Disclaimer: Neither Gundam Wing or Resident Evil is ours. However, Snow owns a copy of Resident Evil 2 and Chibi owns a copy of Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Time: AC 197, after Endless Waltz which makes the boys around 17.
Pairings: 1x2x1 (eventually), 3x4, 5xS, and 6x9
Warnings: A crossover with one of the scariest games out there.

Resident Evil
by Snow Tigra and Chibi Shi-Chan
Part 8

Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei rushed down the now bloody hallway. It had taken them a while to get rid of the zombies, especially since they had all started diving forward after Heero had raced ahead. They had to retreat to keep from being attacked. Now however the zombies were dead and they were also aware of how much ammo it took to kill them. As they raced to meet up with Heero and Duo they took stock of their ammo, trying to figure out how many more things they could afford to run into. Turning the corner all three stopped dead in their tracks.

Three pairs of eyes stared at the two figures curled close together while kissing each other, very passionately. Wufei's eyes widened while Trowa's face gained a hint of red and Quatre glanced away.

All three smiled. Two wars filled with countless battles couldn't bring the two of them together, but killer creatures could. Despite the fact that it was about time they discovered their feelings now was not the time, nor was it the safest place. Quatre stepped forward to politely interrupt the boys when something squished underfoot. Quatre jumped back quickly and looked down.

The floor around them was covered in blood and....small chunks of brain. Quatre swallowed hard as his eyes followed the trail to the corpse lying on the floor about a foot away from Heero.

Curved legs that were bent at 90-degree angles lay sprawled out from the body, while a pile of blood grew even thicker on the floor. Whatever the creature was it certainly wasn't human, or at least not anymore. Dark black claws took the place of fingers, lined with blood like it had slashed someone pretty badly. The body itself looked to be made completely of red muscle tissue and blue blood veins. It was also missing a head.

"Oh my..." Quatre choked out.

"What the hell is that?" Wufei asked, lowering his gun as his face gained a tint of green.

"You mean, what the hell was that?" Trowa amended softly. No one responded.

Past the creature Duo and Heero pulled away from each other and Heero helped Duo stand on his own wobbly legs.

"Hey guys," Duo said in a forced cheerful voice. He kept his arm wrapped around Heero's shoulders, still not sure if he could stand on his own.

"Duo! What happened?" Quatre's face grew quite worried as he noticed the amount of bandaged wounds the braided pilot now had. Duo responded with a weak smile.

"That thing happened," Duo said, not even glancing over at the dead creature. "Lucky for me Heero got here before I was turned into meatloaf. I'm fine now."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah Q, I'm sure. Now let's try and find the others and get out of this place. I don't want to run into anything else anytime soon."

Heero nodded his silent agreement. Wrapping one arm around Duo's waist the two tried a few test steps while the others turned to head out once again. However all stopped when they heard limping footsteps closing in.

Wufei and Trowa immediately readied their guns and dart around the corner with them pointed and ready. Gunshots rang out until the hallway was silent again, finally the two boys turned back to the others and nodded.

"Clear," Trowa said, reloading his gun.

"What was that?" Duo asked as he and Heero moved toward them.

"It sounded like those zombies." Quatre replied, taking Duo's other arm to help him move faster.

"Zombies?" They moved around the corner and Duo glanced to the bodies on the floor then quickly looked away, not wanting to get any more sick then he already was.

"Yeah, it appears that this place is infested with a whole lot of things, not just killer dogs and acid spitting plants."

"Great, just bloody great."

The five Preventers continued on for a while, moving at a very slow pace thanks to the licker, as Duo had dubbed it, clawing up his leg and his painful shoulder wound. Every corner they turned Wufei and Trowa went first, guns ready. Considering the condition of their teammate they were moving pretty fast, but not fast enough. At their current speed they weren't likely to get to Zechs and Noin before something else did, if it hadn't already. Still they moved as fast as they dared, running into more and more zombies around each corner.

"They're everywhere," Wufei said, as he fired the final shot at another zombie, watching it collapse to the ground.

Duo coughed loudly, leaning most of his weight on Heero's arms as his body shivered. He'd been moving slower for sometime, sweat starting to bead across his forehead and a slight redness moving through his face. Heero watched him with worry as he coughed again and grimaced in pain.


The American looked up when Quatre called him, a shaky smile on his face. But that smile wasn't able to hide the hazy look in Duo's eyes, Quatre frowned.

"How you feeling?"

"Not too good actually." Moaning softly he pushed away from Heero's grasp and grabbed onto the wall, falling to his knees and grabbing his stomach. His face turned a shade of green and he threw up on the floor, giving it a greenish and brown color. Heero knelt down beside him and rubbed his back until Duo was finished.

"Duo?" Heero didn't even try to keep his face neutral, the concern and worry was obvious as he waited for the cringing Preventer to answer.

"God I feel sick," Duo murmured, trying to sit up straight. But as he did a wave of dizziness hit him and he swayed for a second. His eyes slipped shut and he slumped backward into Heero's arms, losing consciousness.

Heero caught him quickly, pulling Duo toward him and shaking him lightly, trying to wake him up or at least get a reaction. The other three rushed over and Wufei placed his hand over Duo's sweat covered forehead.

"He's burning up, really bad." Wufei frowned deeply. "What the hell happened to him?"

In Heero's arms Duo's eyes fluttered for a second and he trembled, moaning softly before slipping back into unconsciousness. Heero shook his head, unable to answer Wufei's question.

"The spiders, the licker, something in the air," Trowa frowned and shrugged. "Most likely the thing that attacked him, since none of us are sick...yet."

Heero frowned deeply at the beautiful face before him which was now twisted in pain. They had to do something to help him, but there weren't many options to choose from. And they couldn't keep Duo with them if he kept losing consciousness; it would slow them down too much.

"We have to find a place to put him so he can rest. Then we can go out and find Noin and Zechs then come back for him." Heero said reluctantly. He didn't want to leave Duo alone, but they didn't have much of a choice. The others agreed with him.

Heero handed Trowa the map of the compound and lifted Duo gently in his arms as the other boy looked for the closest room that would be relatively safe. Luckily there was a bunkroom not too far down the hall and they made it there without running into anything major. Once in the room they checked it out to make sure it was safe while Heero laid Duo down on one of the many gray colored bunks, tucking the military issue blanket tightly around him.

Duo's eyes flickered over for a second and he gained a look of question. "Hee-"

Heero's silenced him with a soft kiss to the lips. "Shh....just relax...."

Quatre stepped up behind Heero. "Perhaps I should stay with him while you guys go and find Zechs and Noin."

The Japanese pilot turned a glare on the blond, as if scolding him for suggesting that anyone else stay with Duo.

Quatre placed a comforting hand on Heero's shoulder. "I know you want to stay with him, but you are the best one to go out and find the others. I mean, you DID study the map along with Trowa, so you two know the compound better. I can watch him Heero, and if things get worse I know enough things from my sister Iria to try and help him."

Heero sighed but nodded. The boy was right. "Fine. Watch him. And take this." Heero handed Quatre his gun, the same gun he used on the creature that had attacked Duo.

"If one of those...things...or anything else shows up this should take care of them with a couple shots to the head."

Quatre took the gun and nodded. Heero turned and gave Duo one more small kiss then took Quatre's other gun and headed toward the door. Without saying a word he stepped out of the room, Wufei following close behind.

"Be careful Trowa." Quatre said in a timid voice. Trowa nodded and kissed Quatre's lips before leaving as well.

Quatre watched the door close behind him, leaving him and Duo alone.

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