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Notes: This is actually the fic that got Stormy and I hooked up, so this is the fic that got me connected to the 1x2x1 ML *smiles* Thanks Stormy, without you I would never be on the list now! This is also one of the first fics I've ever done, only changed around a bit. This was a one-shot, but I divided it out because it was so long. There is a sequel to it that is being currently worked on!
My inspiration came from two things. One, this really cool fic called, "A Good Little Catholic Boy," and the other was from the movie, "She's All That." That should give you a pretty good idea of what the fic is about. Anyway, enjoy *smiles*

by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Two

"So that's the boy, Duo was it?" Asked Quatre, moaning as he felt Trowa's hands massage his shoulders. He saw cobalt blue and black eyes stare at him. He gave a small smile...

...looked like he was gettin some that night.

"Yeah, Duo Maxwell." Said Heero.

"He's a nice looking boy." Said Trowa, wondering how interesting things would get if the fey looking boy joined in with them.

"I agree with Trowa on this one." Added Wufei, his thoughts heading in the same direction as Trowa's.

"Don't get any ideas, I claimed him already." Said Heero a little more possessively than usual.

"Understood Heero. Besides, we might scare him off with the things we do." Said Quatre. That made all the boy's grin.

"And he has to get prepared if we want him to join us." Added Trowa.

"He looks like the type that might make it very interesting, remember the last one." Stated Wufei. Heero nodded.

The last one was some boy he was dating for a while. Well, after he took the boy's virginity as his own, he sort of tossed him to the wolves. It was real interesting to see the boy whimper and scream under the sexual assaults of his gang.

"Yeah, he was real responsive." Quatre said, feeling lips on the back of his neck. He tilted his neck back for Trowa's assault.

"Much like you are?" Heero asked, his hand tracing a hand down the bulge in Quatre's uniform pants. Quatre gave a shaky nod, feeling Wufei's hands join the game too. Trowa watched his little lover tremble in pleasure from his comrades and smiled. He loved the passion filled look Quatre could give.

"Guys, as much I would love to continue this...we do have an impression to make." Quatre purred when he felt Heero begin to zip down his pants. The two boys sighed but stopped as they continued to look at Duo, while Trowa continued his gentle massage on his koibito. And the poor boys were in for an eyeful, for little Duo was currently bent over and taking a sip of water.

Imagine the images THAT provided.

Heero smirked as his eyes became glued on the tight little ass. He could think of a million ways to keep the firm flesh occupied.

Besides those thoughts in his head, he felt something else when he looked at the boy. Maybe, just maybe, he could settle down and be happy like Trowa and Quatre. Yeah, the two did share the same bed with him sometimes, he even went as far as bringing his little "schoolboys" into it, but in the end, they still loved each other the same.

That much was evident after what JUST happened about 10 seconds ago.

He tried Wufei but they didn't really mix well. He was interesting and handsome enough, and they did bring some of their "dates" into the game, but they just didn't connect. But this other boy, this new boy...

"So how long is it going to take you to get this one?" Asked Wufei, cutting into Heero's thoughts.

"Or, can you get him at all?" Asked Quatre with a smirk.

"Is that a challenge?" Heero asked. Challenges made it all the better.

"Maybe, this one does look a little too innocent." Added Trowa.

"So it is a challenge. I bet you can't even get the kid in bed." Said Wufei.

"You're on. If I win, you wash and repair my bike when I want for a year." Said Heero.

"And vice-versa." Said Wufei, shaking his hand. The game was on.

Duo had checked in at home and went to one of his favorite spots.

"I'm going to the library, see you." Said Duo.

He liked the fact that the library was so close to home. Plus, it was huge with a ton of books he wanted to read. Besides, he needed to clear his mind about a few...things. He arrived minutes later and immediately went to the study area to work on his homework. Duo cracked open his math book and was lost in a world of variables and absolute value (1).

Our innocent little Duo was doing his homework when he heard someone sit next to him. He ignored it and continued the problem.

"Graph the line 2x + 3y = 18." He mumbled to himself, continuing his work. This kept up until he felt something touch his leg. He then felt that something move up his leg, and go in between his thigh, almost touching his...

"Pretty little schoolboy." Whispered a husky voice. Duo jumped up, knocking over the chair. The sound caused people to turn and stare at Duo.

"This is a library young man. You have to be quiet." Said the librarian angrily.

"Sorry about that." Said Duo, picking up the chair, giving Heero a delicious view of his butt.

"You should know that already, this is a library and you have to be quiet." Laughed Heero.

"Why are you here?"

"Sit down and I'll tell you." Was Heero's response. Duo sat down in a chair away from Heero. Heero chuckled.

"Afraid to sit next to me?" Asked Heero, moving to the chair next to Duo.

"No, I just want to study. You distract me." Said Duo, reaching for his book. Heero pulled it out of Duo's reach.

"Some distractions are good (2)." Said Heero. Duo reached for his book, but still couldn't get to it.

"You didn't answer my question." Said Duo. He put his hand on the boy's thigh, trying to get some leverage. Heero only held the book higher.

"Maybe I'm here because I want to study." Said Heero. Duo put his other hand on Heero's shoulder, getting higher, but not reaching completely.

"You're not getting much done." Said Duo.

"Maybe I am." Purred Heero. Duo made one last jump to get the book, only to miss and fall into Heero. Duo now noticed the position they were in. Heero was sitting between his legs, and his arms were wrapped around his neck. For some reason, Duo's heartbeat became faster. When Heero wrapped his arms around Duo's waist, his heartbeat tripled.

"Interesting position, huh schoolboy." Said Heero.

"I have a name, it's Duo."

"Seems like the schoolboy has an attitude." Laughed Heero.

"You can let go now." Said Duo.

"What if I have something else in mind?" Asked Heero. He brought a hand up to caress Duo's cheek.

"Stop that." Whispered Duo, trying to hold back a moan, but it came out when he felt fingers go up and down his neck.

"Make me, unless you don't want me to." Said Heero, his finger gently touching Duo's lips.

"What will it take for you to leave me alone?" Asked Duo.

"You let me take you out this Saturday." Said Heero.

"Fine." And with that, Duo was released. He quickly grabbed his books and left. So much for the library being his means of escape.

"Good, in no time, he will be mine."


(1) What do you expect, I'm a Pre-Med major that...*blushes* likes math no matter how much I say I hate it *runs off in embarrassment*

(2) How many 1x2x1 fics has Duo causing the distraction instead of Heero? Nice twist ne?

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