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Pairings: 1X2, 3x4, 13x6, and slight 5+Sally.
Warning: 1x2 LEMON!!!! I was listening to Boys II Men's, "I'll Make Love to You," when I did this part. So, it's probably EXTREMELY sappy.

by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Eight

Duo woke up the next morning and stretched out. He winced when he felt a slight pain in his bottom. Looking around the room he noticed that he wasn't in HIS bed.

"Wha..." He sat up in the now empty bed, his hand resting on the cool sheets...

...and in a sticky substance.

Duo smiled, now realizing why he was sore, naked, and in someone else's bed.


The Japanese boy entered the room with a pair of boxers on and a tray full of food. Duo smiled when Heero placed the tray on the bed.

"Morning love." The two shared a soft kiss, Duo sighing into Heero's mouth.

"What a way to start the morning. I didn't know you could cook Heero."

"Well uh..." Duo took a bite of the food and made a slightly sick face.

"Why are...the eggs crunchy?" Heero let a blush creep over his cheeks.

"O.K. So I can't cook alright!" Duo smiled at Heero, kissing his cute little nose.

"Aw it's alright honey. We can stop at McDonalds or something. It's the thought that counts" Heero smiled.

"Sure, we can go before I walk you home." Heero placed the tray on the dresser and grabbed Duo, lifting him out of the bed. Duo gasped when the cover dropped, revealing his nude form to Heero's hungry eyes.

"I think I like this meal better." Heero said. Duo blushed as the two shared a passionate kiss. Duo felt Heero's hands run down his body, but when he felt a finger try to enter him he pushed Heero away.

"Heero...uh...I don't think I can do that again. I...uh...I'm kind of....sore." Heero laughed at that statement, making Duo pout and reach over for the covers again.

"No...no Duo. I didn't mean to laugh at you. You just looked so cute when you said that." Duo blushed again.

"We don't have to do that again. There are other things we could do."

They never made it to McDonalds.

Heero helped Duo get into the window of his bedroom from a huge tree in Duo's backyard. Sitting on the branch, Heero watched as Duo stuck his head out the window to bid farewell to his lover.

"Thank you Heero. For...everything." Said Duo.

"You don't have to thank me. It's a mutual thing that both parties enjoy. I should be thanking you; you are the first person I've made love to." Seeing Heero across from his window like that made Duo laugh.


"Can I guess that means what?" Asked Duo.

"You are catching on."

"I was just thinking. Well, you are like my knight in shining armor. Me sneaking out to see you and you helping me sneak back in. You're like my own personal hero, my prince charming." Said Duo.

"So that means we get a happily ever after?" Asked Heero. Duo smiled.

"Yeah we do. You're my happily ever after." Duo reached his body out enough to kiss his prince charming goodbye.

"See you tonight then?" Asked Heero.

"Yeah, I can't wait." Heero climbed down the tree, gave his koi one last wave goodbye, and left. Duo sat at the window watching the retreating figure.

"I really do love you, my dark prince."

"So when should we tell him that we KNOW he snuck out?" Asked Treize, watching Heero walk away.

"Oh I don't know, maybe we should just act like we don't know." Replied Zechs.

"Don't be surprised if you see a huge grin on his face." Said Treize. Zechs nodded.

"You can't stop love, and it is up to him in the end. I'm glad he's happy."

"Me too."

Seeing the two together made the school a brighter place. Duo's smile was back full force; which cheered up everyone. Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa smirked. At least the two were happy.

"You think Wufei will ever be that happy?" Asked Quatre teasingly.

"Don't even THINK about it." Said Wufei. Suddenly, a girl with two ponytails approached the boys.

"Hi my name is Sally. I'm new here and I don't know were this room is. Can one of you show me?" She asked showing the boys the paper. Wufei smiled.

"Sure, I'll show you." And the two walked away. Quatre and Trowa smirked.

"Does she know what she's getting into?" Whispered Trowa.

"She will. Or maybe, he's in for a load-full."

"So, what was the bet?" Asked Duo one day, sitting in his room on the bed. Heero sat in a chair at a desk.

"It was stupid."

"I wanna know."







"Where did you learn that word?"

"The yaoi fanfiction glossary." Duo said with a smile. Heero sighed and approached his lover, sitting next to him.

"If I won, Wufei had to fix my bike for a year. And vice-versa. He gave me no time limit but...wait...you HEARD them talking about the bet."

"I know; I just wanted to hear you admit that it was stupid."

"Why you..." Heero pinned his lover to the bed, the two laughing together.

"So, who won?"

"I did. I won your heart. Ai shiteru Duo Maxwell."

"Yes you did. Forever. I love you Heero Yuy."

Author's Note: Watch out for the sequel, "Love and War," where a rival gang of the Wildcats hits the scene. And the leader of the gang has a deep hatred to Heero, and a dangerous obsession with Duo. Until laters, Ja ne!


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