Disclaimer: Neither Gundam Wing or Resident Evil is ours. However, Snow owns a copy of Resident Evil 2 and Chibi owns a copy of Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Time: AC 197, after Endless Waltz which makes the boys around 17.
Pairings: 1x2x1 (eventually), 3x4, 5xS, and 6x9
Warnings: A crossover with one of the scariest games out there.

Resident Evil
by Snow Tigra and Chibi Shi-Chan
Part 3


"If we can find Zechs and Noin, we may be able to find out how all of this happened." Said Quatre. The other four nodded, agreeing with the boy. They held onto their guns tightly, not knowing what to expect and moved down the halls toward where the map indicated.

As they walked passed several halls Quatre suddenly stopped.

"What's up Q?" Asked Duo. Quatre stood still as his eyes landed on something sitting in the middle of one of the halls. It was a black dog, but why would a dog be in the compound? The other boys turned their attention to the creature who seemed to be chewing on... something.

"Come on, we don't have time for this." Heero said.

"I agree. Let's go." Agreed Wufei, but Quatre shook his head and ignored both of them. Instead he moved toward the dog.


"Relax you guys it's just a dog. He probably ran in here to avoid what was outside just like we did." Quatre stepped closer.

"Yeah, maybe 'Lassie' can tell us where Noin and Zechs are." Joked Duo, but he shrugged and became quiet after a glare from Heero.

As Quatre moved closer he reached out with his space heart, trying to learn about the dog and what it was doing in the compound. But for some strange reason he felt... nothing from the animal. He could feel the plants surging with life above their heads and other life scattered around the compound but nothing from the dog. In fact it was almost as if the dog wasn't even there. Almost as if it were...dead.

"Did you feel anything?" Trowa asked softly.

"No...nothing." Quatre reached his hand slowly toward the dog, in a movement of friendship. "It's O.K. I'm a friend."

He noticed the dog was chewing on something. But he couldn't see what it was, for the area around the dog was dark and it was blocking most of Quatre's view. He placed his hand on the top of the dog's head to pet it and gasped. Pulling his hand back quickly he found it was covered with warm blood. Quatre stumbled backward in surprise as the dog growled and turned toward him. The blonde's voice caught in his throat as the dog moved into the light.

The dog's face was beaten and covered in blood, its fangs dripping and small pieces of skin hanging. The skin around the damaged areas was a sickly greenish color, rotting away with blood and some strange brown liquid leaking in to color the dog's eyes. Quatre froze in terror as he saw what the dog was chewing on... the remains of a torn human arm.

"Oh Allah..." he squeaked out, unable to move. He trembled in fear as the dog dropped the partially devoured arm and set its eyes on Quatre; fresh human meat.

Breaking out of his paralysis Quatre scooted back, too terrified to even think about his gun. With a sharp bark the dog pounced at him, leaping into the air to attack with gleaming and blood covered fangs. Quatre whimpered and raised his arms in defense, closing his eyes. Above him a gunshot rang out followed by the dog yelping.

Quatre's eyes snapped open to see the dog whimper in pain as it was thrown back to the ground. It skidded back down the hall and into the wall. Quatre turned and saw Trowa standing with his gun in his hand. There was still smoke coming from it and the green-eyed boy had a deadly look on his face.


The said boy took a step past Quatre to see if the threat was gone. Finding none, he bent down and wrapped his arms tightly around the smaller blond. "You O.K.?"

"Yeah I'm fine." But before the two could even stand up there was a loud growling noise heard from down the hall. Quatre looked over Trowa's shoulder and watched in shock as the dog charged at them again.

"Trowa look out...behind you!" Trowa immediately released Quatre and turned to face the dog, gun ready. Another shot rang through the air and the dog fell to the ground. But it didn't die; instead with a low growl the dog struggled to its feet.

"What the fuck kind of dog can get shot twice and still keep coming?" Duo demanded, watching the scene in horror. Trowa glared at the creature and pointed his gun at it again.

"I don't know, but let's find out how many shots it takes for it to play dead." Trowa's voice was cold as ice, and Quatre could feel the anger his lover held. The dog was as good as dead; no one fucked with Quatre while Trowa was around. The gun shots continued until a final whimper was heard. The dog collapsed lifelessly on the ground, a stream of blood leaving its already battered body. Trowa refused to take his eyes off the dog and didn't even lower his gun until it hadn't moved for a good two minutes. Finally he relaxed and turned to check on his beloved; his eyes full of concern. Quatre had drawn his knees up to his chest, his small frame shaking after the horrible incident. Trowa dropped to the ground and wrapped his arms around his love.

"It's O.K. Quatre." He said, running comforting circles on Quatre's back. This caused him to relax a little. The other three entered the hall to check on their two comrades.

"I...I couldn't feel anything from it. Trowa...I think it was dead already!"

"Shh." Trowa ran his fingers through the shining blond locks.

"I can't even feel Zechs or Noin. I feel...something but I think it's just the plants. Trowa...what happened to that dog? What caused this?" Trowa placed a gentle kiss on the trembling lips, determined to make Quatre calm down.

Meanwhile Wufei moved toward the still creature, his gun clutched at ready. Behind them all Duo and Heero kept watch down the other hallways, making sure nothing else snuck up on them while Quatre was pulling himself back together.

"I don't know what happened to it, but it's dead now." Wufei murmured, kicking the corpse with his boot just to be sure. After he gained no response he quickly retreated as the smell of its rotting flesh overloaded his senses.

"I say we find the comm room as quickly as possible." Heero suggested, his eyes narrowed as he continued to scan the halls.

"Yes, let's hurry." Quatre said as Trowa helped him to his feet. Moving together in a group the boys continued toward the comm room, twice as aware of their surroundings as before.

As they walked Quatre reached over and took Trowa's hand in his, he squeezed it lightly. The green-eyed boy glanced at him in question.

"Thank you." The blond said with a grateful smile.

Trowa returned his own small smile. "Anything for you, Quatre."

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