find a place away from all the people.

It was almost as if all the little creatures wanted to see the boys’ graduate.

"This year we have been through troubling times. Before we begin the ceremony we would like to offer a moment of silence for those we have lost." Everyone bowed their heads down, remembering the incident at the bank and the news station. So many people were lost and injured. The area was completely quiet except for the occasional bird chirping and wind blowing.

"Thank you. Let them all rest in peace." Everyone began to applaud as the principal began to make the normal speech that principals gave. He droned on about the school and how proud he was of the graduating class. He ended by saying the usual rules for a graduation, hold your applause and don't stand or yell, the usual (3). He then did what everyone was waiting for...

...he introduced Duo to the stage.

The rule for no applause was broken as soon as the longhaired angel came up to the podium. He had to wear his hair down so the cap could fit on his head and the chestnut waves blew in the air.

Even if the long gown swallowed his gorgeous form, Heero still thought that he was the most beautiful creature ever created.

Duo blushed at the applause, the yells, and especially the catcalls coming from very familiar voices and the kisses being blown by Heero.

He saw Treize and Zechs snapping pictures like crazy and sighed.


He cleared his throat, signaling for everyone to be quiet, and of course there was the one jackass that appears in any public place with a hushed crowd that had to have the last shout of something stupid like, "You rock!"

"I would say good morning but that has been covered. I would give my prayers out to everyone who...died...but I already did that the entire summer." Everyone knew he did. Everyone knew how Duo was held captured by Kei and the Wildcats, seeing the newscast and all.

No one knew that he was raped though...that was something he only wanted his closest friends to know.

"So I guess I should start by saying congratulations to everyone. We are now done with high school." Applause, shouts of, "Hell yeah no more school," and other things were done at this statement.

It was like Duo had to make it official, and not the diplomas they were going to receive.

"And that now is when our lives truly begin." This made everyone quiet again so they could hear what he had to say.

"High school was just one corner, but now it's time to go down the forked path. What will we do now? Shall we work or further our education? I hope none of you go down the dead end street." This was met by the same jerk saying that some guy named Bobby would. Everyone laughed.

"This is also our chance to go out and see the world. I know that sounds overused but it is. High school is over guys, we are adults in many peoples eyes. Our parents don't count because they will never consider us to be adults." More laughter, but Duo gave a fond smile to his own parents.

"So the decision is yours. And it...is a tough one. I would like to use myself as an example, because I am the best person I know. I...I never really knew my parents. My real ones. I grew up...on the streets all alone." No one but his closest friends knew that, so everyone was stunned at that statement.

"The man who found me took me in and cared for me. Him and his 'friend' raised me and those two men have been my parents. I thank them for everything they have done for me. They made sure I stayed clear of the bad crowd and went down the right path. Of course...I eventually strayed away when I met Hee-chan but that path proved to be a good one after all." More laughs, and another fond smile directed at Heero this time.

"I don't regret anything that I have chosen to do, what is there to regret? I can't change the past can I? And if I could I wouldn't change a damn thing." Shock...did Duo actually swear? The good little schoolboy?

"I am thankful for everything that I have been given in my life. My parents, my friends, and my love. And I know that life will be hard...without them." Everyone frowned at that statement, Duo's voice catching as he continued.

"I must...follow my own path, and the path that seems best leads me away from them. I got accepted to a really good school that isn't the closest thing to home but...I need to go because it's what I want to do. I know that the road will be hard...but I know that my loved ones will...be at my side." It was so hard for him to fight tears when he said this. Flashes of the moments with his friends and family hit him full force while he was speaking.

Especially one very special moment last night.


Duo sighed as he put more clothes in yet another suitcase. He loved it when Heero took him on these little shopping sprees over the summer, saying that he wanted his koibito to wear the best when he left, but damnit now it was too many clothes.

He giggled when he looked at a pair of shorts he only wore when he wasn't anywhere near Treize and Zechs.

"Don't bring those with you." A voice said. Duo turned to see Heero standing in the doorway of his now very empty looking and feeling bedroom. Duo smiled.

"But why not Hee-chan. You said that you love the way these shorts fit me." Duo said with a mock pout.

"Exactly, which is why you are NOT wearing them. I don't know what those guys up there are gonna do to a sexy little thing like you." Even though the two were together for a very long time, Heero's little compliments still got him red.

"So what am I suppose to wear Heero? This?" Duo pointed to his said outfit that consisted of baggy black jogging pants and a black T-shirt. His hair was totally out of order from all of his packing and his skin seemed to glow with all of the work he had been doing.

"Damn. Not that either."

"Heero...you are totally biased. You think I look good in everything. That doesn't mean everyone else will." Heero scoffed.

"Then they are blind." Duo giggled.

"So did you come to help me pack some more?" Duo asked, throwing the shorts to the side and noticing that Heero was dressed the part. He wore a white sleeveless T-shirt and a pair of old blue jeans.

Still he looked good.

"I guess. What else do you need help with?" Heero asked, a frown on his face. He really didn't like helping Duo pack so he could leave him.

"Uh...not much actually. Treize and Zechs have been a lot of help."

"Yeah. They let me in before they left. They said something about dinner..."

"Oh yeah! I asked them to bring me back some food from that place on the northern part of town that I like since there isn't one where I'm going (4)." Duo said.

"We could go there after graduation tomorrow."

"Nah. Treize and Zechs want to be fancy tomorrow."

"I see." Heero helped Duo close his suitcase, the long haired boy smiling. His clothes were finally packed, besides what he was wearing tomorrow and the day he left.

"Yeah. It was some weird French name they said we were going to tomorrow. Kyosuke recommended it." Heero scoffed.

"He would."

"Ah come on Heero don't be like that. It will be fun for all of us to go out..." Duo didn't add the last part to that sentence. Instead he just sat on the floor and began to put his movies in a box. Heero sat next to him and took his hand.

"...for the last time. You were gonna say that weren't you?" Heero asked. Duo sighed, his face looking down.

"Yeah...but...it won't be the last time. Just...the last time for a while...until like the holidays." Duo said with a smile.

"Duo...why do you...I mean...isn't there somewhere closer you can go?" Heero asked, his voice sounding almost pleading.

"Heero we talked about this. I've...always wanted to go here. It's the best school for my major...and they are paying for everything except room and board. I...I really wanna go Heero. I thought...I thought that you would understand."

"Duo...I do understand. It's a great opportunity and if I had it I'd probably take it too."

"Heero...what you have going is fine." Kyosuke decided that the boys could work for him. But not as a gang, more like a police force. Along with Une and Noin, they called the group the Preventers (5), and they were already becoming big. They were said to be able to, "Put out fires," and they were doing a good job of it. With Kyosuke's connections the group was getting a name for itself everywhere.

Duo was given a spot on the team, and he was going to take it until he got his acceptance letter. Then he politely refused the job offer.

"Duo you have to understand that I am with you 100%, but that doesn't mean that I have to like the idea of you leaving me."

"Heero. I'm...I'm not leaving you. We are still together O.K.? We are just...further apart." Duo sighed and bowed his head down to the ground, Heero lifting his chin with a hand so their eyes could meet.

Heero kissed away one of the tears that left Duo's eye and smiled.

"We'll always be together." Heero wrapped his arms around Duo's waist and pulled him in for a hug, Duo hugging him back tightly. Duo gasped when he felt a tear fall on his bare shoulder.


"But damn I am going to miss you." Heero said, holding Duo tighter. Duo buried his face in Heero's shoulder, feeling the other boy run his hands down his back.

"So much Duo. I'm going to miss you so fucking much."

"I'll miss you too Heero." Duo suddenly pulled away and smiled at Heero, giving him a soft kiss on his lips.

"Not forever O.K.?" He said, his voice sounding sad. Heero gasped when Duo had said that. He had told the other boy that months ago when Treize and Zechs were forcing them to separate.

They had made the same promise.

And they had kept it.

"Hai...not forever." The two hugged again.



"Could you...make love to me one last time. I have a feeling that we won't get a chance tomorrow because of graduation."

"Duo. You said so yourself," Heero kissed him, a quick meeting of their lips, "That this isn't the last time. Besides, tomorrow I thought that maybe we could be just cuddly and stuff." Duo smiled brightly at him, Heero standing up and holding his hand out.

"Last time we were cuddly it led to sex."

"It did NOT! It wasn't my fault that my hands accidentally slid your clothes off and my cock accidentally went inside your ass. Besides, we held each other the entire time...hence we were cuddly." Duo laughed at Heero's attempt to justify his actions.

"You are the most difficult person I have ever met in my life. Why do I put up with you?" Duo asked.

"Because you love me."

"Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me." Heero responded to this by lifting Duo high in the air, the other boy giggling, and tossing him on the bed. Duo's body bounced on the bed a couple of times before he felt Heero sit behind him, pulling his body closer to his. Duo smiled, snuggling into Heero who had wrapped his arms around his waist. He felt lips begin to nibble on the back of his neck and giggled when he felt Heero's fingers tickle his stomach.

"That tickles koibito."

"Does it now?" Heero tickled him more, causing the long haired boy to laugh again.

"Stop it Heero!"

"No." Heero pounced on Duo, his fingers tickling him all over and making him laugh harder than he had in a long time.

"Heero...stop it! You bastard STOP!" More giggles, Duo's body squirming to try and get away. Heero smiled softly at him and captured his lips in a kiss, his fingers stopping their tickle torture to being to run down Duo's body. Duo moaned into the sweet kiss, feeling those hands make quick work of his clothes.

The clothes soon became a memory.

"Now this isn't fair Hee-chan. You are still fully dressed."

"Now Duo...whoever said I was fair?" Heero descended upon Duo's neck, his teeth nipping at the tender flesh. Duo sighed happily, wanting to remember the feeling of Heero before he left.

At that thought his body froze and Heero took quick notice.


"I...nothing. It's nothing."

"Duo...what are you hiding?" Duo suddenly chuckled and sat up, looking at Heero with warm eyes.

"I'll stay if you want me to."

Heero blinked at Duo. What did he just say?

"What did you..." Duo smiled and kissed Heero, leaving him breathless. At the same time he easily got rid of Heero's clothes. They were both lying naked against each other, Duo on top of him and kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

Cause there really wasn't.

Heero felt Duo's wandering hands and gasped when they touched all the sensitive parts on his body. And Duo wouldn't stop kissing him either.

With great reluctance, Heero pulled Duo away.

"What did you mean, 'You'll stay?'" Heero asked. Duo sighed, trying to go back and kiss Heero again, but Heero only backed away.

"Tell me."

"If...if you don't want me to go then I won't. Then...then this time won't be our last time. I know we said that this isn't really the last time but...but...gods Heero I don't want us apart!" Duo cried. Heero gasped when Duo began to sob, tears flowing freely like a river. Heero sighed, scooping Duo up in his arms.

"I can't ask you to do that koi."

"But...why? Don't you want me to stay?"

"Gods yes Duo. More than anything." Duo smiled at him, but then frowned because the look on Heero's face said that he wasn't finished with his sentence.

"But...you also have to go. You have to go to this school because it is your dream. And I won't stop you from reaching your dreams."

"But...you are in my dreams too Heero."

"Which is why I will be here when you get back." Duo sighed, a frown on his face.

"I can't win can I? If I go then I leave you...if I stay then I miss school."

"You can win Duo. Cause WHEN you go I'll be here. And I'll call you everyday and everything. You'll be surprised how powerful communication is." Duo smiled.

"I don't think your phone bill will like that."

"Phone cards. And e-mail. And chat rooms. And letters and little gifts. Duo, nothing will change. If anything, we will become closer." Heero said with a smile. Duo smiled back.

"O.K. Then...ask me to go."

"Duo. Go off to school. Please?"

"O.K." The two shared a brief kiss again, this one soft and gentle and not as desperate as the last ones. Heero held Duo on top of him, the two just exploring their mouths, their hands not moving or touching. Suddenly Heero stopped and turned Duo around, Duo facing his very erect member. Duo gasped when he felt Heero spread him open, his entrance on display to Heero's greedy eyes. At the same time, Duo bent his head down over Heero's hardness. Heero gasped when Duo let his tongue graze the tip, at the same time he let his tongue lick a trail down the crack of Duo's ass. Duo's eyes glazed over, feeling Heero's tongue lick at his entrance. A low moan escaped Duo's throat as he let his own tongue copy Heero's movement's, going up and down the long hard shaft slowly. Suddenly, Heero let his tongue plunge inside of Duo's entrance, Duo's body arching back into the intimate touch.

"Gods..." Duo moaned out, feeling Heero's hands squeeze his ass hard. Duo sighed at the aggressiveness and then let himself take just the tip of Heero's cock in his mouth, gently sucking on it while his one hand moved over the neglected part and the other went to fondle with Heero's balls. He felt rather then heard Heero's moan, the sensation moving over his entire body. Duo lowered his head more, taking more and more of Heero in until he couldn't take anymore without gagging. His head moved up and down at the same time of Heero's tongue thrusting into him. His hands stayed on Heero's thighs trying to keep balance before he collapsed from the pleasure he was receiving. Heero pulled his tongue out to lick around the area again, his hands massaging the firm globes until one went to rest on his lower back, the other coming around to stroke Duo. Duo moaned loudly around Heero, his lips kissing the pre-cum that Heero emitted for him then going back to sucking him while Heero's tongue thrust back inside, his hand moving faster and faster around Duo's shaft.

Duo felt his release move over him, and he could tell that Heero was close too. But before he could reach his peak Heero suddenly stopped and pulled Duo up. Duo was about to ask him what he was doing when Heero sat up against the headboard and slid Duo onto his painful arousal. Duo's moan came out like a purr, his body arching against Heero's like a cat. Heero moaned along with him, and it seemed like his cock did too, happy to be inside of Duo. Duo began to ride him, slowly at first to get adjusted to his size, but then he finally found a rhythm and began to bounce on him like a happy child on a trampoline.

Heero let Duo ride him, his hands coming around to massage Duo's nipples and his chest, Duo throwing his head back and Heero attaching his lips to Duo's neck.

"AH! HEERO!" Heero moaned around his neck, having bit it hard enough to bleed. He sucked on the spot he bit, leaving a dark red mark on the white flesh.

"I need to let those guys know...that you are already taken." Duo gasped once again when he felt Heero pull out so they could change positions yet again, this time Duo on his back and Heero hovering above him.

"I want to see you when you cum Duo. I want to see your face before you go. I want it etched in my memory so I can remember how you looked when I took you." Duo gasped when Heero pulled his legs around his waist and thrust into him again. He couldn't hold in the loud scream that tore his throat when Heero pressed into his prostate with one hard thrust. He shut his eyes, but Heero bent over and kissed the closed eyelids.

"Open your eyes Duo. Keep them open. I want to see them."

"Gods Heero. I want to see you too. I want...to remember how you look when you take me. The look of desire and happiness that crosses your beautiful face. I want that etched in my memory love." Their eyes locked onto one another, Heero reached out and grabbed Duo's hand and kissed it tenderly. Duo smiled softly and pulled his hand away to trace Heero's face with his fingers. He let his fingers linger on those lips, Heero licking at his fingers while he gave another hard thrust. Duo immediately pulled his hand away, both of them now gripping the sheets, threatening to tear them.

Heero gasped when he felt his orgasm approaching, Duo's fast approaching as well. He gave one last thrust and his body froze, a silent scream escaping his lips as he came inside of Duo. Duo's own release was a second behind Heero's, and he gasped when Heero pulled out of him to wrap his mouth around his erupting member, catching all of Duo's essence. Duo's breath caught when Heero licked all around him, picking up whatever his missed.

"Gods Duo. I am going to miss the taste of you." Heero said softly, licking his lips. Duo smiled and pulled Heero down for a kiss, their tongues sparring with one another and tasting Duo. Duo sighed happily in the kiss, the two lying next to each other. Heero held Duo tightly, the longhaired boy feeling himself drift asleep.

"I love you Heero." Duo said softly, his eyes shutting and his breath evening to show that he was asleep. Heero sighed and held Duo tighter.

"And I love you too Duo. Tomorrow after everything is over, I'll help you finish packing...so you can leave."


The entire audience stared at the boy on stage that was strangely quiet now.

Was his speech over?

Heero stood up because he could feel what was about to happen.

Duo was going to break down.

"And...even though we will be apart...we will always...always..." Duo couldn't finished his thought, tears leaving his face. Treize and Zechs were about to rush up there to comfort Duo but Heero beat them to it.

Heero jumped on stage and rushed up to Duo just in time. The longhaired boy was now sobbing, his knees giving out and his body dropping to the ground. Heero caught him in time. He held Duo tightly, tears leaving his own eyes.

"Shh shh. Duo it's O.K. What did we talk about? It's all gonna be O.K. We are still going to be here O.K. Now stop crying please?" Duo looked up and Heero and sniffled, Heero wiping his tears away.

"But...it's so hard Heero..."

"I know."

"I had a plan Heero. I was gonna go to school and be happy. I didn't think that I would fall in love. I didn't think that it would hurt so much. Heero...I didn't think that you would enter my plan but you did, and now I have to leave you. And...and...Heero I love you so much. It hurts so much. Make it stop hurting!" Duo cried harder, burying his face in Heero's gown. Heero didn't know what to say, he didn't know how to make it stop. He just held onto Duo as tightly as he could.

"Duo...I can't make it stop hurting. I want to...so much...but it's always going to hurt. But...we both know what you need to do no matter how much it hurts. You need to go to school and continue on. And like I said last night, I will always be here for you."

"You promise?"

"I promise. A little 24 hour drive isn't going to keep me away from you. You are stuck with me angel." Duo smiled at Heero, Heero smiling back. Duo sighed and stood at the podium again with a bright smile on his face. Heero had went back to his seat and watched the rest of the speech.

"That was really great what you did." Trowa whispered. Heero smiled back, watching with eyes that could only be called proud as Duo finished up his speech perfectly.

The audience went wild when the speech ended, cheers and whistles came from every direction for Duo. Duo smiled softly and cleared his throat.

There was one more announcement he had to make.

"It is my job now to announce the most improved student in our class. He or she will be given an award for their academic achievements. After that...the 2nd highest ranked student makes a speech, the principal comes back up..." There was an audible booing noise at that announcement, "...to give out the diplomas..." The booing was replaced with cheering, "...and then we all live happily ever after." Duo went back and grabbed an award and an envelope.

"This feels like the Grammys." He joked as he opened the envelope. Everyone laughed.

"And the most improved student this year is..." Duo's face suddenly looked very surprised and at the same time happy. He chuckled a little and smiled.

"...Heero Yuy."

The crowd didn't say anything for a long time. Even Heero was too shocked to do anything.

Most improved?

What the hell?


He was the leader of a gang for crying out loud. How the hell did he get that award? Sure, him and Duo would study together...and have sex...and then cuddle and study more...and have sex...and...

....wait a minute. How the hell did they end up studying so much in between sex like that? Heero smirked at his lover who was grinning at him.

The little sneak.

"YAY HEERO!" Quatre said, breaking the ice. Everyone else seemed to follow the lead and cheered, Heero going up on stage again. Duo grinned at him and handed him his award.

"Wow...that young man has changed a lot." Said one woman in the audience.

"Yes. He isn't as tough as he seems and he seems to play by the rules now." Another woman said, holding her son in her lap.

"I agree. That Yuy kid isn't half bad." Said a man. It had appeared that Heero had turned over a new leaf.

"Congratulations Hee...mmph!" Duo was silenced with a pair of familiar lips on his. Heero forced his mouth open with his tongue, almost raping the poor boy's lips. Duo kissed him back with equal passion, feeling hands grope his ass and pull him even closer.

The audience gasped, some of the women covering their children's eyes. Some people snickered.

Heero...turn over a new leaf...yeah right!

After that, everything went pretty smoothly. The next speech was made, but it wasn't as powerful or emotional as Duo's but it was still pretty good. The diplomas were passed out and besides the random idiot posing or doing something equally as embarrassing, that went off without a hitch too.

"Congratulations kids, you are now graduated!" Caps were tossed in the air, and in the middle of it all, a Japanese gang leader and his little schoolboy kissed like there was no tomorrow.

Because like earlier said, there really wasn't.

(1) O.K. sorry I never mention the school's name or Duo's major...but I couldn't think of anything so use your imagination ^_^

(2) I was gonna do navy blue...but those were my school colors for like 8 years! Grammar school and high school. Besides...black looks good on them ^_^

(3) You know what I mean. Don't clap until everyone receives their diploma, stay in your seats...blah blah blah. We didn't listen to this rule, in fact, some of the boys danced down the aisle and the parents cheered. And the guys who did it were cute too, so we cheered as well.

(4) Oh gods. Iowa State has none of my favorite restaurants from home *cries* so before I left we tried to go to the places Iowa State doesn't have. And now, when I go home I must go to these places. Iowa has places I've never even heard of...even the damn gas station and grocery store!

(5) I know...I know...but I couldn't think of anything else. Heero and the others can't just sit on their asses while Duo goes to school.

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