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Warnings: AU, OCC characters, angst, lemon, yadda, blah, blah, yadda *sighs*.
Chapter Warning: ANGST!!! ATTEMPTED RAPE *runs to hide in her corner*
Pairings: 1X2, 3x4, 13x6, and slight 5+Sally. Others in later chapters.

Notes: This is actually the fic that got Stormy and I hooked up, so this is the fic that got me connected to the 1x2x1 ML *smiles* Thanks Stormy, without you I would never be on the list now! This is also one of the first fics I've ever done, only changed around a bit. This was a one-shot, but I divided it out because it was so long. There is a sequel to it that is being currently worked on!
My inspiration came from two things. One, this really cool fic called, "A Good Little Catholic Boy," and the other was from the movie, "She's All That." That should give you a pretty good idea of what the fic is about. Anyway, enjoy *smiles*

by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Four

The next night, Duo laid in his bed with nothing but boxers on as he read. He was really into his book, completely blocking out all sound.

Including Treize telling him he had company.

Treize just sent Duo's guest upstairs to his room.

And what a sight to see, a gorgeous half-naked boy reading, and lying on his stomach. Duo stopped reading when he felt fingers glide across his back, and down to the crack of his ass.

"What the... Heero?" Questioned Duo.

"The one and only." He said with a smirk. Duo sat up as Heero sat next to him in bed.

"So, what brings you here?" Asked Duo. Heero shrugged his shoulders.

"Came to see you." He said. Duo blushed at that comment as he stood up.

"Let me put some clothes on." Said Duo, digging through his dresser for some pants.

"What for?"

"Huh...because I'm half-dressed." Said Duo.

"So, it's not like I haven't seen a boy in boxers before. You're not scared are you?" Asked Heero.

"No...why should I be?"

"You're not ashamed of the way you look are you? You shouldn't be." Duo blushed again, but sat down next to Heero as he grabbed the book he was reading.

"You're always reading something." Said Heero.

"Well yeah, I like to read don't you?" Asked Duo.

"Uh...no not really. I read doujinshi."

"Bless you."

"No, it's a Japanese magna."

"Oh, well this story is good."

"I'm surprised you're not doing that poem we have for homework."

"I will later. I just wanted to read some more chapters. Want to read with me?" Heero gave him a blank stare. Read? For enjoyment? When he had a half-naked fairy sitting next to him?





"O.K. FINE! Let's do it." Said Heero. Duo had to fight his hormones. The way he said it made it sound like...never mind.

And so the two read together. However, after much convincing, Duo was perched in Heero's lap as the two read the book. They were just finishing chapter 15 when Heero noticed the boy's eyes sparkling. They were so beautiful, he never even knew violet eyes were possible but here they were, shining as they read each word. And those nice, full lips read every word perfectly.

Heero listened to the boy speak, and thought about why he had chosen him. He was gorgeous, that was the main reason. But as he got to know him, he learned that the boy was beautiful inside and out. His innocence was simply adorable and he was so nice, but seemed vulnerable. Heero felt he needed to be protected, was he the one to do it? More importantly, COULD he do it?

He noticed a tear slide down the boy's face as he read line after line. Why would he be crying?

"What's wrong?" Asked Heero.

"Sorry, it's just that this part gets to me. I know what he's going through you know." Said Duo. Heero nodded. But how would Duo know anything about being an orphan? He had parents....


"Those two aren't your real parents?" Asked Heero. Duo shook his head. Heero nodded again, as if understanding. He had assumed that at least one of them was the biological father and the other a lover. He threw the idea out the window.

"Zechs, the one with the long hair, adopted me. My parents died when I was a child." Said Duo sadly.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Said Heero, watching another tear fall down that heart shaped face. He gently kissed it away, feeling Duo's body tense. It soon relaxed and the boy smiled.

"That's O.K., those two are the best parents a boy could have. I just wonder what my real parents were like at times but then I'm happy I got those two." Said Duo.

"Is the other one just a friend of his?" Asked Heero. Duo blushed.

"Closer than that." Said Duo.

"Why do you always blush when we talk about stuff like that?" Heero asked.

"I don't know, I just do." Said Duo.

"Does it embarrass you?"

"A little. I don't have first hand experience or anything."

"Not even a kiss?" Asked Heero. Duo blushed again.

"No, not even that." Heero tilted his head up.

"Would you let me kiss you?" Asked Heero.

"You mean you want to?" Squawked Duo.

"Why wouldn't I want to?"

"I...I don't know. It's just that..." Heero placed a finger on his lips to silence him.

"When are you going to realize how beautiful you are?" Heero asked. Duo blushed again, feeling Heero's lips approach his. There was that feeling again, that excitement he felt whenever Heero got close to him. He closed his eyes waiting for the inevitable, craving the inevitable.

Heero's mind was hard at work. He could easily take the boy and call it a day. Another conquest. He was so vulnerable and it wouldn't take long. And he wanted to so badly. He wanted to pound the fey creature into the mattress, see those perfect lips cry out in pure pleasure. But, as he kissed the boy for the first time, he realized one thing....

...he wanted him to enjoy it too. Sure, he wanted all his partners to enjoy it but Duo...he wanted him to...

It was like magic for Duo. His lips tingled at the touch. It was light at first, but became more demanding. He felt something wet hit his lips and shyly opened his mouth for the other boy, feeling a hot, slick tongue explore his mouth. A moan escaped his lips; the feeling was wonderful. Oh he heard kissing was good when done with the right person, but he never expected this. He was aware of one more thing...

...his body was being lowered onto the bed.

Heero broke the kiss, examining his work. The boy was breathing heavily and his eyes held passion, a passion for him, one he caused. Good. But now what? Should he continue or let him choose?

"That...was nice." Said Duo. Heero smirked. It was nice. He never felt like that after a kiss. What was this feeling? Could it be the love Trowa felt for Quatre? Was that it? Did he want that right now? Could he handle it?

"I'm not ready."

"What? What do you mean Heero?" Heero didn't realize he had spoken out loud. He wasn't ready for love. He didn't want that yet. It was sex, that's it. A simple fuck. He'd fuck the angel and leave; maybe call him on a rainy day when he needed a quick lay.

But...but it seemed wrong for him to do that to Duo. But why? Why him, why now? Why not someone else? Why this boy?

"Heero, are you O.K.?" Asked Duo.

GOD! He didn't like that look.

That look of concern in the violet pools. Don't be concerned; it made it too hard. It had to end. He'd have his conquest and put Duo's name on his personal list of conquest.

"Let me try something." Said Heero, touching the boy's cheek.

"What Heero? What is...ahhh..." This feeling was new too. He shut his eyes when he felt that same hot mouth that did that kiss a few seconds ago on his nipple, sucking lightly. His hands bunched up the covers as that mouth sucked harder, faster, as one hand pinched the neglected bud.

"Heero...ah...what are you..."

"Shh! Let me do this."

Duo couldn't help but wonder if this was the right thing. It felt good, no doubt, but this usually led to bigger things. Things Duo didn't want yet. His body froze when he felt the other hand grab the hem of his boxers and, with one mighty pull, ripped them off.

"AH! NO!"


"Stop Heero, stop it!"

"Shh!" He tried to push him away, but that hand that was playing with his nipple grabbed his wrist, pinning his arms above his head. That hand gave a good squeeze, making Duo cringe at the boy's strength. He stopped his torment on that nipple, only to kiss his way down to bigger and better things. Duo felt kisses on the insides on his thighs, feeling that same, hot tongue lick his balls.

"Gods. Stop it." He pleaded.

"You want it, I can tell."

"No I don't."

"Your body does, I can tell." Damn him.

"But my mind and heart doesn't. I don't want that yet." Heero shook his head.

"Body needs to be entertained." He said, his tongue dabbing at the slit of his cock, tasting the evidence that "body" did like this.

"No...no...no...AHHH!" And then mouth attended to body with a vengeance. Heero reeled in the exquisite taste that Duo had to offer. And those cries were driving him insane.

But his conscience, something he thought he ditched a long time ago, was fighting with him. Trying to stop him from taking the boy. But, lust was by his side and wanted to take him all the way.

~He doesn't want it.~

Was that conscience again? Oh, he hated that. But, he wanted the boy so badly. He was so close. Blocking out the boy's pleas, his mouth worked up a faster pace.

"God please stop it."

~You hear that? He doesn't sound happy.~

He...he really didn't. But...but he had to do this. He had to win the bet. It was just a bet...right?

Duo let out a silent scream when he felt something poking at him...around his sacred area. Tears slid down his face when that something went inside to investigate, his body cringing in slight pain.

"No. Please don't..."

~You should really stop.~

He felt the boy's body tense as he came, unwillingly, into Heero's mouth. Heero gulped down the sweet essence that was Duo.

Ah, virgin cum.

He licked up the substance from the boy's thighs and smacked his lips. His finger probed some more until his patience ran out.

He flung his clothes off and quickly grabbed Duo's legs and lifted them up and over his shoulders. Duo gasped and shook his head, pleading with Heero not to continue.

But Heero wouldn't listen, his hard member nudging Duo's entrance. He hadn't prepared him enough, so as he slowly entered Duo gasped and was about to let out a loud scream when Heero covered his mouth with his hand.

"Shh. We wouldn't want your folks to hear you." Heero said, pushing in a little more. That's when the hand felt the tears. Heero blinked and stared at the boy underneath him. He lifted his hand up and heard sobs. He was crying, and his eyes looked absolutely terrified.

~Are you proud of your work?~

NO! It was not suppose to matter if he hurt him or not. But, he didn't want to see him cry. He didn't like that look. What happened to the smile?

He suddenly realized that he didn't want this, not this way. A quick fuck wasn't enough with Duo. What was the term?

Making love?

He quickly scrambled off the bed and turned his back on the boy.

"Why...why can't I do it?"

~He means something to you.~

Forgetting the rules of mental conversation, Heero began to speak loud enough for Duo to hear him.

"I can't do it. I can't...I don't understand..." Duo slowly sat up to look at Heero, his body still trembling.

He couldn't...what?

"Heero...why...why did you...I didn't want..."

"I couldn't..."

"You couldn't what? Force yourself on me. Cause more of my tears. Sure, body may have liked it a little but the rest of me didn't. Why Heero? I told you I didn't want it and you just kept going. Why...I thought we were friends...maybe something more..."

Something more? He really considered him to be that after he almost...

"I'm sorry. I should leave. This isn't working." Heero stood and began to put his clothes back on. Duo watched, grabbing the covers on the bed and wrapping them around his nude form.

"What's not working?" Duo asked.

"THIS! This whole thing we have. I want you...badly...and I was going to have you no matter what. But...you deny your feelings and I can't deal with that. I see that now. I can't control myself in front of you. You make me feel things I never have."

"Good or bad?"

"I don't know. I really don't. I...I'm not up to finding out."

"You say I deny my feelings. I do sometimes it's just...I'm scared Heero. I never felt this way. I'm just like you in this. I...I don't know how to act with you. I think and feel things I've been taught are wrong but..."

"I understand O.K. Stay your sweet, innocent little self. I won't taint your innocence. I won't take you off your pedestal." Heero left the room and Duo stared in shock.

"No Heero. Don't leave me up here by myself. Help me off this pedestal. I'm tired of sitting so high. Please..."

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