Disclaimer: Neither Gundam Wing or Resident Evil is ours. However, Snow owns a copy of Resident Evil 2 and Chibi owns a copy of Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Time: AC 197, after Endless Waltz which makes the boys around 17.
Pairings: 1x2x1 (eventually), 3x4, 5xS, and 6x9
Warnings: A crossover with one of the scariest games out there.

Resident Evil
by Snow Tigra and Chibi Shi-Chan

Two figures are seen running down a long corridor. One is shooting behind him, his long, platinum blond hair flowing around him. The other, a woman with short black hair, is shooting ahead of them. Suddenly the two stop and run in a room, finding what they were searching for.

"Damn it, it's shot." Says the man.

"Not yet it isn't. I should be able to send a brief message." Says the woman. She goes to what appears to be a comm link, only it has plants and vines all over it. The vines appear to be eating away at the machine. The woman pushes a few buttons until she sees a familiar face on the screen.

"Calling Preventers. We need help, immediately. If you get this send help ASAP, hurry!"

The screen sputters with static and the woman glances at the man in frustration. She hits the button and tries again.

"If you can hear us send help fast! The planet is-"

The woman is cut off as a vine breaks through the wall and smashes the screen. She jumps back as the man shoots the vine, the flames burning it to a crisp but also destroying what was left of the comm unit. The two back away from the comm and try to think of what to do next as they hear loud stomping noises from outside the door. The man quickly reloads his gun and both aim for the door. But both freeze as it enters the room... by breaking the door down. The man shoots at it, but his bullets have no effect. He holds the woman in his arms as she begins to tremble. The figure draws closer to them and all that is heard is a loud scream.

We need....immediately....hurry!! Planet is....

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