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Pairings: 1x2
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, PWP

Note: Happy Birthday to my friend Caroline *huggles* I decided that I'd do a special little songfic for you on your celebration of birth ^_^

/song lyrics/

Opps... oh my
by Chibi Shi-Chan

/Tell you what I did last night
I came home, say, around a quarter to three/

A lone figure smiled at the door of a pretty decent looking apartment complex. From the distance you could hear the shouts of goodbye towards the figure, the other smiling and waving as he closed the door. The hour was late, way too late for children to be awake, already tucked in their beds and dreaming of the events of the next day.

The figure was not a child, so it was logical for him to be awake. The slender youth took his apartment key out of the pocket of his leather shorts, his hand missing the keyhole several times, but the goofy grin still in place.

/Still so high
In a trance/

The party now held the boy's good sense, replacing it with a wonderful buzz provided by the affects of alcohol. Finally managing to get the key in it's hole, the young man slipped inside and shut the door, a short laugh leaving his throat. He kicked off his leather boots, stretching like a cat that just woke up from a long nap, his long braid tickling his back where his T-shirt raised with the stretching.

He chuckled again, walking around the dark apartment, his violet eyes trying to adjust to the darkness. But in the darkness he could've sworn that someone was watching him, waiting for him to do something. Shaking his head, calling it paranoia, he went over to his bedroom...

..and froze. His eyes widened at the site before him.

/From the start it, so butter and brown, and tantalizing
You woulda thought I needed help from this feeling that I felt
So shook I had to catch my breath/

It was... himself. A reflection from the mirror on the back of his door. He stared at it long and hard, his hand coming out to touch the glass.

Even in his drunken state he still looked good, he noted with a sense of self-pride. His hair was a little mused, but the braid still holding together. He let his hand run over his tan colored skin, his body jumping as his hand encountered pure silk.

Is this what his lover felt when he touched him?

/Oops, there goes my shirt up over my head
Oh my/

Hands came up on their own accord and grabbed the hem of his short little T-shirt, pulling it over his head. The fabric hit the ground softly, leaving his chest bare for his fingers to explore.

But his hands froze, just hovering over the hard nubs that screamed for attention.

"Why did you stop?" A voice asked from a corner in the bedroom. The aroused one gasped and turned, his violet pools meeting cobalt blue ones in the darkness. So it wasn't paranoia...

..it was his lover.

The other one in the room stood and approached, much like a panther stalking it's prey.

The braided one stood frozen, locked in place by those eyes.

"Turn back around...a nd face the mirror Duo." The shorter haired youth said, a predatory grin on his face. The husky tone in his voice made the one called Duo shiver, but he turned and faced the mirror, his eyes locked on his reflection.

"Whatever are you planning Heero?" Duo asked, his voice low and a little shaky. In his drunken state, he was completely at his lover's mercy. Heero's face came into view, his blue eyes blazing as they stared at the reflection in the mirror. Rough hands gently grabbed softer ones, placing them over the naked chest. Duo gasped softly, his own fingers toying with his own nipples, his face flushed in embarrassment at the fact that Heero was watching him do this to himself.

Embarrassed that he himself was enjoying it.

/Oops, there goes my skirt droppin' to my feet
Oh my/

He moaned, biting his lips to keep it from getting too loud as he felt hands on his shorts, short and tight enough to be mistaken for a skirt. The hands slowly, oh so slowly, unbuttoned the tight leather and gently pulled it down. Grinning at the fact that Duo wore nothing underneath, Heero dropped to his knees, following the uncovered flesh's path with his lips.

Duo shuddered.

/Ooh, some kinda touch caressing my legs Oh my/

"Gods..." Duo purred out, feeling a gentle touch on his legs, so gentle that he couldn't tell if it was a hand or lips. Whatever it was it felt good, too damn good to be true. It was like a piece of heaven was offered to him on a silver platter, a piece of heaven with a wicked tongue.

/Ooh I'm turning red
Who could this be?/

Duo slowly opened his eyes and flushed, seeing his hands pinching his nipples and his mouth open, chest heaving in need and Heero's hands caressing his thighs.

He shook his head, not believing that this was him in the mirror, this was him looking back at him with so much lust in his eyes. This was him receiving this much pleasure from another man.

The kisses touched the back of his knee, moving up slowly to his thighs and his ass while Heero's hands continued their silky caress.

/I tried and I tried to avoid
but this thing was happening/

"Heero... please I..." He couldn't be doing this. He was not standing in the mirror, his one hand slowly trailing down his chest to his hardness below.


"I... I can't..." He closed his eyes in shame, his mouth shut tight, trying to avoid the inevitable pleasure hitting his veins. Heero stood up, his own clothed erection digging into Duo's ass, gently rubbing the cleft to let his desire be known. His hands wrapped around Duo's waist, his lips sucking on one tender earlobe.

"Open your eyes koibito."


"Are you ashamed of your beauty?" Heero asked, his hands touching everywhere, causing Duo to shiver in his arms.

"I... gods Heero..."

"This... is what I see when we make love. Watch, watch how beautiful you look Duo. I want you to see what I see." Heero guided one of Duo's hands down, watching Duo gasped and tremble as he felt Heero wrap his own hand around his obvious passion. Duo moaned, feeling Heero guide his own hand over his hardness, feeling his own slick manhood in his own hand with Heero watching, whispering in his ear.

Heero soon took his hand away, and Duo touched himself with no need of Heero's guidance.

/Swallow my pride
Let it ride and party/

Heero sank back down to his knees, watching for a brief second as his sexy lover stroke his own cock, his other hand touching his flushed face, his breath increasing. The hand on his face ran over his lips, his neck, and his chest while the other hand tried to slow down the stroking so the feeling could last longer. Heero moaned softly, letting his lips kiss Duo's back, bypassing the long braid to go lower to the creamy globes presented before him. He let his own hands wander over the flesh, his fingers digging into it, causing Duo's hands to get busier. He spread the fair cheeks apart and licked his lips, letting his tongue enter the puckered entrance his eyes gazed upon.

Duo gasped, letting out a little scream as his hands touched his body frantically.

/But this body felt just like mines
I got worried/

Duo was startled and the feelings overtaking him. This couldn't be happening to him. The body he was touching felt too good, indescribably soft. It couldn't be his own body. No... no it had to be Heero he was touching right now, not himself. It had to be his lover's shaft he was pumping, his nipples he was squeezing. But the feeling of Heero's hands holding his ass apart for his mouth to explore the hidden cavern in between the parted cheeks brought him back to reality.

/I looked over to the left
A reflection of myself/

He looked into the mirror and almost choked at the picture before him. Seeing himself, his hands touching himself, his body rocking into Heero's naughty tongue made him freeze up.

/That's why I couldn't catch my breath/

"Shit... holy shit Heero..." Heero's tongue left the passageway and kissed Duo's hip, his eyes landing on the mirror as a soft curse left his lips.

Duo was a work of art like this, touching himself while he watched. Duo's eyes were full of lust, his hips rocking into his hand while Heero kissed all over his backside. A hand untied the hair band that held marvelous hair together and watched it cascade all over Duo's tantalizing body, Heero running fingers through the chestnut ocean of hair.

"Sinfully erotic." Heero whispered, now standing up to finish unraveling the long hair. Heero stood to the side and gazed at his handy work and grinned at Duo, a naughty looking grin that promised even more delicious torture.

/Oops, there goes my shirt up over my head
Oh my/

Heero pulled up his own tank top, letting the fabric glide over his chest as Duo watched him from the mirror, his eyes widening as Heero let his hands glide down his chest, heading to the fabric of the ever-present spandex shorts.

/Oops, there goes my skirt droppin' to my feet
Oh my/

The spandex met the same fate as the shirt, Duo gasping at the fact that Heero wore no underwear underneath.

His large volume was hard and dripping, Duo shivering as he remembered what that wonderful rod felt like inside of him.

"I've been like this all night, waiting for you to return from your party." Heero purred, his own hand touching his very alive cock.

"You could've gone to the party with me." Duo whispered, his hand faltering when he saw Heero pumping his own length.

"Nah...not my sort of thing. Besides, it makes it all the better if I have to wait a while for you." Heero grinned and walked towards Duo, his hands touching his body with no shame at all. Duo sighed in pure bliss when he felt Heero come behind him, moving his hair over his shoulder so he could get access to that fine ass.

/Ooh, some kinda touch caressing my legs
Oh my/

Heero gently pried Duo's legs apart, his hands on Duo's hips as Duo bent over enough so Heero could get the perfect angle to enter that tight heat. Duo gasped as Heero slowly entered him, not feeling the pain he expected at the unprepared entry.

Heero chuckled.

"I had lube in my hand when I touched myself... baka... I would never hurt you." Duo smiled, then his mouth formed a little o of shock when Heero put pressure on his hips, that wonderful cock pushing inside him even more. Duo's eyes turned to the mirror and he gasped at what stood before him.

/Ooh I'm turning red
Who could this be?/

A creature of pure loveliness stared back at him, his eyes the same color as Duo's and struggling to stay open. The person's hair was the same length as Duo's, the same shade and everything. The person was bent over, and a person that looked just like his Heero thrusted into the mirror image.

He wondered once again if this was really himself.

But he knew it was. His body could feel that it was. It could feel that delicious length inside him, now hitting his prostate and causing his body to tingle.

Heero groaned, his own eyes locking into the mirror. He himself trembled at seeing himself take the beauty, his thrusting increasing frantically as their breaths mingled together. He gasped softly, seeing Duo's hand pump himself in time with his thrust, his other hand touching the carpet below him to balance himself.

"Heero... I'm going to..."

"Me too Duo... I..." No other words were spoken, the two lovers lost in the passion, lost in the image of their passion splashed before them, lost in the feeling of their bodies joined in the most intimate way.

They came together, their names mingling in the room along with the strong smell of sex.

Duo shuddered as Heero pulled out of him, landing on the floor and Duo sat in his lap. Duo leaned back against Heero, Heero's hands running over Duo, calming the hum his body felt from the aftershocks of lovemaking. Heero grabbed Duo's hand, the one that was touching himself, and licked at the creamy substance between his fingers. Duo purred happily, his eyes shutting and his breath evening at the utter worship Heero was showing him.

"Mmm... so are you going out again tomorrow?" Heero asked, giving his partner a deep kiss that allowed Duo to taste his own essence.

"Perhaps. You joining me?"

"Nah... not my sort of thing. Besides, it makes it all the better if I have to wait a while for you." The two kissed each other again, the mirror images long forgotten for a close up view of each other.


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