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Pairing: 1+2
Rating: PG-13
Contents/Warnings: Shounen Ai, sap, language

AN: Written for [ gw500 ] challenge #51 - 'fantasy'

Dream Lover
by kebzero

Duo slumped into the kitchen, got himself a cup and filled it of the pot of hot, black coffee simpering at the coffee maker before sitting down at the table opposite of Heero. He looked rather grumpy, even somewhat tired, despite how he'd just slept for eight hours.

At least Heero presumed as much. The five pilots had divvied up the day on stand-by for guarding Peacemillion, and thus had different times at which to sleep. His and Duo's overlapped by a bit. He was here for lunch, Duo for breakfast.

"Rough night?"

He got a grunt in reply. Duo took another gulp of coffee, as if oblivious to its temperature and potency.

Heero remained curious. "Bad dream, then?"

Duo scowled at him, but the expression softened quickly. He sighed. "Dreams can be so fucked up..."

Lopsided smirk. "Much like reality."

Snort, beginnings of a grin. "Right..." He paused for a while. "Heero... Have you ever had a dream where a lover ignored you completely?"

"You mean, rejected you?"

Duo shook his head. "No, just... ignored you, as if you weren't even there, whenever you tried to reach out and touch, or kiss, or do anything at all to get close."

Heero's smirk wavered, not sure what to say to that - but offense is the best defense. "Is that what you dreamt about? That your lover shunned you?"

Another slow sip of the coffee. "Something like that... Can't remember the face, not even the body shape. Only that whoever it was, was beyond my reach, no matter what I did or didn't do." Coffee cup hard to the table, groan in frustration. "What the heck made my mind put together a dream like that? Why can't I just have fucking wet dreams like everyone else?!"

Heero said nothing.

Neither did Duo, for a while. "Sorry, didn't mean to burst like that. Just put me in a bad mood, is all."

Heero pursed his lips, started to say something, stopped himself, started over. "You know... they say that if you tell someone what you dream, it won't come true."

Snort. "Great. So, I'll tell you all about my nightmares, and never say a word about the wild, wet ones." Playful grin.

Heero tugged on a smile again. "...as you wish," he commented at length.

Duo sighed, chugged down the remainder of the coffee. He stood up, made a quick stretch. "Well, better get going. Have to relieve Trowa. Catch you later, Heero."

Heero nodded his goodbye, watched as Duo went away. He didn't even complain about Duo skipping breakfast, as he usually did. Instead, he waited until Duo was out of sight, and reached for the coffee cup. He cradled it with both palms, enjoying the warmth lingering in the ceramic, knowing Duo's hands had been there but moments before. He closed his eyes, and could almost imagine his hands around Duo's, still clutching the cup.

Heero thought back to that morning - his morning, that is. Silently, he promised himself that next time, it would be different. This morning, when he'd reached out to touch Duo's cheek, caress it as best he could without stirring the sleeping soldier - not a small feat, but a necessary and gradually acquired skill - was to be the last of its kind. Next time, they would both be awake. It was time to move out of the shadows.

Heero didn't want to go on being an elusive figure of dreams.

Perhaps he could make at least one fantasy come true.

His own.


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