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Time: AC 197, after Endless Waltz which makes the boys around 17.
Pairings: 1x2x1 (eventually), 3x4, 5xS, and 6x9
Warnings: A crossover with one of the scariest games out there.

Resident Evil
by Snow Tigra and Chibi Shi-Chan
Part 13

Sally set the ship on auto-pilot and walked to the back of the ship where her comrades were resting. Their wounds had been patched up and they were well on the way to recovery, at least Wufei, Quatre and Trowa were. But it was Heero and Duo she was worried about.

Duo lay in the bed in the back of this ship, Heero sitting next to him with hazy eyes. After Duo had been talked into lying down Heero had taken the chair next to the bed, refusing to leave his side. Both were obviously sick, though Duo was doing much worse. Quatre did his best to explain what had happened to them and probably how they got infected but he was only able to explain Duo. He wasn't sure how Heero had gotten the virus and how the rest of them hadn't.

Sally shook her head sadly after she examined both boys. "I honestly don't know what to do. I've never seen anything like this and I don't have the equipment on this ship to do much more then the simple stuff." She leaned back against the wall and eyed the boys standing on the other side of the room with Noin and Zechs.

"From what you told me, its obvious Duo is suffering from the same thing that those creatures were suffering from. But without a definite sample I can't be a hundred percent sure it's the same thing. It could be a mutated form or something completely different. I do know, however, that Heero seems to have the same thing. The symptoms are similar, his just aren't as strong."

The others turned to Duo, watching him with worry. His eyes were shut and his face twisted in pain. He was still conscious but hadn't seemed to hear a word of what they said. Sally had given him some medicine to keep him awake, afraid of what would happen if he slipped off into unconsciousness again, but other then that she was at a loss. The green tint in his skin was getting worse and he was now sweating up a storm, clearly in the worse stages. He frequently rolled over in pain, clutching his stomach and coughing up blood onto the white sheets. "Is he going to change into one of those things?" Quatre whispered in fear.

Noin and Zechs nodded, already knowing the answer before Sally did.

Sally sighed heavily "I'm sorry, whatever this...virus is I can't figure out a cure for it." She felt so frustrated about not being able to do anything, and she hated the thought of losing one of her closest friends. Wufei stepped up beside her and wrapped his arms around her in a motion of comfort.

Meanwhile Heero stood up and took his hand from Duo's. Walking to the cabinet of medical tools he pulled out a syringe and needle. Without even tying off his arm he stuck the needle through his arm and withdrew a small amount of blood.

Sally's eyes widened. "Heero, what are you doing?"

"Check my blood." He murmured, emptying the blood onto a dish and putting a cover over it. Walking over to the computer he slid in the sample and brought up the magnification on the screen.

Sally pulled away from Wufei and walked up to the magnification. She eyed the blood and virus cells for a while then frowned. Grabbing a new needle she handed it to Heero. "Would you get a sample from Duo? We can at least compare them to learn more. You're right that we shouldn't just be standing here waiting for the next stage."

The room fell silent, all eyes on Heero as he walked slowly back over to Duo and took a sample of blood from the moaning boy. Duo's eyes flickered when the needle punctured his skin but otherwise he didn't seem to notice. Heero placed the blood sample in another dish and slid it into the computer next to his own, commanding it to show both samples on screen.

Sally's eyes widened as she looked at both samples. Compared to Duo's blood, Heero's was practically clean and right before their eyes they could see Heero's blood cells attacking the virus, while the virus ate away at Duo's. The doctor turned wide eyes to Heero.

"Your body is fighting back against it, but his isn't, why? It's almost as if you've already been vaccinated and your body is killing off the virus as we speak."

Heero nodded. "I thought about that, when I first saw that Duo had been attacked. There were only so many things that could have created monsters like that and they still resembled humans so I figured it might be a virus." He paused and glanced back at Duo, his face growing slightly red, but not from being sick. "I'll admit its part of the reason why you found us kissing."

Trowa flashed a light smile. "You purposely tried to contract the virus because you knew your body might be able to fight it."

Heero nodded.

Wufei smirked from behind them. "So what was the other reason you kissed him?" He teased quietly. Quatre snickered but Heero responded with a glare and returned to his seat next to Duo.

Because I love the baka, he admitted to himself silently.

Sally was still looking at the blood cells, hitting a few commands into the computer when Duo suddenly gave a sharp cry. He twisted in the bed, rolling on to the floor and into a small ball on the floor. He clutched his head in pain and cried out, coughing blood to the floor. Heero rushed to his side in worry. His skin was growing dry, the green turning to a sickly brown. Heero quickly unwrapped one of the wounds on his arm and swallowed as he found the skin deeply infected and starting to swell. Brown and green dead flesh lined each of the wounds, pealing away rather then knitting back together.

"Duo!" Quatre cried out in surprise, but no one moved toward them, too afraid of getting infected and not sure what to do.

Heero approached Duo cautiously as the boy writhed on the floor. Just as he began to kneel down Duo's eyes snapped open and he looked right at Heero. His violet eyes had become a very dull shade, the pupils dilated, his expression blank. Heero froze.

"Duo?" He whispered.

Duo didn't answer, instead he moved far too fast for most of them to see. Without warning his arm darted forward, heading straight for Heero's neck, the fingers curled like claws. Heero gasped and caught the hand before it reached him and then quickly pinned Duo to the floor before he could attack again. Duo growled in frustration, spit flying from his mouth.

"Duo, listen to me." Heero struggled to keep the boy pinned to the floor but was forced to straddle him to do so. Duo writhed in his grip, thrashing about angrily and Heero was still weak so it didn't help. He wasn't sure how much longer he could hold the boy down. "Everything will be fine, just hold out a little longer."

Sally rushed to their sides and immediately injected Duo with a sedative, right in the base of his neck. The reaction was almost instantaneous as Duo's jerks became less powerful and his eyes slid shut. Soon he was lying still as Heero pinned him to the floor, his breathing taking on a fairly steady rhythm. Heero slowly pulled away and dropped to the floor next to him, resting.

"Help me get him back onto the bed," Sally said to the others. "Noin, Zechs, will you roll the other cot closer for Heero?"

Trowa and Wufei helped lift Duo back into the bed while Noin and Zechs wheeled the other bed closer. Then the two lifted Heero up into the other bed while Quatre helped Sally with the set up for the blood transfusion. The easiest way to get Duo's body to fight the virus was to give him large amounts of Heero's blood, which they were incredibly lucky was the same type. Hooking the two up they started the process.

Hours passed by in silence as the two laid there. The beds were close enough that Heero was able to reach across and hold Duo's hand as the blood was pumped between their bodies. He squeezed the unconscious boy's hand, whispering terms of endearment and encouragement to hold on as the rest stood in silence.

The wait was the hardest thing. Eventually they had taken as much blood from Heero as they dared and had to stop. Heero resumed his spot in the chair next to Duo's bed and waited, squeezing the boy's head as he smoothed out his frayed braid. A damp cloth was placed over Duo's forehead and now all they could do was wait, wait to see if it worked.

Forever seemed to pass with little result. The others filtered in and out of the room, increasingly uneasy and finding a need to be doing something somewhere else to take their minds away from the horrible possibilities. Eventually only Heero was left in the room. He watched quietly as Duo's skin seemed to fade back to a sickly pale white, but at least it wasn't green and brown anymore. Still, the skin changing back didn't say much. For all they knew he could still be mutating.

Heero closed his eyes and laid his head down next to Duo's watching the boy's sleeping expression. He didn't want to think about Duo not getting better. He didn't want Duo to change into one of those things. He knew he wouldn't be able to deal with it if Duo did. But there was something else he wasn't sure about.

He wasn't sure if he could deliver the final blow.

Not to Duo.

Not to the one he loved.

Not to the one person who loved him back. He didn't think he could do it.

But he would have to. He knew Duo wouldn't want to live like that if he changed. So the only other resort was to kill him if this blood transfusion didn't work. But the thought of killing Duo brought Heero close to tears. He knew he wouldn't be able to do it.

"Come on... my little baka. You have to pull through this." Heero whispered sadly. He removed the cloth to give Duo a soft kiss. Even in this state of pain and unrestfulness, Duo still looked absolutely beautiful.

"Please Duo, I...I love you too much to lose you." He held his hand in his, gently kissing the back of it and resting it on his cheek. He savored the feel of Duo's cold hand on his face as his eyes drifted shut and he fell into a light sleep.

It was several hours later before Heero woke up again. He blinked his eyes open to find someone had shut off the lights in the room around them. But more importantly he noticed that his eyes weren't the only one's open. Duo's were open as well and he was glancing around the room. Heero sat up quickly and blinked away his sleepy state. He smiled, a small tear slipping down his face.

"Hey, handsome," Duo rasped out with a smirk

"You're ok," he whispered quietly.

Duo nodded and squeezed Heero's hand in his. "Where are we?" He asked, looking around the room once more.

"Sally's ship."

Duo smiled and relaxed letting his eyes close for a moment; he was still very tired. A second later he spoke without opening his eyes. "You kept your promise."

Heero blinked. "Nani?"

Duo opened his eyes and smiled. "You said we'd make it out alive and well. You said you'd protect us... protect me. And.... you did."

Heero smiled happily and crawled into the bed next to Duo, wrapping his arms around the boy in a tight embrace. He had kept his promise, and both of them were going to live.


Heero helped Duo sit up in bed as the others moved into the room. All of them stood around the bed while Noin and Zechs took chairs and all prepared to listen. Meanwhile Sally brought in a mug of a warm drink for Duo, who held it gratefully in his hands and slowly sipped at the drink. He and Heero were doing much better now and well along the road to recovery. It would take a few weeks, if not a month for them to recover completely, but it was now certain they would. So now all sat down to listen.

Trowa was the first to speak up. "So where did the virus come from?"

Noin frowned. "As much as we can figure it was a freak accident, a result of attempting to replant alien plants in a world that didn't know how to deal with them. The virus started by effecting the plants, and went on from there, so we're pretty sure that's where it originated."

Zechs continued for her. "The first things we noticed were plants that moved and grew faster then others, showing signs of intelligence and intent. We brought one of the plants into the compound to be studied and that's when the technicians began to get sick. It was much like how you described Duo's condition, but in a slower form. People would become bedridden, sick to their stomachs. After a day or two they would complain about being hungry but could never keep the food down. Not too long after they attacked the people who were taking care of them. Then the virus spread from there."

Quatre shuddered. "So all those things we faced, the zombies, the things with the tongues, and the bid bald thing were all human at one time?"

Noin and Zechs nodded.

"It would appear that the virus has an amazing rate of mutation, then. So how did you two avoid being infected?"

"That part was easy," Noin said. "We weren't there for the beginning of it. Most of our jobs took place away from the compound. At the time we were out searching the surrounding areas for a place suitable for another compound and a second project. When we got back we found the place infected and practically deserted, that's when we sent the distress signal and were attacked. We were, however, able to look into the compound's logs and pinpoint where the problem started."

"I have only one thing to say," Duo murmured, taking another sip of his steaming drink. "Thank the gods we are finally off that hellhole of a planet."

The entire room nodded in agreement.

The conversation wound down, small questions scattered on related subjects until eventually Duo and Heero were left alone to sleep and the rest of the crew went to their own bunks. Sally was the only who remained awake, leaning over the dim light of a computer screen and eight different blood samples.

She'd taken samples from everyone on the ship to examine for the virus. She had to make sure it was dead before they could land on earth, she didn't want to risk leaking it onto earth's population.

Wufei stepped into the small lab room behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders lightly. "You're worried?"

Sally nodded, not taking her eyes from the screen. "No one else is infected, but the rate of mutation of this thing bugs me."

Wufei scanned the samples on the screen. "Are Duo and Heero still contagious?"

She shook her head.

"Then, we are safe for now. We'll submit the report as soon as we get back and wait for permission to land. We'll probably have to spend some time in quarantine just to make sure, but beyond that there shouldn't be any worries."

Sally relaxed and leaned back against him. "You're right."

Wufei leaned down and kissed her lightly on the forehead. "Get some sleep, you'll need it for when we land."

The doctor nodded and shut off the computer, putting away the blood samples. Still, she didn't completely relax. Crawling into her cot a thought crossed her mind, one that caused her several nightmares that night.

What if the virus became airborne?


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