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Pairing: 1+2
Rating: PG-13
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai
Word Count: 550

AN: GW 500 Challenge #22 - A Phobia

by kebzero

The soft, yellow light on the white vidphone pulsed with the harmonious accords of its call. Relena reached for it, tapped a small button and watched as the screen came to life, a chipper face framed in dark hair appearing.

"Hi, Relena."

She smiled. "Oh - hi, Hilde - it's been a few days."

Nod. "I know - I haven't had a chance to call before now. Sent him grocery shopping, so we have some time. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

Soft headshake. "Not at all - how is he holding up?"

Hilde sighed, shrugged. "So-so, I guess. He gives me a wide grin and works hard." Wry smile. "I don't think the salvage yard has ever been this tidy." Pause. "You know, he tries not to show it, but... he's getting more and more worried. I've caught him pacing around more than once."

Relena gave a serene smile. "Oh, he shouldn't worry. Heero loves him, he's just... scared - unsure of himself, I suppose."

Nod. "Well, it's been a month already. I can understand that Duo is growing jittery."

Slight chuckle. "I'm sure Heero is afraid too - both of loving and of losing."

"Yeah, but he has to make up his mind soon. This on-again/off-again relationship of theirs has lasted long enough. I'm sick of it; I mean, I love Duo, but I don't want to go through another of their little break-ups or breakdowns with him, and work like hell to patch everything back together again. If we can see they're a good match, why can't they?"

Relena nodded. "I know what you mean - but it was Duo who cornered Heero with the question."

Hilde sighed. "I know... Still can't believe he did something that stupid. I mean, he's a guy; he should know how guys react to the whole 'let's settle down' routine, right?"

"Perhaps... I admit, I was a bit baffled when I heard about it - to me, Duo always seemed like such an easy-going and carefree young man - I always thought Heero would be the one to suggest-"

"Relena, Duo's a good guy, but his life has been a bit... fluctuating, you know that. That's probably why he asked Heero to move in here. He wants something permanent in his life. If Heero accepted the offer - and I finally got an excuse to get a place of my own in the process - he'd have that."

Smile. "Well, that's why he shouldn't worry. When Heero dedicates himself, it's all the way - it is always 'all or nothing' with him."

Snort. "Yeah... Guess we'll just have to wait for him to finish sowing his royal oats around and make up his mind, then."

Relena broke into a most undignified chuckle. "Oh, I doubt he's doing much sowing. Heero isn't one to reap whirlwinds, he wouldn't do anything to ruin his future, as long as he's undecided on where to go - and just so you know, I've been keeping tabs on his recent movements."


Nod. "I'm sure he knows about it, but no matter - I've seen a pattern."

"Like what?"

Conspiratorial smile. "Well, lately, he's been moving about through the colonies in a big, but steadily narrowing spiral - and he's slowly centering in on L2..."


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