Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is the property of Sotsu Agency/Sunrise - no profit was made in the typing of this text piece.

Pairing: 1x2x1
Rating: PG-13
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, very mild bondage, humor
Word Count: 500

AN: Written for [ gw500 ] challenge #37 - 'my turn'.

by kebzero

The glare from the TV set helped the two nightstand lamps illuminate the bedroom. Despite the late hour, the two occupants of the king-size bed were not quite ready to turn in - albeit for different reasons. Good thing they had tomorrow off. Lady Une didn't like her agents reporting late, or out of shape.

Duo stifled back a yawn, and muttered "This is so boring..."

Heero barely acknowledged the statement with a grunt, and focused on the news bulletin on the screen again. He wanted to catch the latest world updates, and maybe a weather report, and-

Was thus totally oblivious to Duo's wants. He didn't even register Duo's fingertips sweeping across his clavicle and exposed bits of upper chest.

With a disgruntled sigh, Duo rolled over on his side, opened his nightstand drawer and fumbled about within. He grinned as he found what he was looking for. He took them out and dangled them in Heero's line of sight.

The pair of furry handcuffs were enough to distract Heero from the lowlights of the latest financial scandal. He glanced at Duo, met a big leer. He dared a smirk in return, dropped the remote in his lap and pulled Duo close for a kiss.

There was kissing, groping, soft-spoken words and sounds. Duo pulled Heero's hands to the headboard, snapped the cuffs around one wrist, put the other end through the spindles and shackled Heero's other wrist too, leaving him rather vulnerable, yet still with his head and shoulders resting on his pillow. Further kisses and caresses; their flimsy cotton sheet slipped down a little.

Heero relaxed, enjoying every attentive touch Duo provided him. He saw Duo reach down towards his waist, a little lower...

...and saw Duo grab the remote control perilously balancing on the bulge at his crotch.

Duo flipped the TV over to a late night special and flopped back on his own pillow.

Heero hesitated, waiting patiently. At ten seconds, patience ran out. "Duo?"

Grin. "Hey, I had to get you to give up the control somehow..."


Amused snort. "That won't work, 'ro. This'll teach ya to respect my turn at handling the remote. It's after midnight, and an even day again. Those are my days."

Heero grunted, tugged at the handcuffs. "I can break these, you know..."

Chuckle. "I know - but I also know you wouldn't ruin one of your favorite toys..." Duo rolled over, pulled the sheet down a bit more and draped an arm across Heero's exposed belly. He rested his head on Heero's chest, touched his lips to Heero's breastbone. "Besides, if you're a good boy, we'll play later... Looks like you're in the mood for it now..." He ground his head to Heero's chest. "Right now, I want to watch this show, though. Isn't it hilarious?"

Heero groaned softly. "Duo..."

Wide leer. "Though... I can think of more entertaining things than TV..."

Heero smirked as the TV screen went blank and the remote clattered to the floor.


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