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Pairing: 2x1x2
Rating: R
Contents/Warnings: Yaoi, language, crossdressing (kinda)
Word Count: 725

AN: Written for [info]gw500 challenge #26 - 'identity'

by kebzero

Another pained groan and a string of expletives came from beyond the bathroom door.

Two soft raps. "Duo? Are you okay in there?"

Another whimper. "Can't get the damn thing on. So fucking tight."

Soft smirk. "Just yank it on."

Growl. "Are you kidding me? It isn't that elastic; the damn thing'll burst!"

Chuckle. "That's okay, I've got spares."

More curses followed, as well as a general ruckus. Then, they all stopped with Duo's strained statement, tone of voice a bit higher than normal. "Okay, think it fits now. You actually use these?"

"Yeah, never had a problem."

Whistle. "and I thought I had a slim build."

Heero smirked to himself, ignoring the urge to make a comeback. "Ready?"

Hesitation. "Not so sure about this anymore..."

"Hey, this was your bright idea. Come out of there, I want to see."

A few seconds passed, then the door clicked, and Duo stepped out, clad in white socks, a pair of black spandex shorts and a loose green tank top.

"Turn around," Heero requested. Duo held up his arms and did so. "Nice," Heero told Duo's back.

"I don't get how you can wear this piece of- It's tight, for cryin' out loud."

Smirk. "It looks good on you, though."

Grunt. "Looks better on you, pal. Believe me."

Chuckle. "I thought you liked being in tight, dark spaces."

Strained grin. "Only your tight and very private dark space, 'Ro."


"Anyway, my turn - take a spin, Heero."

Heero did as ordered, mimicked Duo's earlier pirouette and showcased the outfit borrowed from Duo; white shirt, black pants and jacket, black socks and even a black baseball cap - albeit Heero had put it on backwards on purpose. Spin done, he took a hold of the pants legs. "These are really baggy..."

Duo chuckled. "What, saying I got a big rear, or something?"


"Yeah, I know that's not what you meant... See, I want a little space. Why or how you're able to squeeze into this thing, I can't understand - and this flimsy tank top-"

"It allows unrestricted freedom. Upper body garments should be more flexible to allow erratic breathing. This outfit serves my needs."

"If you wanted freedom, you could always run naked."

Scowl. "You try to run naked, Duo. It isn't good to leave things hanging."

"Oh? You've tried? Or was that a dare?"

Heero declined to answer either way, and studied Duo again. "You went commando, didn't you?"

Sheepish grin. "Yeah.... Sorry, couldn't fit both me and my boxers inside." Curiosity. "Say, do you-"

Heero merely smirked, pulled on the shirt and tugged the pants down a little on one side, exposing more than a little hip and belly. "Want to check?"

Grin widening. "Later..."

Heero closed the view, and went for the discomfort at his throat. "This collar is really uncomfortable."

Brief snicker. "So, I take it I shouldn't get you a choker?"


"How about an ankle bracelet?"

Snort. "Why not a kitty bell while you're at it? Wouldn't want any of the OZ soldiers to miss my approach..."

"Streaking, wearing only an ankle bell? Hell, that would be a sight worth catching."

Smirk, grunt.

"Still want to put my mark on you somehow, though..."

Again, Heero snorted. "As if you don't do that all the time."

Chuckle. "Point - and likewise."

Heero sighed. "I think we've proven we can only borrow each other's clothes to a degree - my shorts are crushing your... assets, and your shirts are attempting to strangle me." He adjusted the baseball cap. "This thing fits, though."

"I suppose that's just for the better..."

They fell silent for a bit. Heero finally felt the cap rested properly on his unruly hair. "Duo?"


"Why do you choose this outfit? You've told me-"

"I've told you about my so-called childhood, right? Well, it's part that, I suppose. Part of my past - part of me. It serves as a reminder, some days. Comfort or reflection on others."

Snort. "They say the clothes make the man..."

Duo nodded. "Yeah... But it's man who puts his own outfit together."

Diversionary smirk. "Or his significant other."

Chuckle. "I suppose so..."

Again, they fell silent.



"Do you wear underwear right now?"

Heero merely touched a finger to his lips, and walked towards the bedroom.

Duo pursued.


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