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Pairings: 1X2, 3x4, 13x6, and slight 5+Sally. Others in later chapters.
Warning: 1x2 LEMON!!!! I was listening to Boys II Men's, "I'll Make Love to You," when I did this part. So, it's probably EXTREMELY sappy.

Note: This is the last chapter besides the epilogue. Look out for the sequel *glomps Stormy* it was all her idea *smiles*

by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Seven

Their lips met in a passionate kiss.

Their bodies and souls melted into it.

This was it. Their bodies would finally become one, like they were destined to do.

Duo scooted back onto the bed, Heero lying on top of him. Their bodies fitted together perfectly, just like puzzle pieces. And this night would complete the puzzle.

Heero's hands discovered the buckle to Duo's pants. The Japanese boys smirked as his fingers toyed with the buckle.

"May I?" He asked as he continued to finger the buckle with one hand while the other snapped off the rubber band to Duo's braid.

"Yes love, please."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Heero said with a smirk. His fingers treaded through the silk locks of Duo's hair; still damp from the rain. Heero's other hand quickly undid the buckle, sliding the pants from Duo's body. Eyeing the black boxers like a hungry tiger, Heero let one of his hands massage the boy's manhood through the material. A soft moan echoed through the room as Duo's hands bunched up the sheets.

Heero could see a sheen of sweat break over Duo's perfect body, making it glow. He kissed him again, his lips exploring the body he wanted to claim as his own. Making a detour to the tiny rosebuds on the boy's chest, he nibbled at one while his fingers played with the other one, turning it into a hard pebble.

"Oh gods Heero." This feeling was so exciting and wonderful to Duo. He never had experienced this before in his life.

This was what love felt like.

Heero's lips stopped and Duo moaned at the lost, but felt them going further down. They nibbled at the rim of his boxers playfully, causing a surprised gasp from Duo. He found his body acting on it's own as his hips bucked at the contact. His hand massaged Heero's scalp, begging him to continue.

Heero, however, was in a wicked mood.

"What do you want me to do?" He asked. Duo was speechless as he continued his ragged breathing.

"Could it be...this?" Asked Heero, his fingers hooking into the boxers and dragging them down, revealing the hard arousal inside. He looked up to see those eyes he loved so much closed. And those lips that tempted him so much were parted, releasing short breaths. He kissed the insides of the boy's thighs, deliberately bypassing what the boy wanted.

Tired of playing the game, he used his tongue next, licking the area inside his thighs.

"Oh god!"

"Thanks for the compliment, but Heero will suffice." He said, now licking the round morsels by the even harder flesh. He gently took one in his mouth, causing a surprised gasp from his lover. He soon stopped, ready to move on to bigger things.

"Open your eyes Duo, I want you to see what I am doing." He said. Shaky eyes looked down just in time to see that magical tongue touch just the very tip, then go down and up the flesh as if it were a Popsicle. He felt light touches of fingers massaging his balls and saw that wonderful mouth take pity on him. As soon as he saw himself being engulfed, he threw his head back against the pillow. He heard a hum of appreciation from Heero.

And as if that wasn't enough, those damn fingers were poking around inside of him, preparing him for what was to come. One, two, then three slipped into the tight entrance, causing Duo to see stars.

"Heero. More...please...this is so wonderful." He panted. Heero stopped to respond.

"And it gets better. The things I'm going to do to you..." He continued his ministrations driving the young virgin insane. His hips were pushing into Heero as he felt a finger find his sweet spot. He almost came right then but Heero wouldn't have it. He changed his speed, his angle, to make sure it lasted.

"Please Heero. Let me..." Heero stopped again.

"Let you what?"

"Please Heero, I need to...so bad..." To hear those words only made Heero harder as he continued his sweet torture.

Duo's cries were mindless. He couldn't even understand what he was saying himself as he thrashed his head back and forth against the pillow.

Driven by his lover's cries, Heero went a step further by inserting a forth finger.


Which had drastic results. Sucking harder, Heero prepared himself for Duo's inevitable release. With one loud scream, Duo came hard and fast as Heero swallowed the bittersweet seed. It seemed to last forever as he felt the boy's body sag into the bed. Heero licked his lips at the delicious treat.

"Better than ice cream. Wanna try?" Heero planted a deep kiss on the parted lips, letting him taste himself. They soon broke apart, and the look on Duo's face made him smile.

Duo's face was flushed and his eyes were halfway closed. He was panting and his body was trembling.

"Hee...ro. That was..."

"Don't talk. Just feel." Said Heero, running his hand down the sweaty chest.

"I want you to feel what I felt."

"No. Just you Duo. I've caused you so much pain. I will show you love instead. Besides, I'm going to enjoy those sweet moans." He said.

"Now what happens?" Asked Duo. Heero positioned himself above the boy.

"Whatever you want koi." Duo nodded and shut his eyes tight, expecting great pain. He heard that the first time was suppose to be painful, but he would endure the pain for Heero. He whimpered as he waited for the pain to come.


He felt lips touch his closed eyelids instead.

Duo opened his eyes to see a loving look in the cobalt blue orbs.


"Shh! I want to see your face when I do this. I can't promise that it won't hurt love. I don't want to hurt you." Duo smiled.

"You can't hurt me. Only love me. I'm ready." He said with a shaky breath. He knew that Heero wouldn't hurt him intentionally.

"I want this. I want to feel you in me, filling me. Please Heero, I've waited for you 15 years of my life." With those words, Heero entered that tight passageway of paradise.

There was pain involved. As much as Heero prepared him, he was much larger that the fingers. Duo couldn't help the whimper that escaped at the first entry.


"Keep going. I want to feel all of you." He whispered. Heero nodded, taking his time to fill the boy. Inch by delicious inch, he could feel the warmth inside Duo.

It was luscious.

Nothing should've felt that good.

Each inch Duo felt enter him brought a new wave of pain as he bit his lip to keep from crying out. However, this would be short lived.


"Duo? Do you want me to stop?" Asked Heero.

"No. Please don't. I...ah...I want this." He felt tears leave his eyes. Heero gently kissed them away from that beautiful heart-shaped face. Heero than proceeded to kiss the shaky lips, swallowing the moans.

Finally, Heero was completely inside Duo's body. He didn't make a move until he felt that Duo was ready.


"Yes. Please, take me."

And just like that, magic happened. It was like they were floating. Duo could count the stars as he was taken into the sky; into the heavens. The pain soon became pleasure. It just happened. He didn't know when, but he knew this was right. He felt his hips rising to meet Heero thrust for thrust. Heero bent down to capture his lips again as his body moved faster and faster inside the boy. When they broke apart, Duo's breathing became louder and faster.

"Hold on to me." Panted Heero. Duo obeyed, wrapping his arms around Heero.

His Heero.

The boy who showed him love and paradise. The boy who helped him off that high pedestal and onto the solid grounds of love. His hands began to massage Heero's back. Heero moved faster, loving the feel of the tight passage surrounding him. He hit Duo's sweet spot and smiled at the results.

"OH! YES!" He felt the light massage become rougher, nails scratching his back. He knew that would leave a mark, but it was O.K. as long as it was Duo. The two looked into each other's eyes, knowing that this was what they needed.

This love.

It was like they were separate halves of a whole.

"YES! TAKE ME! OH HEERO!" Duo's cries were coming out louder and louder with each word as he felt that delicious spot inside him hit over and over again. Heero, feeling his climax about to hit, took Duo's erection in his hand. Stroking in time with his thrust, the boy became mad with passion.

"Heero. Gods Heero...I'm gonna..."

"Do it love. I want to see you when you cum. Cum for me love." He said, stroking harder and pounding faster. That was the last straw as Duo felt that wonderful feeling getting closer.

"I love you...Heero."

"And I you."

And that was it. He was taken over the edge twice in one night.

"HEERO!" Duo threw his head back, feeling his release as his muscles clamped around his love.

"AH! DUO!" He could feel Heero's seed enter him. It was a weird feeling at first, but it was also one he could never live without. With his last bit of strength, Heero rolled off of Duo and lay next to him. He wrapped his arms around the boy, his fingers picking up Duo's seed and licking it up. Duo cuddled for all he was worth and exhaustion slowly began to hit him. But before he let sleep envelope him, he made a startling discovery...

He DID sneak out to get here.

"I...need to get home. But...I can't move."

"So the little schoolboy snuck out of the house."

"I needed to see you." Heero smirked, kissing the boy again. His hand traveled down Duo's back, gently rubbing the firm globes his hand discovered. He smirked down at Duo.

"This is the first time I did this and you didn't yell at me. At first you said that you weren't my toy." Laughed Heero.

"Guess I was wrong."

"You still are wrong. You are more than a toy to me." Said Heero, tracing the crack with his finger.

"Don't you ever get tired of playing with me?"

"How can I. You're one toy that I will never throw away." Said Heero, kissing the bruised lips of his lover. They broke away, Heero feeling Duo's growing erection on his thigh.

"You are one horny little schoolboy."

"What can I say, you're an interesting topic of study."

"As are you." Said Heero, holding him closer. The two soon gave into the inevitable sleep.

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