Disclaimer: Neither Gundam Wing or Resident Evil is ours. However, Snow owns a copy of Resident Evil 2 and Chibi owns a copy of Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Time: AC 197, after Endless Waltz which makes the boys around 17.
Pairings: 1x2x1 (eventually), 3x4, 5xS, and 6x9
Warnings: A crossover with one of the scariest games out there.

Resident Evil
by Snow Tigra and Chibi Shi-Chan
Part 11

The group continued to run forward, shooting anything that got in their way. It had become an unsettling habit to shoot anything in front of them that moved or even breathed, but at least it was keeping them from getting attacked, though they were getting close to their limit of ammo.

After their run in with the big bald creature Quatre informed them about his small contact with Une and the fact that Sally would meet them on the roof. So now Trowa led the group, gun in one hand and mini compad in the other as he studied the map and led them on the fastest route. Meanwhile the others followed behind him with their guns ready while Heero carried Duo and Noin and Zechs brought up the rear.

"There should be an elevator coming up." Heero said. He didn't have the map, but he still knew it by heart.

"Hee-chan, maybe you should let someone else carry me." Duo said. Lately he'd noticed that Heero's breaths were coming out more ragged, not to mention that sweat was slowly beading down his forehead. It was obvious that Heero was getting tired and he was getting there fast. Was Duo too heavy for him?


"You look tired."

Heero glared down at Duo, as if the thought of NOT carrying him was impossible. The others chose to stay out of the conversation and instead concentrated on the area around them. As they ran, they noticed a door ahead that had a picture of a set of stairs on it.

"Maybe we should take the stairs. I mean, aren't you suppose to take the stairs in an emergency?" Quatre pointed out.

"Whatever, as long as we get to the roof and off of this planet." Wufei said. The entire group seemed to be in agreement on that one so they headed for the door. Wufei took the lead and reached the door first, placing his hand on the handle and pushing it open. But then he froze.

Before him two dogs perched on the lower area of the stairs, one watching the door with narrowed eyes while the other was curled up contently behind him chomping on what had obviously been a zombie before they attacked it. Both dogs looks like they'd stepped out of some old horror movie, flesh hanging from their faces in rotting clumps. The one in the front bared its bloodied teeth and began to advance toward Wufei slowly, while the other stood up, abandoning its former lunch in favor of a newer and fresher one.

Wufei took a quick step back and pulled the door shut just as both dogs pounced, succeeding in closing the door. A second later there was the dull thump of both bodies hitting the door hard, followed by whimpers and low growls.

"The stairs are not an option," Wufei stated as a shudder ran through his body. Behind him came the sounds of claws scraping against the door along with low and angry growls.

The creatures were actually damaging the door!

"You don't think they could actually get through the door do you?" Quatre asked, sounding very unsure and afraid.

"Let's not stick around to find out." Trowa said, turning away from the door as the clawing got worse.

"I agree, let's find the elevator." Zechs said, his voice a little on the edgy side as well.

"And fast," Noin added. The gang then took off at top speed.


After going through a few more halls and zombies, the gang came across the elevator. They rushed towards it and slammed on the up button, sending the elevator to them. Finally away from all of the chaos, they took a deep breath that they hadn't been able to release since they entered the compound.

That's when they got a good look at Heero and Duo.

Duo was looking worse now, his eyes hazy and puffy. His bangs were damp from sweat, his face looking quite flushed. But he wasn't the only one.

They found that Heero was also sweating, his face a deeper shade of red then normal. He leaned against the wall, still holding Duo safely in his arms, but he was exhausted and it showed all too well. At first the boys all thought it was because Heero had been carrying Duo at top speed, but when Heero let out a few painful sounding coughs they began to get worried.

"Heero, are you O.K.?" Quatre asked, feeling his forehead. It was warm, not as hot as Duo's but warmer than it should have been. Heero let out another harsh cough and cleared his throat, wincing at the pain in his throat.

"Fine. Nothing is wrong." Heero said.

Duo looked at his love with worry in his eyes. Could he be sick too? He hoped not but it appeared that way. What was wrong with them?

Heero had to swallow the bile he felt in his throat, leaving a nasty taste in his mouth. He would never admit that he was feeling like shit, not now at least. They had more important things to worry about. Getting everyone out of this hellish compound was the first priority, he'd have time to worry about himself later on the ride back to earth aboard Sally's ship. He watched as Duo opened his mouth to protest but was saved from having to convince them of his own priorities when a low moaning filled the room around them.

The group slowly turned from the elevator and noticed a set of zombies approaching them. However, these zombies were different from the earlier ones. The othesr had merely looked like walking corpses which had begun to rot apart. These ones, in contrast, were worse. They had no outer skin, their bodies made completely of pink and red muscle tissue that was held against their bones by thick, pulsating, blood veins. Their faces were almost non-existent with holes for noses and a wide gaping mouth with sharp teeth poking through the muscle. Only their eyes looked normal, and those eyes set of their targets with hungry glares.

Trowa, Zechs and Noin immediately started shooting but the bullets didn't seem to have much of an effect. They all took steps back as they watched the new zombies swallow the bullets much the same way the big bald thing had.

"They're getting closer." Noin cried, still firing.

Wufei stepped up behind her and reloaded his gun, filling it with the last of his flameshots. Behind him he heard the ding from the elevator, signaling it had finally reached their floor. Without pause he fired at one of the zombies, sending its body flying backward with a shot of flames.

"Back into it…NOW!" Wufei yelled. They all nodded and slowly backed toward the elevator, none willing to turn their backs on their advancing enemies. Heero reached the door first, he and Duo almost stepping into the elevator when he felt Duo's body stiffen and the boy drew in a sharp breath.

"What is it?" Heero asked.

"Li-listen Heero," Duo's voice shook as he whispered the words. He closed his eyes, not willing to look at what he'd heard.

Heero stopped and listened, trying to pinpoint what had frightened Duo so much. But when he heard the sound he froze as well, his body shivering slightly. There was a clicking sound coming from inside the elevator behind them. It stopped for a moment and then was followed by two low hisses, one right after another.

"It's those…things again." Duo began to tremble lightly in Heero's arms. Heero looked ahead and noticed that the zombies were starting to fall, but it was still too many of them. And now they couldn't go inside the elevator because of those tongue monsters. They had to take out the creatures in the elevator, and fast.

"Wufei…" Wufei turned and looked at Heero.


"I need you to run in the elevator and shoot up." Heero said.

"But, the things out here…"

"There is something worse inside the elevator. Trust me. And they need to be killed now." Heero said. Behind him the hissing grew louder and more clicks followed, the creatures were moving for the door and their newly acquired prey.

Wufei heard the sounds and nodded. Holding his gun tightly and pointing it over his head he left the others to deal with the skinless zombies. Darting in the elevator he fired before he even saw what was climbing on the ceiling. He fired enough bullets to make a few good size holes in the top of the elevator and didn't stop until two misshapen bodies fell to the floor and spasmed before falling still, one body laying atop the other.

"Come on let's go!"

Wufei eyed the creatures nervously as the others backed into the elevator and the door closed and groaned softly.

It was a long way to the roof, and they'd be riding with the misshapen dead bodies the entire time.


When the last of the group got in they quickly pushed up for the roof. The doors shut just in time before the zombies could reach them. One of them, at the last second, dived forward and clamped its hand tightly around Noin's leg, but the door had closed and chopped its hand off before it could pull her out. She quickly shook the dismembered hand off her leg with a shudder.

Meanwhile Duo finally allowed himself to open his eyes and was greeted with the sight of the two bodies piled in the corner. He shut his eyes quickly and buried his face against Heero's chest, not wanted to look at them.

"We're almost there." Heero said, giving him a reassuring squeeze. Duo nodded but kept his eyes shut and his head against Heero's chest. Though he frowned when he noted that Heero's heart was beating extra fast. Just how tired was Heero?

The elevator continued to rise and everyone had their eyes on the door, only thinking about how close they were to the end of all of this. They were just a floor away from the top when there was a soft hissing from behind them. Everyone whirled around in time to see a long tongue dart out from one of the bodies, just narrowly missing their feet.

Duo clutched Heero tighter as he heard the creature move out from under the body of its dead companion and start toward them, only to be met by a shower of bullets from Noin's gun. Greenish-red fluid splattered across the floor and the thing fell still once more.

Behind her, Zechs pulled out his gun and shot a bullet straight into the other's head, adding to the mess. He didn't care though, he just wanted to make sure that they both were dead.

"Just in case." He murmured, wiping a chunk of the creature's head off of his face. The others agreed with this answer and rode up to the roof, happy that it would all be over soon.

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