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Pairings: 1x2. 3x4, 5 x Sally, 13x6, OC x Hilde, OC x 2, OC x 4, and OC x Sally.
Warnings for fic: Yaoi, lemon, OCC characters, sap, angst, action, and violence, NCS, character torture…that's it I think. I'll warn you during each chapter if need be.

Notes: I would like to thank Stormy for the way cool inspiration for this fic. I wasn't even thinking about a sequel Schoolboy, but she told me it should have one and gave some suggestions. This is what I came up it. Enjoy. This is for you Stormy. Since this is a sequel to Schoolboy, I suggest you read that first to understand. If you don't want to, oh well, do what you want *smiles*

Love and War
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Two figures sat at a table looking at a file on a boy. The boy had blond hair with silver streaks that came to his shoulders, wild looking brown eyes, and was almost 6 feet tall. He had a definite build to him, and his smile looked positively evil.

"Kei Sakyo." Said one man.

"Yes, he has a bad reputation. If you thought Yuy was bad…"

"I see. He's the leader of the Wildcats, the gang in the neighboring city. Not even the police there could stop his crimes." The two men looked through more of the files.

"Let's see. Theft, gang violence, murder…this kid is bad news."

"He's been held in prison for years, after he was arrested with the help of…the Angels?"

"Yeah. Apparently Heero and Kei didn't get along. Kei wanted to have this town on its knees and Heero told him to back off. The two fought."

"Jesus! 13 dead and 35 injured!" Those were high casualties...especially since the town wasn't THAT big...

"But he's still in jail right?"

"No, look at this." The second man threw a newspaper at the first. The man read the headline and gasped.


"Police can't find him. There have been a number of incidents around the town, but no leads. He's leaving a trail…leading to this town."

"Holy shit! He's after Heero isn't he?"

"Yeah, and it really wouldn't involve us if we didn't take this job as undercover agents…and…"

"If Duo hadn't fallen for Heero. We better watch our little violet eyed angel."

"Right, this could get ugly."

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