Disclaimer: Neither Gundam Wing or Resident Evil is ours. However, Snow owns a copy of Resident Evil 2 and Chibi owns a copy of Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Time: AC 197, after Endless Waltz which makes the boys around 17.
Pairings: 1x2x1 (eventually), 3x4, 5xS, and 6x9
Warnings: A crossover with one of the scariest games out there.

Resident Evil
by Snow Tigra and Chibi Shi-Chan
Part 5

Duo inspected his body, setting his gun on the floor as he looked over himself. He'd deemed the area safe enough to inspect himself and found that he was completely covered with the annoying spider bites. None had managed to make it under his flightsuit, thanks to the tight material, yet many had managed to bite through. Small holes dotted his entire body and when he inspected them he found that most of the bites had begun to turn red and itch. Damn, it was like he'd been attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes.

Grumbling to himself he picked up his gun and started down the hallway, watching his surroundings with carefully trained eyes. The building around him was almost completely silent, giving it the eerie feel of a dead colony, no life. He noticed that there weren't even vines covering the ceiling in this part, it was just empty and dead. Reaching a corner he darted around it, gun at ready.

Glaring at the hallway in front of him he waited a moment then relaxed. Grinning at himself he let out a small laugh.

"You're getting almost as paranoid as Yuy." He commented to himself. Shrugging he moved forward.

This hallway, he found was messier then the other. White boards covered the walls, possibly meant to display daily work schedules or something like that. He spotted one door off to the side, but the metal was dented severely in such a way that it was jammed shut. Definitely no one there.

Ripped papers covered the ground while a fuse box at the other end was crushed with wires hanging out and sparking every few moments. However, the most disturbing thing about this hallway was the puddle of blood lying in the middle of the floor. Duo's eyes narrowed as he walked toward it.

It was quite a large puddle but the strangest thing was that there was no body anywhere to be seen and there wasn't a trail leading off in any direction. It was just as if it had been spilled and then left there. Holding the gun tight in one hand Duo moved toward the puddle and knelt forward, touching it with his bare hand. He immediately pulled his hand back in disgust.

"Its warm," he choked out. Swallowing hard he stumbled back a few steps and scanned the hallway with his eyes again, willing himself to find something to explain the puddle. But still there was nothing.


A shiver moved down Duo's spine as he heard the sound. The sound of something dripping. Dripping?

From the ceiling.

His eyes slowly traveled up to the ceiling and his body went deadly still.

Then he screamed.

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