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Pairing: 1+2
Rating: PG-13
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai
Word Count: 767

AN: GW 500 Challenge #22 - A Phobia

Clear Terms
by kebzero

The screen of the ancient, bulky laptop was just about the only source of light left in the room, now that the sun had set and lights-out had been called for the dormitory. Nevertheless, Heero stared into the screen, intent on finishing the mission report he'd started. However, a word eluded him; had done so for a good ten minutes - and it was getting on his nerves. Frustrated, he reached into a side compartment of the carrybag, pulled out a slim card and inserted it in the laptop's side. Two clicks and a low beep later, he was connected to the global InfoWeb, and searched.

He found it just as his roommate found him.

"What'chya doing there, Heero?"

Heero glanced at the new arrival, down to shorts and shirt for the night. "None of your business, Duo. Go to sleep."

Duo threw a lopsided grin, shrugged. "Whatever - bet it's another mission report, and-" He caught a glance of the screen. "What's this? 'Phobias: An Index'? Just what the heck are you browsing for? Got some weird disorder you haven't told about or shown us yet?"

Soft grunt, shadow of a smile.

Duo skimmed the screen, and chuckled. "Man, some of these things are just too weird..."

Heero sighed, leaned back and put his hands behind his head. "I just needed a term for my mission report. Now, go to sleep and let me finish."

Grin. "So, the high and mighty Heero Yuy has a pathological fear, huh?"

Snort, soft glare. Heero untangled his fingers. "I needed a word to describe the general feeling of OZ troops under duress."

Chuckle. "Well, that's easy. Use 'scared shitless' - nine times out of ten, that's the truth. The tenth guy is either the hero that wastes his life attacking us head-on, or the idiot that panics and feels the need to inform his comrades that, yes, that big metal thing slicing up your mobile suit and/or base is, in fact, a Gundam."

Heero went as far as a smirk.

"Say... What phobias do you have, Heero?"

Grunt. "If I had any, I wouldn't tell you."

Grin. "Fair enough - already know you've got atychiphobia."

Heero gave him a puzzled look.

Duo tapped the screen. "See that one there? Fear of failure."

Heero did, and consequently offered Duo a glare.

It was shrugged off by a chuckle. "Hey, you were the one going 'oh, I so totally blew it' back at New Edwards, pal. I say you qualify for that one, at least..."


Duo looked over Heero's shoulder again. "I wonder..." He put his hands on Heero's shoulders and gave them a soft squeeze, waited for Heero to relax. Then, he carefully moved his fingers along Heero's neck, grazed across cheeks and rounded the ears, before raking gently through the messy, dark hair. All the while, Heero tilted his head to follow the warm hands.

Duo smoothed his palm over Heero's cheek and smiled. "Well, I guess you don't have chiraptophobia, then."

Curious, Heero skimmed the list, found 'fear of touch', and gave an amused snort. "You had doubts?"

Chuckle. "No, not really. Now, what about... philematophobia?"

Again, Heero checked the list, eyes dilating slightly. He turned to Duo to comment, but was cut off by warm lips to his own, and most thoughts left him, until Duo finally relented to let him breathe again.

He was still struggling to regain a steady airsupply when Duo landed another kiss on his cheek. "Well, I guess you don't suffer from any fear of kissing, then."

Heero coughed. "You already knew that."

Nod. "Sure - but testing it seemed fun."

Soft grunt.

Duo straightened up, stretched his arms, yawned and wandered off towards the shared bedroom - separate beds, but- "It's the left one tonight, right?"

Smirk. "Yes. I'll be with you as soon as I finish this."

Grin. "Okay."

Heero watched him retreat. When he was almost at the door, curiosity got the better of him. "Duo?"


"Do you have any phobias?"

Duo tilted his eyes up in thought, considered a few he'd seen on the list. He smiled dimly and shrugged. "I dunno... anuptaphobia, maybe..." Without explaining, he went through the door, closing it, but leaving it slightly ajar.

Puzzled, Heero consulted the index again. He blinked, and again, then closed his eyes, tugged on a smile and sighed softly. After hurriedly editing in 'scared shitless' in his report, he took quick steps towards the bedroom. If he had anything to do with it, Duo would not have to fear staying single - ever again.


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