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Pairings: One sided Rx1 and Dx4, but complete 1x2 and 3x4
Warnings: Lemony goodness. Not sure if it's an actual lemon or not...but it does get rough kids. And poor attempts at humor ^_^;;; and major Relena bashing with mild Dorothy bashing.

Dedicated to Dia-chan who helped me keep my sanity in a time of need once. This is one of the two fics I did for her.

Summary: This is about Relena loving Heero but Heero loving Duo and everyone trying to make Ms. Relena realize that. The war is over and peace has remained. Endless Waltz is over too, just pretend that in the end when Heero walked away he went to get Duo...I do anyway. The pilots are having a sort of vacation at one of Quatre's mansions, so that's where a good portion of the story takes place. Oh, and pretend that the Gundams were NOT destroyed.


What Proof do You Have?!?!
by Chibi Shi-Chan

We start our story in an office, not just any office, but the office belonging to the Vice Foreign Minister. Yes, Relena Dorlein was sitting at her desk with her pink suit on and her pink pen in hand, but she wasn't writing anything down. Rather, she sat and stared at the door, as if waiting for someone to come through it at any minute. Sure enough, the huge brown doors opened and Pagen stepped in.

"Ms. Relena, Ms. Dorothy is here to see you."

"Very good, send her in." She said. Pagen nodded and walked out of the room. Relena smiled as she looked down at the paper she was writing on before she sent Dorothy on her...mission. On the paper in a pink colored pen were several hearts with a certain Perfect Soldier's name written inside of them.

"Ah Heero, my fallen prince." She said, drawing another heart to pass the time.

You see, Relena had sent an invitation through Dorothy for Heero to meet her for dinner. She closed her eyes and smiled; the dinner would be perfect...

....Heero sat at the table across from Relena. She wore a long, white gown with her hair pinned up. She smiled at the young man who wore a nice fitting blue suit that matched his eyes. She ate her spaghetti very properly as Heero approached her. He held a white rose in his hand and gave it to Relena.

"For you." He said in that deep voice she loved so much.

"Thank you Heero." She said. He took her hand and kissed it, causing her to giggle.

"Oh Heero, this night is perfect."

"Not a perfect as you." She smiled at him.

"Heero..." She said as their lips grew closer.

"Relena..." She could feel his warm breath on her trembling lips.



".....Relena....Relena....Ms. Relena. Ms. Relena wake up..." Said a female voice. Relena smiled in her daydream as she was oblivious to the person's call.

"Oh Heero, the bedroom would be perfect." The woman let out a long sigh. Relena was so stupid at times. The woman shook Relena to wake her up.

"MS. RELENA!!!" Relena jumped, her eyes dazed and drool escaping her mouth. The woman cringed at the sight and gave Relena a napkin.

"Oh...Dorothy, you're back." Said Relena, taking the napkin and wiping her mouth.

"Yes I am, and I have some news for you." The woman, now revealed to be Dorothy, said.

"Oh really, did you deliver the letter?" Relena asked happily.

"Uh...no...I didn't get a chance to." Said Dorothy, bowing her head in what could be only be called shame.

"WHAT! But why?" Asked Relena in shock. Dorothy sighed....

...here goes nothing.

"Well, I learned some information about Heero."

"What is it?" Asked Relena. Any news on her beloved was good news.

"Well, Heero seems to have someone special in his life already." Said Dorothy.

Here it comes.

"WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! WHO!?!?!? WHO IS THIS PERSON who DARES steal MY HEERO....AWAY!!!" Screamed Relena. Dorothy, fortunately, had earmuffs at the time. She took them off and took a deep breath.

"Heero is seeing the pilot of Gundam 02." Dorothy cringed at the look that crossed Relena's face.

"The pilot of 0....2....DUO!" Cried Relena.

"The one with the long chestnut colored braid, yes he is." Said Dorothy. Relena sank in the chair and sighed, how could this be? Just then, a thought crossed her pretty little pink mind.

"You lie, you're jealous cause Heero is mine."

Now, it was Dorothy's turn to get angry.

"How could you SAY that! You know I'm gaga over Quatre Raberba Winner."

Oh yeah, duh Relena.

Dorothy did have a thing for the kind blond, but Relena had a feeling that Quatre was taken by someone else. That boy with the bangs to be exact. I mean, Trowa went through all that trouble to turn Quatre nice again after that Zero incident, and regained his memory through Quatre...so she heard. That was proof, but no one had proof on her Heero being taken. She ignored what they...claimed...about Heero risking his life to save Duo, she chalked that up as comrades of war. And that whole using Duo's name when he enrolled at the school...she chalked that up as a disguise...it was no proof for his love with the other boy.

Speaking of proof, what proof did Dorothy have anyway?

"What proof do you have?" Relena asked. Nothing could be proven without proof.

"Uh...I don't have any written proof, but I can tell you what I saw." Said Dorothy, thus, starting her story.

//It was a nice day out. The mansion was beautiful with a water fountain in the front with beautiful garden. Dorothy sighed, Quatre was a beautiful person so why shouldn't he have beautiful things? She stood at the door and knocked on it three times.

And here she was, trying to get that damn Japanese boy for Relena. She heard that Heero was with that other boy, but she didn't know that for sure. Maybe he was, and then she could tell Relena. But now, she had an invitation to give.

"Poor Ms. Relena, hanging over a boy like that. It's shameful." She said. Just then, the door opened and the blond Arabian smiled at her. Why he was answering the door and not a servant, she wasn't sure, but he was.

"Why hello Ms. Dorothy, what a pleasant surprise." He said. Dorothy smiled.

"Hello...uh...nice to see you again Quatre. And...Dorothy will do just fine." She tried not to sound too nervous, but she probably did.

"O.K. Dorothy it is. Would you like to join me for some tea?" She nodded, trying not to look too happy but she probably did. She wrapped her arm around his as the two of them entered the house. Dorothy suddenly frowned when she heard a voice in her head speak up. ::I thought it was SHAMEFUL to hang on a guy::

"This is different."

"What's different?" Quatre asked. Dorothy gasped, mentally smacking herself in the head for saying that out loud.

"Uh...my hair. I uh...brushed it in a different direction." Quatre gave her a puzzled look, but smiled anyway. Dorothy smiled back, tightening her hold on his arm and making the blond hair boy cringe a little. He cursed himself for always being polite.

As they entered the living room Quatre sat on one of the many comfortable couches. Dorothy sat next to him, smiling as he poured her and himself a cup of tea.

"Having tea without me little one?" Quatre turned and smiled at the new voice. Dorothy looked into the visible green eye and gave a weak smile.

Where the hell did "little one" come from.

"And it seems that he was having it with another woman." Said the second voice. Quatre gasped, trying in vain to cover his blush.

"It's not like that at all!" The two newcomers chuckled, leaving Dorothy completely confused. Quatre noticed this and giggled.

"Dorothy you remember Trowa and Wufei right?" Asked Quatre. She nodded.

"Nice to see you again Ms. Dorothy." Trowa said. Dorothy smiled, but inside she was fuming. Trowa was the one whose words made her cry during the war. He had taken Quatre away from her...nevermind the fact that she had stabbed the boy with a sword. She almost glared at Trowa, but was able to keep her smile up.

"Chang Wufei. I don't know if we've crossed paths or not." Wufei said. Dorothy nodded, smiling at him. She couldn't remember either, but she could remember that she was trying to be alone with Quatre.

::All I wanted to do was be alone with Quatre like Ms. Relena wants with Hee....oh SHIT!:: "Uh excuse me, but I have something to deliver to Heero from Ms. Relena. Where is his room?" Asked Dorothy.

"Oh, go upstairs, then make a right to the next set of stairs, then make a left after you go up those stairs. His room is the fourth one on the left, after you go up the next set of stairs by the plants." Quatre said. Everyone sweatdropped. It was amazing that he could remember where everything was in a house this big.

Dorothy tried to process all the information, but settled for a thank you and left.

As soon as she was out of sight, Trowa sat next to Quatre. Wufei smirked when the Latin boy immediately wrapped his arm around Quatre's waist, pulling him in close.

"You are so possessive." Wufei said with a smirk. Trowa smirked right back.

"Of course I am, I have reason to be. But anyway, Quatre, I am hurt. You were entertaining someone else." Said Trowa in mock jealously.

"Oh Trowa, you know she's a friend."

"I gotta watch out, it seems that there are other sets of eyes on my prize." Said Trowa, rubbing the boy's cheek. Quatre leaned into the hand and practically purred.

"Onnas. Don't they realize that you and Heero are taken?" Wufei asked, wondering how someone could pin after someone with so much evidence in their face.

"What do you mean? Dorothy doesn't like me like that." The other two boys sweatdropped. Poor little innocent Quatre.

"I feel sorry for Relena sometimes. When will she ever learn?" Asked Trowa.

"When Maxwell cuts his hair." All the boys laughed at Wufei's joke as they shared the tea together.

Dorothy, after several errors, finally managed to find what she was looking for. She stopped to catch her breath for a minute as she saw the said plants Quatre mentioned. They were very nice looking, with their fresh smell and green leaves, giving the hallway a garden touch.

"Just like Quatre to want to make everything nice." She said. She walked down the hall trying to remember which door it was when she noticed one was open just a little.

"Is that the fourth door or the fifth?" She wondered. She was about to go and count the doors again when she heard a familiar voice.

"Stop it Hee-chan." It giggled. She froze. Wasn't that the pilot of 02. What was his name...

"Why should I Duo-koi?" Asked the second voice. It was Heero, with that Duo person everyone claimed he was with. She crept to the door and looked inside...and gasped. Lying on the bed, his long hair spread all over the mattress, was Duo. But that's not what shocked her. It was the fact that he only had on boxers and had his legs spread as the short haired Japanese boy laid on top of him, still fully clothed, kissing the boy's neck.

::So it's true:: Dorothy watched as Heero kissed and nibbled at the right spots, making the boy squirm and pant with excitement. His lips reached the hard nipples and Duo jumped, hissing in pleasure.

"Ah Heero...why must you torture me like this?" He asked. Dorothy's eyes bugged out, if this was torture....

"Because I'm addicted to your taste, so I must eat up every inch of you." Said Heero, kissing lower.

"Pleasurable torture koi, I didn't say I didn't like this." Said Duo, feeling the tongue poke inside his innie belly button. Heero smirked, kissing the boxers and licking at the hard bulge trapped inside.

"Gods Heero..."

"What?" He asked, kissing the boy's creamy thighs, nipping at them. Dorothy watched as Heero brought Duo higher and higher in passion. ::He really is perfect::

She felt herself growing aroused at the two beautiful boys. She shook off this feeling, she shouldn't be watching, but she couldn't help it. The way Heero kept his love completely helpless with passion...would Quatre do the same to her?

"You...you bastard..." Duo stuttered.

"Ah...but you love me for it. Now Duo, tell me what you want." He said, tracing the outline of the hard arousal with his finger, occasionally kissing it.

"Gods...just touch me, suck me, fuck me...do SOMETHING!"

"As you wish koibito." With that, he ripped the boxers off.

"Damnit Heero, can't you just pull them off? That's the third pair today! I mean, wasn't the washing machine and the pantry enough. I'm sure someone will wonder about all these boxer shreds. And those were my favorite." Said Duo, a big tear glistening at the corner of his eye. Heero sighed, gods Duo could be such a brat.

"I'll get you some more Chibi Heero and Duo boxers O.K. I'm sure Chibi can get me more." Said Heero.

The fic author glared at Heero.

"Baka...you are not suppose to mention me in the fic!" Heero and Duo sweatdropped.

"Sorry Chibi."

"That's O.K. boys. And I can get you more boxers Duo." The fic author smiled and disappeared.

Duo sniffled and nodded.

"Now, I'll have my snack now." Dorothy gasped along with Duo when Heero took a long lick of the hard erection, like it were a Popsicle, or a lollipop, or ice cream, or any other delicious treat that one would lick. Duo was trembling now as Heero dipped his tongue at the little slit, tasting the tiny droplet there.

"You taste wonderful." Said Heero, taking him in whole. Dorothy gasped and Duo grabbed a hold of Heero's hair hard, screaming in pleasure. Heero kept an even rhythm, enjoying the taste of Duo, worshipping him like the angel he thought he was. Duo's hips began to thrust up into that warm mouth, his eyes glazed over in lust as he fucked Heero's mouth.

"Whoa, this is too much." Whispered Dorothy. Heero put three fingers up to Duo's lips, and the boy immediately swallowed them up. Heero smiled, he was trying to keep quiet by sucking on his fingers hard, at times nipping them.

He wouldn't have that.

He pulled the fingers out and inserted one in Duo's tight little entrance. Duo tensed at the feeling of the finger and Heero's mouth going faster.

"I want to hear you scream Duo." Said Heero.

"You...you get off on that don't you?" He moaned. His reply was another finger, and he used his fingers like scissors to open him up more. He let his fingers brush over Duo's pleasure spot and was pleased at the results.

"Oh GODS!"

"That's more like it baby." Sneered Heero, adding one more finger. Dorothy didn't know what happened next, all she saw was Duo nearly jump off the bed, his back arching in an impossible angle, and scream at the top of his lungs. Heero sat up and smiled at the boy underneath him, licking a creamy substance off of his lips.

"You are so beautiful when you look like that." Said Heero, his need burning when his eyes looked at Duo's nude form. Duo moaned, his legs closing and his hand over his forehead, feeling the sweat there as he tried to catch his breath.

"You...you bastard...you always take advantage of meeee." Whined Duo, his eyes finally opening to look at Heero. Heero bent down to kiss the boy under him, making him taste himself on his lips.

"And you will continue to let me for the rest of our lives. I love you Duo."

"I love you too Heero." Heero actually smiled at Duo and began to take off his own clothes. Dorothy's eyes widened when she saw how big Heero was. ::DAMN! He really is a Perfect Soldier::

It looked like Duo was having similar reactions, his body quivering in anticipation and his cock waking up again. As Heero went to grab Duo's long legs, putting them over his shoulders, Dorothy decided she'd seen enough. She walked away, holding the forgotten invitation. She felt wrong for watching them. She thought it was a quick screw, but they really did love each other.

"I think Duo brings out the best in Heero, which is good, but now what am I suppose to tell Ms. Relena?"//

"So that's it." Said Dorothy. Relena was bright red.

"You didn't need to be so descriptive!" Now Dorothy blushed at Relena's comment.

"I'm sorry, but you should've seen Mr. Yuy. He went all out to bring complete pleasure to his love. He brought him to the heights of passion, he..."


"Sorry. Anyhow, now you see that Heero is taken. I'm sorry." Said Dorothy sadly. She looked at Relena and stared at the determined look on her face.

"Ms. Relena..."

::It's only what she said. She has no written proof or anything...I must find out for myself, my Heero cannot be taken:: "Thanks Dorothy, but I think I'm going to find out some more information." Said Relena.

"What? More information?!?! What more do you need?" Asked Dorothy.

"Your story sounds farfetched, I mean, why would he want him when he can have me? I just want to research this more." Said Relena. Dorothy sighed, why wouldn't she believe her?

"O.K. Maybe you should ask your brother. He's over there a lot sparring with Heero." Said Dorothy in a bored tone of voice.

"You're right. Thank you Dorothy." Said Relena as she darted out to find her brother. He too was on vacation, but at her house. Dorothy looked out the window, seeing Relena run out to find the former Lightning Count.

"Oh Ms. Relena, sometimes you can be so naive."

Relena walked through her backyard to see her brother making adjustments on his Gundam. While she felt the Gundams should be destroyed, they convinced her otherwise. I mean, last time they tried that they needed them after all. She sighed as she watched her brother work. He had on a white T-shirt with some faded blue jeans as his hair blew in the wind. ::Now I see why Ms. Noin likes him.:: Zechs was great eye candy.

Zechs looked up at his sister and smiled.

"Hello Relena, is there something you need?" He asked in that rich, deep voice he has.

"Uh, it's nothing. I just heard something terrible." Said Relena, near tears.

"Tell me." She then burst into tears.

"Dorothy told me something AWFUL!" She cried. Zechs held his sobbing sister. I mean, she was his sister after all. He had to comfort her at times.

"I'm sure whatever she told you was a lie." He said, patting her back.

"I thought so. I mean, I didn't believe it when she said that Heero was seeing Duo." She said. Zechs was about to agree when the words sunk in.

"Uh...Duo's the one with the hair right?" He asked.

"Yeah, that's silly isn't it?" She asked with a weak smile, looking at her brother. Zechs let her go and walked away.

"Wait, Milliardo. It's impossible right?" She asked.

"Uh, well....maybe not TOO impossible." He said in a low voice.

"You mean....you think they do too?"

"Well I know they do." ::I've seen it with my own eyes::

"Well, what proof do you have?" She asked with a frown. Zechs sighed.

"Well, I don't have any written proof..."

"....I know, but you'll tell me what you saw." She finished for him. Thus, his story began.

//The two Gundams fought valiantly in the sky. For the past week, Zechs and Heero would clash with their Gundams. Of course, they had to wait until Wing Zero was repaired, but then the two ex-soldiers fought.

"I guess there's no hope for us, we just love to fight." Said Heero as he slashed at Tallgese 3. So they fought, but only in the air.

Doing otherwise would jeopardize their lives.

"If you guys even THINK about fighting in my front yard and messing up MY garden, I'll use the Zero System on you." Quatre threatened when the pilots began their little sparring matches.

That made them both shiver. No one wanted to deal with a Zero System Quatre.

So the two fought in the air, sometimes Zechs winning, sometimes Heero. And today it was Heero, who had slashed off Tallgese's arm. It crashed to the ground, thankfully the driveway and not the garden. They both sighed.

"Too close." Said Heero.

"I know, that was a good fight." Said Zechs. The two landed and jumped out of their suits. They shook hands.

"I'll get my rematch after I repair ol' Tallgese here." Said Zechs. Just then, a bouncing bundle of energy emerged from the house. All eyes turned at the newcomer to their little group.

"Hiya. Man, look at the damage you guys did."

"What do you want Duo?" Heero asked.

"Can't you guys find anything else better to do besides fight?" Heero smirked at that question.

"I'll find something better to do tonight." Duo then received the Heero Yuy, "Wait until the lights go out so I can ravish you," look. Duo caught this and shivered. Zechs caught this and looked confused. ::It couldn't be.::

"Well, dinner's ready. Zechs, wanna join us?" Asked Duo.

"No, I'll be heading back."

"You sure, you know there's plenty." Of course there was...this was Quatre's place they were talking about. Still, Zechs declined the offer.

"Maybe next time, I'll see you guys later." Duo smiled at him as the man boarded his now armless Gundam. As he took off, he watched the two boys below him.

"Can it be that they're a couple?" He asked himself. Heero confirmed his suspicions by slapping Duo's tight little ass. Zechs gasped and his face turned bright red, as if he was the one hit.

"OWW! Why the HELL did you do that Heero?" He asked.

"Couldn't help myself, you've been a bad boy. What have I told you about wearing THOSE pants?" He pointed to the said leather pants that looked like they were painted on. Duo smirked and swayed away from him, swinging his hips on purpose. He knew THAT would get him in real trouble. Sure enough, he was tackled by his love and pinned down on the grass.

"I guess I have to teach you a lesson."

"Yes teacher." He knew the whole role playing game turned his koi on. Heero then pressed his lips against Duo's in a heated kiss, the lower regions of their body rubbing against each other. Zechs turned even redder at the passionate moment.

"They...they are a couple. I should've known, he was kind of protective of the kid during the war." He let a smile cross his face, "They've been through so much, and they deserve to be happy. I think Duo brings out Heero's good side." Zechs watched Heero pull Duo up to his feet, the longhaired boy looking like he was floating. They looked up in the air and saw that Zechs was still there, his suit floating in the air. Duo blushed.

"Think he was watching?" Heero smirked up at the suit, knowing that Zechs could see him and grabbed Duo's ass hard, squeezing the round globes and causing Duo to gasp. Heero smirked at him and let his tongue lick his delicate lips before plundering them yet again. Duo just sighed and wrapped his arms around his neck. Heero broke the kiss to attack the tempting neck, leaving little love bites everywhere.

"That bastard. He better hold on to that boy, I might want to scoop him up for me. He is gorgeous." Said Zechs with a laugh. He thought of what it would feel like to have the chestnut strands in his hands, or that soft looking ass, or those pouty lips on his. He let the view screen of his Gundam get a close up of Duo, his eyes roaming over all the interesting little curves.

"Yes Yuy, hold on to him indeed. He's a great prize that anyone would want." He then took off into the sky, waving at the couple who were still too involved in each other.

"Come on Heero, dinner's ready." Duo moaned out, feeling a sensitive spot being attacked by Heero's mouth. Heero stopped and looked at Duo, but gave him a smirk that clearly meant he was up to no good. He took Duo in his arms and gently laid him in the grass.

"I'm having my full course meal right now. Class is about to begin." He said, not forgetting the scene Duo set up.

"Yes teacher, I'm ready to learn."//

"So that's it?" Relena asked, a frown on her face.

"That's it." Relena sighed as she added this information to her personal database. The score was Duo Maxwell: 2 and Relena Dorlein: 0. Well, that was according to them. I mean, they had no proof to SHOW her, they just had words. And words meant nothing without something to show that they were true. She wouldn't give up; Heero was hers; she was gonna win this game. She smiled and Zechs gave her a confused look.

"Why are you smiling, I thought you'd be upset."

"I'm smiling because I'll never give up on Heero. He's mine and I love him and he loves me."

"But I just TOLD you that he's with Duo. You think I'm LYING?" Asked Zechs, clearly upset that she didn't believe him.

"It's not that, I just want to see for myself."

::I really worry about you Relena.:: "O.K., whatever." Zechs then return to finishing his repairs. Relena walked off, intending to find Pagen to go to Quatre's estate.

Pagen climbed in the driver's seat as Relena sat in the back with a determined look on her face.

"Where to Ms. Relena?" He asked.

"Quatre's estate." She replied. Pagen nodded and drove off. He couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with his mistress, so of course, he had to ask the inevitable question.

"Is there something wrong Ms. Relena?" Oh great, why did he had to do that?

"I was just trying to help Chibi."

The fic author glared at him.

"I am BEHIND the scenes!"

"I know...but you started the slip up this time." The fic author blushed.

"Oh yeah, I know, but asking her what's wrong is basically digging your own grave." Chibi said with a frown.

"What does THAT mean?" Asked Relena.

"Oh nothing" Chibi then disappeared.

"Anyhow, I am on a mission. I have to see if these ridiculous rumors about Heero and Duo are true."

"Oh, is Duo that kid with the purple eyes?" Relena frowned, it was obvious where this was going.


"And Heero is that boy that you followed to give him that letter from Mrs. Noventa right?" Asked Pagen. Relena nodded.

"I believe that those aren't rumors about those two, I believe they are real."

"How do YOU know that Pagen? And WHY didn't you tell me?"

"I thought you knew. Everybody does." Said Pagen as if he was telling her that the sky was blue. Relena held her breath and counted to 10. She calmed down after she used the technique about 5 times. Finally, she asked the question we ALL knew was coming.

"What proof do you have?"

"Well, I don't have any written proof, but I'll tell you what I saw." Relena held her head in pain.

"Fine, tell me what you saw." And thus, started Pagen's.....

"Hey Chibi, there's no need for flashbacks, this is really short."

"Thanks man, go ahead so I can throw in the quotation marks." Chibi said happily.

"Well, I was driving around one day when I saw those two boys buying some groceries from the store. Suddenly, Mr. Maxwell stumbled and dropped his bag."

"Yeah, so..." Started Relena.

"...so...some cans of whipped cream rolled out and Mr. Maxwell said, 'Oops, I hoped it didn't get too shaken up.' And Heero smirked and said, 'Something will get shaken up alright.' And kissed Mr. Maxwell."

"Kissed... you saw this happen?" Asked Relena.

"Yes, and they grabbed the cans and put it back in the bag and walked away, Heero saying something about a Duo-sundae." At this point, Pagen was blushing and Relena was seething. More stories, and yet, she still held on to her theory that if they couldn't SHOW her any proof then it was O.K. Heero was hers anyway, that much she knew for certain.

"Well, I want to see if it is true myself." Said Relena.

"Very good." Aw, the forever loyal Pagen.

Minutes later, Relena was standing at the door to Quatre's mansion. She felt a nervousness inside her. What if it was all true? What if Heero really DIDN'T love her?

That was impossible.

"He has to love me. Why would he love that...that...OH!!!" She knocked on the door and was surprised when Noin answered.

"Ms. Noin?"

"Hello Ms. Relena."

"What are you doing here?" Asked Relena.

"Well, I come over to here Quatre and Trowa play their music." Relena could hear the soft melodies entering her ears and smiled. Anyone could appreciate the music those two played. She nodded and walked in.

"So, what brings you here?" Asked Noin as the two of them entered the living room. They sat and watched as Quatre and Trowa continued their duet.

"I just love their music, it's so soothing, especially with all the fighting over." Said Noin.

"They are very talented." Relena agreed.

"It's so sweet, music brought them together during all the fighting. It's so romantic."

"Romantic?" Could it be that they were together? Were ALL the Gundam pilots an item? Relena shook her head, of course not, cause Heero was hers. Soon, the music stopped and the two women clapped. Quatre blushed as Trowa put his flute away.

"Thank you guys." Said Quatre.

"You two are great, you should perform." Said Relena.

"Oh no, this is just for fun, right little one?" Asked Trowa. Quatre blushed and nodded.

"So Relena, what brings you here?" Quatre asked. It appeared that the house was getting tons of guest.

"Heero's in the garden if you want to see him." Said Trowa, cutting straight to the point. Relena blushed and nodded. She was about to go into the garden when she had a change of plans.

"Ms. Noin, can I speak with you."

"Sure, what is it?"

"Alone." Relena looked at Quatre and Trowa pleadingly.

"Of course, we'll go and get some tea." The two boys left to go in the kitchen.

"So, what is it?"

"Well, it's just a question really. Uh...I heard something about Heero that disturbs me?" Relena frowned.

"Oh no, he isn't sick or something is he? He looked just fine when he went out to the garden with..."

"No, it's not about him being sick. It's....wait, went into the garden with who?" She was afraid to ask, but she had too. She prayed that Noin would say someone else, anyone but Duo. But of course, since this is MY fic, the lord was not about to answer her call.

"With Duo of course. They are together...you knew that right?" Asked Noin. That's when Relena Dorlein, the Vice Foreign Minister and pacifist....snapped.

"NO! I did NOT KNOW!!! If I KNEW THAT, I wouldn't be OVER HERE trying to find out if it were TRUE!!!" Unlike Dorothy, Noin did not have earmuffs to save her innocent ears from Relena's wrath.

"I'm sorry, but they...they are together." Noin was starting to feel edgy because of the look in Relena's eyes. Finally, Relena asked the inevitable question.


"Uh...I don't have any written...."

"Of COURSE you don't. No one DOES!!! You'll tell me what you SAW and then..."

"Actually...I'm sure they're still in the garden. I can show you." Said Noin in a shaky voice. Relena immediately stopped her rant. Someone actually had proof now...but did she want to see it?

Aw, what a beautiful day. The flowers were blooming and giving a rich and wonderful scent. The sky was a brilliant blue with specks of white from the clouds. The sun shone brightly as the birds sang their tunes...too bad this peace didn't last long.

"Show me this proof." Said a haunting voice, a blonde figure stomping through the garden. Another woman led her through the garden; cringing at the evil look the girl was giving.

"This way Ms. Relena." She said, going to some bushes. She pushed them aside and smiled at the scene before her. Relena watched this and approached Noin.

"What is it?" She asked. Noin gave her a soft smile.

"Here's your proof." Relena looked through the bushes and gasped.

There, sitting on a bench, was Heero with a soft smile on his face as he wore a plain, white shirt with black paints. This isn't what caught the girl's attention. It was the figure sitting between Heero's legs, his head bowed and his eyes closed as the other boy brushed his hair. He wore a similar outfit to Heero and a similar smile.

Duo smiled as he felt the soft brush hit his hair, along with his koi's fingers.

"This is great." He sighed happily, enjoying the fresh air. He was really glad that Heero had a hair fetish...and a leg fetish...and a thing for giving massages...and...

"I'm glad you're enjoying this. Anything to please you." Heero said, causing Duo to blush.

Heero had a definite Duo fetish.

"You're too good to me love." Said Duo as Heero stopped brushing so Duo could turn to face him. Duo laid his head in Heero's lap as the boy ran his fingers through the long chestnut mane. Duo made a sound of bliss at the treatment.



"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" He asked. Heero smiled and lifted the boy's chin so their lips could meet. Duo moaned into the soft kiss as the wind blew; blowing his hair all around them. They soon broke away and smiled at each other.



"Have I ever told you how much I'm addicted to you?"

"No...you usually just show me." The two stood up and Heero took his hand, his thumb rubbing against the back of it.

"Shall we take a walk through the garden love?" Asked Heero, Duo giggling like a school girl as Heero kissed his hand. Duo nodded with a silly grin on his face.

"Who would've thought that Heero Yuy was such a romantic."

"Only for you Duo-koi. Ai shiteru." He gave him one more kiss and the two went on their walk. Relena walked away from the totally sappy scene with Noin right behind her.

The two women walked back to the mansion; Relena looking majorly depressed. Noin put a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you O.K. Ms. Relena?"

"Huh...uh yeah. I just...I just refused to believe it. But now, I saw it with my own eyes. I didn't want to listen to my friends....it all started with Dorothy and worked its way up." Said Relena.

"I'm glad you're O.K."

"Yeah, maybe me and Heero can be friends." She said with a smile. Noin smiled at her, maybe there was hope for her yet. Maybe she wasn't the brat everyone assumed her to be. Maybe....

"I WANT HIM TO BE MINE!!!" Cried Relena, latching onto Noin with tears. Noin sighed....nevermind.

They finally entered the mansion and was about to sit in the living room and ask for Quatre and Trowa to play more music when....

"Oh my..."

"You mean....them too?"

"Yeah, I thought you knew that Ms. Relena."

"There's a lot of things I don't know about them." They were in the living room, but the musicians were already in there too. Only they weren't playing music...they were...well...playing MUSIC together!

Quatre was straddling the tall Latin pilot's lap, kissing him like there was no tomorrow. The Latin pilot ran his hands all over the little blond's body, making him squirm. His hands landed on his firm ass, pulling him closer into him, making their arousals meet. This broke the kiss.

"Mmm, Trowa?"

"Yes little one?" He flipped them over so he could be on top, kissing and licking the boy's neck.

"Mmm...uh well...shouldn't we...ah...take this...oh...upstairs?" Trowa was now unbuttoning the shirt he wore underneath his vest. Quatre began to squirm.

"What for?" He asked kissing the skin he revealed as he unbuttoned the shirt.

"Well, what if...oh gods...someone...AH...someone sees us...OH yeah, right there." Trowa chuckled as he nibbled on the hard pebble. Noin sighed.

"They're very much in love. You don't know how many times I've walked in on them. Let's go." But Relena wasn't moving.

"Relena?" ::I didn't know she was into this stuff.::

"In a minute, I just need a little more...information." She said. Trowa kissed lower and lower, his lips kissing the hard bulge in the boy's pants.

"Oh Allah...Trooowwaaaa." Moaned Quatre.

"What, what is it Quatre?" He teased.

"Trowa...oh Allah, please..."

"Please...what?" Quatre squirmed.

"Why must you tease me?"

"You look so wonderfully delicious in this state love." He said, licking the bulge through the pants.

"ARGH! FUCK ME ALREADY!" Relena cringed at the boy, damn, was he always THAT loud. And the fact that he had cursed was...well...she guessed that anyone would if they were in that kind of state.

"Whatever you want koi." As Trowa began to unzip Quatre's pants, Noin and Relena left the scene.

The next day, Dorothy met Relena in her office, noting the sad look on the blonde's face.

"What wrong Ms. Relena?"

"I found out that what you said about Heero was true." Said Relena. Dorothy nodded.

"I'm sorry Ms. Relena. It must be hard to find out that the one you 'loved' is taken." She said. Relena glared at her, but it then turned into a smile.

"I know, kind of like you and Quatre right?"

"Come again?"

"Well, it's just that....oh nevermind. I have documents to sign." Dorothy glared.

"Ms. Relena, tell me what you mean?" She sounded very calm...which was very creepy.

"Well, it's just that...well...Mr. Winner has someone special in his life already." Said Relena with an innocent smile, repeating Dorothy's words to her.

"WHAT!!! Who...who is it?" Relena spun around in her chair, oddly enough, humming the tune, "Just Love," from the end of Gundam Wing.

"DAMNIT RELENA...WHO IS IT!!!!!" Relena cringed at the volume and wondered if she was destined to be around loud people all the time.

"He...is the pilot of Gundam 03."

"WHAT!!! That guy with the...the...hair!?!?!"

"Oh, you mean Trowa Barton." ::Or as Quatre said it....Troooowwaaaaa.::

"Him...are...are you sure?"

"I know what I saw Dorothy-chan." Dorothy sighed and plopped into a chair, then got a smirk on her face. ::She's lying, she's just upset cause Heero is screwing Duo silly. Well, I'll show her. She has no proof anyway.:: So Dorothy took a deep breath, a determined look on her face as she asked:

"What proof do you have?" Relena gave a wicked smirk.

"Well....I don't have any written proof....but I can tell you what I saw."


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