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Warnings: AU, OCC characters, angst, lemon, yadda, blah, blah, yadda *sighs*.
Pairings: 1X2, 3x4, 13x6, and slight 5+Sally. Others in later chapters.

Notes: This is actually the fic that got Stormy and I hooked up, so this is the fic that got me connected to the 1x2x1 ML *smiles* Thanks Stormy, without you I would never be on the list now! This is also one of the first fics I've ever done, only changed around a bit. This was a one-shot, but I divided it out because it was so long. There is a sequel to it that is being currently worked on!
My inspiration came from two things. One, this really cool fic called, "A Good Little Catholic Boy," and the other was from the movie, "She's All That." That should give you a pretty good idea of what the fic is about. Anyway, enjoy *smiles*

by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Six

Heero was putting on his tank top for bed when he heard a buzz from his bell. Who could be here so late? He pushed the speaker.

"I told you guys not tonight so stop trying. Play your games with Wufei." Maybe some other time, but tonight Heero was tired. It was hard to get Duo and keep the busy little bunnies happy.

After hearing that, it made Duo's heart drop even more if possible.

Not them too!

He pushed the button to respond.

"No Heero, it's Duo. Can I come up?" Heero gasped.


This late?

Something was up (besides Heero's *ahem*) He buzzed the boy in and opened his door. Seconds later, he saw a very delicious sight.


Soaked to the bone.

With the hungriest look in his eyes.

Heero smirked as the boy walked in, watching the soaked body sway into his living room.

"What's up koi."

"Did you hurt yourself, why'd you say ouch?" Asked Duo. Heero smiled, he'd have to brush the boy up on some Japanese.

"No, it means lover in Japanese." He said, wrapping his arms around the boy. Duo smirked.

"Really, because that's what I want you to be...koi." And before Heero knew it, his lips were locked with Duo's.

Did he hear right?

Did Duo want him like that?

Gods he hoped so, he wanted to make love to the boy so badly. It would be his first, all the rest were just a release but with Duo it was love. He'd have to thank Wufei for that bet, which he would call off the moment he saw the Chinese boy. This boy was not a conquest; he was more.

He was love.

Pushing the bet in the back of his mind, he lifted Duo up and headed to the bedroom. Kicking the door open, he laid Duo on the bed and watched as the boy nervously un-buttoned his shirt. This was it. All his dreams were going to come true. All those frustrating nights when he wanted his hand to be Duo's tight ass, when he wanted the hard cock around his lips to be Duo's and not Wufei's or Quatre's or Trowa's.

He wanted that love his two gang members had. He wanted to have someone to cuddle with at night. And more importantly, he wanted that someone to be Duo.

No matter how many games the gang played it was the same...Quatre and Trowa were STILL together...Wufei was happy being single...And Heero...

"Tell me what you want me to do?" Asked Heero, leaning over him and helping him get rid of the shirt. When his chest was exposed, Heero placed feather light kisses on his neck and traveled lower. Duo let out a moan when he felt the said mouth lick at his nipple. He smiled inwardly, it was going to end tonight.

"I don't want you to lose your bet." That froze Heero in place.

What did he say?


"You know, the bet you made with you friends. About getting me in bed. You worked so hard that I don't want you to lose." Heero was stunned. How'd he find out? They couldn't have told him, they wouldn't.

"Who told you this?"

"I heard them talking about it today in the store. Funny, I was going to get something to help you prepare for this." He chuckled, a tear sliding down his face. Heero sat back in the bed. He knew. He found out.

"Duo I..."

"What are you going to say Heero? 'Sorry you found out. Sorry I made the bet. Sorry that all I wanted to do all this time is FUCK you and that's it!'" Screamed Duo. Heero tried to reach out to him.

"Don't touch me. Oh wait, that's what you want isn't it, to touch me. To touch me so you don't have to repair a fucking motorcycle for a year." Heero had never seen this side in Duo. He was ashamed he was the reason for causing it. Duo had never seen this side in himself either. He was so angry that he exploded.

"I loved you." He whispered, so low that Heero barely caught it.

"I wanted you to be my first. But, I'm just a conquest to you so it doesn't matter."

"Duo, you're right. It started off as a bet. But...now I know it was wrong. You're more important than a bet. I'm sorry." Duo glared at him, his eyes blazing.

"Sorry? SORRY! All that SHIT about ME holding back my feelings and NOW I find out it was all in vain. I was falling for that crap too. You were just trying to get me in bed. I thought you were different, but all you wanna do is fuck me."

"Duo...please listen to me..." Duo let out a dark chuckle as he laid back and spread his legs.

"Do it Heero. I know you want to. Fuck me. Fuck me good and hard. Make me scream and moan and cry. That's right. Take me! Take my virginity and shove it up your ASS! Add it to your collection!"

The tears wouldn't stop now. Duo sat up and wrapped his arms around himself for comfort.

"Why Heero? Why does it hurt so much?" Heero scooted closer as he held the boy in his arms.

"It hurts because you loved me."

"No, it hurts because I should hate you but I don't. I still love you, but I shouldn't. I...GODS HEERO!" Duo buried himself in Heero's chest. He felt a hand circle his back.

"It hurts me too. Because I am the cause of this." Said Heero.

"I'm just a bet..."

"Fuck the bet damn it...I love you!" Duo's eyes widened.

"How can I believe that?" He asked, searching his face. Heero's eyes held something new now. They held love; love for him.

"That's the first time I've ever said that." Said Heero with a smile.

"The bet..."

"Listen to me. The bet was stupid. VERY stupid! I thought that's all it was too at first, until I got to know you. If I still considered it a bet, I would've taken you a long time ago." It made sense, that episode in Duo's room about a month ago. He could still remember it. And all those other opportunities they had during their relationship.

But Heero never did anything Duo didn't want to do after the incident in his room.

In fact, it was like he was waiting on him.

"I asked myself over and over...why couldn't I do it when I had the chance? The answer is simple, I love you Duo Maxwell. You're smart, fun, beautiful, kind...everything I'm not."

"That's not true. You're all of those things Heero. You're strong and I feel so safe around you. Even though I shouldn't be having these feelings."

"Why not?"

"I don't know. I was told they were wrong. Sex and all of that should come with love. We're so young, but I don't care. This feels right, you and me. It can't be wrong, can it?" Duo asked quietly.

"In the end the choice is yours."

"Yeah, they did say that too, Treize and Zechs. What do you want to do Heero?" Asked Duo.

"What DON'T I want to do to you?" Duo smiled a sad smile.

"Sex right?"


"What about my eye?" Heero shook his head. He REALLY would need to brush him up. He always spoke his native language to those he was comfortable with, like his gang.

Duo had grown on him that much.

"No, that's like saying 'no' in Japanese."

"Oh I see."

"I really need to brush you up on some Japanese." He kissed the tip of Duo's nose, whose eyes crossed at the close range Heero was at. Heero smiled at him.

"Anyway, I want more than that. I'd make love to you if you'd let me."

"There's a difference?" Duo asked.

"Yes. This involves true love, what I have for you. I've never made love before. Sex...yes...but making love is truly beautiful. Two people love each other, like I love you."

"Say it in Japanese." Said Duo, snuggling up to Heero.


"Because you sound so sexy when you speak to me in Japanese."

"Baka. Ai shiteru."

"I have a feeling 'baka' doesn't go with the phrase." Laughed Duo. Heero smirked and cupped the boy's face in his hands.

"Will you let me...make love to you then?" Asked Heero.

"Yes love, do it." That's all he needed to hear.

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