Disclaimer: Neither Gundam Wing or Resident Evil is ours. However, Snow owns a copy of Resident Evil 2 and Chibi owns a copy of Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Time: AC 197, after Endless Waltz which makes the boys around 17.
Pairings: 1x2x1 (eventually), 3x4, 5xS, and 6x9
Warnings: A crossover with one of the scariest games out there.

Resident Evil
by Snow Tigra and Chibi Shi-Chan
Part 12

As the elevator slowed to a stop on the top floor all guns were loaded and aimed at the door, the entire group holding their breaths as the metal doors slid open. The tension built to a new high and then dropped as they were greeted with the sight of a completely empty rooftop. A couple of them blinked in belief, no way!

The scene around them seemed completely out of place after the horror they'd just stepped out of. The blanket of night was beginning to fold away as the smallest hint of sunlight crossed over the horizon, far past the terriforming project. They were treated to a landscape of brightly colored plants of every shape and size. The sight was only slightly marred by the thick vines which curled out of the forest and covered the ground in a green carpet. The remnants of their crashed shuttle were no where in sight.

Trowa lowered his gun and stepped completely out of the elevator, his green eyes scanning the roof closely. After a long moment he completely lowered his gun and turned to the others, shrugging. It was completely clear.

The rest eased out of the elevator and relaxed immensely. Quatre watched with worried eyes as Heero staggered out of the elevator, his grip on Duo loosening just slightly.

"Maybe you two should rest for a while, carrying him has got to be making you tired," the blond suggested.

Heero nodded silently and knelt down, setting Duo lightly on the ground, then leaning up against the outside elevator wall with him. Heero let his eyes drift shut for a while as he assessed his condition. He was not in perfect health but he also wasn't getting any worse. Currently he was just growing weak and his throat hurt, but other then that he was fine. Opening his eyes he glanced to Duo.

Duo sat next to him, his body still trembling. He wasn't getting any better. Heero noted with some alarm that Duo's skin had taken on a sickly green tint and his eyes were now a dull purple, looking very hazy and unfocused. Not good!

Quatre knelt down beside both of them and felt both their foreheads. "Damn, Heero's got it too."

Noin and Zechs turned to look at the two boys and Noin frowned deeply. "This isn't good. We need to get them treated right away, or they're gonna turn out like everything else in this place."

Both sets of eyes widened. "Like...those things?" Duo choked out.

Noin and Zechs both nodded.

Duo groaned and closed his eyes, holding his stomach as he felt sick. "Promise you'll shoot me before that happens."

"Baka," Heero coughed out. "You're not going to turn into one of those things."

Duo frowned but didn't argue, instead he opted to let Heero believe what he wanted to. However, he had every intention of shooting himself if he got any worse, he was not going to become a fucking zombie.


Quatre left Noin and Zechs to look over the two and joined his love at the edge of the roof, where he was scanning the area below.

"It's hard to believe there's nothing up here," Trowa murmured quietly.

Wufei nodded his agreement as he scanned the lower building tops from a few feet away. "Quatre, any idea how long we have until Sally shows up?"

"Nope, she didn't say."

Wufei sighed and glanced back at them. "Then I guess we just sit up here and sweat from the paranoia, because I don't see anything over here."

"All clear here too," Trowa agreed.

Quatre joined the other two in patrolling the edge of the roof top, every once in a while his eyes flickering to the sky. Where was Sally? He knew they were safe currently but they needed to get off this planet before anything else had time to go wrong, and before Duo got any worse. He was really worried about Duo and Heero, really worried that they might not live through this mission.

Behind him Heero struggled to his feet and moved to the unguarded side of the roof, his face set in a determined expression despite his obvious pain.

"Heero, you should rest," Zechs suggested.

"No, I need to keep moving."

Zechs opened his mouth to protest again but was cut off by Heero's intense glare. The tall blond man sighed softly and nodded, returning to where Noin was trying to calm Duo.

On the other side of the roof, Trowa paused and frowned, leaning farther over the edge. He could have sworn he heard something but there were still no signs below. Frowning even more he stepped back from the edge and glanced to the others, catching Heero's eye. Heero stopped patrolling his edge and started to walk over.

There was little warning before they saw the large hand clamp onto the side of the building. How Trowa missing it he'd never know, but events after that were a little too fast for him to grasp.

The thick muscled hand grabbed on the side of the building and pulled itself onto the roof at an amazing speed. But the next thing Trowa knew he'd been knocked to the ground from behind and he instinctivly dropped into a roll, rolling far away from the creature. He jumped to his feet, gun read, in time to see the large creature dive forward and slam Heero against the ground.

Heero had knocked him out of the way!

The creature pinning Heero to the ground was the one they'd spotted chasing Quatre and Duo. The big bald thing glared at all of them for a second then turned its attention to the struggling pilot it had trapped in its grip.

"Heero!" Duo yelled out.

All the boys turned from the noise and saw the creature, immediately opening fire on it. Luckily Heero was pinned to the ground and didn't obscure their shots. But no matter how many bullets they fired it didn't even flinch, they weren't even tickling it!

Wufei crouched next to Duo, aiming his gun and firing straight between the creature's eyes, but the bullet had about as much success as the others, little to none. He growled in frustration and reloaded.

Heero struggled under the monster's hold, trying to reach for his own gun, but he found it had been knocked out of his hands when he'd been attacked and was now out of reach. Even with him stretching his arm as far as he could he still fell short. He was trapped and he'd be lucky if the thing didn't rip him apart in the next few seconds.

Then something dripped on his face. Heero blinked and stared up at the creature with wide eyes. It was crouched above him and the muscled face was twisted in pain, but Heero guessed it wasn't from the bullets. The entire creature's body was trembling and its veins were pulsating faster. Heero watched in a mix of amazement and horror as pieces of the outer muscle began to drop away, hitting the floor around him.

His stomach tightened and he closed his eyes, not wanting to see the sight. The thing seemed to practically be melting on top of him! Even with his eyes closed he could hear the flesh dropping away and the bones shifting within the body. What was left of the creature's work uniform ripped away and it let out a series of very low growls. Heero held his breath, it was mutating right on top of him.

When he finally opened his eyes again, a second later, the creature was completely different. What muscle remained on its body was deep purple mixed with sickly greens and browns. In many places the bones showed through and saliva dripped from its mouth, hitting the floor just beside Heero's head. The creautre had lost an eye, the other remaining just barely visible in a swollen socket while the muscle had pulled away from its teeth, making them seem much larger.

As the thing changed the others kept firing, but nothing changed. It still wasn't responding to their attacks and they didn't seem to be hurting it one bit, despite the fact that their bullets caused its rotting skin to fall away in large chunks.

In the heat of all the firing Duo had grabbed the gun from Wufei, sick of the fact that he didn't have anything to fire with. He didn't care if his vision was blurry, he refused to just sit there while Heero was killed by that thing! So instead he grabbed Wufei's gun and sat there firing, each shot hitting almost perfectly but causing no effect.

He growled in frustration and stopped shooting. There had to be a way to stop this thing, but bullets weren't doing it! Suddenly an idea popped in his head and he grinned. Holding the gun tightly he slid it across the floor with all his might, sending it scrapping right for Heero.

"Heero! Catch!" He yelled.

Heero snapped his head in the direction of Duo and was able to move one of his arms just enough to grasp onto the sliding gun. Unfortunately he couldn't grasp it right to fire it at point blank range, so instead he grabbed it by the barrel and swung, slamming the butt of the gun right into the creature's remaining eye.

The eye exploded on impact and blood flowed from the wound as the creature staggered and his grip on Heero loosened. In those few crucial seconds Trowa moved forward, snatching up Heero by the arm and darting with both of them away from the creature. He knew he probably ripped Heero's arm out of the socket but didn't worry about it, an injured arm was worth the price of living.

Bullets ran out quickly after that, attempting to hold the creature at bay far enough from all of them. It moved slower now but still followed the group around the roof. They were quickly running out of options, not to mention that three of them now had completely useless guns, Noin, Zechs and Quatre being the only ones with ammo, and that was running dangerously low.

"We need help and we need it now!"

Almost as if in answer a bright light shot out and slammed into the creature, sending it flying backward, almost off the roof. All heads turned to see Sally's ship descending behind them.

The shuttle landed on the roof, the doors sliding open almost instantly. Trowa helped Heero on his feet while Zechs grabbed Duo, all racing for the ship as fast as they could move. Behind them the creature stumbled back to its feet and started toward them.

"Onna! Move!" Wufei yelled as soon as they were all inside the ship. The doors shut behind them and the ship turned, lifting away from the compound and into the sky. Below them the creature grabbed onto the landing equipment, but its body had rotted too much and it didn't have enough meat left on its bones to hold on. The arm was ripped away and the creature crumbled to the ground as the ship flew off into space.

All around it vines chose that moment to break through the roof, covering the platform inside and out. But no one was there to stop them, the creature was dead and the group was finally safe.

Well, most of them were.

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