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500 words
Shounen Ai, mild angst

AN: Written for [ gw500 ] challenge #63 - 'forgotten'.

Best Left Forgotten
by kebzero

Heero had gotten up early, made himself a mug of coffee and sat down by the apartment window to stare out into the gray urban morning. It was still a few hours until his appointment at the unemployment agency - hours he intended to spend in solitary brooding.

He knew better than to expect to be allowed that. It only took ten minutes before he was interrupted.

"Today's the day, isn't it?"

He snorted, glanced at his yawning flatmate, still wearing his boxers and dark tank top. They had decided to shack up after the war - though not just to share living expenses. That would be among the perks of living with Duo. This was not. "Don't say it," Heero growled and resumed looking through the smudged glass.

Grin, firm hands to his shoulders. "What, don't I even get credit for remembering? When we agreed on dates for each other-"

"I know," Heero snapped back, cutting his lover short. "It's just - some things are best left forgotten, that's all. This is one of them."

Soft grunt. "Why are you so grumpy about it, anyway?"

A sip from the dark blue mug. He smoothed his thumb against the warm, glazed ceramic. Heero had already done some thinking about that. He had gotten up this early to do some more. So many times during the war, he'd all but waited to die - had expected to die, only to have it not happen. It was almost frustrating. Then came the peace they'd worked for, and so many other things he'd barely dreamt of, far less expected to happen.

One of which carefully rubbed his shoulders.

Heero put his mug down on the sill. "...I never expected to live this long," he mumbled, grasping for the right words. "I was used to estimating my life expectancy in months. Days. Never years. This... reminder makes me feel more mortal than any life-or-death situation I lived through during the war."

The hands on his shoulders paused.

"Now... I'm not sure what to do with all these... years ahead of me. I feel lost."

"You're not." Palms away.

Heero sighed. "Then why can't I figure out what to do with my life? What to live for?"

Arms wrapped around his chest, a chin to his shoulder. "Sure you can't think of anything? Anyone?"

Weak lopsided smile, snort. He reached one arm around to the back of Duo's neck, half embracing him in return.

"Let's be lost together, 'kay?"

Heero considered that, let his thoughts drift like the smog outside, took a few deep breaths.

Lips touched the corner of his mouth. Duo's warm cheek pressed against his own.

"I think... I can live with that..." The embrace lifted. Heero turned to look, only to see Duo sit down in his lap, tilt his head and lean in for a proper kiss. So brief, so promising...

"Happy birthday, Heero."

Heero gave a snort, but didn't comment.

At least he'd gotten one thing he wanted today.


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