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Pairings: 1x2 of course
Warnings: Chibi Shi-Chan attempting to be sappy! Oh, and a lemon too.

Note: O.K. Here's the sappy fic I promised my baka of a sister, Skylark. The only limits I had was that it had to take place in an ice-cream shop and that it had to be total sap. So, here it is.


Sweet Surprises
by Chibi Shi-Chan

Although it was the middle of the night, it was still very humid outside. It had rained all day and now the air was hot and sticky. All and all, it was a very good night to be Duo Maxwell. He couldn't keep the grin off of his face. It started at the Preventer's office where he got a very interesting note from his love. He pulled the note out of his pants pocket and read it all over again.

My dearest Duo,

Today is a very special day for me. This is the day of our one-year anniversary. It was on this day that you became mine. I would like to celebrate this day at the place where it all started.

Heero Yuy

P.S. Dress comfortably.

Duo was dressed comfortably, wearing only a pair of gray sweatpants with a matching gray sweatshirt that had a hood on the back of it, the shirt just barely covering his stomach. He wondered why he wanted him to dress comfortably, but he'd have to go and find out.

It had taken Duo a moment to figure out what the note meant, "Where it all started?" But he soon remembered when he saw Quatre in his office earlier that day. The blond boy was sharing a cup of chocolate chip cookie dough with Trowa. That's when it clicked. The old ice-cream shop on the corner of the Preventer's Office. He remembered that day like it was only yesterday.

// Duo was going on his lunch break when he noticed that Heero was staring at the ice-cream shop outside. Curious, he approached the stoic Japanese boy.

"What's up Heero?" He asked. Heero just glared at his braided comrade. Duo looked at the ice-cream shop and smiled.

"I can't remember the last time I had a good old-fashioned banana split. And Mr. Phillips' shop down there is suppose to be the best." He said. Heero only looked confused.

"You know... banana split. Banana with about three scoops of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, nuts, chocolate sauce and a cherry on top."

"I have... no idea what that is." Duo gasped at what Heero said.

Never had…ice cream?

"WHAT!!! Haven't you ever had ice cream or anything?" He asked. Heero just frowned and shook his head.

"Well today is your lucky day, for I, Duo Maxwell, am gonna treat you to your very first banana split." Duo said with a huge grin, sounding very proud of himself. Heero just gave him a blank look…

…which Duo interpreted as, "Oh please take me to the nice ice-cream shop so I could share ice cream with you." So he grabbed Heero by the hand and drug him to the old shop.

The two sat at one of the many tables, Duo digging into the ice cream like it was the last time he would ever have any. Heero just stared at the spoon… then the ice cream… then the spoon again… then the ice-cream.

"Uh…you know you gotta pick up the spoon…it's not gonna dig into the ice cream on it's own."

"What is all this stuff on it?"

"Just hot fudge and whipped cream. Come on it's good." Duo took another spoonful and thrusted it into his mouth, humming in appreciation at the sweet taste. Heero sighed and grabbed the spoon and dug it into the cold treat...

...and stuck it in his mouth.

Duo watched, trying to see what his friend would say at the taste. Heero had this strange look on his face, as if trying to process the taste.



"Do you like it?"

"Hm. It has a pleasant taste." Duo smiled, digging into another part of the ice cream and devouring it. Heero followed his example, the two of them sharing the delicious dessert.

Once it was done, they just sat around and made small talk. Heero was actually enjoying his time with the former pilot of Deathscythe. But eventually it had to end, because lunch breaks aren't as long as they should be.

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed your ice cream."

"I did." Duo smiled, the smile making a small smile creep on Heero's face.

And Duo thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. Winning the war was worth it to see Heero Yuy smile.

"Well it's really no problem. We can go out for ice cream anytime."

"Does it have to be ice cream?"


"When we go out, does it have to be ice cream?"

"Uh...wait. Are you asking me out on a... date?" Heero smiled.

"Well you said we could go out anytime... so I'm asking if it has to be ice cream?" Duo was shocked to say the least. I mean, he did like Heero and would be a fool to turn down a date from him... but he never thought that they WOULD go out on a date.

"Uh... no it doesn't have to be ice cream."

"Have you ever been to that restaurant downtown, Le Figeros?"

"No... I can't afford to eat there! And I wouldn't know what to wear in a place like that." Duo said with a chuckle. Heero stood up from his spot across from Duo and stood before him, taking his hand in his and pulling him up. Duo blushed at the closeness of their bodies.

"Well I'm taking you there tonight after work so I suggest you find something."


"I've never had ice cream and you took me out, and you've never eaten there so I'm taking you out." With that said, Heero glanced at his watch and saw that their lunch break was nearly over.

"We better head back." Duo nodded, still in shock that Heero had asked him out on a date.

It was going to be his first date after all.

And when they got back to the office, Heero walking Duo to his, the Japanese boy reminded him about their date, gave him a quick kiss on his lips, and walked away.//

And they had been inseparable ever since.

Duo smiled at the found memory as he reached his destination of the ice-cream shop. It was dark inside, probably because the place was closed. He wondered what his koi was up to as he went to the door. But before he could try to open it, someone from the inside opened it for him.

"Why hello Mr. Maxwell." Duo blinked at the person who stood before him.

It was Quatre... dressed as a waiter!

"Uh... hi Q... uh... what's goin on?"

"Why don't you come in and find out." Duo stepped inside and gasped at what he saw. The old ice-cream shop was dimly lit by candles, which were set all around it. He looked in the center of the shop and saw a single table, which had a delicious looking banana split sitting on top of it. Beside the banana split was a spoon and a vase full of sterling roses.

"What's all of this?"

"Happy anniversary Duo." Duo turned when he saw Trowa standing by the table, pulling out the chair for him. He too was dressed as a waiter. Quatre escorted Duo to the table, the longhaired boy sitting and looking at the ice cream in front of him. It was topped just like it was the day him and Heero first got together.

"Your date should be here in a minute." Said another voice. Duo looked and saw Wufei standing with his other two friends, also dressed as a waiter. Duo looked closer and noticed something about all three of them...

...they were dressed like the waiters at Le Figeros, the place Heero had took him out the same day they went to the shop.

Duo smiled. Heero had gone all out this time...combining the two places where their relationship had started.

Duo grabbed his spoon and was about to dig into the ice cream when he felt a hand reach behind him and take the spoon. Duo turned and gasped at the site before him.

His love was dressed up in gray colored pants with a black, silk shirt tucked into them. Over his shoulder was a gray colored jacket, the same color as his pants.

Duo had never seen anything so breathtaking in his entire life.

"Now you wouldn't be eating that without me would you?" Heero asked.

"Heero... I thought you said NOT to dress up?"

"Hm... I told you not to. I know how much you hate to dress up and I wasn't going to make you. Now, how about some ice cream?" Duo nodded as Heero pulled a chair up next to him. The former Wing pilot took the spoon and dipped it into the banana split, and proceeded to feed it to Duo. Duo took the offered treat and made a sound that clearly stated that he was happy with it. Heero continued to feed him for a while, watching his lover smile at the tender treatment. Suddenly, Heero "accidentally" made some of the ice-cream drop down to Duo's neck.

"How clumsy of me." Duo smiled at Heero.

"Clumsy indeed." Heero bent over and lapped at the vanilla trail, kissing his way up to Duo's lips. Duo moaned into it, turning into a happy little pile of goo.

While they were doing this, the other three pilots started the music, letting the notes fill the romantic air. Heero stopped his kiss and turned and looked at them, the three of them smiling at him. Heero nodded as the three gave him their wishes on the special day...

...and left the two alone.

"Would you care to dance?" Heero asked. Duo nodded and took Heero's offered hand. Heero gently pulled him away from the table and towards some of the candles, which Duo soon noted smelled like apples.

Duo sighed as he rested his head on Heero's chest, Heero's arms wrapping around his waist. Duo closed his eyes as the two moved to the slow beat, just happy to be with each other.

"Thank you Heero." Duo said, breaking the silence.

"No problem koi. You know I like to pamper you."

"I know. I wasn't saying thank you for this."


"I was saying thank you... for loving me." Heero looked down into Duo's eyes, seeing them shine with unshed tears. Heero smiled at him and kissed his forehead.

"Baka, why wouldn't I love you? That's what I'm here for... to love you." Duo's smile brightened as one of the tears left his eyes, trailing down his cheek. Heero kissed it away, causing Duo to let out another tear.

"Why do you cry love?"

"I'm just happy that you're here with me." Duo said, burying his face in Heero's shirt. Heero said nothing, he knew all he needed to do was be there. He knew all about Duo's past, about Solo and the church. He knew that all the people Duo ever loved he lost...

...but Heero wasn't going anywhere.

Heero lifted Duo's face up and bent over to place a light kiss on his lips. Duo melted, their bodies still rocking to the soft music. Duo buried his hands in Heero's unruly hair while Heero let his hands go inside the back of Duo's shirt to glide down his back. The music added to the mood, the two losing each other in their lips.

The need for air demanded them to break apart, the two lovers panting after the intense kiss.

"You taste like a banana split." Heero said with a grin.

"Speaking of which, would you like to finish it before it melts?" Heero nodded and scooped Duo up in his strong arms, causing the longhaired boy to giggle.

"Heero Yuy, you better stop spoiling me. I may get very lazy with this kind of treatment." Heero chuckled at the statement and sat Duo on top of the table next to the banana split.

"You mean you don't want me to pamper you and treat you like a king?" Heero asked, feeding more of the melting ice cream to Duo.

"Well if you insist, you may continue to pamper me."

Their lips met in another lazy kiss, Duo again running his fingers through his love's hair as he felt Heero's hands glide across his chest from inside his shirt. The heat between the two lovers seemed to increase with each touch and each kiss. Duo felt Heero spread his legs apart, and gasped when his love sat a chair right in front of him.

"I think it's time for my dessert."

Duo threw his head back when he felt his pants being removed from his legs. The boxers came shortly after, leaving Duo bare from the waist down for Heero's greedy eyes... and lips.

Duo gasped when he felt some of the melting ice-cream dribble on his hardness, the coldness putting out the fire in his body.

"Heero..." More ice cream touched him, causing strange little noises to leave his throat. Heero reached behind Duo and grabbed one of the roses out of the vase. He let the soft petals touch Duo's cheek, causing him to purr at the tender treatment. He left it trail downwards to his legs, letting it trail all around them.

Duo trembled.

And Heero loved every second of it.

The teasing continued as Heero moved it up and down all the way to Duo's foot, then back up again. Finally, taking pity on the quivering form before him, he let it touch the part that wanted to be touched the most.

"Yes..." The petals tickled his erection, going up and down the ice-cream cover rod. Heero removed the rose and licked at the ice cream the purple petals picked up. He smiled and picked on of the petals and placed it in front of Duo, the longhaired boy kissing the softness.

Their lips meet for a brief moment before Heero decided that it was time for him to have his dessert.

"Are you ready for me baby?" He asked, making Duo moan at his sexy voice.

"More than ready." Heero smirked and kissed just the tip, causing Duo to gasp. He continued with his teasing kisses, tasting a hint of Duo and vanilla ice cream. He began to lick up the ice cream, worshipping his love with his tongue. Duo shut his eyes and clamped his legs against Heero's head, immobilizing him.

Heero loved it when he did that.

He held Duo's legs there with his hands and opened his lips to take in all of Duo. The quick move got to Heero's head as the ice cream gave him a slight headache. His hands continued to massage Duo's thighs as he bobbed his head up and down.

Duo's hands were busy as well, tugging at Heero's hair and threatening to tear it. His eyes caught site of the bobbing head and he moaned again at the site before him.

Heero doing this to him dressed the way he was in that nice looking suit made Duo get even more turned on. His cries filled the ice-cream shop along with the music, which became even slower than before.

"Heero... oh yes Heero..." Heero smiled around his lover, he loved his sweet moans and loved to see how many different ones he could coax out of him. Duo was a very vocal person, and that only increased when Duo was put in pleasurable situations.

This was DEFINITELY pleasurable.

Heero could feel his lover's body shake and knew he was close. He sucked on him faster and faster to bring him to completion.

Duo threw his head back and shouted his lover's name as he hit his climax. His body sagged onto the table, his breath ragged. Heero stood from his seat in the chair and looked down at Duo. His shirt was the only article of clothing he had on, his eyes were shut as he struggled to breathe again.

"Absolutely beautiful." Heero let his hand touch Duo's face, coaxing his eyes open. Duo smiled at him, taking one of the fingers in his mouth and sucking on it. Heero moaned at the tender treatment, feeling his erection protest against his pants. Heero pulled his fingers out and circled the tight entrance with one slick digit, watching Duo's cock slowly re-awaken.

"What do you want?" Heero asked, gently poking inside of the tight heat.

"I want you inside me love." Heero smiled and pushed his finger inside, gently stretching his love for what was to come. Feeling Duo thrust against his finger, he added another one and began to thrust up into him. Duo gasped when the fingers began to open up like scissors, causing him to spread his legs even wider.

"Hurry love... I need you."

"In due time, I don't want to hurt you." That was another thing about Duo, he was VERY impatient.

Heero thrust back some more, hitting the spot that always drove Duo crazy. This time was no exception as Duo tried to thrust back into the fingers to get Heero to touch that spot again.

Heero hit it a couple more times before he decided Duo was ready. Duo moaned in protest, but then forgot what he was protesting about when he saw Heero undo his belt and unbutton his pants. Heero eyed the belt and eyed Duo, giving him a predatory grin. He took the belt and captured Duo's wrist in his hand.

"Do you trust me?"

"Always." Heero smiled at his answer and pinned Duo's arms behind his back and tied then together with the belt. Duo let out another moan at his vulnerable position.

"Feeling a little kinky?" Duo asked.

"Only with you." Duo watched the pants drop along with the boxers, revealing the hard organ to his violet eyes.

Duo moaned at the site, ready to feel Heero inside of him.

Heero sat back down in the chair and grabbed Duo's hips and slowly glided him off of the table. Duo gasped when he felt Heero nudge his entrance.

"So good... please love..." Heero complied with Duo's plea and pushed himself in, causing Duo to see stars before his eyes.

"Duo, you feel so good." Heero groaned as he thrust up into him even more. Duo shut his eyes as his breath got caught in his throat. The feeling was overwhelming him and he thought he would lose his mind. Feeling Heero inch into him little by little was causing the best sensations he'd ever felt.

Finally, Duo was seated completely on top of Heero's powerful thighs, his feet not even touching the ground completely. He smiled at his love, moving his hips a little to cause a beautiful electrical wave between the two. Heero groaned at the little minx, holding onto his hips and lifting him slightly, only to slam him back down. Duo's eyes widened at the feeling.

"Shit Heero..." Heero smirked and did it again, only this time lifting Duo higher and slamming him even harder. Duo gasped as Heero continued to do this, his erection just brushing his sweet spot.

He wanted him to hit it so bad.

But Heero kept up the rhythm enough to just graze the spot, causing tears in Duo's eyes from the sweet torture.

"Heero... gods just fuck me already!"

"Are you sure that's what you want?"

"YES!" Heero smirked, which made Duo think that maybe he should rethink his decision. But it was too late now as Heero stood, Duo still inside of him. Duo yelped at the action, which caused Heero to thrust into him even harder and nearly pound into his g-spot.

"AH! Jesus CHRIST HEERO!" Heero then grabbed his hips again and slammed him on top of the table, the quick motion causing the vase of roses to shake and crash to the ground and the ice cream to tilt over, the melting cream dribbling across the table.

But the two ignored all of this as Heero pounded into Duo frantically, their breaths coming faster and faster. Duo's legs were wrapped around Heero's waist, the silk shirt his koi still wore damp with sweat along with his own hooded shirt. Duo used his feet to glide across the firm ass, his head thrown back in ecstasy.

Heero moaned louder as he took his lover almost violently, but still lovingly. He could feel Duo's feet on him, he could hear his lover's cries, and he could see the fey form below him begging to be taken. Begging him to go harder and faster. He used one hand to trail across Duo's face, touching the parted lips as they cried his name over and over again. He let his hand travel down to Duo's chest, going inside the damp shirt to massage the wet body, feeling the flat stomach and hard nipples. He continued his loving caresses as he continued to make love to his one and only.

His fingers tickled the hard cock, causing Duo to moan even louder if possible.

"Heero...please... touch... me..." Duo gasped out with each thrust. His voice sounded ragged from all of his screaming. Heero complied as he felt his own completion near. He grasped onto Duo's erection almost painfully, stroking it in time with his own thrust. Duo's inner muscles clamped around him, causing them both to cry out their love for one another as they came together.

Heero blinked, looking around the area to notice that he was lying on top of his sweaty koi. The strong musk of sex filled his nostrils and he could tell that from looking outside the sun was coming up.

They must've passed out from their intense love making the previous night.

Heero stood, his legs still feeling weak from the night before. The candles had all burned out and the music had stopped playing in the background. Their was a pool of ice-cream on the floor, a banana squished on the floor as well. Broken glass surrounding the table, roses scattered around the glass.

He smiled at it all. What an anniversary!

He took one of the roses and glided it across Duo's face, causing his lover to moan and open his eyes.

He looked so very beautiful when he woke up.

"Hiya handsome." Duo said, voice still raspy from the previous night.

"Hello yourself gorgeous." The two shared a soft kiss together, starting the morning the best way they knew how.

"Wow, we really made a mess didn't we?" Duo asked. He noticed that his hands were still buckled behind his back.

"Yes we did. You rest and I'll clean this up."

'Thanks...but uh...could you possibly unbuckle me?" Heero smirked and gave Duo one last kiss, unbuckling him at the same time.

"You looked so good tied down like that." Duo blushed and watched as Heero pulled up his pants and straightened his clothing. He then lifted Duo up and began to dress him as well, the two boys now fully clothed once again.

"There you go, spoiling me..."

My koi deserves the best." Duo sat in the chair and watched Heero clean up everything perfectly. He smiled at Heero's back as he watched the shop being returned to normal.

Heero turned and saw Duo smiling at him.

"What?" It didn't come out harsh at all.

"Just thinking about how lucky I am to have you." Heero smiled and went over to Duo, approaching him and bending over so their lips were just centimeters away.

"I'm lucky to have you love."

"I guess we're lucky to have each other."

"Ai shiteru Duo."

"I love you too Heero." Their lips were about to meet when the shop doors opened and an old man walked in the store, stopping to smile at the two boys.

"I'm guessing everything went well Heero?" The man said. Heero smiled at the man and nodded.

"Yes Mr. Phillips it did."

"You mean you two were in on this?"

"Of course. How else do you think I got it?" Heero asked.

"When Heero came to me and asked if he could use the shop for the night so he could celebrate his one-year anniversary with you, I couldn't refuse. You two are my best customers after all."

"Thank you for letting me use it."

"No problem Heero. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to open the register and get the store ready."

"Of course. We'll be leaving." Mr. Phillips smiled as he watched the two walk out of his store hand and hand.

It was a beautiful site indeed.

Heero and Duo, together forever.

Authors Note: My crappy attempt at sap. I hope someone liked it *looks at readers* Anyone?


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