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Chapter Warning: Poor attempt at poetry *cringes*
Pairings: 1X2, 3x4, 13x6, and slight 5+Sally. Others in later chapters.

Notes: This is actually the fic that got Stormy and I hooked up, so this is the fic that got me connected to the 1x2x1 ML *smiles* Thanks Stormy, without you I would never be on the list now! This is also one of the first fics I've ever done, only changed around a bit. This was a one-shot, but I divided it out because it was so long. There is a sequel to it that is being currently worked on!
My inspiration came from two things. One, this really cool fic called, "A Good Little Catholic Boy," and the other was from the movie, "She's All That." That should give you a pretty good idea of what the fic is about. Anyway, enjoy *smiles*

by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Five

The next day at school, Duo looked down in the dumps. He sat at the table with Hilde, Kenji, and Tonga as they waited for their class to start.

"Did your poem?" Asked Hilde.

"Yeah." Mumbled Duo in a sad voice.

"Your hair is on fire." Said Kenji.


"O.K. What's wrong?" Asked Hilde.

"Nothing at all." Said Duo, looking back at Heero and his gang. What a nice coicidence that the entire gang was in the same class with Duo. He sighed as the teacher came in.

"O.K. Today, you will share your poems on yourself that was assigned for the weekend. O.K., let's start. Who's first?"

"I'll go." Said Duo.

"Good. Let's go Mr. Maxwell." Duo stood in front of the class.

"It's probably on math or something." Joked Kenji. Hilde punched him in the arm.

"The title of my poem is called, 'Labels.'" Said Duo. The teacher nodded as he began:

I am what most would call a school boy
A teacher's pet
A goody two shoes...but...is that all I am?
This is how people see me, and label me
Noticing the A average and the 100%'s...but...is that all I am?
Are grades all I want in life? I thought so at first, until...

My ultimate test came...

No notes
No calculator
No nothing, just me...and...

I failed miserably

I couldn't solve a simple equation of 1+1=2
I was one, but I lost the other one that made two

I sit on this pedestal, so high off the ground could touch the clouds if I wanted to
But...with my failure I realize...

I don't want that
I want to be tainted... blemished... dirty
I want OFF this pedestal, and hope my one would come
To take me out of the sky

It's so lonely up there

Quatre: Wow Duo, you're awfully poetic.
Duo: Thank you, I do try.
Heero: Baka.
Wufei: Too sappy.
Trowa: .....
Quatre: I agree, it goes with the fic, you're so smart Trowa *glomps*
All except Trowa: *sweatdrop*

All sat in stunned silence as they heard the "schoolboy" say his piece.

"Very good Duo." The teacher said. All clapped as the boy handed in his paper and sat down.

"Duo...you were talking about Heero weren't you? What happened between you two?" Asked Hilde.

"He tried to take me off my pedestal, but I was too scared to come down."

Before the next student came to present, Heero stood up and headed towards Duo.

"Mr. Yuy, please sit down." Heero, of course, ignored her. He pulled the boy out of his seat and before Duo could get out a single breath, their lips were locked. All gasped, not at the fact it was two guys, but the two guys who were doing it. The teacher just stared along with the class.

They eventually broke away.


"Shh! Let me help you come down." That's all Duo needed to hear as he hugged the boy.

"O.K. If we can continue class..." Started the teacher again. Heero nodded and sat in Duo's chair, and sat Duo in his lap. Duo giggled at the evident arousal he felt.

"Is that a big pencil in your pocket or are you happy to see me?" Joked Duo. Heero smirked.

"Excuse me. This is a classroom. Please get off of Mr. Yuy's lap." Said the teacher. Duo was about to comply when he felt strong arms wrap around his waist.

"I learn better this way. He stays." Said Heero. Duo blushed.

"Mr. Yuy, I will NOT have this in my classroom. I..." She couldn't say anything else as she received a glare from the Japanese youth. She heard a faint giggle from Quatre who stood up.

"I think you should let them be. Besides, this is the first time I've seen Heero pay attention in class." Said Quatre innocently. The teacher sighed and sat at her desk.

"Fine...next poem please..." And class continued, the teacher cursing herself for leaving her Motrin on her dresser at home.

Some of the poems were really good, and others were just plain....

Me and you
You and me
On the beach right by the sea

Me inside that tight ass heat
You moaning and screaming
As I come inside your body

Trowa smiled at Quatre as he turned in his poem, groaping the boy's ass when he stood and clapped for his lover.

"That was so beautiful Trowa. You are so very poetic."

"Mr. Barton, the poem was suppose to be about YOU!" The teacher said.

"But it was. Me and Quatre are like one person when I'm screwing him silly." Trowa said proudly. Quatre smiled and planted a kiss on Trowa's lips. The blond groaned when he felt Trowa grind into his erection.

The teacher sighed, banging her head against the desk.

Heero just smiled, holding Duo closer. He was glad that everything was O.K. between them now.

He was almost ready to admit that he wanted the same thing Quatre and Trowa had.

The two were together a lot now. It had been at least a month since that day in class. Everyone knew Duo was with Heero and would leave the boy alone. No one would bother him; even Tonga stopped his pathetic attempts.

The two were very happy together and still hadn't gone all the way yet. Heero was taking things very slow with Duo, just like he wanted. He knew eventually the day would come and he would have the boy. He almost forgot that this was all a bet...


It was a Saturday night when Duo snuck out of his room to go and see Heero. It was pretty late at night, but he wanted to see him so badly. Heero lived alone, which meant he could go and come as he pleased. Maybe that was one reason why the boy was so rebellious.

Duo was so excited, he finally felt ready to give himself to his cobalt-eyed prince. Heero would be so surprised. He giggled with excitement; he couldn't wait to see what the big deal about sex was. And with Heero, the boy he now realized that...

He loved.

"So Wufei, are you about ready to fix his bike for a year?" Asked Quatre. The boys were at the corner store picking out some goodies to snack on.

"It's still not over yet. He hasn't gotten the kid in bed yet."

"But he's close. That episode in the classroom a month ago proved it." Said Trowa, grabbing a small, familiar tube while the other two weren't looking.

"Oh, and what about the incident in the lunchroom that one time, when Heero fed Duo." Added Quatre.

"And outside the classroom...pretty heated kiss."

"And the lockers...Duo had a nice size hickey."

"And the locker room...." They all blushed at the locker room memory. They knew their leader was a horny guy...but a blowjob while they were changing before AND after gym was a little much.

Duo was certainly surprised when Heero did it...

...but he didn't complain either.

"Damn it, I should've given him a time limit." Said Wufei.

"Too late now. And anyway, maybe you should call it off. He may really like this one and if Duo found out..." Started Quatre.

"...yeah I guess. Maybe he's the one for Mr. Yuy. And this way, I don't have to repair his bike for a year." They all laughed as they heard a storm start outside. They grabbed their things and walked out, not even caring at the angry look they got from the store clerk because they hadn't paid for their things. They were so into their conversation that they didn't notice the braided figure whom was in the store.

Duo dropped what he was going to get, after all, Heero was the reason why he was getting it. He wanted to be prepared just in case Heero wasn't.

After all, it was suppose to hurt. And now, he heard the awful news from Heero's friends.

"How could he?" He walked out the store and into the rain, feeling fresh tears on his face. He shouldn't be surprised; Tonga did tell him about his reputation. He just didn't want to believe it. He was a fool. Why would Heero treat him any differently from everyone else?

He began to run home until he passed a familiar apartment.

Heero's apartment.

Suddenly, a flash of anger hit the boy.

So, he was just a toy right? A conquest? Well fine, he'd show him. He'd show him what happened when someone fucked with him.

Fucked? He never used that word before, not even in his own mind. Good little schoolboys didn't think like that. But, he was quickly learning that the label...

...was a load of shit.

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