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Notes: This is actually the fic that got Stormy and I hooked up, so this is the fic that got me connected to the 1x2x1 ML *smiles* Thanks Stormy, without you I would never be on the list now! This is also one of the first fics I've ever done, only changed around a bit. This was a one-shot, but I divided it out because it was so long. There is a sequel to it that is being currently worked on!
My inspiration came from two things. One, this really cool fic called, "A Good Little Catholic Boy," and the other was from the movie, "She's All That." That should give you a pretty good idea of what the fic is about. Anyway, enjoy *smiles*

by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter One

Monday. The day that tells us the weekend is over and it is time for work. A day that is hated by all. However, some Mondays have meaning to it. Like this particular Monday meant the first day of school for Duo Maxwell. This cheerful boy could bring life to all around him. He was truly beautiful with the loveliest violet eyes and a long brown braid that could make Barbie jealous. The 15-year-old boy fixed the blue tie that completed his uniform and headed downstairs to eat his breakfast.

"Hilde, that girl next door, is coming over to walk to school with you." Said Zechs, Duo's guardian. Duo smiled at the man he called a father.

Duo's parents had died when he was only a child, but he was adopted by a man named Zechs Marquise. Zechs raised him all alone, until Duo turned around eight years old and Zechs got involved with someone.

Treize Krushrenada.

Treize was very kind and helped take care of Duo along with Zechs. They took good care of Duo and made sure he got the best education and hung around the good crowd. Duo loved both of them equally, for they were the only parents he ever knew.

As he finished up his breakfast, the doorbell rang.

"That must be her, I'll see you later." Said Duo, rushing out the door.

"Have a good day." Yelled Zechs out the window.

"Do you have to watch him like that?" Asked Treize, wrapping his arms around Zechs. The platinum blond sighed at his lover. Treize could be so calm at times.

It was their son's first day of school!

This was NO time to be calm!!!

"Really Treize, you could at least be concerned about his first day at school. I heard that there was a gang around the area. I have to make sure he's O.K." Said Zechs, letting out a small moan as Treize decided to attack his neck with kisses.

"He'll be fine love. All kids have to go to new schools sometimes. He'll be 16 soon, let him grow up some." Said Treize.

"I just want to be the parent he never got to know." Zechs added.

"I understand. I love him too. But, he has to grow up and see the world. Make his own decisions. You can't hold his hand forever."

"You're right. I just hope he doesn't get mixed in with the wrong crowd. I heard some awful things about that gang." Said Zechs with worry in his voice. Treize couldn't help but feel a little bit worried too. They hadn't even been in the town that long and already the stories on the "Angels" hit their ears. And the stories on their leader...

"They may be something to watch out for. But I trust Duo hon. He'll be fine." Said Treize.

But that still didn't stop him from watching his son go to school.

"Nervous about the first day of school Duo?" Asked Hilde.

"A little, I hope I can make some friends." Duo said with a sigh. Hilde smiled at her friend.

"That smile of yours could win anyone over....including the wrong set of people." Hilde's voice turned dark at that statement.

"The wrong set?" Questioned Duo. His question was answered when the sound of a motorcycle, no, several motorcycles came towards them. The bikes stopped at the stop sign right where Hilde and Duo were standing. Duo could tell by the uniform pants that they went to his school. He looked at all four figures on the bikes, taking in the tough looks they had.

One had shaggy brown hair and cobalt blue eyes. He wore a brown leather jacket with white wings on the arm. The next figure had jet-black hair and black eyes. He wore a black leather jacket with gray wings on the arm. Duo then looked at the other two figures that were sharing a bike. The driver had the weirdest hairstyle the boy had ever seen. He had one bang covering one eye, showing only one visible emerald eye. He wore a black trench coat with lime colored wings. The boy sitting behind him, well, his hands were doing things to the driver that made him smile. This boy had blond hair and blue eyes. He wore a badge colored jacket with light blue wings on it. Duo couldn't take his eyes off of them, they seemed so wild...and so free.

"That is the wrong set of people." Said Hilde, glaring at them. Duo wasn't listening. He was too busy looking into cobalt blue eyes. The mentioned eyes danced along Duo's body, studying it. The eyes meet again and the boy sent him a smile, a smile that made Duo shiver. The boy then blew a kiss at Duo, and sped off down the street.

"Who... who were they?" Asked Duo.

"Those are the Angels. They should be called the Devils. They scare the students and even some of the teachers. They don't pay attention in class and cause nothing but trouble for the entire town. Especially the leader."

"Which one was the leader?" Asked Duo.

"The one with the brown leather jacket. Stay away from him."

But Duo already knew that he couldn't.

He was drawn to those eyes.

Those eyes looked at him like no one had ever looked at him before. There was a word for it, was it...lust? That must've been it. It sure as hell wasn't friendship or anger. But why was he looking at Duo like that?

Could he be attracted to him?

Duo never really considered himself as beautiful or cute, he was just Duo. Don't get me wrong, the compliments he got could go to anyone's head, but he didn't pay it any mind. But that look. It was something about it that made Duo feel so...curious. Curious to see what it would lead to. And although he shouldn't have felt that way...

...he did.

"Class, this is Duo Maxwell." Said the teacher.

"Nice to meet you." Said Duo with a smile. The students nodded and smiled, happy to get a nice student for a change. The new additions at the school LAST year were horrible...namely...

"You can take the seat behind Hilde, by that empty desk. Someone sits there but..." She couldn't finish her sentence as a new presence entered the room.

"Heero, why are you always late?" Asked the frustrated woman. She really hated being a teacher at times, like last year when the new additions entered the school.

Duo turned and looked at... Heero? That was the boy's name. The boy from earlier. Heero scoffed at her and looked at Duo. Ah, the new little schoolboy. He smirked at him and went to his seat, but not before brushing his fingers across the boy's ass, making him jump. No one saw this; it was too quick of a move to see.

"Duo, you can sit down now." The woman said, already digging through her purse for some Motrin. Duo shook off his daze and went to sit down. He pulled out his notebook to take notes, but felt eyes watching him. He turned to meet cobalt blue again. Those eyes held the same look they did that morning. It didn't help that he sat in the back, where no one could see him. He tried to pay attention the best he could until the bell finally set him free.

"Class dismissed." The teacher said. All the students stood up and began to leave.

"Come on Duo, let's go." Said Hilde. Duo grabbed his books to leave, but not before feeling something slap his ass. He turned to glare at the boy, only to see him smiling. He turned to the front of the class and noticed that the teacher saw the whole thing, but didn't do anything. She just sat at her desk and held her head in pain.

Was this boy THAT bad?

"Better hurry up pretty little schoolboy, don't wanna be late." Said Heero with a smirk.

"How dare you touch me like that." Said Duo, refusing to play this boy's games.

"I can't help it. If I see something I want I just gotta have it."

"Well, I'm not some toy for you to play with." Duo said, a little proud that his voice didn't crack.

"Of course, you are much more fun than a toy. The things I plan on doing can't be done to a toy." Images sprung to Duo's head. Unwanted images, but they danced around his brain nonetheless.

"Duo, we should get going." Said Hilde from behind him. Duo broke out of a very interesting image when Hilde called out to him. An image of Heero laying in a bed doing naughty things to himself with his hand, calling out Duo's name. Then the image shifted to Duo being there and Heero turning him over on all fours.

Duo shook his head and glared at Heero again, the other boy chuckling at his dazed look.

"I'll see you later, my pretty little schoolboy." Said Heero, moving a strand of hair out of Duo's eye. Duo tried to glare at again, but it didn't really look like a glare. He turned and walked away, having to leave the situation before something happened to him, and this something wasn't a thing that good little schoolboys should even think about.

But, it was too late for that already.

"I'll catch up in a minute." Said Hilde. Duo nodded and headed to class. Hilde then set her sights on Heero.

"What do you want?" The Japanese youth asked.

"You stay away from Duo. He's not like you." Said Hilde in a deadly voice.

"Why, afraid I'll turn him out? Or are you afraid that he won't like you after he gets to know me?" Asked Heero.

"Duo and I are friends. He doesn't need to be around people like you. He's fine where he is." Said Hilde.

"So you do like him." Taunted Heero.

"That's none of your business Yuy!" Said Hilde, a blush creeping her face.

"Right, we'll see." Said Heero, leaving the fuming girl in the classroom by herself.

A few classes later lunch came. Duo sat with a group of guys he easily befriended. They were chattering about something, having a good time. A few girls would pass by, staring at Duo and giggling.

"You sure are popular." Said one boy, Kenji.

"Can't you see why, he's a very attractive boy." Said the other boy, Tonga. This made Duo blush.

"Come on guys, I'm not that great." Said Duo. Tonga put an arm around the boy, nearly whispering.

"Don't be modest, you are a very beautiful kid." Duo's blush intensified if possible; then he felt fingers dance on the back of his neck.

"Very, very beautiful." Tonga purred. Kenji saw this and sighed, the guy was pathetic. If anything, he'd scare Duo away.

"In any case, there are some people who agree with Tonga who you may want to watch out for." Warned Kenji, tilting his head towards the fence. The two boys turned, Duo seeing the same group of four from earlier standing there. Duo noted that Tonga's arm wasn't around him anymore. Then he noted the reason after seeing the look on Heero's face. It clearly promised a slow and painful death.

"You mean Heero?" Asked Duo, amazed that one look could cause people to go and pee in their pants.

"Yeah I do." Said Kenji.

"Everyone keeps warning me about him. Is his reputation that bad?"

"Hell yeah. All four of them are a bad crowd, but especially Heero. He's the leader and does what he wants, when he wants, to whomever he wants. If he wants something, he'll do anything to get it." Said Tonga.

"Just stay away from them, all of them." Said Kenji. Duo nodded.

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